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Chapter 34: He had clearly killed countless people, but his temperament was not stained by the slaughter at all.

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Elder Tang controlled the Golden Core magic item and carried a group of attendants at Foundation Establishment to the QingLing Sect. The two sects were quite close together so they arrived at the gate of QingLing Sect in a flash.

He had thought that after killing so many people, the disciples of QingLing Sect would quickly clean the main gate and go on an inspection and patrol, but there was no one within the QingLing Sect.

A Foundation Establishment cultivator asked, “Elder Tang, are the people in the XianLing Sect afraid of us settling accounts with them, so they’re all in hiding?”

“They’ve probably all gone to guard the Ancestral Peak. If we don’t see a single person after going to the Ancestral Peak, we will issue a bounty to catch the people from the QingLing Sect.” As soon as Elder Tang finished speaking, he saw countless corpses lying haphazardly on the mountain peak.

It had been half an hour since they died, but there is no sign of blood congealing in the wounds. It was as if they had just died, with blood flowing continuously from their wounds and Sword Qi remaining on the wounds.

Elder Tang frowned a little and took all of them higher into the air. There was someone on the Ancestral Peak, but it was just a youngster sitting in meditation.

There was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood below the youngster.

A long sword was floating at chest level in front of him. They were unable to tell what the sword was made of, nor could they identify the grade, but the aura emitting from it was identical to the Sword Qi lingering above innumerable corpses.

These innumerable corpses had been killed by him alone!

He had clearly killed countless people, but his temperament was not stained by the slaughter at all. Instead, he became increasingly beautiful and unearthly. It seemed like he was not a slaughterer, but a celestial being from the higher realm, who descended the mortal realm and transformed all living beings.

Such a sharp contrast was even more alarming to them.

Even Elder Tang’s brain that was filled with hatred and wrath had cooled a little and he had stopped the thought of trying to kill the leader of the QingLing Sect.

Elder Tang steadied his mind, “This man is just a child at the Foundation Establishment stage. How powerful can he be when he’s just at Foundation Establishment?”

Without opening the door to the Golden Core stage or a complete Path, the difference between the two was akin to a natural moat. Elder Tang concluded after weighing the matter. He had the ability to easily block joint attacks from a group of Foundation Establishment and Qi Condensation cultivators, and killing them was as easy as blowing off dust.

Besides, he could not feel any threatening aura coming off this person.

Thinking of his beloved disciple who died miserably and the dignity of the Number Three Sect, Elder Tang took a step forward. The might of a late-stage Golden Core cultivator blotted out the sky and the earth and he condescendingly sneered, “An insignificant Foundation Establishment kid even dared to make an empty show of strength. Just how did you kill my beloved disciple Wang Ning?” His gaze fell onto Chu WuQing, as if he wanted to give Chu WuQing the death of a thousand cuts. It seemed that as long as Chu WuQing answered, he would extract vengeance a hundredfold to comfort the deceased Wang Ning.

Chu WuQing raised his head and looked at the old man in the air. The old man’s face was extremely arrogant. Such an expression was so interesting; there was actually someone who showed it to him.

It was natural for Chu WuQing’s Foundation Establishment ** to be unable to contend against the pressure from a  late-stage Golden Core cultivator. However, his previous enlightenment was enough to allow him to make him stand against the pressure without being overwhelmed.

His lips stretched in a contemptuous smile.

The Golden Core elder saw that Chu WuQing was able to maintain a battle posture against his pressure. Even his disciple, Wang Ning, could not maintain an unconditional fighting posture against his pressure… Yes, his beloved Wang Ning had died from this person’s hand.

Elder Tang was unable to remain calm any longer. He reached forward and waved his hand, changing the surrounding spiritual energy into a giant hand that stretched out to grab Chu WuQing.

The giant hand was accompanied by the sound of air being rent apart as soon as it appeared. The expressions of the nearby attendants all changed.

“Three hundred years ago, I meditated on the cliff and saw a Hui snake 1 turning into a dragon with four legs and was able to gain enlightenment on a portion of a Great Path. Two hundred years ago, I finally established my Path and rose to the Golden Core stage. Today, you should be smiling as you head to the Nine Springs since you have the fortune to die under the fruit of my Path.” 

The giant hand turned into sharp claws that carried endless resentment, as though it was attacking from the abyss. It seemed that it was going to rip apart all the troubles, and the air around it that was ripped apart turned into black nothingness.

“Xiao Hong.” Chu WuQing whispered.

As the royal kin of Otherworld Demons, Xin Ye’s body was rather strong. It could be repaired countless times even if it suffered heavenly tribulation, though such repair was extremely painful.

Every drop of blood and every scrap of flesh was torn apart and split up by the divine lightning. Then it was quickly restored, causing a spiral of suffering.

However, this type of pain made the blockade in Xin Ye’s consciousness open again, allowing him to vaguely see the world,

Xin Ye believed that with a little more pranayama 2, he could break the seal on his divine senses and see the world that had been long hidden. However, before he could feel the joy of regaining the light, that abominable voice began to ring once again.

The contract planted in his body instantly responded and he was unable to control his body that appeared in front of Chu WuQing in an instant. The claw strongly squeezed Xin Ye’s body.

Then, the smoke dissipated.

Elder Tang was dumbfounded. How could it be?

All the attendants around were shocked stupid by the unexpected development.

“This is?” Elder Tang quickly recovered. The appearance of the white-clad Chu WuQing sitting amidst the mountain of corpses and sea of blood without the slightest stain was too shocking that he did not notice the black object that was no different from a corpse.

This kind of humanoid object clearly had no vitality and its flesh was so rotten that its real face could not be seen. However, a great pressure was emitting from the object and gave Elder Tang a sense of crisis.

Was this what the youngster had been relying on?

It was no wonder he was able to escape the Cultivator’s Army formed by countless people with the help of such a formidable refined corpse and was able to kill all low-level cultivators by himself.

A humanoid life form, a formidable refined corpse?!

The senses of demons were extremely sensitive and without a specialized magic artifact or encryption skills, the communication between low-level cultivators would definitely be detected by the divine senses of high-level cultivators.

In the past, Xin Ye’s divine sense was completely sealed off and could not be stretched out. Naturally, it was impossible for him to know what the people around him were thinking. But now his senses had slightly recovered. Coupled with the fact that the cultivators from the lower realm did not have any method to shield the search of a divine sense, the thoughts of a Golden Core cultivator, let alone one at peak Nascent Soul could be clearly seen. Elder Tang’s thoughts were all exposed.

He could live with the fact that Chu WuQing had the audacity to enslave his majestic and royal self, and even chose such a humiliating name for him. When his body and cultivation were unsealed, he would naturally exact hundred thousand times of retribution. But how dare such an inferior cultivator say that he was a humanoid life form? And he even thought he was that lowly refined corpse that belonged to Chu WuQing?

Xin Ye was enraged.

It was clear that there was no sign of life from the refined corpse, yet Elder Tang felt a strong and unfathomable aura suddenly rising from the refined corpse which was far more terrible than the aura of the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect.

It was just like the omniscient cultivators in the ancient legends. The longing for the unattainable next step after the Golden Core made Elder Tang’s legs tremble constantly.

However, as a Golden Core Elder of the LingYang Sect, the Number Three Sect in the cultivation world, Elder Tang has experienced numerous crises where he was at risk of dying and this sense of crisis was far from that point.

Besides, he came here for the sake of his beloved disciple who had died tragically, and for the inviolable honor of LingYang Sect.

“If this corpse was alive, I can only bow my head and submit when I see him. However, he is already dead and can only be a corpse that’s used as a shield.” Elder Tang smiled a little and mobilized his skills and magic items.

There was a flash of golden runes on the flying artifact under his feet. At the moment these runes appeared, the destructive pressure coming off Xin Ye’s body completely disappeared.

All the Foundation Establishment cultivators that were originally suppressed till some had their spiritual energy stagnate were released in an instant.

This demonstrated the depth of the Number Three Sect that had existed for a millennium, and all the Foundation Establishment cultivators that accompanied him showed their proud expressions on their faces.

There was a rebellion from the XianLing Sect, so their LingYang Sect came to condemn them. How could they be so arrogant and conceited that they didn’t make any preparation?

The smile on Elder Tang’s face flashed for a moment before his face became solemn, “Form the array, split!”

As if these four short words contained infinite true meaning, a vast and mighty aura immediately spread out from the runes on the warship, and countless shades appeared, each of which was dressed in armor.

As soon as these shades appeared, they possessed the Foundation Establishment cultivators one after another in half a breath, which caused the aura of a Peak Foundation Establishment cultivator that close to Golden Core to rise from every Foundation Establishment cultivator!

Moreover, there seemed to be an invisible Qi engine initiating between the forty nine Foundation Establishment cultivators, which made them move as one body even though they were forty nine individuals. An astonishing sharpness that was unlimitedly oppressive spread out.

“This is the depths of my LingYang Sect, the Immortal Slaying Ship.”

The LingYang Sect was just a sect wandering around the border a thousand years ago. But one day the Sect Leader brought back a young cultivator named Chu Jiu, took him in as his last disciple and made him the successor to the Sect Leader.

Chu Jie was a God-given prodigy and had the blessings from the heavenly laws. He had many fortuitous encounters in his life. After joining the LingYang Sect, he took out ten warships, claiming that he got them when he accidentally entered an ancient secret realm.

The LingYang Sect sieged the cities and lands by depending on these ten warships and rapidly rose in status. The number of Golden Core cultivators who died under the warships were innumerable.

Thanks to the specters of war cultivators on the warships, the LingYang Sect learnt through observation and emulation and glimpsed the strength of a regiment that was completely different from an individual’s strength, saw another world, created the first division of the War Cultivator’s Army in the cultivation world, and became the head of the top ten sects in the cultivation alliance.

It was a pity that Chu Jiu was so lucky that the heavens were jealous of his talents. Less than a month after the LingYang Sect became the Number One Sect, he fell into a secret realm.

Even so, the warships left by Chu Jiu kept the LingYang sect invincible for thousands of years. In the past thousands of years, the head of the alliance had changed between many sects and the cycle of prosperity and decline repeated, but the LingYang Sect had always been in the top three.

It was better to kill a thousand people by mistake than to let one person go. Whether they were in the right or wrong, all those who dared to humiliate or kill the disciples of the LingYang Sect would be killed. This was the sect rules that had been established at that time.

The prestige created by iron blood and an absolute shielding of their disciples, combined with the strength of their background, caused the whole cultivation world to be respectful towards the LingYang Sect. The fear was passed from generation to generation and the reverence towards the LingYang Sect was engraved into their marrows.

This was really a brilliant sect rule, and an iron-blooded and wise means.


In order to remember Chu Jiu, all LingYang Sect disciples addressed Chu Jiu as the Patriarch Chu and called the warships left by Chu Jiu, which killed countless almighty Golden Core cultivators, the Immortal Slaying Ships.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Hui snake: a venomous snake.
  2. Pranayama: Prāṇāyāma is the practice of breath control in yoga. It consists of synchronising the breath with movements between asanas, but is also a distinct breathing exercise on its own, usually practised after asanas. In texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and later in Hatha yoga texts, it meant the complete cessation of breathing.
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