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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Sixth Cub had never been taken out like this before, and unlike Fifth Cub who hid herself well, she only knew that Josh got along well with both of her parents, so she wasn’t afraid of being found out, even if the other was unfamiliar. She was very curious about Josh’s white beard, and quietly peered through the gap in the jacket for a long time until she met Josh’s eyes.

Josh froze for a moment and blurted out, “You have a new contracted beast?”

His first thought was that it was Wuuth’s contracted beast, since people who practiced magic didn’t carry around ordinary animals with them.

When Wuuth and Ning Chu heard his question out of the blue, they failed to react for a while, confusion written all over their face.

When Sixth Cub saw that she had been discovered, she came out with a cheerful “aowu” and thought she was playing hide-and-seek with Josh. A small golden figure suddenly emerged from Wuuth’s jacket, and Josh leaned back with an “ooh”, his eyes widening as he realized what he was looking at.

Was that… was that a baby dragon?

Ning Chu was caught off guard and rushed to get in front of Wuuth to push Sixth Cub back in, looking around nervously. Luckily, no one was around, so Josh was the only one who saw Sixth Cub. He smiled awkwardly at Josh, “You didn’t see anything just now.”

Sixth Cub gave Ning Chu a nip through his jacket, but returned to his pocket.

Josh had woken up from his daze and looked away, “No, I didn’t see anything…”

He couldn’t be mistaken, it was a young dragon.

Golden scales and horns… It seemed that even their pupils were golden. There were many different kinds of dragons, and among the common one, none had such distinct features, but… magic dragons.

Josh saw such a small magic dragon for the first time.

With its sound of “aowu” and its fat little paws, it didn’t resemble a grown-up magic dragon at all. Josh couldn’t help but look sideways again, just in time to meet those bright eyes again.

Ning Chu wouldn’t let it out, but it was okay to look at it, right?

And Ning Chu wasn’t angry or too nervous, which means it wasn’t a big deal.

Perhaps because Sixth Cub had been surrounded by a group of parents since she hatched, and the elves and dwarves she met were all very friendly, she had no concept of bad people.

Before they reached their destination, Josh rummaged through his storage bag, and while no one else was around, he took out a small red fruit and quietly lifted it to Wuuth’s jacket.

When Ning Chu saw him do so, he didn’t stop him.

Josh was Wuuth’s teacher, and he hasn’t revealed even half of an info related to Wuuth even under the torture of the Church, which meant he was a human who could be trusted. As long as Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub hid well, and wouldn’t be noticed by anyone else who’d spread the word, since there were too many people in the Academy, and they couldn’t make everyone swear an oath like before.

A small paw reached out tentatively, picking at the fruit, and found that neither Wuuth nor Ning Chu stopped her, before reaching out another one and quickly taking it.In the pocket, Sixth Cub sniffed the fruit and took a bite.

It was a little soft, but it didn’t taste like meat, so she threw it away in disgust.

Josh saw the fruit being taken away and just smiled, but then the fruit was thrown out, rolling away on the ground. His smile froze and his expression changed into a confused one.

Ning Chu looked at him, and inexplicably felt that Josh looked a lot like himself when he failed to feed the little black dragon. Anyway, he was seen by Josh anyway and no one was around, so he took out a few jerky sticks, handing them to Josh.

“Use this,” Ning Chu lowered his voice, “she only likes to eat meat.”

Josh’s eyes lit up under his white eyebrows and he took the jerky and pulled one out, offering it to her again. This time Sixth Cub smelled the scent and didn’t hesitate to reach out and grab the jerky in her paws.

Then, there was a sound of slight moevement in Wuuth’s jacket, and it took a moment to stop.

Feeding a young dragon was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Josh fed another one on the way, and the three of them arrived at the room where the Church member was being guarded.

Clark got the message just in time to arrive and took out the key to open the door. The man locked up inside looked to be in his thirties, with dirty silver robes and a frightened look on his face, his hands and feet chained, similar to the way Josh was treated.

When he saw them enter, he said, “I’m really just a handyman, I haven’t harmed any of your instructors or students…”

He looked very afraid of death, and the magic staff and storage bag he had brought with him were placed to the side.

Ning Chu picked up the magic staff, examining it. The Church members mostly use higher energy magic staffs, and this one looked very old, while the storage bag was just a tiny one, not being able to hold much, indeed seemingly belonging to a lackey.

The man continued to explain, “I went to buy food for Lord Raph and a few other elders’ contracted beasts that day, and arrived back at the Academy at night just to find out what had happened…”

Wuuth said with cold eyes, “The people of the Church deserve to die.”

At these words the man was even more frightened, his snot and tears running down his face, “I really don’t know anything… Please forgive me, I won’t say anything…”

Ning Chu put down the magic staff in his hand and spoke out, “No, I need you to speak.”

He had other plans, not ready to kill this man outright.

“Go back and find your pope. He’s the highest ranking person in the Church, right?” Ning Chu approached while asking.

The man didn’t know Ning Chu’s purpose, but hearing that he might have a chance to live, he nodded his head, “Yes… I also heard that Lord Raph was the youngest son of the Pope…”

“Bring back the news of Raph’s death and tell the Pope how his son died,” Ning Chu continued, his gaze cast condescendingly at the kneeling man, “and tell it in as much detail as you can.”

Josh and Clark simultaneously gave sideways glances, and only Wuuth moved, not disagreeing with Ning Chu’s intentions.

“Te-tell it in as much detail as I can?” The man froze and stammered while asking.

Ning Chu nodded and moved a chair to sit down, “You weren’t there that day, so you may not be clear on the details. I can tell you.”

He really told the whole story of that day; how many dragons appeared, how many people were involved in the battle, how Raph died, and which were his last words. The man on the ground shuddered as he listened, knowing only that Raph and the others died, but not about the magic dragons.

Ning Chu said that the only people involved in the battle were him and Wuuth beside him, if what he said was true… Who were these two people in front of him? And what was their relationship with the magic dragons?

Soon, Ning Chu gave him the answer.

“Vito, do you know him?” Ning Chu’s face seemed to fall into memory as he said bitterly, “There are others whose names I don’t know, and I can’t remember what they looked like…”

He told the man in front of him that he and Wuuth were responsible for Vito’s death and for the attack on the Church that took away their wealth. The two teachers behind him were silent while the man on the floor was almost on the verge of fainting from fear.

He had heard so many secrets, could he still live?… 

Ning Chu, as if he could see his nervousness, patted him on the shoulder and said in a kind tone, “Don’t be afraid, I need you to tell the Pope all this and I won’t kill you.”

He made the man swear again that he could only tell the Pope alone about everything he heard in this room today.

“Tell him to stop targeting the dragons and the Academy,” Ning Chu said with a cold harshness, “or I will personally send him to his son.”

As for those members of the Church in silver robes, he would kill all of them on sight. This decision and intention, Ning Chu had considered it earlier.

The Church always targeted the magic dragons, and the constant tracking and harassment was unbearable. If they hadn’t taken the initiative to provoke, Ning Chu didn’t want to care about these people, he just wanted to slowly bring all the dragons back to Dragon Island and return to his old life.

Even when Wuuth and Second Cub killed so many people from the Church, they only used the method of luring them by releasing information. If the Church wasn’t interested in the magic dragons, they wouldn’t have been trapped. One loss after another would have been the best way to stop the Church, but since the Church had many members all over the world, Ning Chu didn’t want to go to the point where they must either die and live.

Vito was dead, Raph was dead, and Fifth Cub had long been resurrected.

If it came to that, Ning Chu wasn’t worried, the coordinates of Dragon Island could be changed, so the Church simply couldn’t find them.

Not to mention the several magic dragons he had, he spoke a lot today to use the person in front of him to notify the Church that he had absolute strength and could fight them.

At the end, Ning Chu added, “You have to tell your pope that those people under his hand, and his son, had it coming. His son killed my daughter, so I’m here to seek revenge.” Ning Chu leaned down to lower his voice, and Josh and Clark in the back went out midway and waited outside.

The chaotic mind of the man in front of him turned for a moment, as he looked at Ning Chu’s very young face, “You… Your daughter?”

Ning Chu scowled, the jacket in his arms pulled open a crack to reveal a small green dragon cub. He smiled and patted the man’s shoulder again, “Do you remember everything? Everything I said today is to be conveyed exactly as I told you.”

He and Wuuth would have to stay at the Academy for a while until they got a definite answer from the Pope. After saying this Ning Chu also took some money from his storage bag and gave it to the man, asking him to hurry back as soon as he left the place.

The content of the oath included that Ning Chu must tell the Pope what he said, and that the God of the Pact wouldn’t spare him if he dared to escape directly. Ning Chu finished this and got up to leave, leaving the man in the room on his knees for a long time, unable to return to his senses.

After leaving the room, Josh and Clark both looked over and Josh cautiously asked, “Should we let this man go?”

Ning Chu nodded and looked to Wuuth, who had been silent beside him. His decision today was a risk; the Pope could backhandedly spread the added distortion of the facts he had told. Ning Chu was sort of gambling that they would be too scared to do so.

Would the Pope put his own life and the lives of everyone in the Church at risk without an absolute chance of winning? The only thing Ning Chu was worried about was the Academy. They and the dragon herd could just hide back on Dragon Island, but not the Academy’s instructors and students.

He wasn’t willing to show his concerns in the room just now and didn’t mention much about the Academy, but now he had to plan ahead. Wuuth reached over and took Ning Chu by the hand, gently squeezing his palm. He knew what Ning Chu was worried about, but the fact that they had more than just dragons, they had friends, shouldn’t be overlooked.


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October 31, 2022 4:50 pm

The Pope seems the sort to put himself at the top. I doubt he will accept NC’s threat and stay still; after all, his arse would be safe (he thinks), whilst it’s his followers who would be sent to their certain deaths.
Hope I’m wrong.
NC calling Fifth Cub his daughter is very sweet.
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 31, 2022 6:26 pm

Ning is becoming a real badass. I love it. It’s time to finish the church one way or another. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in updating for us❤️

December 6, 2022 2:28 am

Mc felt so cold and badassss

I guess all these strife would end soon 😅 the pope could shut up and retreat if he values his life and power. Not worth an easy mob character death. The few future chaps could just be conclusion wraps and some few developments.

April 21, 2023 2:57 am

I think that Wuuth would’ve preferred a bit more killing first. Bullying and threats could temporarily solve the problem, then run away to the island.

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