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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuQing’s eyes slightly widened. It was not that he had never seen a Nascent Soul cultivator fighting. He himself had cultivated to the Nascent Soul stage before.

But such an attack was absolutely not something that a Nascent Soul cultivator could do unless that cultivator was on the verge of breaking through the Nascent Soul stage and had sacrificed most of their cultivation.

Xuan Shan slightly tilted his head and forcibly made the power that came off the attacking spells avoid Chu WuQing before he said, “This attack is not something I can use with my own abilities. It comes from this realm and I borrowed the power of this realm to use it. I won’t be able to use it again after leaving.” Xuan Shan’s tone seemed flat, but in fact it showed a sense of pride. However, it became a little lonely at the end, “When we leave this realm, Young Master will probably dislike me.”

Although Chu WuQing guessed that Xuan Shan might have known the truth of the Small Realm, he was still a little astonished and embarrassed when he was told so directly. He couldn’t help looking up at Xuan Shan’s eyes, making sure that there was no hatred in his eyes, “Don’t you hate my Chu Clan?”

“Young Master is the Young Master, and the Chu Clan is the Chu Clan. ” Xuan Shan said with great confidence. His eyes that were looking at Chu WuQing even held some admiration.

“This move has the strength of a Peak Soul Transformation cultivator and has surpassed countless Nascent Soul cultivators, though you were borrowing the power of the realm. The most important thing is,” There was a trace of appreciation hidden in Chu WuQing’s quiet voice, “To have this experience and be able to peek into the mysteries of Soul Transformation will be of great help to you when you ascend to Soul Transformation.”

In his last life, when he reached the end of the Nascent Soul stage, his cultivation had stopped progressing. There was no possibility of becoming a Soul Transformation cultivator. He could only watch on helplessly as the people who he had trampled on surpass himself one by one.

No one could understand the despair of a cultivator’s Path breaking, especially the despair of those with extreme pride. 

Chu WuQing had never experienced the domain of Soul Transformation in his last life, so he could only look at others with envy.

Countless Nascent Soul cultivators, even if they were practicing their own Path, had spent their whole life without touching the gate of Soul Transformation. Out of five thousand Nascent Soul cultivators, only one could ascend to Soul Transformation.

Xuan Shan had so easily understood the mystery of Soul Transformation. How could one not be surprised? Even the core disciples of the sects in the higher realm would not have such an Opportunity.

But such fluctuating emotions were soon smoothed out by Chu WuQing.

Xuan Shan just had a little more favourable occurrences than others and Chu WuQing’s biggest enemy in his last life was Lin Yi, who was the son of fate that was loved by a myriad of people. However, such an existence was now easily trampled under his feet.

He, Chu WuQing, no longer needed to envy anyone.

In this life, he would forge his own path and before he died, he must definitely be able to ascend to the Peak of Soul Transformation.

Great momentum was surging in Chu WuQing’s gaze.

Xuan Shan’s eyelashes trembled slightly. The light in his eyes was calm and unchanging, but monstrous waves were set off in his heart.

Soul Transformation. Was this the next step after Nascent Soul?

Lifting a finger into the air, Xuan Shan could feel the infinite mystery brought by the power of the realm. He felt like his mind had entered another world. The speed of the mountain peak falling increased and the aura on it made all the XiaoShan Sect cultivators lie prostrate on the ground.

It seemed like this mountain range was a world that could not be resisted.

This was an insuppressible shock in the heart of the QingLing Sect’s Patriarch.

He even felt his knees shaking the moment the continuous mountain range appeared, and this was something he had not experienced in eight hundred years.

The last time he felt this was when he was still a mortal and had seen a cultivator for the first time. It was at that time he had felt the insurmountable chasm between them.

But the moment this feeling appeared again in his body, it terrified him from the depths of his being even if he was just watching… Even the spiritual energy in his body had congealed and became difficult to mobilize.

He seemed to have become a mortal again.

Under such an attack, there was no possibility of escape. This was the difference between mortals and gods.

There was no resisting and no escaping, only surrender!

One could only offer up their life!

Was this the Nascent Soul stage that all Golden Core cultivators have been pursuing for thousands of years?

Even though his heart was shaking and he felt the chill in his bone marrows, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect, who had fallen on the ground, raised his head in the midst of the storm of spiritual energy as fanaticism filled his eyes.

Ascending to Nascent Soul… He had been longing for this for too long. This desire made him look calm on the surface, but in fact, it brought him extreme pain and suffering all the time.

Especially since Xuan Shan was part of the younger generation. Watching the abrupt rise of Xuan Shan and seeing his dream of ascending to Nascent Soul shatter… and seeing him turn into a walking corpse.

At the moment when Xuan Shan failed to ascend to Nascent Soul, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect, who was also a Peak Golden Core cultivator that had touched the gate of Nascent Soul but could not find a way to break through, suffered the greatest shock.

Nascent Soul, was it really impossible?

Were the cultivators in the Cultivation World destined to stop at the Golden Core stage?

At that time, although he had not told anyone, the QingLing Sect’s Patriarch was secretly relieved.

He had been sitting in the position of the number one cultivator in the Cultivator World for too long, even if he did not seem to care about such a false reputation and he hardly took the initiative to interfere with the workings of the Cultivation World.

But that was because of his strength and position. As long as he did not like it, no matter how much development and effort the Cultivation Alliance had made in the past, he could deny it in one sentence.

No one wanted to have someone above them who could completely overrule themselves.

But now Xuan Shan had been revived. Not only had he been revived, he had successfully ascended to Nascent Soul and also had the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator which should have been his first!

The impact of this scene was too great on the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect, and it had far exceeded all his imagination about a Nascent Soul cultivator in the past. Obsession and madness surfaced in his eyes.

This was the Nascent Soul stage.

Xuan Shan could ascend to Nascent Soul, it was all because of Chu WuQing, right?

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect tried his best to raise his head and saw the youngster that Xuan Shan was shielding behind his body. The aura coming off the youngster was definitely that of a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and was completely unable to withstand a fraction of a Nascent Soul’s attack.

He seemed extremely young.

But even though they had never met each other before, Xuan Shan was protecting him extremely tightly… And there was a respect in his gaze that he would never have towards a low-level cultivator.

This youngster was definitely not someone ordinary.

The Patriarch of the QingLing Sect’s heart was beating violently in his chest and many ideas surfaced in his mind.

He thought that if he could ascend to Nascent Soul, if he could take one step further and be able to extend his lifespan by another five hundred years, he would be willing to be a slave to any Peak Golden Core cultivators in the Cultivation World.

Dignity was nothing when compared to lifespan and cultivation.

But… He took Lin Yi away only a few days ago.

It looked to others as if his actions were giving Lin Yi an Opportunity, and his arrival had resolved the danger of the XianLing Sect being besieged, appearing to put the XianLing Sect under his protection.

However, all these things just looked imposing and nice from the outside. In fact, from the beginning to the end, they put the XianLing Sect in a position where they could be trampled on at will.

He had ignored their will and also glorified the action of robbing a talented disciple as a ‘favour’.

They also secretly hinted to the other sects that they could wipe out the XianLing Sect. Despite this they didn’t make a move on the surface from the beginning to the end and maintained the aloofness and coldness of the number one sect.

But how could Chu WuQing not understand this? Moreover… the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect detected a terrible aura on Chu WuQing.

He had only felt this aura when he entered the secret realm of a powerhouse two hundred years ago, where he attained the genuine Sword Path inheritance.

To extend his life as a Golden Core cultivator who should have passed away a long time ago, to walk to the position that was the closest to Nascent Soul.

That elder was kind on the surface. But in actual fact, he behaved unscrupulously in his heart and sought revenge for the smallest grievance. If he was happy, he could give one everything. As long as he was unhappy, no matter how much one did, they would be easily obliterated.

Everything was just a game for him.

Although Chu WuQing’s cultivation was still very weak and that aura was also very weak, it was extremely similar.

He was sure that he was not interesting and a person worthy of being fond of Chu WuQing’s heart, but he should rejoice that Chu WuQing was weak now so that he could look useful.

With great willpower, the Patriarch of the QingLing Sect closed his eyes and decided to stop peeping and go back to do other things. He wanted Chu WuQing to feel his sincerity.

Compared to ascending to Nascent Soul, compared to advancing to a higher level, a mere Sword Path genius was nothing, although this genius had truly never been seen before.

There was an intense premonition in Xuan Shan’s heart that although the cost of his sacrifice was huge, what he would get in return was a supreme Opportunity.

It was a supreme Opportunity that other Golden Core cultivators in the Cultivation World would never understand!

The exertion of Xuan Shan’s Path Understanding gave the impression that the whole mountain range of XiaoShan Sect seemed to have a spirit. It shook slightly, as if in submission and fear.

“Lower Realm ants. It’s just the power of external beings.” Chu YunShu stared at the peak of the mountain range and coldly sneered at Xuan Shan who was looking back at Chu WuQing.

The wide sleeves that were without any arms inside fluttered in the air as an invisible force appeared from his whole body, and the wooden qin drifted gently to his back.

Chu YunShu’s whole body was overflowing with Demonic Qi. As the mountains pressed down, the figure hidden in the dark gradually became transparent.

The moment this continuous mountain range pressed on the top of his head. Chu YunShu’s transparent body suddenly collapsed, then it turned into a demonic fog and scattered.

Everyone only saw the black gas surge under the unrivalled mountain peak, as if the sea was gushing out from an invisible pocket and wrapping around the mountain.

Within the black gas, there were countless figures. Each and every one contained extreme resentment, which showed the suffering they experienced when they died.

There were Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment and even Peak Golden Cores among the figures!

No matter how they suffered and were resentful towards the people who killed them when they were about to die, they were now part of the Demonic Qi.

Only by swallowing more people and letting more people die in despair could they get a moment’s rest.

Such devourment would gradually erase their minds, leaving only resentment, and they would finally turn into a Demonic Soldier who only knew how to fight.

Under this evil influence that wantonly filled the sky, those cultivators who were slightly mentally unstable immediately collapsed after seeing these resentful shadows.

More than one fifth of the cultivators in the XiaoShan Sect fell into an illusion and returned to their most miserable past. They were forced to look at scenes that they did not want to see again in this life.

Chaos instantly appeared in the troops that had been orderly and solemn. Some of the cultivators cried disconsolately, some began to derangedly kick and beat their companions, some fell into ecstasy and laughed wildly…

A black crescent mark started appearing on their faces, and the spiritual energy around their body was □□ 1 . It seemed like the spiritual energy in their bodies would collapse at the next moment.

Chu WuQing’s mind is firm, he was not affected at all behind Xuan Shan, but Chu YunShu’s resistance gave him a great shock.

Chu YunShu was already so strong now?

Chu You and Xuan Shan could not enter the Immortal Abode, only Golden Core and below cultivators could enter.

Under such restrictions, Chu YunShu could be called the monarch in the Abode. It would be easy to kill everyone.

The only way was to seize the key moment and set up multiple arrays to slow Chu YunShu down, ensuring that Chu YunShu would always enter the next level of the trial in the Abode later than him.

Chu WuQing felt a chill coming from the bottom of his feet. He shook his head and calmed his mind as he told himself in his heart, “It’s impossible. Chu YunShu can’t have possibly advanced so far. It was obviously not the case in my last life. Even if everyone had changed because of me, it is impossible for Chu YunShu to reach such a state all of a sudden.”

“Chu Yun Shu’s move must be to exchange one life for another. It can only be used once. If he truly reached such a stage, he would not have to hide in the dark, and he could rule the small realm from the beginning.”

The sudden chaos made a slight confusion and alarm flash in the calm and steady Xuan Shan’s eyes. Should they kill the demonic cultivator first or wake the disciples up first?

It could be predicted that if the two sides continue to fight like this, almost all the disciples of the XiaoShan Sect would fall into the clutches of their Internal Demons, causing their consciousness to collapse and they would turn into spirits within the fog.

“This is Chu YunShu’s plan,” Chu WuQing’s voice suddenly sounded. His sharp sword split the clouds and mist, “Ignore it, you continue to attack. He definitely would not have enough power to make another move like this.”

Xuan Shan suddenly woke up and a chill spread from the bottom of his heart. He had actually been affected by the demonic fog. Even if it could only be used once, this was enough to see how terrible it was!

It was true that Chu YunShu did not have the power to continue. Such a move couldn’t be used with his current cultivation. It could be said that he was killing a thousand enemies and losing eight hundred of his troops.

His meridians were damaged, but only in this way could he keep sober and calm, and remember his hatred.

No longer do such things like tailing Chu WuQing.

In fact… He could have prevented himself from being exposed, all this was just to force himself back.

“You really deserve to be the son of the Clan Head and the proud son of heaven of the Chu Clan.” Chu YunShu’s voice was full of resentment, it seemed that he would like to rip apart Chu WuQing who had exposed that he could no longer attack.

But his pair of eyes were still staring at Chu WuQing, just like staring at a prey, the most delicious prey, as the ** hidden in his eyes surged 2 .

He knew that his strength could not compare with Xuan Shan, who had the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator, but Chu YunShu still chose to undo his guise.

Because he did not want to go on like this, did not want to continue to follow Chu WuQing, did not want his mind to be led by that man.

As long as he revealed his true form in this way, he would surely fall into the situation where he had no choice but to leave. This was exactly what Chu YunShu was aiming for.

At the same time, Xuan Shan attacked again!

If that powerful attack fell directly on the cultivators, the cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage would immediately be annihilated.

Chu YunShu’s figure immediately disappeared the moment he defended against the attack.

A transparent human figure appeared ten miles away, gradually solidifying into the appearance of Chu YunShu.

Chu YunShu’s two fingers pointed forward, and the immense black gas that shook people’s hearts suddenly crossed the space and converged at his fingertips, turning into a small, pulsing black flame.

Chu YunShu’s fingers flicked gently, like he was flicking dust away, and the black flame disappeared.

He slowly turned his head. One eye looked like thousands of stars had fallen into a lake while the other eye was as red as burning hellfire.

“I can’t beat you now. But it’s impossible for you to kill me by yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his whole figure disappeared into the air and he was gone without a trace.

Tranquility was restored to the entire XiaoShan Sect. There was no trace of the overwhelming Demonic Qi from before. Only the spots of blood left at the place Chu YunShu revealed himself proved that a demonic cultivator had come.

Chu YunShu was seriously injured, but Xuan Shan could not find the slightest trace of his aura when he did a sweep with his Divine Senses. He did not know where Chu YunShu had escaped to.

He was able to bear such an attack, and not only did he not die on the spot, but he also escaped. Chu YunShu’s strength left everyone astonished.

“There is no way to find that person.” Xuan Shan frowned.

“There’s no need to chase him any more. You can’t find him.” Chu WuQing indifferently replied.

“Is he your competitor in this trial?” Xuan Shan frowned and asked, he actually could not even deal with a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage.

“No, although his surname is Chu, in his mind, he is no longer part of the Chu Clan. He came to the small realm with only one purpose – to kill all the disciples of the Chu Clan in our generation, and then revolt against the Chu Clan, “Chu WuQing said coldly. “Though his cultivation appears to be at Foundation Establishment, he’s probably already at the Peak Golden Core stage.”

Chu YunShu slaughtered all the disciples except himself in his last life, and the whole Clan was shocked.

All of the Chu Clan direct descendants and core disciples had been carefully nurtured, and most of them were the descendants or disciples of the big shots within the clan. The Chu Clan immediately issued a kill-on-sight order for Chu YunShu.

They even sent out twelve Nascent Soul Elders, but none of them found any trace of Chu YunShu.

In the end, even the only Void Comprehension Patriarch in the Chu Clan, who did a divination using a supreme Immortal Skill, failed to figure out where Chu YunShu was.

Chu YunShu’s cultivation may not be the first among those in the same rank, but in terms of concealment, no one could do anything about it.

Other than Lin Yi who carried the protagonist’s halo.


A hundred miles away from Xiao Shan mountain range, no one discovered that an enlarged ancient and simple wooden qin was flying over their heads.

There was a very beautiful young man lying on the wooden qin. His empty sleeves hung down like a flowing cloud. His white clothes were a bit tattered, bloodstained and disheveled, however, this did not detract from his temperament in the slightest. Instead, he appeared as unrestrained as an Immortal recluse in ancient times.

The man’s face was extremely sickly and pale. His long sword eyebrows wrinkled in forbearance. When he opened his mouth, he vomited a mouthful of black blood. However, every time he vomited, his complexion became better. It seemed like he was vomiting out his illness with every action.

Finally, he could speak a complete sentence. He murmured, “To kill Chu WuQing, I must first kill Xuan Shan.”

It was not known if it was to emphasise this… or to convince himself that he was definitely not jealous as he repeated, “I must first kill Xuan Shan.”

But… he was still very jealous.

He was jealous that Xuan Shan could guard Chu WuQing’s side without any worries. He was jealous of Xuan Shan who Chu WuQing was looking at with such dependance and trust… He turned his head slightly, as if he could see the youngster also hiding behind himself.

All his splendor was hidden behind him, only a trace was revealed when he peeked out. That only trace was also directed towards himself, and his eyes were full of trust.

It seemed as if there was light falling into Chu YunShu’s dull and lonely heart, blowing away the endless black gas. All his resentment turned into ashes when it came into contact with the scorching light. He wanted to reach out… he wanted to catch this single ray of light.

Chu YunShu subconsciously stretched out his hand, but found that he did not have arms and it was impossible to touch the light. His arms had been cut off by himself, just like an impossible love.

When he thought of this, Chu YunShu could not help but lower his head and laugh. This laughter carried a hint of madness, and a hint of sadness.

Yes, there was no possibility of anything happening between Chu WuQing and him. What’s more, he did the most crazy thing by revealing his real form and cutting off every possibility!

Chu WuQing already knew that he was going to kill him, and he would discover the deaths of Chu Clan members in the future.

Chu WuQing would only hate him, and they would stand on completely different sides, just like how he was against the Chu Clan.

At the same time, he could never abandon his plan of killing the people of the Chu Clan, let alone allow Chu WuQing, who had the qualification to inherit the Chu Clan, to survive!

From the very beginning, their relationship was doomed to be ‘either you live or I die’.

But how ridiculous, he actually developed an infatuation he shouldn’t have on his enemy. There was even a moment where he wanted to abandon his hatred in order to be with him.

To abandon his Spiritual Resolve of turning the Chu Clan into a sacrifice.

“Ha ha… Chu YunShu… You are so ridiculous.” Blood trickled down the corner of his mouth, but Chu YunShu did not seem to have not noticed it. He just closed his eyes and when he opened them again, they were filled with ice.

A strong aura of repulsion erupted from Chu YunShu and heavenly music slowly drifted down. The melody played was full of a supreme Greater Path.


Yet, there was no sorrow nor joy, no emotions nor soul.


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