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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Kris, Gwyndolyn

WARNING: Don’t eat while reading this chapter! 🙂 


Vanda fell down harshly on the cold metal floor, pain wracking his entire body. But adding up all of that was no more surprising than what had happened just a few seconds earlier.

Because in that instant, when he had chosen to carefully follow behind Ray Ming, Vanda had suddenly felt a silhouette flit behind them. When he had finally sensed it, the other had already hand-chopped the back of the necks of the remaining two people behind him at lightning speed.

In that split second, Vanda’s eyes widened. He thought it was Ray Ming at first, but when he had a clear view of the face that came out of the darkness, he was surprised to find that his judgement was wrong.

That was Chen YiBai!

Vanda would never have imagined that it was Chen YiBai… How could it be him? How was it possibly him?!

Of course, Vanda remembered him, and he had heard the public opinion as well, but he had never dwelled on it. When they were having their mental energy checkups and groupings, they had also met each other face-to-face, and again when he had invited the other to join his group after seeing how that elite was taken out.

But at that time, he understood fully that Mundi would not stand on the same side as him. Vanda only wanted to not let him have too much fighting power, reduce his morale, and maybe recruit someone with decent ability, but he had never expected that Chen YiBai was so powerful.

Just in these few seconds, Chen YiBai putting down two mental controllers and getting close without him even sensing it displayed how powerful his mental energy was. When Vanda had first watched the video of him and the elite, he only thought that the other’s mental energy was decent, but he could never have thought that the other was so powerful to this extent.

When he finally realized it, all his group members had lost consciousness. This couldn’t be done just by concealing himself… It could only be done by creeping into the brain region and covering up their senses.

An undetectable fierce attack… Heinz’ matched partner…

If he knew, if he had known earlier, he would have—

Vanda’s eyes showed hints of regret. In the next second, his vision turned black, and he fainted.


Since the moment Ray Ming had asked him to join in this urgent mission, Black kept thinking about Chen Bai.

Ray Ming couldn’t read his brain region without putting in any effort, but if his emotions fluctuated too much, the latter would still sense it.

Thus, Black only dared to think occasionally about how when he had met with Chen Bai he was given the method for Black Shark to contact Mani. Theoretically, with Mani’s abilities, he would understand their intentions.

President Ruble and Dr. Einbergen’s kidnappings were within his predictions. That was why he had thought of plans to contact Alan and the others to save Dr. Einbergen from within.

To Berkeley, Einbergen was their top priority. They could only gain the possibility of confusing Berkeley if they took away President Ruble, therefore he sent news to inform Mani to wait for two more days.

But he never thought that just after he had sent the news, Ray Ming would rush to start their next steps. His first response at that moment was to think of Chen Bai.

To Berkeley, being measured and thorough, with everything planned within expectations, was its style of operation for decades, and Black was used to it from long ago. It was the first time that they had ever been in such a rush, so Black had some faint premonition that he would meet Chen Bai this time.

The instant he sensed someone falling down, he couldn’t help but lift his gaze.

Yet when he saw the people in front him taken down one by one, Black suddenly felt his vision turn dark, and he lost consciousness as well in the next second, falling to the ground.

“So daring,” Ray Ming said while gritting his teeth and standing at the same spot, his back to the metal wall.

He watched as the men he brought fell one by one, with no one spared. At the divide between light and darkness, Chen Bai’s face was revealed faintly.

— That fake face.

Ray Ming’s eyes scanned his surroundings, his expression turning ugly, “When they had said you died at that time, I didn’t believe it.”

He talked and at the same time couldn’t help but put his hand behind his back, slowly reaching towards a photon gun.

Though this face was different from the one in his memories, Ray Ming’s judgement on mental energies would never be wrong. This kind of attack… only Chen Bai could do it.

Originally, in Berkeley, most of the teams have 5-10 people, in which among them 3-4 people would assume the position of offense. Only Chen Bai’s team had 5 people, with him alone as their offense.

This wasn’t due to Berkeley not giving them enough allocations. Just the opposite, it was because his abilities were strong enough. Whether it was detection or anti-detection, or even attacks, Chen Bai was ranked at the top.

This guy’s level of proficiency for mental energy manipulation was near-perfect. Not even half a month after joining Berkeley, he had already attracted the attention of Professor Ramon, who had always liked to praise him in front of that big shot. Pity that not half a month after that, Professor Ramon had passed away due to a disease. These two people had only known each other for such a short time, and yet Professor Ramon had expressed great interest in Chen Bai.

Because of that, after Professor Ramon died, that big shot gave all of Berkeley’s best training resources to Chen Bai.

At that time, he was only seventeen years old. He was extremely intelligent and knew how to use his advantages. He had trained for twenty years to perfect this skill, where he could radiate his mental energy in an instant, blocking the brain regions of people in an entire area so that they couldn’t sense his presence.

Adding on his experience of licking blood1 as he went for all these years, he was not someone Ray Ming’s subordinates could handle. So, he wasn’t surprised with this result.

He had always been Berkeley’s best special agent. This had never changed.

Even Black, who had followed him for so many years, couldn’t keep up with his attacks…

His thoughts ending here, a thin layer of sweat beaded on Ray Ming’s forehead, and his hand clasping the grip of his gun.

“You didn’t press on.” Ray Ming’s actions hadn’t escaped Chen Bai’s notice. He glanced at the moving hand, then smiled, “I should thank you.”

After his voice cut off, his leg suddenly pushed forward, and his whole body sprang out. A hand-chop flew towards Ray Ming’s neck. His speed was too fast, and even if Ray Ming was careful enough, he still couldn’t keep up. In this dire situation, he only had enough time to take a step back, yet Ray Ming’s throat was still sliced shallowly. While the burning pain rushed through him, one of his hands took out the photon gun.

The barrel of the gun was aimed perfectly at Chen Bai’s head, yet without waiting for the safety to be pulled, the latter bent his body, one hand grabbing onto the wrist holding the gun. With a spin in the air, the direction of the barrel turned 360 degrees in an instant. Ray Ming stared intently at the back of Chen Bai’s head, and as his other hand reached out to attack said place, Chen Bai suddenly turned his head.

Before anyone knew it, the mental energy that Chen Bai had condensed was sharpened like a dagger and firmly pierced into his brain region.

Ray Ming’s brain region defence was always decent. This time, it was not completely pierced by Chen Bai. But even so, it had caused some damage, and the surging pain and ringing in his ears made Ray Ming almost unsteady on his feet.

The hand holding the gun wavered in the air, the sharp metal tip of the photon gun sliced through Chen Bai’s cheek, peeling off a patch of fake skin.

Chen Bai felt the blood flowing from the wound and narrowed his eyes.

In the hair’s breadth between life and death, when Chen Bai was about to snatch his gun away, Ray Ming seemed as if he was shocked awake by the fake skin. He exerted some force on the hand holding the gun, escaped Chen Bai’s control and turned instantly in front of Chen Bai.

Thinking that the barrel was about to aim at him again, Chen Bai was readying to counterattack before he saw that the barrel was pointed in another direction–

That metal ball!

Chen Bai’s eyes widened.

That metal ball had been put here by Ramon twenty or so years ago. With the rapid progress of the Alliance and the formidable power of the newest photon gun, that metal ball would never be able to withstand it—

-Bang!- A loud noise sounded.

An enormous mental energy wave surged forward, pushing Chen Bai backwards from subconsciously rushing forwards to close the door. Ray Ming, his brain region already weakened by Chen Bai, even collapsed at the first blow.

The instant he was surrounded by the mental energy, Chen Bai saw clearly the thing inside that metal object in front of him. He suddenly shivered, a cold feeling surging up violently within his body.

Three years before the Century War, he had once accidentally stumbled into Berkeley’s general headquarters’ underground secret laboratory.

Inside, he had seen a small piece of flesh similar to this, but the volume had been obviously much smaller.

It had been covered with a lot of thin cracks. Those hadn’t been injuries from being cut, rather traces of smaller pieces of flesh being assembled together.

He had heard that this was the product of cutting off the source of mental energy in a person’s brain region, and then assembling it into a small piece of flesh, one of Berkeley’s inventions. Chen Bai had never heard of human brain harvesting, and what had stunned him more was that the requirements for harvesting the flesh included extraction by prying open the human skull for the brain.

It was then that Chen Bai had felt utterly disgusted by Berkeley and had made up his mind to leave. He could hardly imagine… In those flesh pieces, just how many people’s brain regions were there… how many of them had been captured alive and then had a piece of their brains extracted from their pried open skulls.

Before, he hadn’t known what Berkeley was trying to find and could only guess that something was making them hurry. But after he had felt this mental energy, he figured that he probably had the answer already.

What if Professor Ramon had made this brain piece much earlier, but it was not known by Berkeley? What if Berkeley delayed its plans just for this brain piece Professor Ramon had researched on? Then that was enough reason for them to increase their pace when they found out that there was one ready-made.

And this fierce and malicious power… no wonder Berkeley wanted it.

If their machines and experimentees were enough to control this brain piece, then they wouldn’t even need to worry about Heinz’ personal army of a hundred thousand soldiers.

His thoughts coming here, Chen Bai couldn’t help but close his eyes. His mental energy was incessantly forming a defense under this mighty pressure, layers upon layers wrapping around his brain region. Yet even so, his brain region had received enough shock to crack.

When throbbing pain and ringing in his ears assaulted him, Chen Bai suddenly felt an incomparable fatigue.

He knew these were the early signs of his brain region about to break down. After he lost sense of rationality, he would start attacking indiscriminately. He didn’t want that; he still had a lot of things he hadn’t finished. He still had… had…

When Chen Bai’s brain region couldn’t handle another blow and was about to collapse completely, he suddenly felt another energy come close. No faster said than done, Chen Bai suddenly opened both eyes, and in the next second, his mental energy withdrew from his brain region wildly and went to envelop the mind of the person who had rushed over.

Without the protection of his mental energy, his brain region cracked with a sound. A larger pain came rolling in, and Chen Bai couldn’t help but let out a pained howl.

In that instant, that person seemed to pause. The next second, he rushed up to press the mechanism in front of the metal ball, and the door closed with a sound.

When the mighty pressure dissipated, Chen Bai’s tottering body was caught by Heinz in one arm.

Staring at the door until he was sure it was closed, Chen Bai’s body finally loosened.

It was fine. It was not too late.

And the rest… Heinz could probably finish it.

He knew his own body. After his brain region broke down many years ago, there was an injury in his brain region that couldn’t be healed. He had spent a lot of effort patching it up, but even so, his brain region was still riddled with holes, similar to the mark in Heinz’ brain region that was left by the Gars but bigger.

It could be patched up the first time because he had been rescued in time. Berkeley had been very willing to spend a lot of resources and human effort on him, and adding onto Berkeley’s experience in research, he had been saved with some difficulty.

But this time… it was not possible for Berkeley to save him, and the Alliance didn’t have the capability to restore a second brain region trauma.

But it was fine.

If this metal ball was controlled by Heinz, then he should be able to deal with it properly.

As for the others, he and Heinz had always had a shallow bond.

Chen Bai thought.

Editor’s Reminder:
[1] Licking blood off of blades: something evildoers/sadists do ((I love picturing CB as a sadist hehe…))

Gwyn wants to add: That was pretty gross, but CEO Heinz is back with our Spicy Chen Bai.


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