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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


This time the coordinates were set not far from Lance Academy. When Ning Chu left last time, the dwarves said they would dig out all the caves in the nearby mountains before moving on to the next mining area. It had been a little over half a month since the appointment with the dwarves, so hopefully they haven’t left yet.

Back on Dragon Island, Ning Chu drew three ten–draws by hand.

【Intermediate Health*1】

【Small Dragon Climbing Frame*1】

【Dragon special milk powder*1】


All of them were ordinary items, and as Ning Chu watched the balance of his account drop down, he felt pain for a while. There were still two storage bags left from the money bank, so he turned off the game and asked Wuuth to take them out and try to count them.

The currency was perfectly sufficient, so Ning Chu didn’t want to charge too much money into the game. He also didn’t trust the money bank, so it was better to take it with him, or leave it on Dragon Island. He and Wuuth each had a storage bag, and counted all the purple gold coins inside.

One bag had 100,000 thousand purple gold coins, while the other 80,000. Ning Chu counted with his eyes glowing, then  immediately entered the game again to draw ten-in-a-row. Then… he still got nothing. Ning Chu’s enthusiasm was immediately doused. He used to draw cards without blinking when he had lots and lots of kryptonite, but now prizes in the card pool weren’t guaranteed, but there was more money, yet he became torn and hesitant.

Perhaps because one was a virtual game, and the other was real and he could touch it. It was always good to save more money, but Ning Chu wanted to draw dragon eggs again. He didn’t know if it was an addiction to raising a small dragon cub, he wanted to raise another one.

Sixth Cub was outgoing and independent, and had been staying with the other dragons for the last two days. Ning Chu turned to Wuuth for advice, asking him if he wanted to draw a new dragon cub regardless of the consequences.

Wuuth didn’t even blink, “Yes.”

He was really decisive, while Ning Chu still hadn’t made up his mind completely, afraid that he would be unlucky and pay for a bunch of mall items at a high price.

Ning Chu simply pulled Wuuth’s hand over and opened the game at the same time, “Draw a random symbol on my hand.”

There was a step that could be skipped before drawing a card, which was to draw a pattern on the summoning array by yourself, but Ning Chu thought it was too much trouble and basically never used it. He asked Wuuth to draw the symbol on his hand, and then followed it into the game, as if Wuuth had drawn it.

Wuuth didn’t understand what he was going to do, only guessed that it was related to the new dragon egg, and solemnly drew a circle in Ning Chu’s hand slowly.

Ning Chu followed his movement and also drew a circle on the summoning array. The summoning formation rotated clockwise and emitted a dazzling golden light.

【Rare Grade Dragon Egg*1】

Ning Chu couldn’t believe it, it appeared? It really appeared!

The dragon egg was also put in his backpack. Ning Chu couldn’t care less about checking it out and said excitedly, “One more time, one more time!”

Wuuth did as he was told, but the next ten-in-a-row yielded nothing special. Undeterred, Ning Chu asked Wuuth to try two more times, again without any rare or higher items, so he calmed down a bit and stopped.

Wuuth saw that he was first happy and then slowly returned to normal, not sure about the result, so he asked Ning Chu, “How did it go?”

As soon as he said that, he saw a dragon egg appear out of thin air in Ning Chu’s arms. The egg shell was dark brown in color, darker than the scales on Second Cub’s back, with some black irregular patterns on it.

Ning Chu said excitedly, “I got it!”

Looking at the appearance of the dragon egg, it should be a new species!

Not far away, Second Cub noticed the movement and saw that Ning Chu was holding a dragon egg, so he dashed over with an “Aowu!”. His roar attracted the other small dragon cubs nearby, and before long, Ning Chu was surrounded by dragons.

The small group of dragons were even happier than Ning Chu, chirping and chattering, and already discussing where to move the new nest. Speaking of new nests, Ning Chu remembered that it was time for them to get a new house. Otherwise, with the new eggs, there would be too many nests to fit in the house.

The wooden bed was small and Wuuth wanted to sleep with him in his human form.

Anyway, there was nothing else to do now, so Ning Chu decided to do it. The things in the house were cleaned up a little and stored elsewhere, before he entered the game and dismantled the house.

The mall had a variety of house styles, he just needed to pay enough wood and currency, and he could make the wood panels put together, following the steps in the game to assemble it. In reality it wasn’t possible to build a house this way, but the game could, there was nothing wrong with the hut they lived in either, it was also considered a golden finger of the game.

But when it came to operation in the game, he couldn’t let Wuuth or the other dragons help. Ning Chu cut down trees to build the house all by himself, and then finally finished it. Ning Chu built two large houses next to each other in one go, and then manually opened a door in the middle of the connected part for access.

When the beds, cabinets, tables and chairs were ready, and all the small dragon cubs were organized, it was completely dark and the two street lights in front of the house were lit up.

Ning Chu surveyed the new house with satisfaction, “How is it?”

The newly drawn dragon egg, named Seventh Cub, lay peacefully in the nest while the other little dragon cubs looked around excitedly.

Wuuth hugged Ning Chu from behind and rested his chin on his shoulder, “Are you tired?”

Ning Chu shook his head, “No.”

The game wasn’t physically demanding, the furniture and beds in the back needed to be made by themselves, but Wuuth and dragon cubs could help with that. The group of dragons wandered around and flew into the next room, where they slept. This part only had a bigger bed than before, which Ning Chu slept on.

Ning Chu didn’t make a second bed, and there was no nest for Wuuth next door. The two of them have been sleeping together for a few days now, and except for the slight squeeze when they turn over at night, it didn’t seem to be much different from the old days when they slept alone.

Before going to bed at night, Ning Chu placed a new dragon crystal next to the dragon egg and stroked the egg shell, “Little Seven, grow up quickly…”

Second Cub and Sixth Cub were playing around. Second Cub could get into trouble with any dragon and was caught trying to steal Sixth Cub’s crystal. Sixth Cub wasn’t happy and swung her short, fat front paw at Second Cub.

Second Cub could’ve dodged, but he didn’t. How could a small dragon cub have much strength? As a result, he was hit in the chin by Sixth Cub’s paw and fell down with a bang.

Second Cub had thick skin, so he wasn’t really hurt. He quickly got up, still a little dazed, shaking his head.

“Little Six is quite strong,” Ning Chu said in surprise, reaching out to pet her head, “All right, let’s go to sleep.”

He extinguished the lights in the house and returned to his bed through the door-shaped entrance by the wall. Before closing his eyes and going to sleep, Ning Chu leaned in Wuuth’s arms and opened the dragon transformation spell.

The spell could only be used for one day, but it didn’t say if it could be lifted halfway through, and there was no spell to change back. He should have to wait for the time limit to completely pass and change back on his own.

He wouldn’t be able to try the effect first, so Ning Chu memorized the spell first, and needed to find a suitable time to try it. Without using his magic, the spell shouldn’t work. The incantation was a long string of words, and it took Ning Chu 10 seconds to recite it silently several times, but even then he could barely recite it smoothly from beginning to end.

Suddenly his form flickered for a moment, but Ning Chu was still in the game and didn’t notice. Wuuth keenly opened his eyes and Ning Chu in his arms was lying well. He confirmed that Ning Chu was well and closed his eyes again.


The next day, Ning Chu woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast. He looked at the condition of the dragon egg, then bought supplies for the two Dragon Islands from the game, and the meat he needed to prepare food for the morning.

Third Cub flew around Ning Chu and said he wanted to eat mountain chicken today.

Ning Chu responded, and told him to go behind the house and pick some oat grass for Fifth Cub. He and Wuuth ate boiled mountain eggs and a bit of porridge, the same rice they had bought together last time.

After breakfast, Wuuth took the pot outside to wash it, and Ning Chu leaned back in his chair, idly recalling the spell he had just memorized last night. He had the same habit when he was studying, memorizing things at night and reviewing them from memory in the morning.

Ning Chu finished his silent recitation and the scene before him suddenly spun around and then went black. He panicked, thinking that something had gone wrong, such as being sent back to his real word.

Ning Chu subconsciously “walked” forward, and his vision became clear. He saw… Wuuth’s shoes?

Wuuth stood in the doorway, holding a freshly washed pot in his hand, and Ning Chu was nowhere to be seen inside the house. A few pieces of laundry were piled on the floor, from which a small dragon cub, never seen before, was staring blankly at Wuuth.

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