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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Xiao Hong was merely a corpse that could be used as a shield. It was enough to block a fatal attack from a Golden Core stage cultivator but there was no way to block everything when being attacked from all sides.

“Since when was I all alone?” Chu WuQing’s lips curled up mockingly.

This brat was nothing more than a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, and all he could rely on was this corpse of some powerful cultivator. How dare he say that and how dare he be so arrogant?

In the end this cultivator was too green. He had no idea what he was facing and had never even heard of the Immortal Slaying Ship before. His luck had managed to let him find a few opportunities and treasures to inherit, even giving him ownership over a refined corpse.

He even used this refined corpse to kill a prodigy of his generation. How arrogant, ignorant of how immense the world is.

“Arrogant brat!” Elder Tang sneered, raising his hand high. As he did, a formless energy whirled about in his hand, and golden light appeared around the forty-nine Foundation Establishment cultivators.

They simultaneously took a step forward and raised their swords.

Their sword had yet to be unsheathed yet everyone could feel the swords in their hands trembling. It was a strange feeling, as if their swords had come to life.

To these swords, these sheaths were now restraints. They wanted nothing more than to escape their sheaths and drink the blood of their enemies and restore themselves to their former glory.

The Foundation Establishment cultivators were all possessed by this excitement, crazed battle lust shining in their eyes. When they simultaneously gripped their sword handles and drew their blades, a formless, destructive and overwhelming aura descended like a blanket.

This aura was far beyond that of a Golden Core stage cultivator’s. Even Elder Tang would feel suffocated by it if he met it head on.

Yet, Elder Tang was the controller of this warship. Every time he was given control over it, he felt powerful, witnessing the miracle of such strength under his hands. No matter how many times he did it, Elder Tang always felt infinite glory and exhilaration.

“Ancestor Chu,” Elder Tang couldn’t help but silently call out.


The moment he spoke, the blade unsheathed!

The sky was filled with blade light, descending like an all-encompassing net, inescapable.

Everyone was certain that it would end here. They had long since forgotten that the Sect Leader had ordered them to merely take an arm from the XianLing Sect Leader.

No, perhaps not forgotten. To them, XianLing Sect hadn’t truly changed in any way that could really threaten them. They were still just an insignificant little sect.

The Sect Leader of XianLing Sect? So what if they killed him? Even if the number one sect, QingLing Sect denounced them for injustice, they couldn’t make them pay with their lives. They probably wouldn’t even need to give an apology for it, just put on a bit of a show.

“A shame for that powerful refined corpse though.” A slither of regret appeared in his expression, and his hatred for Chu WuQing intensified. Such a powerful refined corpse was reduced to nothing but a meat shield in the hands of that weak Foundation Establishment brat. If it were his, he would be able to use a secret technique to refine it into a Split Body Puppet, boosting its strength immensely.

“Later, light the soul lanterns with me see if you can collect that brat’s spirit.” Elder Tang was a cautious person. After a cultivator managed to establish foundations, their spirit could leave their body. Since Chu WuQing had a refined corpse, he could very well have obtained a method to preserve his spirit after his body had been destroyed.

“After we find it, I’ll burn his spirit as lantern fuel, and…” He had yet to finish speaking when he suddenly cut himself off, his expression twisting. He turned his attention to what was below him only to find that after the sword light dispersed, all that was left was a crater, but there was no sign of Chu WuQing’s corpse.

“Elder?” The leader amongst the Foundation Establishment cultivators called out in confusion. Hadn’t that strange young man already died? Why did Elder Tang have such an expression on his face?

They knew the power of the Immortal Slaying Ship. Even a pseudo-Path Golden Core cultivator might be annihilated by merely the first battle array, never mind a Foundation Establishment cultivator like that young man.

A Foundation Establishment cultivator could only use their divine sense to scan the surface of what was happening in a one li circumference circle around them. Only Golden Core stage cultivators could look deeper, search for and even lock onto a target amidst a spell without taking damage.

Ever since Elder Tang had awoken the warship, his divine sense had been locked onto Chu WuQing, yet just now, when the forty-nine blades of sword light was only a moment away from piercing through Chu WuQing, the other had suddenly disappeared!

The target he had locked onto had disappeared just like that!

That was impossible!

“I told you. I’m not alone.”

Chu WuQing’s voice drifted into their ears, but they couldn’t tell which direction it came from. It was ethereal, heavenly, tinged with leisurely laughter.

Normally, if someone heard a voice like this, they would find it beautiful and entrancing, desperately wondering what the owner of such a voice would look like.

However, in this moment, it made their hearts jump with anxiety. It wasn’t that there weren’t any cultivators who managed to escape the first battle array of the Immortal Slaying Ship, but those that managed it were all real Golden Core powerhouses that sacrificed their cultivation and lifebound artifacts for survival.

There had never been a Foundation Establishment cultivator that could escape the first battle array completely unharmed, and so silently. No one, apart from Elder Tang, even noticed.

They had no time to react before they heard countless footsteps from the base of the mountain. These footsteps were orderly, and they couldn’t tell how many were coming, but they could feel the imposing aura.

This aura was something that only professionally trained battle cultivators possessed.

They were all too familiar with this aura. After all, the LingYang Sect was the sect with the most battle cultivators in the entire cultivation realm, as well as the sect that had the world-famous Immortal Slaying Legion!

Yet, the XianLing Sect, a sect that was so weak, it wasn’t even worthy of being one of the great ten sects, a sect that any small sect like the TaYue Sect could step all over… When did they obtain a battle cultivator army?

Plus, when they had arrived, they had scanned the entire XianLing Sect with their Divine Sense. There hadn’t been anyone there.

Chu WuQing had calculated everything to a tee. Before he had started establishing foundations, the XianLing Sect had already gained the absolute upper hand in the battle against the TaYue Sect. What was left was just a one-sided sweep as well as dealing with the aftermath.

Since he was planning to go against the heavens and achieve a level higher than Level Ten for the Qi Condensation stage, then establish foundations, how could he have made no preparations?

Not making preparations for the worst when he knew of the commotion mere days before, when he knew that everyone had their eyes set on the XianLing Sect, when he knew that the one thing you shouldn’t underestimate was the greed of cultivators? How could he have possibly only made preparations to defend against normal sects like the TaYue Sect, but not the top sects in the Lower Realm?

From the start, he had given Gu Yu a high-level talisman that would allow them to speak to one another through their divine consciousness.

A talisman like that was something that even Gu Yu wouldn’t be able to create. Sending a message to another thousands of miles away through one’s divine consciousness that arrived instantly and didn’t leave a trace it existed, this was a talisman that could only be created by someone with immense experience and understanding of spacial runemanship and temporal runemanship. In addition, it had to be capable of being activated by a mere Qi Condensation stage cultivator.

Only Chu WuQing, the son of the Head of the Chu Clan would have such influence and riches to obtain it.

When Chu WuQing had begun establishing foundations, he had ordered Gu Yu to use their transportation array to return to the sect with their main force as soon as possible, no matter how many spirit stones it would cost.

Transportation arrays were a common sight in the Middle and Higher Realms because cultivators had started creating them from ancient times. Then after countless years, they had naturally created more and more of them in all the major cultivator cities and gathering spots, joining them together into a network. So long as you had the money, it was very much possible to travel tens of thousands of li in a day.

However, in the Lower Realm, transportation arrays were exceedingly rare as only a high-level Runesmaster would be able to draw a transportation array. The materials needed for one were enough to bankrupt an average sect.

No matter how much of a prodigy Gu Yu was, he still wouldn’t be able to mass produce transportation arrays in such a short time, but he could create one-time use transportation talismans.

Talismans like these required half of the materials needed for a transportation array of the same distance, yet it could only be used one time. It was exceedingly wasteful.

Even if a Nascent Soul Elder of the Higher Realm knew about it, they would feel their pockets burn and their heart ache, cursing them out.

However, Chu WuQing felt it was worth it. Establishing foundations on the Ancestral Peak was, after all, a bait to lure his enemies in so that he could kill them as a warning to everyone else.

To him, Chu WuQing, there was no such thing as enduring humiliation to survive or hiding his true power and abilities.

With him, the XianLing Sect would only stand out more and draw the attention of more people to them. In addition, the XianLing Sect was the entrance to the Immortal’s Abode, so if they couldn’t prevent people from coming after them, then why not grasp the initiative from the beginning?

Even if an ancient treasure really did appear in the XianLing Sect, they would make everyone fear them too much to come after them.

When the countless sword lights were about to strike him, the transportation talisman in Chu WuQing’s hand burned up, teleporting him to the array at the base of the mountain, just in time to regroup with Gu Yu’s forces.

Thud thud thud thud, the coordinated footsteps of five thousand cultivators.

“Calm yourselves.” Elder Tang ordered, his brow furrowing slightly. He scanned the base of the mountain with his divine sense and saw battle cultivators all wearing the same uniform swarming towards the mountain peak like a blanket of storm clouds.

From a quick scan, there were about twenty-five Foundation Establishment cultivators.

In the past, Elder Tang wouldn’t think much of twenty-five Foundation Establishment cultivators, but he was shocked at seeing them amongst the XianLing Sect’s army.

As everyone knew, The XianLing Sect was the joke of the Ten Great Sects. Never mind Golden Core cultivators, they even only had five Foundation Establishment cultivators. These cultivators, who could only act as deacons and disciples in other sects, were elders who held power in the XianLing Sect. What a joke.

Yet now, there were twenty-five Foundation Establishment cultivators in the XianLing Sect’s battle cultivator army, something they had received no news of whatsoever. In addition, Elder Tang could sense that this wasn’t the only ace up the sleeve the XianLing Sect possessed.

It took barely five breaths before the army reached the mountain peak and surrounded the LingYang Sect.

Five thousand people. A whole five thousand cultivators. Now, the forty-nine Foundation Establishment cultivators knew how powerful the XianLing Sect had become, and these five-thousand people even bore the aura of blood on them.

Such an imposing, powerful aura wasn’t something that a hurriedly trained makeshift army could exude. Only cultivators that had been washed with blood, that had fought and won against powerful foes would have such an aura!

The XianLing Sect was beyond anything they had imagined. However, no matter the conflict and shock in their hearts, the Foundation Establishment deacons didn’t show a hint of emotion, looking down upon this army comprised primarily of Qi Condensation cultivators with disdain.

Disdain for the XianLing Sect was something that had long since been etched into their bones, and it wouldn’t change no matter how many surprises the XianLing Sect brought them.

Of course, it never got past surprise.

Chu WuQing stood amidst the army and Gu Yu stood beside him. Gu Yu had always worn a rather relaxed expression, but when he saw the warship, that changed. “Master, this is no simple ship.”

The XianLing Sect had a few Foundation Establishment Elders originally. When they saw the warship, their eyes went wide with disbelief.

At the same time, Elder Tang began to laugh. “Ignorant child. Unexperienced, as expected. You really think you riffraff can defeat us LingYang Sect?”

As he spoke, Elder Tang raised his hand once more, but this time, it was completely different from when he had awoken the warship.

Once again, with the wave of his hand, an energy began to gather around his arm. It seemed slow, but was, in reality, swift.

As he did, the aura of the forty-nine Foundation Establishment cultivators all reached a peak.

“Second battle array, switch!”


The moment his words left his mouth, Elder Tang waved his arm down, and instantly, tidal waves of golden sand roared into existence out of thin air, as if an immense cavalry was galloping towards them from the void.

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