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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


If those on the sixth station outside of the Alliance could nominate the best looking baby, everyone would say Pei Xiao Bao’s name in unison.

Pei Xiao Bao was five years old and had an illustrious background. His father, Pei Yutu, was the number one head of the sixth station. The extraterritorial station was far away, and Commander Pei’s military orders represented the highest authority.

Meanwhile, his other father was even more remarkable. Years ago, during a siege of extraterritorial pirate organization White Hole, he was a great hero, and was called the “Alliance’s sharp knife.” He was the Raptor special operations team’s former captain, but also the sixth station’s devil military instructor Ping Mo.

The child moved to the sixth resident settlement when he was a baby and, except for the New Year’s holidays and his two father’s annual leave, he basically grew up in the domain. Five years had passed, and he went from a round white baby to a hybrid little devil.

He punched the South Gate courier locker, kicked the old doorman’s cat in the North District, and recruited cats and teased dogs. His thick skin was endless, and resulted in a large part of the The Anonymous Letter Box in front of Commander Pei’s office becoming the Official Pei Xiao Bao Complaint Box.

In fact, they couldn’t blame Pei Xiao Bao. That son, although naughty, was really cute. He didn’t lose his baby fat and with a face exactly like Instructor Ping’s, including the same pair of big gray-blue eyes, with long fluttering eyelashes, he was the miniature version of his father. 

Instructor Ping himself was a controversial beauty. HIs delicate features were almost lush, but unfortunately he was too hard, plus the entire station had seen his repair corporal punishment of GIs, so everyone in front of him dared not do the slightest wrong. Their longing and love of beautiful things transferred to the “chibi version of Instructor Ping,” Pei Xiao Bao.

Unfortunately, not only was he spoiled, it wasn’t just his parents spoiling him, but an entire station full of soldiers. The good thing was that their commander was his father and set rules for his son. Even though the child was a little hard-headed, he was simple and cute.

In the blink of an eye, Pei Xiao Bao reached the age for elementary school, and Pei Yutu and Ping Mo realized that they couldn’t go on like that in the station, and had to send the child to the group to live an ordinary life without privileges.

So they decided to take Pei Xiao Bao back to the main planet for a vacation, and at the same time they inspected a suitable elementary school to prepare for Xiao Bao’s schooling next year.

The journey from the sixth station to the main planet was about two days and one night, and the family set off on a ‘special plane.’ Although the journey was long, the starship was very comfortable, and even equipped with a mini children’s playground. Mainly to consume Pei Xiao Bao’s energy.

The two adults sat in leather sofas and chairs, and chatted calmly over the background sound of Pei Xiao Bao’s squeals. They were obviously used to it.

“I reported to my superiors, and applying for a transfer back to the main planet shouldn’t be a problem. After all, I’ve been stationed there for six years. The Military Ministry actually intends to transfer me back to the headquarters. The position should be able to go up a step, but since you have already built the training base brand, and just reached a five-year plan with the twelve higher military schools- -Pei Xiao Bao! -Pei Xiao Bao! Keep your voice down! If you apply for reassignment, I’m afraid the Deans will have to sit in front of our door to demonstrate.”

Ping Mo had the “devil military instructor” reputation outside, but also really trained a lot of elite single combat abilities. After five years, all major units of the Military Ministry had his students, and even the Raptors had sent new recruits to the sixth station to Instructor Ping first. Incidentally, Cheng Cheng was now the new leader of E Group.

Not only those troops, but all Alliance’s military schools had taken Ping Mo’s training ground as a mecca, which resulted in many second and third generation connections coming to Instructor Ping’s training base every year.

Ping Mo didn’t care much about that as he lazily leaned into the soft leather sofa. Most of his body was sunk into it. Sleepy, he closed his eyes. “With so many military instructors there, even though I left, the training base will still have it’s normal operations.”

Pei Yutu saw him with this lazy look, and his heart itched. He quickly glanced at his son to make sure that the boy was focused on puzzle blocks, and only then very dishonestly touched Ping Mo’s thigh. He asked, “Xiao Mo, are you sleepy?”

Instructor Ping glared at him. The meaning was obvious. Last night you tossed me so late, how could I not be sleepy?

Pei Yutu was quite energetic, and very meaningfully came over with a smile. “Wife, if you’re sleepy then I’ll go with you to sleep inside for a while.”

The starship had everything they needed, and there was a special bedroom.

Instructor Ping cast a sidelong glance at him and closed his eyes again. The long fan-like eyelashes cast a fluffy shadow on the narrow bridge of his nose. “Our son will not agree.”

The words had finished falling, and Pei Xiao Bao was already like a cannonball as he rushed over, forcefully separated the two sticking together, and wailed “Daddy hug!” 

He jumped into Ping Mo’s arms.

Pei Yutu was quick to block it with his hand and yelled, “You’re over 50 pounds! Your little father can’t stand such a jump!”

Pei Xiao Bao then grunted, pouted and whispered against Ping Mo’s ear, “Daddy, you don’t have to care about Old Pei. Only care about me.”

After that, he also kissed Ping Mo on the face, and left his saliva.

Instructor Ping looked at this baby who looked like both Pei Yutu and himself, and his heart was filled with joy. So when his son hugged his neck and pampered him, his heart softened, and he took Pei Xiao Bao into his arms. He rubbed his face against his little head, and even took the initiative to take out his terminal, then logged into his online shopping account, to buy Pei Xiao Bao a child’s simulation laser gun toy.

The little thing reaped an unexpected joy, and so acted like a monkey in the arms of Instructor Ping. He also took the time to proudly spit out his tongue “nana, nana, na, nah” at his own father, Old Pei. He was very unbeatable.

Ping Mo was amused by his son, and poked Pei Yutu next to him with the comment, “He’s definitely your son.” 

The goofiness is exactly the same.

Old Pei and Pei both expressed their dislike for this comment.

However, Instructor Ping’s parenting skills weren’t as high as Pei Yutu’s. After he held the child for a while, he ran out of patience and sent Pei Xiao Bao off to play on his own.

Pei Xiao Bao, when he was done, quietly continued to build blocks. Although Old Pei yelled every now and then, Pei Xiao Bao was more afraid of his little father who never hit or raised his voice. This was probably because of the intuition of a child. He clearly understood that his little father, Ping Mo, was the head of the family. If he upset his little father, Old Pei would really beat him! Little father also bought a new toy, a simulated gun!

Pei Xiao Bao was building blocks while he thought about life, his expressions going from a moment of gloom and then to happy, a big jump.

Instructor Ping looked at this scene, and his face became more and more soft. He felt full of happiness that was going to overflow. Pei Yutu said sourly on the side, “Why did you buy toys for him again? The toys at home are going to be a mountain.”

They had just agreed not to spoil the kid, and Ping Mo admitted his mistake with a good attitude, “Just now Xiao Bao gave me a kiss, so I wanted to buy him something.”

“Oh, a kiss and you want to buy something? Then can you give me whatever I want? Is it so easy to buy?” Pei Yutu said seriously, as if he was accusing Ping Mo of having no principles. Instructor Ping was at a disadvantage, so he opened his mouth, but didn’t refute the words.

The next moment, Pei Yutu suddenly leapt forward and also kissed Instructor Ping.

Commander Pei smiled wryly with a mouthful of white teeth. “You have to keep your word. Give me what I want!”

“…” Instructor Ping in the end did not hold back the breakthrough, and laughed out loud. “Fuck off.”

Pei Xiao Bao, who was building blocks, suddenly heard the word and looked over to find both dads were laughing, so he giggled along with them.

The whole starship cabin was in a ball of laughter. The child and the adults’ laughing points weren’t the same, but it didn’t stop the family from laughing and joking through the journey.


As they arrived in Star City just before noon, Madame Dai rushed out from a distance and opened her arms. She excitedly called her grandson’s name, while Pei Xiao Bao rushed into his grandmother’s arms, while he shouted and kissed her.

Pei Yutu wrapped his arm around Ping Mo’s waist and quietly suggested, “Why don’t we just leave our son here until elementary school, and take a year off?”


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I think the spoiled PXB would have something to say about that!
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