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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Ning Chu heard the commotion behind him, so he calmly grabbed the mask from Wuuth and put it on. Ning Chu himself wanted to hide again, he used to be a no-name at the Academy, and now he didn’t want to have one.

The teachers stopped the students who wanted to come closer in time. The dragons had just left, Wuuth was a student of Lance Academy but he had been missing for too long. There was still a large area of undried water on the ground, with several cleaning techniques that couldn’t get rid of the smell of blood still in the air.

At this point, Clark and Josh finally appeared. They reassured the instructors and students and sent them back to their dormitories to rest for the rest of the day. Josh was taken away by the Church and locked up, and the other instructors were aware of this, so they were surprised to see him appear unharmed. Clark didn’t mention anything about the fight and Ning Chu and Wuuth, who were still standing nearby.

The students had recovered from their worry and panic, and were getting vaguely excited. The gatekeeper seemed to be right, there were no casualties from the Academy, the dead were all Church people. Did they not have to be locked up anymore?

As fearsome as the dragons were, such formidable beings were suspected to be on the same side as the Academy and showed a side that has never been mentioned before, appearing in pairs, collaborating with each other, and controlling and directing other dragons.

Fear could be transformed into curiosity, exploration, and even longing.

The students took three steps back and reluctantly lined up from the edge to go back to the dormitory building for a break and weren’t allowed to come out without permission. It was only after they left that Clark and Josh and a few other instructors came over to Ning Chu.

“Raph and the men under his command are dead?” Seeing Ning Chu nod, Clark sighed softly, “It’s good that they’re dead, except that in the future… There might still be trouble.”

Raph’s group had been guarding the Academy for so long that the instructors had said all they could, and Clark understood that there was no way to negotiate with the other side calmly. The direct approach of wiping out the other side’s entire army was a bit extreme, but she no longer treated Ning Chu and Wuuth as her former students.

During her previous contact with the Church, she had also heard that someone had been targeting the Church, luring and hunting them like prey. Wuuth and Ning Chu could’ve left the Academy to its fate, yet, they were willing to come back and save Josh, so Clark would be on their side anyway.

As for the Academy, if they were worried about the Church retaliating again, they wouldn’t open their doors, it was just that the placement of the students would be more troublesome.

“This matter started because of us…” Facing the instructors, Ning Chu removed his mask, “Please don’t worry, if there’s any further problems, let us solve it.”

This was what Ning Chu thought in advance, he and Wuuth would temporarily guard the Academy. Dragon Island was just above them, so if the Church dared to approach again, they would only come here to die. He would let a few more dragons go out to look for dragons to expand Dragon Island, and because he had money in hand, two more new Dragon Islands wouldn’t be a problem.

“You guys are going to fix it? You two…” Josh subconsciously thought that with just the two of them, how could they fight against the large number of the Church?

His words abruptly stopped, since he and Clark hid in the distance and saw that the two of them had an extraordinary relationship with the magic dragons, and they might really have the confidence and strength to do so. He sighed heavily and looked at Wuuth with a complicated gaze, “There’s no need to be so rusty, in my case, you will always be my student.”

Josh would prefer Wuuth to answer his many questions, such as what exactly was the problem between them and the Church, what was the matter with the magic dragons, or what was his relationship with the boy beside him…  

But Wuuth had always been very mysterious and morose, and there were so many aspects to this that it didn’t seem right to ask directly. Josh looked over at Clark, and saw the same look in her eyes.

Ning Chu knew they had doubts and was about to say something when Wuuth beat him to it. He asked, “Forever? Whoever or whatever I am?”

Josh froze for a moment at the sudden comment and said, “Of course, but if you do anything harmful, I’ll clean you up myself!”

Whether he could beat Wuuth or not, he had to be strong, and Josh stroked his white beard. Ning Chu hurriedly tugged Wuuth sleeve, he was afraid that this dragon would change into his dragon form on the spot.

In the basement the corridor was too dark, so when Wuuth changed into a person quickly, Clark shouldn’t have seen the little black dragon. This matter was still too hard to tell others.

The good thing was that Wuuth didn’t continue this topic, only said, “I know.”

They obviously didn’t want to say more, so Clark took the initiative, “Why don’t we go back to rest? We can talk tomorrow if there’s anything. If you want to stay at the Academy, I will have two more dormitory rooms sorted out.”

She thought Ning Chu meant to stay at the Academy, and regardless of whether they were still Academy students or not, this request was acceptable. In fact Ning Chu wanted to go back to Dragon Island, and it was quite convenient to be right overhead to be aware and able to react to anything in time.

He tried to politely decline, but Wuuth agreed, “One room is fine.”

Their gazes met, and Ning Chu almost wanted to put his mask back on.

Ning Chu touched the tip of his nose, “Is Wuuth’s old dormitory room still available?”

So after a while, the two of them were standing in Wuuth’s former dormitory room. It hadn’t been lived in for a long time, so everything was covered in dust, and it took several cleaning spells to restore it to its original state.

Clark had prepared new sheets and quilts for the two of them, and had kindly given them an extra pillow. Ning Chu took the sheets and didn’t let the teacher who brought them over help, but spread them himself.

The noise of their arrival couldn’t be concealed from the surrounding students, and some people came out to look at them, but were driven back by the teachers. When Ning Chu returned to this place, he had mixed feelings, and he lay down on the bed as if he was still a student here.

He wondered how Bowen was doing after he left, if he was worried about him… 

Wuuth and Ning Chu lay down together, two people were cramped in the single bed. Ning Chu turned over and reached out to pinch the side of Wuuth’s face, “So you still like it here? I was planning to go back to Dragon Island, since it’s still not that convenient at the Academy…”

Wuuth was silent for a moment, before putting his arm around Ning Chu, “I still have something to ask Josh.”

“What is it?” Ning Chu asked casually, leaning into his arms, “Then let’s stay for a day…”

He didn’t pry deeper, just assumed that Wuuth and Josh had some things to talk about, after all, they had a teacher-student relationship.

Ning Chu didn’t forget to advise, “Don’t tell him you’re a dragon, and don’t mention anything else. The less they know, the safer they are.”

Wuuth replied with a “mmm” and couldn’t help but kiss Ning Chu.

No matter what happened after the Church was taken care of, both of them were relieved at this moment. Since he had a chance to ask Josh, Wuuth didn’t want to tell Ning Chu about his mating situation. He felt as if he had gotten better in the past two days, and perhaps the effects had subsided for now.

As for how humans engage in mating with their partners, he still wanted to ask Josh. It would be nice if he had books on the subject, since Wuuth wanted to learn on his own. It was always humiliating to have to let your partner teach you about such things.

Meanwhile, Ning Chu was wondering… about a specific matter. He said he wanted to work with Wuuth on it, but now he didn’t know how to initiate the conversation.

Ning Chu absentmindedly stroked Wuuth’s chin, but decided to let nature take its course and wait until the time came.

Clark had lunch brought in at noon, and the two stayed in their quarters in the afternoon without going anywhere. The small group of dragons had returned to Dragon Island, and it was late for Ning Chu and Wuuth to go back, so they planned to go out and look for them.

Ning Chu saw them all in the game, guessed they were wanted to come to them, so he dropped some supplies across the air, signaling that he was fine and would only be back later.

The squad of dragons were a little relieved, and went to rest.

In the evening, Wuuth said goodbye to Ning Chu, before going to the teacher’s office to find Josh. Only Josh and Clark were there, but when they saw Wuuth, Clark wisely left.

Josh cleared his throat and pulled out a chair for Wuuth, “Have a seat.”

Wuuth sat down and began by saying what Ning Chu had asked him to bring. He wanted to meet Josh alone, and Ning Chu didn’t think much of it. He told Wuuth to have a conversation with Josh without him there.

Ning Chu wanted the Academy to tell the students that there might be a lot of dragons around the Academy these days. Both ordinary dragon swarms and magic dragons could appear, but they would never attack people, so the Academy need not be alarmed, therefore please do not attack the dragons.

The other was the identity of Wuuth and Ning Chu. Wuuth showed his face, while Ning Chu did not.

The mask may have been recognized, the students guessed that he was “Ning”, but it didn’t matter. Ning Chu didn’t want to reveal his other identity, Hugh.

After all, one had fire magic, while the other had water and wood. The difference in strength between the two was also too big. In order to avoid trouble, Ning Chu had to hide until the end, only his teacher knowing who he was, this couldn’t be revealed to anyone else.

And finally, about the dragons and the Church, Ning Chu and Wuuth couldn’t reveal more because of many complicated reasons, but they would ensure the safety of the Academy students.

Josh listened very carefully, taking notes constantly, intending to take them to Clark tomorrow.

After explaining all that, Wuuth spoke up again, “I have one more thing that I need the help of my teacher.”


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