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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Kris, Gwyndolyn


Heinz could hardly describe his feelings when he felt Chen Bai fall into his embrace, the man’s body suddenly becoming limp.

After finishing the meeting, Heinz had wanted to personally take his men to search for traces of Dr. Einbergen. But when he had thought of Chen Bai on X-5, he couldn’t help but worry, and his heart had throbbed. After some consideration, he had decided to let Kureya take people to find Dr. Einbergen while he went to search X-5.

On one hand, he thought that after such a long time, Dr. Einbergen might not even be in Alpha Region anymore if Berkeley was serious. On the other hand, he thought that Dr. Einbergen’s kidnapping was largely related to X-5. If he defended X-5, then he would likely have defended Dr. Einbergen.

But he would never have thought that when he arrived and finally found Chen Bai, after some difficulty, he would be facing this scenario.

“They… will send the doctor over,” Chen Bai’s slightly weak voice sounded. Heinz settled his gaze, looking this person up and down to make sure there were no urgent external injuries. Aside from the scratch on his face that had been slashed by someone, fair skin was unexpectedly peeking through along with bloodstains underneath the fallen fake skin.

“You should get someone to check them… on the way here—” –the planets on the way here, especially those that were less inhabited. Berkeley would not move as it pleased. The reason it had kidnapped Dr. Einbergen and had sent people to X-5 now meant that there must already be layers upon layers of affiliation in between. Perhaps it needed to borrow Dr. Einbergen’s abilities to control the flesh piece inside this lab.

That was what Chen Bai wanted to say, but the shattering of his brain region prevented him from controlling his nerves normally. Not only that, just thinking about these things and trying to convey it brought unimaginable pain to his mind.

But he was Chen Bai.

Even with this pain, he only furrowed his brow and tried to steady his words, not showing the agony he felt. The way Chen Bai tried to make himself look fine was just like a sharp dagger, piercing into Heinz’ heart.

“How bad is the brain region damage?” He looked as if he didn’t hear Chen Bai’s straining words of caution and asked coldly while grabbing the latter’s hand that kept pinching himself to stay awake, forcefully straightening it.

Chen Bai furrowed his brow again, as though slightly upset with the tactless questions and put his effort into emphasizing, “I said, Al…”

“Will you live?” Heinz interrupted him, holding onto the hand he had uncurled. When he touched the thin calluses inside, he lifted his head, the abyss-like blue eyes meeting Chen Bai’s gaze, completely piercing. “I won’t ask how this callus on your hand was made, I won’t ask how you could easily take out Professor Vanda and Berkeley’s top special agents, and I won’t even ask about the fake skin on your face. I’ll just ask you one thing.”

When he finished, the severe gaze in his eyes suddenly melted completely, replaced by continuous gentleness, supported by the deep curves around his eyes that one could sink into.

“Will you live?”

… That feeling was like… was like returning to the beginning.

Chen Bai couldn’t help but tremble inside. In that instant, he seemed to become aware of the rich and turbulent waves of emotions from Heinz’ calm attitude.

Before that, he still had a lot of questions.

For example: Berkeley never did things in a hurry, and Ray Ming had looked like he wasn’t prepared well enough. So what had caused them to rush their plans?

Another example: why did Heinz suddenly come to this planet, even to this base coincidentally, and find him?

As well as… the things back then, how much did this guy remember?

But Chen Bai never asked them.

With the shattering of his brain region, keeping a clear head had sapped his energy. He began to feel fortunate that Heinz might not know everything, or maybe he might only remember one or two things. But as long as his feelings weren’t too deep, Chen Bai felt that he himself could perhaps be… a little bit relaxed.

It had been nearly twenty years. Even if his memories with Heinz were his obsession, they had more or less been washed away by time. He felt that being able to live until this day, being able to accomplish this… it should be enough.

There shouldn’t be any unfinished missions.

Chen Bai thought blurrily.

“Chen Bai, I forbid you from fainting.” At this moment, Heinz suddenly reached out and grabbed Chen Bai’s wrist. In the next second, Chen Bai abruptly opened his eyes as if shocked. It wasn’t only because of the sharp pain from his wrist but also from Heinz shouting his real name.

…Chen Bai?

“I keep thinking…” Heinz lowered his head, using his forehead to gently rub against Chen Bai’s, his eyes turning deep and murky, as though he had endured to the extreme. His bloodshot eyes tinged red, he lowered his head to kiss the other’s chapped lips roughly. “I keep thinking about when you’d tell me; when can I tear off this mask on your face.”

Chen Bai’s eyes widened.

“When you had gone to Berkeley, I was also thinking about when you would come to me, even being unable to resist the temptation to come see me when you passed by Venus.” Heinz’ voice turned heavier by the second. He put Chen Bai’s fingers by his own lips and bit vindictively, leaving two deep teeth marks. “You let people seal away my memories, and you never came back.”


“When you came back to me through the Divine Realm, I had thought you would finally borrow my strength. Yet even at this moment… Are you still reluctant to speak words of softness, to speak the truth?” As his tone became fiercer, his eyes turned redder, the dark color making him appear several hints more sinister.

Not only that, his abnormally intense mood clashed with his efforts to calm himself down, creating a huge storm within his mind. It was sharp and vigorous, as though it could break open his brain region and rush out at any time.

He seemed to really hate Chen Bai’s current appearance, wanting to hurt him mercilessly. Heinz used the pain to keep his head clear, then tightly gritted out the words one by one, “I’ll ask you again; how bad is the injury?”

Scared of missing what the other would say due to his weak voice, Heinz leaned in very close to Chen Bai until he could clearly see the astonishment in the latter’s eyes, followed by suspicion then tranquillity.

In this period of time, Heinz felt as if his heart was strung up high. The more he went back, the further he fell.

As expected, Chen Bai didn’t give him a response, not even a half-hearted explanation.

Heinz felt that he couldn’t even tell if the other didn’t want to reply or wasn’t able to make a sound.

He only felt that it was excruciating torment. Tracking Berkeley hadn’t been a coincidence, nor was it a recent occurrence. Many years ago, his father had already discovered the existence of this organization. But because he had found that there were people from the organization within the military’s top ranks, it hadn’t been easy to investigate it. Berkeley had a long reach, and they didn’t know how deep the other had seeped into their ranks.

Thus, his father could only mention it to him vaguely. After that, Heinz had argued repeatedly with his father, until he had moved out of the main residence due to this father-son conflict and had lived alone, investigating Berkeley in secret.

He had originally seen everything as a normal mission.

It wasn’t until he had been following a clue and had found Chen Bai. It was just a glimpse, but he remembered it by heart, as if it had awakened a memory that had been sleeping for years. This face had always, always appeared in his mind over and over.

And after that was the Century War. After his father’s sacrifice, Heinz had no option but to make a complete change, coming out of the shadows to hold up the crumbling military headquarters. But he could never have imagined that when he saw that face again, it would be in Pisaka Area.

When he had reached a dead end, this face appeared in his view again, and he couldn’t get rid of it after that.

The injury at the back of his brain was not left there from the battle with the Gars. Instead, when he had come back from Pisaka Area and Dr. Einbergen had performed surgery on him, they had found a sealed consciousness at the back of his brain. Dr. Einbergen had told him that if he tried to undo it, it might cause permanent and irreversible damage, even affecting his mental energy.

This was a big taboo for all mental controllers, but Heinz couldn’t describe what he had felt at that time. He had felt that after so many years, that face and the sensations that face gave him were all related to this sealed consciousness. Therefore, he had asked Dr. Einbergen to undo it at any cost.

It was after that that a wound had appeared.

He remembered Chen Bai.

Three years ago, the once sealed memories had flowed back into his mind again. Heinz hadn’t believed that Chen Bai would die so easily, thus he had not only investigated Berkeley but had also sent people to investigate Chen Bai’s situation.

After tossing and turning for a long time, he had finally uncovered that the other had tried to tamper with the Divine Realm system.

… Heavens knew how Heinz had felt at that moment.

But he would never have thought that when Chen Bai finally came back to his side, he would still choose to hide from him, not telling him anything and carrying everything by himself.

Seeing that Chen Bai was going to let himself fall asleep, closing his eyes as though he had finished his mission, Heinz felt his chest tighten uncomfortably and sensed that something was trying to break out of his brain region.

He couldn’t accept it. He thought that after Berkeley was gotten rid of, he and Chen Bai could be honest with each other and solve everything together.

But the situation now… he couldn’t accept it.

He didn’t know what to do. It was as if there was only brutality left in his mind; the subconscious mind trying to convey his mood and emotions was exceptionally strong. At that moment, the storm raging in Heinz’ brain region suddenly burst out. For an explosive controller who was not good at controlling their mental energy to have their mental tentacles burst into another’s brain region without restraint, anyone can imagine the damage it’d do.

Normally, he and Chen Bai were evenly matched, and Heinz’ mental tentacles might not even be able to enter, but now… Chen Bai’s brain region was thoroughly shattered. Not just him, even an S-ranked mental controller would be able to enter easily.

Chen Bai grunted. The feeling of his shattered defences being broken through was uncomfortable, yet he clenched his teeth, wanting to endure Heinz’ turbulent mental energy in the last moments of his life— He was not resentful, and he even thought this was what was meant to be. Everything ends when a person dies, so if he could help calm Heinz down before he died, then it was worth it— With these thoughts, he was prepared to endure Heinz’ invasion after losing all sense of reason before the latter’s expression suddenly changed.

The anticipated pain didn’t come. Heinz’ mental energy seemed to turn into spring water, flowing tirelessly inside his brain region.

That gentle mental energy was completely unlike that of an explosive controller’s…

When Chen Bai could finally differentiate this clearly, he felt that the mental energy covering his brain region was like a gentle therapy, making him feel very comfortable.

He suddenly opened his eyes wide. Both his mental energy and his body seemed as if they were roaring with delight, and he subconsciously exerted force with his hand. The next second, he pressed Heinz against the metal hallway wall.

Both men had their bodies pressed close together. Surprised by his sudden movement, Heinz groaned lightly. That gentle feeling was too comfortable, and Chen Bai’s mental energy turned from passive to actively entwining with Heinz’, the intense collision like a violent aphrodisiac.

The two bodies burned hot, and agitated particles floated in the air. Chen Bai held onto Heinz’ shoulders, then suddenly kissed the other’s lips violently. The force behind the kiss was as if he wanted to retaliate the hurt he had been subjected to just before by several fold.

Heinz blanked for a moment, and when he finally regained his wits, he growled lowly. One of his arms went to hug Chen Bai tightly, while the other hand touched his face, and with a swift pull, more than half of the fake skin on Chen Bai’s face was torn off.

Chen Bai seemed startled, the beautiful face under the mask exposed to the air. That pair of warm and watery eyes narrowed slightly, looking at Heinz with a tear-filled gaze that was teased with the pleasure of their mental energies tangled together. The latter’s hand then moved to the back of Chen Bai’s neck.

At this moment, Chen Bai’s consciousness was near blurry. He had invaded another person’s brain region before and had battled with another’s mental energy, but this kind of… mental energy melding was something he had not experienced before.

The places where they connected were warm, and it felt so good that he couldn’t help but groan; even his shattered brain region was slowly starting to piece itself back together.

Feeling Heinz’ mental energy flowing inside his brain region, Chen Bai didn’t feel the repulsion of being invaded, rather… he felt very safe, safe enough that he couldn’t help relaxing even more, letting Heinz do whatever he wanted to him. It was safe enough that he couldn’t stop from accepting the other’s mental energy into somewhere deeper inside him.

That feeling was just too amazing. In the fuzzy gap, Chen Bai felt as if something in his brain region was emitting heat faintly. And aside from him, Heinz’ mental energy seemed to be rushing toward that direction subconsciously as well.

The deeper it went, the clearer it became, like it was a totem. It became brighter as they became closer, as if it was naturally attracted to Chen Bai.

Just when it completely burst into an intense and powerful light, Heinz looked as if he was pulled, suddenly moving forward and lowering his head, biting Chen Bai’s neck fiercely.

The expected pain didn’t come, replaced by an even more intense desire.

The youthful bodies and mental energies clashed together and ignited fierce sparks, as if both wanted to devour the other’s body whole. The air in the hallway seemed to change, and only the sound of skin slapping against skin could be heard in the dim basement, along with the occasional moans and pants.

“I forbid you from leaving me.” Reaching the peak of his release, Heinz lowered his head and bit the bump in Chen Bai’s throat angrily, then licked at it lovingly with his tongue.

Having come three times, Chen Bai was slightly embarrassed and boneless. His crotch was soaking wet after Heinz’ ministrations, and he didn’t feel like looking the other in the eye. But that feeling was too terrifying… it felt as if his whole being instinctively wanted to rely on Heinz, and he couldn’t help but bury himself in the other’s neck, responding softly.



“Hey, doctor, I trust you have been well today.” The person in charge of the base walked towards Dr. Einbergen. This guy with his mouth sticking out and a chin like an ape’s liked to use the words spit from his mouth to mock everyone, “Is that sorrowful face of yours trying to show loyalty to your country in advance? Wow, your thoughts are really…”

The sharp words floating past his ears, Dr. Einbergen lowered his head, his shaggy and messy hair conveniently covering half of his face. A brief glance from his eyes landed on the silhouette flitting outside the transparent glass of the lab he was locked in.

It was that young man… the one who was suddenly sent here as a guard. He had a lukewarm attitude before, but then he had suddenly given him a small chip just before.

Einbergen secretly checked the chip after putting it back into his wristwatch. It was a rescue signal that Kureya had given him.

What was that young man called… Alan… How Kureya had gotten in contact with someone like him, Einbergen didn’t know, however…

Einbergen looked at the machines around him and settled into deep thought.

When he had been locked up here by those people, he had heard them say that this was a place Ramon had once worked in.


When Einbergen’s thoughts reached here, he sent a message to Kureya’s chip. By the time the next person came to him for a routine checkup, this chip had already been completely destroyed.

“Says he wants to reach the goal,” Mani’s voice traveled to Kureya.

“Reach the goal?” Kureya paused.

Not long after she was sent by Heinz to track down Dr. Einbergen, Heinz had asked her to contact someone: the teen she was currently conversing with. Not only did the teen give her Einbergen’s location, he even gave her a way to contact Dr. Einbergen.

Everything had gone scarily smooth. If the information hadn’t been provided by Heinz, Kureya might have suspected something fishy going on.

But she wouldn’t have thought…

The ending of such a smooth plan; was Dr. Einbergen rejecting their rescue?

“Mn, their goal must be the current X-5. Ramon’s base is there, which was once in the Alliance. He probably wants to go there.”

Kureya’s face turned black. “But he could go to that base any time after Berkeley was destroyed. Why choose now…”

And Marshal had already brought people to X-5; what if Berkeley’s people changed their plans halfway through?

Kureya thought as she burned with anxiety.

It was useless, no matter how impatient she was. If the doctor chose not to leave, then everything she did would be unnecessary. She could only wait.

On the other side, Mani had also sent a message through a secret channel to some abandoned planet’s underground laboratories.

Leaning in a dim hallway, Alan took a look at it before deleting the message with nimble hands. He took a deep breath while reclining against the corner of the wall, closed his eyes and looked through the map of this place in his mind. Then, he sent a message to Black Shark, who was still at the headquarters.

The newly opened eyes were unburdened with the fatigue of the past and carried hints of starlight within.


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