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being able to evenly match with a lieutenant general and even gain the upper hand!”

Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Kris, Gwyndolyn


That night, Carlyle couldn’t fall asleep, with how heavy Mundi’s words turned the mood outside the tent. Compared to his own seemingly light body, for Mundi with his muscled shoulders that protected their homeland to say those words, they hit him pretty hard.

Carlyle couldn’t help but think back to his time in the military, how he wasn’t suitable for the heavy and repetitive workload there, and resigned in order to teach at Aldia. Rather than being on the battlefield, for such a small thing to make him give up, it made him seem a little more selfish than those who had chosen to fight and had experienced cruel battles… but when he thought about it in detail, it sounded reasonable.

These thoughts made Carlyle very upset. He couldn’t fault these kinds of thoughts because, before this day, he was only a normal citizen living alone, never making any contributions to the Alliance’s safety… Yet he also didn’t want all of the Alliance’s soldiers to have the same thoughts as Mundi.

It was a long while before Carlyle lifted his gaze and made a small decision. He was still young, with unlimited potential to serve the Alliance. If it was an era of peace, it was not inexcusable for him to willingly leave the military. But if the Alliance really went to war, then he would muster up the courage to go back to the military and contribute to his country.

With these thoughts in mind, Carlyle finally felt somewhat better and descended into the land of dreams with the quiet of the outside world.

When he woke up the third day and saw Mundi’s and Chen YiBai’s states, he repressed his own emotions. Carlyle noticed that aside from Waldo who seemed unaffected, the other four people including himself had slightly strange moods about them.

This mood followed them for a whole day. When Carlyle woke up on the morning of the fourth day, he discovered that Chen YiBai wasn’t in their group anymore.

Carlyle only thought that it was strange at first. It wasn’t until Mundi ordered for them to move that he finally realized Chen YiBai really wasn’t in their group!

He still remembered Chen YiBai and Mundi’s conversation from that night. He also remembered Chen YiBai saying that if Mundi was unwilling to go there, he would definitely go there himself. After that, Carlyle had vigilantly taken notice of Chen YiBai’s movements, but… but wasn’t this too sudden?

“This is his personal choice.” Mundi had given him this reply with a tight expression when Carlyle finally managed to ask about it during lunch after holding himself back the whole morning.

“But… but aren’t we a team?” Carlyle widened his eyes. From the day he met Chen YiBai, he had a very favourable impression of the other, what with the natural manners he radiated and the reliable feeling he got whenever they hung out casually. It might sound impossible, but he always felt that with Chen YiBai here, then there wouldn’t be any danger too big to deal with.

This was the instinct Carlyle accumulated in the past few days. It was just a base, and it was not like he hadn’t heard about the things with Aldia and Berkeley. If it was just for a look, they were still a team, so shouldn’t they be together?

Mundi didn’t continue answering his questions, his expression so dark that they were thrown to the side, and Faye patted his shoulder from behind. Waldo, who was the only one who didn’t understand the whole situation, waved his hand and spoke nonchalantly, “If he wants to go, let him. Besides, he must have been unable to resist Professor Vanda’s persuasion in the past few days. You’re still young, Teacher Carlyle. You don’t know, humans are greedy creatures…”

His words ending here, Waldo couldn’t help his face from showing a meaningful expression.

Waldo’s words floated past their ears like a breeze. With Faye stopping him, Carlyle stared deeply at Mundi and stopped questioning him. The atmosphere in the group was unbearably silent.

[??? Chen YiBai voluntarily left the group??] Many of the viewers paying attention to Mundi’s group immediately started their discussion.

[What’s the situation? No, the scoreboard says Mundi’s group still has five people…]

[It’s probably because the wristwatch’s ID number hasn’t been changed. No, did he really go to Professor Vanda? What about the favorable impressions he had made recently? Is he that eager to ‘betray’? What’s going on?]

[Sob, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it! I’ve just become Teacher Chen’s fan; I don’t believe he’s that kind of person. There must be some kind of misunderstanding!]

[Not trusting reality +1! But back to the topic, did you guys see that Teacher Carlyle was eavesdropping after being sent back to his tent XD, so cute~]

[123l +10086, not just Teacher Carlyle, Teacher Faye seemed like she wasn’t asleep either. Feels like only Teacher Waldo was actually asleep that night.]

[That’s not it… didn’t you guys see that the atmosphere was really wrong? It’s already strange that Chen YiBai left suddenly. Carlyle’s temper is usually soft and meek, and Mundi always keeps his word. Now that Chen YiBai left he interrogates Leader Mundi like that? This change in personality is a bit drastic.]

[Ay ay ay, the one that said the atmosphere is wrong, I agree with you because Teacher Mundi looks weird. He usually looks really reliable and has an air of leadership, a person who values teamwork. Now that he let Chen YiBai go just like that, and even avoided Teacher Carlyle’s questions, it feels like something’s tangled and complicated here…]

[Chen YiBai’s camera seems to always be off. I had a meeting last night so I didn’t watch the livestream, did some conflict happen in their group? Please give me answers.]

[Answers +1!]

The comment section was a mess. Not long after, countless people who had watched the live broadcast the night before came out to state that everything had been normal; some even said that they had little conversation, as though there was some conflict between them.

But no matter how many examples they gave or any way they analyzed it, none of them could clearly understand what made the always peaceful group suddenly become something like this.

Later, the media would open up all sorts of attractive posts on discussion forums regarding this topic. But this time, they couldn’t seem to make as big of a splash as expected.

That was because, two days ago, when the news of the research lab explosion was leaked by some people, the big forums had all greedily pounced on it, upsetting many people in the Alliance.

Analyses on what had happened came one after another. Not only that, the masses on Venus started making allegations that the military had recently dispatched soldiers at an abnormally high rate not long after that. Accompanying government workers, they could be seen anywhere on the streets.

All the allegations and analysis posts had made Venus and even the whole Alliance’s atmosphere more tense. Moreover, information about President Ruble’s kidnapping had also poured out. Even if the officials hadn’t made any announcement, if they didn’t come out to dispel the rumors, it was the same as a silent admission to all of them.

Dr. Einbergen, then the President. More problems came out one after another, making everyone in the Alliance anxious.


At the end of a dark underground tunnel was a modernized base infrastructure.

A metal door was opened under a series of complex verifications, and in walked three people.

One of them was Black, who had met Chen Bai and Heinz face-to-face at the black market that day. Another was a man with dark skin and wearing a pair of pink high heels. Walking at the back, was a man with shoulder length hair, his devastated expression a complete contrast to his fully muscled body.

“You only have five minutes; make it short,” the man wearing pink heels said and walked out, the metal door closing behind him, leaving Black and the other person with the large stature.

That man looked at Black with a cold glare. Looking closely, you could see that the black mark on his neck was also covered with a bright red ‘X’ like Black’s.

“Speak what’s on your mind.” The man glanced at him sideways, not sitting on a chair but leaning on the wall. The strong muscles on his entire body seem to draw attention to his impressive strength. The small patches of wounds on his arms from heavy labor, as well as the tiredness in his eyes, all showed that he wasn’t living well.

“The big guy has already started moving. Five hours ago, Dr. Einbergen was kidnapped. Two hours ago, President Ruble was also taken away,” Black looked at him and spoke at a fast pace.

“Why does it concern me?” The man sneered, as though he just wanted to ignore Black. ‘The big guy’ he mentioned was Berkeley’s founder and leader, but the man didn’t seem interested. After hearing that short opening, the man reached out to play with the door. “If you got me here just to say these, you can save it. I’m not interested.”

“Chen’s team is back.” The man’s attitude seemed to be within Black’s expectations. Seeing the other reaching his hand out, Black’s eyes froze, then he repeated the words slowly, “Chen’s team is back, Alan.”

“…” Alan’s hand on the door handle paused. In that instant, something bright flashed across his eyes before his eyelids lowered, his trembling lips and a sudden waver in his hand betraying the uncontrollable rise and fall of his emotions.

“He’s really back.” Of course Black noticed these and couldn’t help the sour trace in his nose as he held back his tears.

When the news of Chen Bai’s death was brought back to Berkeley, the remaining three people of their little group were devastated and on the verge of collapsing. Mani had left one year before that, and adding the death of their backbone, their little group couldn’t continue on.

As they willfully tried to find Chen Bai, even defying Berkeley’s leader without hesitation, their ranks were all demoted to the very bottom.

He, Alan and Jenas weren’t able to disprove the news of Chen Bai’s death and could only give up. They had been involved in too many missions, so Berkeley would never let them go. Therefore, they could only stay and do manual labor for the rest of their lives.

Jenas had tried everything to leave Berkeley, keeping his promise to Chen Bai of being by Ellie’s side and protecting her. Black was unwilling to give up and stayed in Berkeley to scour whatever scrap of information he might find of Chen Bai.

“…So?” Alan’s throat bobbed, not turning his head to look back. “He left us without a word three years ago and now came back without saying anything. Why should we throw away our lives for him?”

His voice was brimming with sharp and unkind words, as well as a deep sense of resentment.

Berkeley had made a big move recently, and as some of its members, they all understood it clearly. With Chen Bai choosing to connect with them at this critical juncture, they also understood his reason clearly. They had followed Chen Bai for so many years after all, and their understanding of each other was still there.

“You know Bai isn’t like that.” Black furrowed his eyebrows. He and Alan were intentionally separated by Berkeley, so they hadn’t met for a long time. And for a short while, he couldn’t grasp the other’s mood. “He must have his reasons; for decades, we were…”

“You also knew it was for decades,” Alan whipped his head around, interrupting Black fiercely, “So why did he leave without a single word? What did he take us for? Three years. Three whole years; even a simple contact could make us…”

His words dropping off here, Alan suddenly choked. Three years may not be long, but to them, it was enough to crush their insufferable pride and arrogance.

They had fallen to the bottom from the heavens and had tasted the feeling of abandonment. After just one taste, even if someone were to put a sweet treat in front of you, you might not come back so easily.

Alan didn’t want to continue talking about it. He pursed his lips, his eyes bright red under his long hair. With a squeeze of his hand, the sensor on the metal door lit up.

“It’s not for him,” Black paused, then continued softly, “He already told us; he won’t say anything if we blame him. After we finished this, we still can’t ever go back to the past. If we succeed, Berkeley will disappear completely, and if we fail, we’ll also… But Alan!”

The moment the door was slowly being opened, Black took a deep breath and said determinedly, “Alan, we’ve been in Berkeley for so long. No one knows better than you and I what it’s like. So many experimentees… so many perverse experiments. We saw them with our own eyes! Don’t you want to do anything? Are you willing to let them continue, willing for us to live in the shadows forever?”

Black’s last sentence seemed to have prodded something. Alan’s whole body jerked harshly, then seemed to pause for a while before he ran out just like that.

Black Shark, who had been standing outside, saw this and kicked his high heels. He glanced over with a cigarette dangling in his mouth, “They’re already making their move above. Whatever decision you’re making, be quick.”

Alan glared at him with bloodshot eyes, then turned to leave.

Seeing this, Black sighed deeply from within the room.

Black Shark swung his hands, “I was also quite surprised with his return. But from my own standpoint, I’ll support you without hesitation. Come to me if you need any help.”

With that, Black Shark extinguished the cigarette in his hand and left as well.

Wandering the long corridor alone, Black’s mind was a mess full of memories. One was from when Chen Bai had taken them for a mission, another was when they had been sent by that big shot to go to the depths of the base and had seen those disgusting experiments.

It was probably from that point onwards. Black thought, if there was anything that had made the captain resolutely decide to leave this place, it was probably from that moment.

He rode the elevator up to leave the underground levels. When the doors opened again, Black lifted his head to see Ray Ming leading a line of men rushing outside from the side door.

Black paused. They’d just finished the mission with the President and Dr. Einbergen; why were they making a move again?

The thought had just flash across his mind when Ray Ming’s gaze glanced over then crooked a finger at him after a short pause.

“Let’s go together,” Ray Ming said when he walked closer.

“I didn’t receive the mission notice…” Black furrowed his brow. Berkeley’s missions were usually arranged neatly and orderly. Even the most urgent missions would have a half hour notice for the people involved, so he hasn’t seen this kind of hustling for a long time.

“You’re notified now.” Ray Ming glanced at him. “Just follow me. Do you think you have the right to choose?”

In Berkeley, Ray Ming was several ranks above him; of course Black couldn’t say no to his orders. Thus, he was silent for a while, not asking about the details of this mission before turning to follow Ray Ming’s team.


At this exact moment, a storm was brewing in the Alliance, and most people had no idea what was about to happen.

The popularity of the threads about Dr. Einbergen and the President’s kidnappings from two days ago was gradually going down. Since there was no concrete evidence from these, as much as they wanted to imagine what had happened, people would also gradually lose interest in it.

But the popularity of the Teacher’s Competition was gradually climbing up.

Chen YiBai voluntarily quitting Mundi’s group was already the hottest topic for the Teacher’s Competition, and with everything happening on X-5 recently, everyone’s eyes were opened to a new world.

[Are my eyes deceiving me? Vanda’s group is fighting with Head Fang’s group? My god… Even if the teachers have to compete for the energy stones, isn’t this too energy consuming and… fierce? It wasn’t like this in the past competitions.]

[This place isn’t the wilderness, but an old military base, right? They’ll probably be fine?]

[An old military base is exactly why it’s scary. I think the elites are just like fish in water there, and they wouldn’t be able to handle it if there was an actual ambush. They’re ‘brave’ to just attack each other this openly.]

[The problem is that both groups are teachers; why are they fighting this fiercely? Isn’t it better to negotiate? And their expressions are truly scary, like they’re fighting for something valuable…]

[Tsk tsk, some of your reactions just make people not know whether to laugh or cry. This is a competition. Just because this year’s mode is in groups, you all became soft-hearted? Teachers enter this competition to compete; isn’t it normal to be hostile to the opposition?]

[Normal hostility +1, those who felt pity are really too soft-hearted~ but looking at the situation, I bet fifty cents that Professor Vanda wins!]

[No need to bet; anyone can see that Vanda’s group will win. The other side’s main fighter almost can’t continue now, and Professor Vanda is so strong~ He even analyzed all the other groups from every aspect, and their weaknesses were exactly as he had said. Worship~]

As the discussions continued like wildfire in the comment section, Chen Bai was moving slowly across the planet.

He had never been on this planet before, as it had always been under Heinz’ jurisdiction. In the early years, it was also the place where Heinz was in active service, so Chen Bai usually avoided this place.

Which resulted in him not knowing this planet very well.

But, perhaps his actions had dug out some hidden emotions in Mundi, who had secretly given him a map as he was leaving.

All of them had official tracking devices, which were not for them to use.

With Berkeley daring to instigate itself into the teacher groups and this competition having its own surveillance, which couldn’t be closed for more than 24 hours or else risk elimination, Chen Bai couldn’t use the trackers or electronic map yet and couldn’t turn off the location tracker for too long. He could only use the ancient paper map to find his path… which had been drawn by Mundi.

This resulted in Chen Bai walking a little off the path, and when he finally reached the legendary Ramon base, it was already near noon.

Just as Chen Bai was carefully investigating the surroundings, slowly walking towards his destination one step at a time and assessing the situation in his head, he suddenly frowned—He felt a small burst of energy coming towards his direction.

The other was in a very flustered state of mind, their mental energy not really strong, probably A-ranked at most. And, their direction was coincidentally opposite from Chen Bai, as though… they were escaping from the Ramon base not too far away.

Chen Bai settled his mind. After checking his surroundings repeatedly to make sure there was no one else around, he moved to stand at a spot that the moving burst of mental energy would cross. About one or two minutes passed before a panicked silhouette rushed through the grass and slammed into him.

The other was clearly startled. Her mental energy trembled suddenly and subconsciously reached out some tentacles to attack, but after seeing the person she ran into, her eyes widened with tears.

Not waiting for Chen Bai to ask, the newcomer pulled his hand and wailed, “Come with me, come with me, please, save them! I’m beg- I’m begging you!”

Chen Bai looked at the weeping female teacher in front of him, his mind turning before he finally remembered that she was also a new teacher, just as looked down upon as him. Her name was Xiao Hao, and many people had said that she had pulled connections with a head instructor to get in… But Chen Bai had quite a good impression of her, since she taught medical related fields in the academy, and her way of using her mental tentacles subconsciously to attack told Chen Bai that she was no simple character.

She was part of that head instructor’s group this time, and seeing her whole demeanor as well as her injuries, Chen Bai could slightly guess what had happened.

“What happened?” Chen Bai asked in a soft and gentle voice, wanting to let Xiao Hao calm down first. Under normal circumstances, with his mental guidance and observational skills, he could easily soothe these types of A-ranked controllers, even hypnotizing them.

Yet Xiao Hao was different, which Chen Bai expected. People who could use their mental energy were definitely different from normal people.

So his actions only carried hints of probing her.

He could tell that Xiao Hao’s brain region had a very strong defense against manipulation, which also seemed to be multiplied several fold by her emotions. Her whole body was frozen stiff, as though she was facing a great enemy. One of her hands was clamped tightly around Chen Bai’s wrist, her nails digging into his flesh, looking clearly as though she was losing her rationality. But Chen Bai knew, her mind was as clear as any.

“Teacher Chen, help me, help me save them. I’m begging you.” Xiao Hao looked at Chen YiBai pleadingly, her eyes full of tears.

Chen Bai narrowed his eyes. He usually wouldn’t attack someone’s brain region recklessly with his strong mental energy, usually only using a small amount to guide them. This small amount should be more than enough to deal with an A-ranked controller, but the person currently in front of him was not hindered by him at all, and that unbelievable shielding ability was not A-rank level. In that instant, a theory that had been proposed by Dr. Ramon flashed across Chen Bai’s mind.

Glancing at the time, then at the Ramon base not far away, Chen Bai pulled at Xiao Hao. Though he normally didn’t like to invade other people’s brain regions, there was no alternative at the moment.

Both their gazes met in midair. Chen Bai’s soft and gentle voice was like poppy, making people sink into its depths helplessly.

Xiao Hao’s terrified and fearful eyes stared at him, then, as though feeling something gentle comforting her, she finally calmed down after a long while.


[Hey hey hey! What happened, Chen YiBai’s camera has been cut off for twenty-two hours now, a new record! Two more hours and he’ll be eliminated!]

[It’s not just Chen Bai; looks like a lot of teachers also cut off their cameras. What’s happening?]

[Waaaaah, I’m worried for my Bai!]

[WTF I just switched the screens and saw that the people at the base were fighting so fiercely! Head Fang was even beaten until he couldn’t get up from the ground… their group was completely obliterated, except for Teacher Xiao Hao who managed to run away. Professor Vanda was so vicious…]

[Professor Vanda vicious +1. After they left, there was not even any screen time for Head Fang. The others’ injuries didn’t seem too bad, but when the camera wavered just now, we could clearly see Head Fang completely covered in blood. I’m so scared that something will happen to Head Fang; he’s a really good person. Professor Vanda went too far this time.]

[Che, this is a game of supreme fighting abilities. If you can’t play then don’t join it. The officials will naturally handle these eliminated people~ As for Professor Vanda’s group, it’s so strong after adding two new lieutenant generals. Must be this year’s guaranteed champion.]

[Speaking of which, am I the only one wondering why they all went to that military base without any reason? It looks run down without any food or water, but Professor Vanda didn’t leave after winning, as if he’s looking for something.]

[Wow even if the competition is harsh, this is the first time everyone is this vicious. Head Fang is this severely injured, and Professor Vanda really didn’t hold back much. Could they really go back to work together after the competition ends? QAQ When he ordered his members to beat Head Fang into the ground, I felt my heart chilled. QAQ I don’t know why, but this competition really makes me uncomfortable. Even the Alliance is not peaceful recently; something happened to Dr. Einbergen, and now even the president was kidnapped, sobs… Please don’t let anything happen QAQ]

Just as the viewers were discussing the fierce battle just now, the previously dark camera was suddenly turned back on, and those who noticed quickly notified others in the comments.

Very quickly, everyone took notice of this scene. And the camera that was suddenly opened belonged to the person everyone was just discussing heatedly, Head Fang!

The camera trembled violently before finally settling, and everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath when they finally saw Head Fang’s face clearly.

Differently from the blurry silhouette captured in a quick flash from Professor Vanda’s angle, now they could very clearly see that Head Fang’s face, body as well as arms were covered in wounds, which looked very severe.

The medical staff watching this immediately saw that they were all fatal wounds! But Professor Vanda walked away without even turning back!

The viewers all watched as Head Fang held the camera while enduring immense pain, his hoarse voice trying to say something. They all felt a chill in their hearts, astounded by Professor Vanda’s group members’ neglecting attitude. Some of the students who were once taught by Head Fang even had tears streaming down their faces.

The teacher who had once confidently taught on the podium was now lying on the ground, covered in blood and injuries, unable to even push himself up. Those students that had been educated by him and those who were grateful to him were all so upset in their hearts.

“I… I represent part of… Aldia’s teachers…” Head Fang’s throat seemed to be injured as well, the words leaving his lips like wisps of wind. He spoke every word with much difficulty, but still ground his teeth, his eyes shining with determination that was supported by his own life.

He didn’t call for any help, but that was precisely why all the viewers in front of their screens held their breath to listen. He was not asking for help now but talking about something seemingly unrelated to his current situation, even representing part of Aldia’s teachers…? What was he trying to say?

[Could Head Fang be delirious from losing too much blood and not know what he’s doing? I feel so sorry for him, and is the organizer this slow? His blood loss is enough to endanger his life! His blood flow hasn’t stopped, and no medical staff is coming, what’s happening! Is this turning into a killing game?]

[Wait wait, I’ve started recording this. I keep feeling like what Head Fang is enduring his body to talk about… would be really big news!]

[Everyone quick, listen carefully to what Head Fang is saying. Heavens, his state is making my heart clench.]

As everyone was maximizing his video feed on their screens and turning up their volumes, Head Fang’s voice continued to form words with effort, “To… apologize… to all the Alliance’s people… In the past… past five years… We’ve once transferred, more than- more than a hundred students, to a… called Be…”

The instant Head Fang was about to say Berkeley’s name, his eyes suddenly widened. In the next second, the hilt of a knife appeared in front of the camera, buried deeply in his wrist. With Head Fang’s pained scream and shattered wrist, this terrifying livestream was cut off.

Some of the viewers watching this scene couldn’t help but let out surprised yelps. After a long while, the comments all rushed upon the screen like a tidal wave one after another.

[WTF what happened! Is this a death broadcast?? Who’s that at the end?? The camera didn’t even capture them, just shook for a bit!! What’s going on!!]

[Heavens!! Are the organizers really not going to save Teacher Fang? Who was that that stabbed the knife! Are they insane! Trying to kill someone in a competition! Ahhhhhhhh that’s my teacher ahh!! He’ll die if this continues on, what are the organizers doing!]

[What did Head Fang mean by transferring a hundred students to Be? He looked so determined too! What’s the situation, could anyone analyze it? I’m almost dumbfounded! The sudden drastic change in scene was a little too much ah!]

[He didn’t get to finish his last half of the sentence before he… WTF this feels so complicated! Could it be that Head Fang was trying to expose some big secret and was killed for it? Officials, please respond! What’s the situation! Is it related to Professor Vanda? Who did the students transfer to, and why?]

[I don’t want to know that much, just that Head Fang was my teacher… I just want someone to save him; he’s a really good teacher! My daughter is just eight years old, it would be so upsetting for her to see him like that! Whether it’s the official or anyone else, I’m begging you to save Head Fang!]

[Speaking of, did you guys see something in the last shot… were my eyes blurred?]

[Saw something +10086! I also thought my eyes weren’t working properly, I hope it’s true ahhh!]

[What are you saying, what did you see?]

[[picture][picture] I screenshot it with some effort after replaying it over and over. It’s when Head Fang’s wrist was stabbed, and the camera was shaking. The shoe that appeared on screen… was the exact same as the one Chen YiBai wore on screen two days ago.]

[!!! It really is!! That angle is from behind Head Fang, is he here to save him?!]

[I hope so, don’t let anyone die in this competition! Teacher Chen please save Head Fang. sob sob You’ll be my Adonis from now on!]

[Aren’t you too quick to be happy? Not thinking about whether Chen YiBai and Head Fang are on the same side, did you forget that he just ran away from Mundi’s team for seemingly no reason?]

[I’m not listening to conspiracies! I just know that the only way to save Head Fang is Teacher Chen! Praying!]

After that astounding scene, the number of viewers gradually climbed up to the peak; the number of people online had to be counted by ten millions! The prayers in the comments seemed to really be heard as well, because two seconds after Head Fang’s camera blacked out, another camera was suddenly turned on by someone else.

Everyone stared and saw that it was Teacher Xiao Hao, the only one in Head Fang’s group who had escaped! It was her camera, so she came back?!

While everyone was paying attention, the camera shook slightly, capturing Xiao Hao sobbing while trying to perform an emergency rescue on Head Fang. Xiao Hao taught wartime rescue at school after all and was once a military doctor during the Century War.

When the viewers saw her, everyone felt half their hearts lighten immediately. Xiao Hao’s rescue abilities were demonstrated a few days ago, so everyone knew how good she was. Not to mention some mental controllers have very strong recovery abilities, that as long as the bleeding was stopped, almost all the wounds could heal by themselves. This type of body constitution was not rare in the Alliance, and Head Fang was one of them.

[The wounds are bandaged, so why isn’t Teacher Xiao Hao leaving? Mental controllers’ brain regions become very unstable after receiving serious damage. If Head Fang’s brain region becomes unstable he might directly hurt Teacher Xiao Hao.]

Similar worried comments could be seen everywhere in the comment section. It was true that the stronger the mental controller, the harder it was to control their mental energy after sustaining injuries that reduced their brain region control.

This was also the reason why they had lost so bitterly in the Century War, why they had lost so much of their army. That was because after suffering a serious injury, even if they received medical treatment for their bodies, the soldiers might not have been able to get back their mental energy, some even turning brain dead immediately. There were also those that were controlled by their own brain storm and massacred the people around them in a crazed state without a shred of rationality. Only a miniscule amount could manage to control themselves.

Therefore, when everyone saw Teacher Xiao Hao getting too close to Head Fang, this thought immediately flashed across their minds.

[Teacher Xiao Hao should move away after treating him and wait for support. Head Fang’s mental energy is really strong. I’ve taken his mecha classes before. If his brain turns into a storm…]

[QAQ I think Teacher Xiao Hao won’t leave— She and Head Fang look like they’re lovers; I even saw her bringing Head Fang’s daughter out to play.]

[Even if they’re in a relationship, she should still move away ah. Now that Head Fang is bandaged he must be fine, but she still wants to be beside him…]

Everyone was elaborating their views in the comments, but Xiao Hao in the video feed was unmoved. After she finished bandaging Head Fang with a determined gaze, she pursed her lips and raised the camera, aiming at the two people in a fierce fight about three to four meters away from her.

When the camera was perfectly stable and everyone could have a clear look at the scene, they couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath. In front of Teacher Xiao Hao and Head Fang, Chen YiBai and Lieutenant General Pei were grappling with each other!

At this moment, the viewers finally stopped worrying about Head Fang and remembered the last instant before his camera darkened, the knife buried into his wrist and the shadow that wavered below the camera.

Watching the two grappling at each other, it was obvious that Lieutenant General had a higher killing intent. His constant aggressive moves towards Xiao Hao and Head Fang were all blocked by Chen YiBai.

Everyone stared dumbfounded at the two fighting without a care in the narrow military building.

Lieutenant General Pei was one of the three lieutenant generals participating in the competition and had joined Professor Vanda’s group after his own group had been obliterated by the military elites at the start of the competition. Aside from Mundi, the other two lieutenant generals had joined Professor Vanda’s group.

When everyone saw this scene, the memories of Professor Vanda’s group wiping out Head Fang’s group floated to the surface. In other words, Vanda’s group was not done with severely injuring Head Fang’s group, and was now back to… ‘kill’ everyone?!

… Was this really just a normal Teacher’s Competition? Did this competition have to be so cruel? Or was it for something else?

Horrifying scenes and guesses landed in the viewers’ minds. At the same time, Xiao Hao’s trembling but unusually determined voice sounded in everyone’s ears through the audio recorders.

“Two years ago, I resigned from the military and became one of Aldia’s teachers.”

The camera in her hands was still pointed towards Chen YiBai and Lieutenant General Pei. While the two were still exchanging blows fiercely, she spoke in a strong voice for all the viewers to hear.

“In the second month on the job, Professor Vanda asked me to join a school organization with my ‘excellent performance’.

“In the second week after I had joined the organization, I was sent to a special institution that had recruited students from Aldia, with the main person in charge being Professor Vanda. In the entire process, I was not permitted to know about the organization’s name, any information about the organization, nor the future of the students that were recruited by the organization. All I knew was that after the students entered the institution, they would be undergoing a few years of special training, without being allowed to leave in between. Thus, I had to console the families and use whatever means necessary to avoid them from sparking any discussions.

“The organization takes in a batch of 10 students at most from the academy every month. The third month after I joined the organization, I accidentally found a list of the dead for the month while out during my field work. And on it was the name of a student I had once led to join the institution’s recruitment.”

In Xiao Hao’s camera shot, both Chen YiBai and Lieutenant General Pei had obviously heard her words.

The latter had shown visible killing intent in his eyes, his occasional glances towards Xiao Hao spoke of trying to rip her into pieces.

Chen Bai had clearly heard it as well. But as opposed to Lieutenant General Pei, his back was mostly towards the camera as he was trying to protect Xiao Hao and Head Fang. But even so, the viewers could clearly feel that as Teacher Xiao Hao spoke more and more, Chen YiBai seemed as though a switch had been flipped inside him and his attacks became more and more brutal. While being evenly matched with Lieutenant General Pei before, after that speech from Xiao Hao, it had turned into a complete advantage for him!

Even Xiao Hao couldn’t help her heart from thumping. That was a person with a lieutenant general rank! She had originally planned to accept her death calmly, using even the opportunity her life provided to let Chen YiBai escape, but the latter had given her hope to live.

“On that student’s body, I discovered obvious traces of human experimentation!” Xiao Hao’s emotional state didn’t affect her speech, and she resolutely and ruthlessly continued little by little, “I had tried to file a complaint to the higher ups after that. I wrote complaint letters, reported everything to my superiors and relevant departments, but I received nothing aside from death threats.

“In the second year of my job, the me that had nearly fallen into an all-time low met the current Principal Tan JingShu under Head Fang’s recommendation. Then I knew, before he took the position, Aldia’s management had been almost completely corrupted by this organization! They started contacting Aldia five years ago, and even used the Century War as an excuse to remove the last opposing party that had persistently protected Aldia Academy, which included the Alliance’s well-known Professor Wu HaiMing!

“The corrupted management of Aldia struck an agreement with the organization named Berkeley, transferring students with physical powers matching Berkeley’s standards where they were developed using human experimentations. And, they used many layers of connections to move this year’s competition onto this planet, and their goal! Was to get what once belonged to—“

Xiao Hao’s voice stopped abruptly. Not only that, the camera also suddenly turned black—

Everything seemed to stop in that instant. The last scene the viewers saw was of Lieutenant General Pei suddenly struggling free of Chen YiBai, his eyes brimming with evilness as he recklessly tried to stab Xiao Hao with a knife, as well as Xiao Hao’s unwavering determination in her voice under this situation.

At this moment, whether it was the viewers who had followed this competition since the beginning, or the media who had come after hearing the news, everyone stared at the screen, not daring to blink even as their eyes started to water.

The next second, comments and trending posts immediately flooded the official website as well as all the big forums.

[Shocking!! Aldia in connection with human experimenting organizations? Inhumane experiments? WTF what did I just hear?!]

[No wonder I keep feeling like something’s been off these two days. Then, according to Teacher Xiao Hao’s statement, this Berkeley must be super strong! And that last scene! I hope nothing happens to Teacher Xiao Hao!]

[I feel like something will happen ahhhhhhhh! Chen YiBai is unexpectedly strong, being able to evenly match with a lieutenant general and even gain the upper hand! But even if he saved Teacher Xiao Hao here, he alone might not be able to fight off that many people if Professor Vanda’s members heard and came back down!]

[My older cousin was someone who was suddenly recruited into something by Aldia and never came back… Aldia is the number one military academy! What’s going on!]

[Infinitely curious about what’s with the human experiments, hoping that the officials will give us an explanation soon. The Alliance’s hard-earned peace was traded with the Alliance soldiers’ blood and tears. If we disappointed them, won’t the Alliance higher ups feel that they cannot be at peace?]

[Wait, am I the only one who noticed that Head Fang had never displayed any mental dissociation? I’m curious as to how Teacher Xiao Hao suppressed it, they say it’s guaranteed for a storm to burst when the brain region suffered severe damage.]

[The information’s exploding my head; I can’t even react just now. But Chen YiBai had truly protected Teacher Xiao Hao and Head Fang. QAQ I was wrong to hate on him before, if Teacher Chen could save Teacher Xiao Hao and Head Fang then he would be my Adonis from now on ahhhhh QAQ I’m too scared to watch scenes of people separated by life and death. Teacher Xiao Hao and Head Fang are so good and so strong; please don’t let anything happen to them! Teacher Chen too, please come out in one piece QAQ]


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