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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu seldom saw Wuuth look so happy. He was always silent in his dragon form, and in his human form as well. Ning Chu had spent a lot of time with him and could only guess the meaning of his every subtle expression. The way he reacted now, he was really happy.

The dragon transformation spell Ning Chu originally learned for Wuuth, since he was happy, the day wasn’t spent in vain. Wuuth rubbed Ning Chu for a while, and started to lick his scales and clean him up. He had never done this for another dragon before, and didn’t need them to do it for him, so he wasn’t very skilled at it.

More than cleaning, Wuuth had never been close to any dragon, let alone let anyone step on his back. He knew from birth that he was different, and always felt distant from other dragons. Facing Ning Chu was different, or rather, today with Ning Chu, he was like a real dragon.

Wuuth leaned his back against the grass and leaves, half holding Ning Chu in his arms, and Ning Chu followed his example, licking his scales. A dragon, long past his infancy, and a human, who was a dragon for the first time today, licked each other.

Until the sky darkened and a few fireflies flew out of the grass.

The leaves around them were brushed by the wind, and Ning Chu looked up at the sky, “Shall we go back?”

“Now?” Wuuth gently nibbled on one of Ning Chu’s paws, speaking in a slurred dragon language, “It’s so early…”

“It’s already getting dark even though it’s early,” Ning Chu said, while nuzzling the side of Wuuth’s neck, “I’m hungry.”

Wuuth smiled, and immediately rolled over and got up. Wuuth also let Ning Chu on his back and flew back with him when he returned. Ning Chu and Wuuth disappeared for the whole afternoon, and several dragons looked forward to seeing their return.

Wuuth turned back to human form and held Ning Chu as he fed him. The little dragon cubs came around, but they didn’t dare to get too close because Ning Chu’s scent was too strong and dominant.

Only Sixth Cub didn’t understand anything, and she wasn’t afraid of Wuuth, as he even jumped on his lap and huddled with Ning Chu. Several other dragons had already taken care of their own dinner and fed Ning Chu, so Wuuth sent them to bed and took Ning Chu back to his bed and turned back into a small black dragon.

Ning Chu had taken a nap at noon and was still not sleepy. He used to play the game at this time, but after the spell took effect, he couldn’t open the game.

Wuuth, seeing that he was bored, got up and flew to the next room, and came back shortly with a rattan ball in his mouth. He put the ball on the bed, feeling stupid for just biting it.

Second Cub quietly peeked through the door to see what Wuuth and Ning Chu were doing. Wuuth gave him a quick glance and Second Cub retreated with a whoosh.

Ning Chu pawed at the rattan ball, a toy that one needed to fly for it to be fun, and he didn’t know how to use his dragon wings yet. He pushed the ball towards Wuuth, and it slowly rolled to Wuuth’s feet. Wuuth stared down at the ball for a long time, then stiffened his limbs and pushed the ball back to Ning Chu. It wasn’t that Wuuth didn’t want to play, but he really didn’t know how.

Usually when the dragons played with each other, he never participated.

Ning Chu stifled his laughter and tossed the ball aside, “I don’t like to play with this.”

Wuuth secretly sighed with relief and swung his tail around Ning Chu, giving him an affectionate lick, “So what do you want to play?”

Ning Chu’s spell would expire in the morning, so if he could, he’d be content to be alone with Ning Chu all the time, even if they didn’t play anything to pass the time.

Ning Chu racked his brain, “Play… Practice healing?”

He could see that Wuuth didn’t want to go to bed that early either. Besides, Dragon Island would arrive at new coordinates tomorrow afternoon, and they had to go to the dwarves. Ning Chu had even less time to use the spell again, so he could only use his dragon form to spend more time with Wuuth while he was there. He couldn’t open the game, and his contract with several other dragons was also temporarily unusable, the only thing he could use was his own light magic.

Letting Wuuth teach him to practice his spells would be their alone time… Right? Ning Chu felt it was as if he and Wuuth had gone out on a special date, only to have him pull out a book and say he wanted to study.

This weird illusion made Ning Chu a little embarrassed, and he was about to retract what he said, but Wuuth agreed, “Okay.”

He really started to teach Ning Chu, but instead of healing techniques, he wanted to teach him elemental attacks.

The light system was too mild, so its elemental attacks weren’t as powerful as other talents’, but they weren’t impossible to use. Magic dragons didn’t use incantations to bring elemental attacks to the extreme, and Wuuth wanted to teach Ning Chu precisely the way dragons learn, which he could use equally well in human form.

The first step was to condense the magical element into an entity that could deal damage. When Ning Chu first started using the magic given to him by the contracted service, he was attacking directly with the element, but unlike the light system, there was no direct damage like the fire or wind system, nor did he have the dark system’s ability to devour and suppress other elements. He tried for a long time before he condensed his light element into the shape of a blade and threw it out to make a shallow cut on the wall.

On the contrary, on Wuuth’s side, it went straight through the wood and a thin wind blew in through the gap. Ning Chu fell back onto the pillow in frustration, “I ran out of energy.”

Wuuth came over and rubbed him, “Shall I feed you some?”

“No,” Ning Chu stretched his paws and tried to hug Wuuth with his short forelimbs, “I’m sleepy, let’s sleep.”

He had never done this before in human form, and Wuuth almost wanted to find a hidden nest to carry Ning Chu into and hide. The two young dragons rubbed against each other for a while longer and turned off the lights to sleep.


After practicing magic until midnight, Ning Chu was up late the next day. Until the spell expired, Ning Chu was still asleep and unconsciously transformed back into his human form.

Wuuth slowed him down by half a second and took Ning Chu into his arms. Then he realized that Ning Chu wasn’t wearing any clothes. He didn’t have the ability to turn his scales into clothes like Wuuth did, and the ones he was wearing fell off after he turned into a dragon yesterday and were put away by Wuuth.

Wuuth’s palm touched Ning Chu’s back unhindered and couldn’t resist rubbing it gently. Although he had a human form, he had never cared much about his human body before, and this was the first time he looked at Ning Chu like this. Compared to the dragon scales, Ning Chu’s skin was delicate and fragile, without any protection.

Wuuth suddenly found that it was good for Ning Chu to be like this. He liked both Ning Chu’s dragon form from yesterday and his current appearance. Wuuth usually slept in the same style of pajamas as Ning Chu, and now that Ning Chu had no clothes, he simply removed his own. He hugged Ning Chu and touched him from the back to the front, when Ning Chu happened to wake up.

Ning Chu first felt the difference and looked confused. If not for Wuuth’s face, he almost thought he had crossed over again. But what was this situation now… 

“Are you awake?” Wuuth naturally pressed over, cupped Ning Chu’s chin and kissed him.

After a while, Ning Chu sluggishly began to blush and spread down his neck to his whole body. He pushed Wuuth with shaking hands and tried to hide his head, “What are you…? What are you doing…”

Wuuth was unsure, he lifted his head and touched Ning Chu’s lips, “What’s wrong?”

Ning Chu looked like he was about to cry and fled as fast as he could, pulling the covers over him and curling up his legs, “Where are… where are your clothes?”

He remembered, the spell had expired, so he had no clothes on, but where were Wuuth’s?

Wuuth couldn’t answer. To him, a dragon in human form, clothes were supposed to be optional in front of his mate, and he couldn’t quite understand why Ning Chu was taken aback, but knew he was panicking now. He silently put his clothes on and approached Ning Chu to reach out and hug him, “Ning Ning?”

Ning Chu was still in shock from the panic he just had, and Wuuth still seemed to think of himself and him as yesterday’s young dragon, touching everything that should be touched and not touched. He was hugged by Wuuth together with the blanket and touched his hot cheek, “Not feeling well?”

“No…” Ning Chu blushed even more at the words, stammering, “Leave first… I want to get dressed.”

There was no movement in the next room, and the other dragons had probably gone outside. After making sure Ning Chu was okay, Wuuth left the room and closed the door. Ning Chu then lifted the blanket and got out of bed, grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. He spent more time than usual in the bathroom and came out with his face still red.

Ning Chu looked dazed and returned to the bed, sitting there for a while, before Wuuth got up and opened the door when he couldn’t wait outside to call him. Facing Wuuth, Ning Chu’s eyes dodged and he walked quickly outside, “I’m going to check on Little Five and Six…”

He tried hard to forget what had happened since he woke up, but he still couldn’t help thinking about it. What concerned him most was that Wuuth… had no reaction.

Was he too nervous to feel wrong, or was it because Wuuth was a dragon and he was in a human body? Or… Wuuth’s human form couldn’t get hard?


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October 19, 2022 7:22 pm

Thanks for translating and editing.
Don’t know what to think about NC’s concern, as it surprised me somewhat… I didn’t get the impression he’d be any too pleased if Wuuth had been hard!

October 20, 2022 5:11 am

Heh heh heh Ning is thinking about Wuuth😊😎 cool❤️❤️

November 24, 2022 8:38 am

I hope we get to see dragon Ning again, that was so adorable!
Thank you for the chapter!

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