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Chapter Sixteen: Whoever offends my XianLing Sect will be punished

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Addis

Some things were just like this. It was pleasurable if you were the one doing it. If others did it, they would criticize it, and feel that it was something against reason and nature.

Only when his words were just uttered, Chu You’s aura beared down on him. The distance between Foundation Establishment and Golden Core was overwhelming. In an instant, the cultivator’s face became pale.  

“Yes, I am the root of all sin. What can you do to me?” Chu WuQing had the view of always feeling refreshed upon seeing how unhappy others were about being subservient to the Chu Clan, so he became even more arrogant.  

However, his pleased appearance from fully acknowledging it made the Foundation Establishment cultivators feel even more depressed. Originally, they hoped that others would be ashamed or fly into a rage out of humiliation after being criticised. Yet the one being criticized was totally indifferent. It was just like heavily punching air.

“I just like how you don’t like me, but can’t do anything to get rid of me and can only suffocate yourself to death.” When Chu WuQing finished speaking to all the Chu Clan members, he immediately decided to stop harassing them and gave a signal to Chu You.

The Late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator’s pale expression immediately became ashen. He actually had a grievance that was unable to be voiced.

Chu You followed the instructions of Chu WuQing, said to the four Golden Core Elders, “When my master and I passed by this place, we happened to feel the chance to form a core. Therefore, we decided to form a core here, and at the same time we were also really hoping to find a sect to join.”

Chu You’s words were ambiguous, but the information he revealed surprised the four elders who were about to form their Cores. One must know that every cultivator would find an absolutely safe place to cultivate in seclusion when forming a Core. How could they expose themselves?

Moreover, it was unheard of to take a Golden Core cultivator as a servant. Was the master of this Path actually a full-fledged Golden Core cultivator?!

Therefore, he was able to form his core whenever and wherever and ensure that his surroundings were well protected. Only a full-fledged Golden Core cultivator may take a Golden Core cultivator as their servant.

Although this was only an extremely unreliable guess, this possibility was enough to make the four Golden Core cultivators fear. This was because Golden Core Greater Path cultivators were the absolute strong powerhouses among all Golden Cores, and they were existances that could not be offended. If the other party had a Peak Golden Core cultivator, killing the four was really easier than killing chickens.

None dared to gamble on this.

As Chu You finished speaking, Chu WuQing kept Gu You in the Linglong Pagoda and walked out of the crowd.

In the face of the four almighty Golden Core cultivators, even if he was only a Level Eight Qi Condensation cultivator, he did not show the slightest fear and uneasiness. His actions and expressions were extremely natural. Such demeanor was never seen nor heard of by the four Golden Core cultivators.

It seemed as if just looking at him, one could feel shortness of breath and create a sense of inferiority.

This kind of presence could only be from Peak Golden Core cultivators that have harmonized with their Path. One would naturally be able to feel the spiritual energy of heaven and earth converging on them. Although what he revealed was only a cultivation that was Level Eight Qi Condensation.

“Daoist Friend, please.” A Golden Core Elder took the lead and spoke. It was easy to know whether he was truly at Qi Condensation by seeing if he could control flying magic artifacts. If a Foundation Establishment cultivator was disguised as a Qi Condensation cultivator, it could never be concealed from a Golden Core cultivator.

The four elders also knew that it was not easy to invite a Golden Core cultivator. The other party would naturally consider it carefully, but even if they could not be roped together to join their sect, it was good enough to be able to leave with friendly relations with each other.

With a soft flick of his sleeve, clouds gathered beneath Chu WuQing’s feet. In an instant, it turned into a small jade white boat and lifted him up into the sky. Chu You guarded Chu WuQing’s surroundings. What was beneath his feet was not a magic item, but a ball of hellfire.

When these hellfires rose into the air, it was almost the same as the Void Steps that a Nascent Soul cultivator was able to do. Such different tunes played with equal skill immediately shocked the four Golden Core Elders. They promptly became more modest and led Chu WuQing and Chu You to fly over.

Most of the eyes of the remaining Chu Clan disciples were about to spew flames. There were no more than five core disciples in each of the top ten sects of the lower realm and were raised by the sect since they were young. It was too difficult to become a core disciple, but Chu WuQing had managed to grab a hold of such a decisive opportunity!

Along the way, the four Golden Core Elders spoke about their sect’s situation and offered the best conditions, but they were all declined. Although they were rejected and felt that it was extremely regretful, the four Golden Core Elders also knew that they were not able to compete with the top three sects when compared to them.

In his last life, Chu WuQing naturally entered the top three sects. Relying on his aptitude of his Heavenly Water Spiritual Roots that enabled him to show disdain for the lower realm and his entourage of Golden Core attendants, he finally got the position of a core disciple.

However, the male lead was in the XianLing Sect that was the last of the top ten sects. However, the XianLing Sect happened to be on the same ley line as the QingLing Sect that was the top sect in the small world. It was just that one was located in an area with the densest spiritual energy while the other was at the tail of the ley line.

But who could have thought that after the Immortal Abode in the lower realm sent out the eighteen sect entry tokens to the outside world, the Immortal Abode, which refused to reveal its specific location, was located in where the core disciples dwelled in the XianLing Sect. This allowed the male lead to seize the decisive opportunity. The name of the XianLing Sect was indeed not baseless.

In this life, whether it was for revenge on the male lead or for the decisive opportunity of the legendary Immortal Abode, he will definitely become a disciple of the XianLing Sect.

Chu WuQing stood on the cloud boat as he recalled the plot. Now the male lead probably had yet to ascend the mountain, while the XianLing Sect was facing a crisis.

Though the XianLing Sect may be said to be the last of the top ten sects, it didn’t even have an Early-stage Golden Core cultivator and this caused a mismatch for its status as one of the top ten sects. Many sects that once looked up to the XianLing Sect were now eyeing it covetously.

One of those sects had repeatedly proposed to unite their sect with the XianLing Sect through marriage and wanted to propose a marriage with the daughter of the previous Golden Core Patriarch. Though they were just saying that it was a union through marriage, the real aim was to use this as a pretext to meddle in the matters of the XianLing Sect and facilitate the swallowing of the sect in one go while possessing Su BeiCi who was famous for her beauty.

Su BeiCi was the first female lead of 《One Blade to Seal the Gods》. The male lead fell in love with her at first sight after ascending the mountain.

Later, the male lead rose to the Outer Sect at an astronomical speed, which attracted the attention of Su BeiCi. They promised to be life-long companions and the male leader swore to treasure Su BeiCi forever and never part even in death. He then won first place in the Grand Sect Tournament three years later, and defended XianLing Sect’s status as one of the top sects. The two then officially became Dao Companions.

“To treasure forever and never part even in death,” Chu WuQing sneered. “Lin Yi really didn’t violate his oath in his life. He just didn’t treasure one single woman but never parted in death with a group of women. In my last life, you snatched my fiancée, ruined my reputation, and caused me to lose my true love. In this life, I want you to experience the taste of your beloved woman being snatched.” 

Chu WuQing naturally knew the location of the male lead who had yet to ascend the mountain, but he still decided to go to the XianLing Sect first to settle everything so that he could take the initiative.

The most important thing was… He was really looking forward to the male lead’s expression when he discovered that Chu WuQing was the one Su BeiCi loved after Lin Yi fell in love with Su BeiCi at first sight.

Just thinking of such a scene gave Chu WuQing endless joy.

In his last life, Su BeiCi was a person who was extremely faithful in her relationship. She aspired to have a monogamous relationship with her husband for a lifetime. Later, she was deeply hurt by Lin Yi’s emotional betrayal, yet she could not leave due to her deep love for him. The author’s charm point for Su BeiCi was to be deeply in love, have an inclination to be jealous, and be a tragic harem member, so as to satisfy some readers who enjoyed having a big beauty fighting for a man’s favor and being jealous of love rivals.

But this doomed Su BeiCi to a painful life. What she was cultivating was supposed to be an Upper Intermediate Path called the Path of Cleaving Emotions, that had the possibility of evolving into a Greater Path. In the end, she formed a Minor Path Golden Core for the sake of the male leadup with a path of golden elixir for the male leader.

When Chu WuQing arrived at the mountain, he could see that there was a mass of people surrounding the front of the XianLing Sect’s gate.

After a scan of the area with his Divine Sense, Chu You said to Chu WuQing, “The ones besieging the gate of the XianLing Sect are the people from the TaYue Sect. It seems that he is seeking a marriage alliance with a female cultivator called Su BeiCi on behalf of his young master. Though they’re saying that they are seeking a marriage alliance, it’s no difference from forcing their way through the gates. The TaYue Sect had dispatched an Early-Stage Golden Core cultivator.”

At this time, deep behind the main gate, in the interior of the XianLing Sect, three white haired Foundation Establishment Elders were seated around a woman in white, their eyes full of worry.

This woman’s temperament was extremely cold, but her face is exceptionally beautiful. Her  brows and eyes were full of heroic spirit, which increased her charm. But at this time, there was a hint of agony gathered at the space between her brows as she touched the jade pendant on her waist, “This Wang ZhuoYang is going too far in bullying others! Shishus, how can I burden the whole clan because of myself? He usually only likes women, and there are countless concubines in his manor. If I resume my identity as a man, he would naturally give up and transfer his anger to me, and he wouldn’t be able to find any pretexts to aim at the clan…”

The voice which spoke was full of a magnetic masculinity, revealing the youth’s true gender.

But the two Foundation Establishment Elders rushed to speak after hearing the ‘woman’s’ words, “A-Ci, you can’t. You know that this so-called marriage alliance is just a pretext. You may be able to delay it for a while, but are you able to delay it for a lifetime? Did you forget the fortune that the Patriarch calculated for you before he died? There is a deadly calamity in your cultivation path. Only when you walk in the world as a woman before you form your Golden Core can it be resolved. You would be leisurely and carefree after you reach the Golden Core stage. At that time, the TaYue Sect will just be a trifling thing that you can eliminate in passing. was just a small Xiao that could be destroyed at will. Only when you are in the sect will we have hope. Without you, the sect would die out sooner or later.”

As soon as the Foundation Establishment Elder’s finished speaking, his expression changed dramatically.

There was a crack in the jade slip he had been holding, which signified that the greater array that protected the sect could not hold on any longer!

Su BeiCi’s hand resolutely tugged above the mysterious black jade pendant at his waist. With an icy expression, he said “I have decided.”

No! In a moment of desperation, the other Foundation Establishment Elder threw himself onto Su BeiCi without care for his dignity and firmly restrained him, preventing him from taking off the magic item jade pendant that concealed his gender, “Su BeiCi! The TaYue Sect may be able to break through the main gate, but they definitely will not be able to break through the Inner Greater Array. As long as we are still in the top ten sects, the other nine sects would have to speak out if they dared to break into the Main Peak, it was just that, the lives of the disciples of the outer clan would be….”

To look on helplessly as the disciples were being insulted and humiliated by others; the sect being unable to voice out to protect them, and having to huddle in the forbidden area and watch on helplessly… Even as the determined Foundation Establishment Elder could not help but shed tears, he still said, “Don’t act rashly in a moment of hot-headedness, Su BeiCi. If you take off the jade pendant, your Sixth Shishu and I will and I will sef-detonate in front of you together.”

… The entire room was full of grief.

At this moment, there were more and more cracks on the Mountain Guardian Greater Array outside the mountain gate. The outer sect disciples trembled. They knew that they had been abandoned by the sect and their eyes were full of despair.

The Golden Core cultivator floating in the air, shouted in contempt, “Get Su BeiCi out to receive my young master’s betrothal gift!” As soon he finished speaking, a void palm struck out. Several black rays flew towards the crumbling greater array in an instant, then countless rings of light exploded on the surface of the greater array. Finally, the halo from the array protecting the main gate completely broke.

The entire XianLing Sect was silent.

The Golden Core cultivator, Yang Sheng, laughed heartily, “The Mountain Guardian Greater Array of the former number one sect, the XianLing Sect, is merely thus.” As soon as his voice fell, he looked at the Heavenly Connection Path of the XianLing Sect’s Outer Peak. Eight thousand years ago, only the Sect Founder and the first generation Nascent Soul primogenitor could fly on this road. When Golden Core cultivators came to pay their respects, they had to walk up the stairs.

Nascent Soul was a plane that existed in legends. That was a plane that only existed in the ancient cultivation world.

The Golden Core cultivator stepped onto Heavenly Connection Path and ascended into the sky, “After this Lord Wang leaves, this road will be destroyed.” After that, he took a stride and blasted a palm downwards. One could imagine how the power of the blow from this Golden Core cultivator would injure the Outer Sect disciples. This was just the beginning… The disciples closed their eyes in despair.

“An insignificant Minor Path cultivator with a false Core dares to destroy the Heavenly Connection Path of my XianLing Sect.” A voice filled with disdain came from behind the Golden Core cultivator.

There was neither the sound of a shocking explosion nor the chunks of boulders flying out in the wake of the blow from the Golden Core cultivator. The disciples of the Outer Sect quickly opened their eyes.

They saw a blue flame burning in the sky, which turned the might of the blow from the Golden Core cultivator into nothingness without any residual leakage. When the flame disappeared, it revealed two human figures.

One seemed as if their cultivation was at Qi Condensation, but they were soaring above on a jade boat. Their appearance could not be seen, but their vague figure was enough to bring about an endless yearning and feel an upsurge of emotion.

The other was enveloped in hellfire. Just a meeting of the eyes from a distance, was enough to let one feel the destructive intent of the flames.

The Golden Core cultivator also looked back in fear. He could see that Chu Wuqing was only at the Qi Condensation stage, but he did not have any contempt in his heart and could only be deeply afraid. Have you ever seen a Qi Condensation cultivator riding on a flying magic artifact?

Have you ever seen a Golden Core stage feel that they should not get close to a Qi Condensation stage? Have you ever seen a Greater Path cultivator solemnly stand one hundred and fifty steps behind a Qi Condensation stage who seemed to be the leader?

“Daoist Friend, this is a misunderstanding…” He started to speak.

Yet, Chu Wuqing had already interrupted, “There is no misunderstanding. Whoever offends my XianLing Sect will be punished.”  

“I’m also a cultivator at the Golden Core stage and am one of the patriarchs of the TaYue Sect. Don’t you dare be too overbear…” Even before he could finish speaking, Chu You’s hellfire had already approached him. In an instant, it combusted, and even absorbed all his blood, flesh and Golden Core, leaving only a head showing the owner had died with everlasting regret.

This unforeseen event happened too quickly. The only Qi Condensation Tenth Stage in the Outer Peak was the Elder in charge of the management of the sect. He was controlling the array and could not control his tears. His eyes contained shock and awe.

Chu WuQing’s hand swept through the air and threw the head into the elder’s arms, “Hang the head on the main gate.” The LuoYue Sect, three were about to form their cores, two were at the Minor Paths Early Golden Core stage and one was a Minor Path Middle Golden Core stage.

Abruptly, catching the head, the Elder in charge of the management of the sect trembled. The tears in his eyes were dried by this person’s spells. Besides fear, the elder had confidence and hope showing in his eyes. He walked to the front of the main gate step by step and hung the head high on the gate.

Chu Wuqing said with a smile, “From now on, this head will be my XianLing Sect’s Mountain Guardian Greater Array.”

XianLing Sect no longer had a Mountain Guardian Greater Array, but with the head of a Golden Core cultivator hanging above the main gate. Who would dare to force their way through?

Chu WuQing’s words were buried in the hearts of the thousands of Outer Sect disciples below, giving birth to infinite awe and veneration. Although they had never seen Chu WuQing before, they believed everything Chu WuQing said at this moment, and this brought about a strong sense of belonging.

In the Inner Peak, the elder guarding the Inner Peak’s restriction array rushed over, wanting to ask who Chu WuQing was. He even claimed to be a member of XianLing Sect.

Chu Wuqing had already started speaking, “The previous XianLing Sect’s Golden Core cultivator was on good terms with my father in the past. He once entrusted my father to help him look after the XianLing Sect. In the interim, Chu You can take over as the Interim Sect Leader (任掌门) with his Golden Core cultivation and deter everyone. With my Heavenly Water Spiritual Roots, I can become a core disciple and fight for the glory of XianLing Sect in the Grand Sect Tournament.” 

As he spoke, Chu WuQing waved his hand, and countless low-level elixirs were scattered like a shower of flowers. One after another, one Spirit Restoring pill and one Wound Healing Pill fell into the hands of all the disciples, just like he was watching over his nephews.

The Elder at Foundation Establishment was slightly shocked. He had never heard of this before when the Patriarch was alive. Moreover, the Patriarch was just a cultivator from a Minor Path. How could he get to know such illustrious individuals? What’s more, how could it be possible for him to let anyone join the main sect when he was determined to pass on the XianLing Sect to his son? What purpose did this unknown cultivator come to XianLing Sect for?

However, he couldn’t refute a single word Chu WuQing said. This was because the XianLing Sect really needed a Golden Core cultivator and because no one in the whole sect disagreed with him. Even the eyes of several inner sect disciples who hurried over were full of fanatical worship, and how could the head of the Golden Core cultivator hanging on the main gate not be a reminder to them?

He had no choice but to admit it. Meeting the eyes of the Elders who came after him, he said, “Greetings to the Sect Leader.”

After that, all the disciples of the XianLing Sect gave Chu Wuqing a ‘Fist Wrapping’ salute and said, “Greetings to Eldest Shixiong.” This was full of sincerity and respect.

Though they were calling him Eldest Shixiong, in reality, how was it different from being the Sect Leader?

While the Elders were worrying about his purpose for coming here, Chu WuQing waved his hand and flew to the Sect Leader Hall with Chu You by following the Heavenly Connection Path. The disciples of the XianLing Sect became even more excited.

After he reached the Sect Leader Hall and the doors of the hall had closed, Chu WuQing saw the hesitation in the faces of the Elders. He waved his hand and several tea tables appeared in front of them, with a cup of tea on each table. The strong smell of spirit tea wafted out from beneath the cup cover, and seemed to calm people’s mind.

After they had drunk the tea, Chu WuQing smiled and said, “I have something private to say to Uncle Su’s daughter, A-Ci jiejie. Could you arrange for her to meet with me?” After speaking, a jade pendant flew into the elder’s hands. There was actually a luan and a phoenix 1 carved on the jade pendant. It was extremely exquisite, and the rays of the light coming from the treasure was extraordinary.

Chu WuQing continued, “Please bring this to Su jiejie as well.”

The space between the First Elder’s eyebrows throbbed. He felt that this luan and phoenix pendant in his hand was like a hot potato. However, he was unable to refute Chu WuQing’s words, and could only hand the jade pendant to Su BeiCi.

After three cups of tea, Su BeiCi arrived.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Luan and Phoenix: The image of the luan and Phoenix comparing wings is a metaphor for a married couple.


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