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Chapter Eleven: Level Ten Qi Condensation

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Addis

Deep under the heart and core of the Chu Clan, under their ancestral family estate, the meditating Chu WuJuan opened his eyes.

The talisman in his hand notified him of its origins. “Xiaodi?” He could barely suppress the joy in his voice at the thought that Chu WuQing would initiate contact with him. After opening the talisman and listening to the message, his joy became tainted with countless complicated and conflicting emotions. “Xiaodi has taken a follower, a mortal who has never cultivated before.”

“It’s only a mortal, nothing to worry about.” Chu WuJuan’s expression didn’t change, however, a cold glint appeared in his eyes. “Even so, the thought that someone can stay by Xiaodi’s side for three whole years, see Xiaodi at any time, hear his voice, it hurts. Perhaps, he would even be able to touch Xiaodi’s personal affects…”

Chu WuJuan placed a hand gently against his heart, the coldness in his eyes growing. “Somehow, I have a feeling something will happen with that person around.” Yet this mortal was an insignificant bug incapable of whipping up any winds.

Chu WuJuan came out of his meditation stance and got up. As he did, the ink lotus pedestal under him disappeared as well.

Ten steps away, enshrouded in divine lotuses, lay a man, his black hair falling around him, scattered, covering most of his face. However, one could still see the handsome visage beneath his hair, the corner of his lips slightly upturned, as free and unburdened as an immortal, as wild and prideful as a demon. There was no aura or presence of a cultivation coming from him at all, or any spiritual pressure, yet just by lying there, it was enough to bring all life to their knees.

In these three days, this man had never woken up even once and the one to guide Chu WuJuan was merely an imprint of his divine consciousness he had left before he had gone into secluded cultivation. Yet just that imprint would be enough to kill a Soul Transformation stage cultivator.

The man was the Patriarch of the Chu Clan, the only Late Void Comprehension stage cultivator in all of the AnYang Realm.

“Shizun, this disciple needs to leave for a while.” After saying this, Chu WuJuan turned and left the hidden underground room through the transportation circle without any hesitation.

From beginning to end, the man’s expression didn’t change in the slightest nor did he move. It was only until Chu WuJuan had arrived at Chu WuQing’s place that a shadow escaped the man’s form and laughed. “Interesting.”

Chu WuJuan scanned Gu Yu with his divine sense, the wariness in his heart growing. When Gu Yu moved to greet him, he cut the other short. “No need.”

His tone was soft and emotionless, but even not using spiritual energy, it would be like the voice of thunder to a mortal.

Seeing Gu Yu unfazed, he sat, inscrutable. The young master’s demeanor was elegant and lofty, like the snow-covered mountain peaks, never even caring to look down at the bugs that swarmed below him. “You only have one chance. If you manage to achieve Qi Condensation before tomorrow, you can become Xiaodi’s follower. If not, there are countless people willing to replace you, and you’ll be sent back to where you came from.” He paused for a moment, something distinctly mortal and human finally creeping into his tone. “You can treat the Chu Clan as no more than a flight of fantasy.”

At this point, Chu WuQing had already arrived outside of Chu HuanZhi’s abode, the home of all past, present and future Clan Heads, Trinity Palace.

Chu WuQing had barely stepped onto the white jade bridge outside the palace that peaked above the clouds when a gale swept out from inside the palace, enveloping him and bringing him in front of Chu HuanZhi, past all the barriers and protections. When he landed, the gale dispersed a little too fast, causing Chu WuQing to stumble, practically lunging into Chu HuanZhi’s arms. This was so ill mannered of him! He struggled to get up but was trapped there by a strong arm. 

“Daddy?” He raised his head in surprise, seeing his dishevelled figure reflected in Chu HuanZhi’s eyes.

Due to the gale, his originally neatly tied hair had come loose and scattered, some strands against his forehead. His earlier struggling had also caused his originally neatly closed outer robe to fall open somewhat, allowing his silver hair to rest inside his inner robe.

“QingQing, don’t move,” Chu HuanZhi sighed, evident adoration in his voice, along with a hint of parental worry and sorrow. “Let dad hug you for a while, like when you were younger. There’s no need for so many courtesies between us.”

Let dad hug you.

This simple phrase landed in Chu WuQing’s heart and stirred up an infinite well of emotions. His past life flashed through his mind, mixing with the present. In his mind, the memory of his father self-destructing resurfaced and the Zhenjun in front of him seemed like a figment of his imagination. It made him throw away all the courtesies and etiquette he clung to, wanting to be a mortal child and enjoy this companionship and love.

Tears glinted in the corner of the young man’s eyes, washing away the prideful and cold aura he usually held. He was like a young beast, begging for a protector, yet at the same time, there was something inexplicably sensual about him, as if the drunken allure of spring lived within his dark eyes.

Just one glance could entrance someone, trap them within, make them wonder what the beautiful scene of when he actually started crying would be like.

Chu HuanZhi’s gaze slowly slid from Chu WuQing’s face to that slender, pale neck. Due to Chu WuQing burying his face in Chu HuanZhi’s embrace, his hair had slipped down, his collar exposing the delicate bump and curves of his throat, rising and falling with its owner’s every breath and practically begging to be bitten and tasted.

Chu HuanZhi’s arm that was holding Chu WuQing’s body in place tightened. He could barely control the desire inside him. He wanted to grasp that shapely waist and feel the warm flesh under these robes. What was under there would be more perfect than warm jade.

Currently, that pair of hands belonging to the Murderous Sword, the Soul Transformation stage Zhenjun that held the power over death, began to tremble like a mortal’s as it stopped an inch away from the young man’s waist. It was like he was trying his best to not let his desires control him.

In the end, his slender fingers still landed on Chu WuQing’s waist, silently stroking back and forth. With this movement, the young man’s collar was pulled down even further, slowly revealing his thin inner robes. The snowy white flesh under could just be seen along with those fragile collarbones.

Chu HuanZhi’s breath stuttered. In that pair of eyes, usually bright, as if it could see through all, all that was left was a deep darkness. It was like a black hole created by a dead star, wanting to devour what was captured in that gaze.

“QingQing.” Chu HuanZhi’s voice sounded apathetic, but the feeling of this nickname resting on his tongue and between his teeth was heavy, arousing a whirlwind of emotions.

Chu WuQing didn’t respond, rubbing his head and face against the man’s sturdy chest like he used to do as a kid, leaving behind wrinkles all over Chu HuanZhi’s divine robes. He could feel the soft friction, tickling his heart.

It was like those divine robes with the power to take a Void Comprehension stage cultivator’s all out attack had been melted by the young man’s actions as his frozen heart had, allowing him to feel the soft skin of the young man’s cheeks…

“QingQing, don’t be like that now, raise your head.” A hint of warmth appeared in Chu HuanZhi’s ice cold voice. He smiled as he continued, “Apart from the artefact promised, dad has also managed to obtain a Thousand Year Frozen Chalcedony.”

It was Chu HuanZhi who wanted to hug him like when he was younger, thus bringing about all these emotions. He had followed his heart and acted in a way that should’ve satisfied Chu HuanZhi’s parental desires. Yet Chu HuanZhi wasn’t appreciative of it, and instead told him to stop. Chu WuQing had always been somewhat spoiled and prideful, especially in front of Chu HuanZhi. He wouldn’t bother to hide any of it.

It was because he knew that this man would spoil him, care for him, always be there and support all his stubborn decisions. He was like the great tree trunks, like the mountains, like the world, sheltering him from the wind and rain, giving him everything he wanted.

This fatherly love was unconditional.

Even after being reborn, Chu WuQing couldn’t change his spoiled behavior when with Chu HuanZhi because it was etched into his flesh and bones.

“Dad!” Chu WuQing raised his head as told and shot his father an unhappy glare.

The wetness at the corner of his eyes had yet to disperse, and his usual cold arrogance was tarnished by his tearful look, stunning, tempting, sensual.

Chu HuanZhi’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and the fingers that rested lightly against Chu WuQing’s waist clenched down. With a wave of his other hand, a spring of spiritual water appeared in the palace hall they were in.

Chu HuanZhi poured the Chalcedony into the springs as he spoke, “With this Chalcedony in spiritual water, it can aid you in breaking through, allowing you to reach the Tenth Level of Qi Condensation stage with no other adverse side effects. Going after the opportunity being fought for this time will be dangerous. Prodigies from all over will attend, and there will be many Foundation Establishment stage cultivators amongst them. Even with all the protections you have, your Level Eight Qi Condensation stage cultivation base is still too weak. I can’t help but worry.”

With that, the Chalcedony had already dissolved into the spiritual water, and white fog rose from the surface of the springs. Just the steam from the springs had Chu WuQing feeling energized. The spiritual energy in his core began to circulate on its own, though it was very slow.

In the next moment, Chu HuanZhi placed Chu WuQing into the springs. The spring water enveloped him, going above his head. Spiritual energy pressed against him from all sides, and he almost forgot to breathe in his panic.

“Close your eyes, meditate.” Chu HuanZhi’s voice came from above, solemn and cold yet immediately steadying Chu WuQing.

Chu WuQing quickly closed his eyes and began to meditate. Then, he felt Chu HuanZhi’s fingers on his head, a strange energy flowing into him from the other’s fingers, circulating around his body and easily calming the rampant spiritual energy, guiding it into his core.

The young man’s clothes were soaked through, sticking tightly to his body and accentuating the shape of his waist. The inner robes that had been exposed from the struggling before were also soaked, becoming translucent enough to see the skin below.

The ice-cold water kept hitting the young man’s body, causing those two soft nubs on his chest to harden, the slight bump clearly visible against the tightly sticking robes with a hint of delectable red.

Chu HuanZhi’s voice grew even more serious, lofty and utterly emotionless like it was coming from the heavens. “Now, I shall help you open up your meridians. It will be painful.”

As Chu HuanZhi spoke, the spiritual pressure inside the spring increased exponentially. The frozen energy within surged into Chu WuQing’s body, almost full to bursting. The pain caused a blush to settle over his skin.

Chu HuanZhi’s fingers gently probed Chu WuQing’s body several times, going from head to toe. Spiritual energy flowed out, dispersing into Chu WuQing’s body as countless specks of light and gently enveloping his meridians, preventing them from bursting.

However, under this double pressure, the pain intensified, like his body had been shattered and reformed. Sweat beaded on Chu WuQing’s forehead, but he gritted his teeth, refusing to cry out in pain.

Condensation from the steam hung from his lashes, like tears.

The darkness in Chu HuanZhi’s eyes was washed away by heartache and concern, practically unable to reign in the urge to take Chu WuQing into his arms again and lick away the tears on his lashes, carefully comforting him. However, he couldn’t stop once this had started. Cultivation was a hard path to walk; this pain was nothing in comparison to the dangers.

A baby eagle has to face the steep drop of a cliff if the parent wanted it to fly high.

And with him making sure the worst didn’t happen, Chu WuQing was bound to break through the clouds. Even though the path would be filled with turmoil, he definitely wouldn’t have any need to worry for his life.

“QingQing, if it hurts, you can cry.” Chu HuanZhi’s voice suddenly grew gentle, warm, his fingers stroking over the curve of the young man’s cute, round earlobe and his pale neck. A warm energy exuded from his palm, heading down into Chu WuQing’s core. “Don’t be afraid. It’s fine to cry in front of daddy.”

Suddenly met with this gentle warmth, the young man’s cold body shuddered softly, his chest heaving though his lips were tightly pressed together, not letting any sounds of pain through.

Chu HuanZhi lowered his voice, the strong baritone of his voice tinted with an inexplicable allure. “Daddy wants to hear it, why don’t you cry out for daddy, hm?”

These were the words of a Zhenjun that Chu WuQing heard, words tainted with supernatural force, a slither of the laws and orders that governed and controlled the world. They landed in Chu WuQing’s mind, and he opened his eyes like he had been bewitched, misty and shining with beautiful tears.

“Daddy, it hurts.”

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