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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Ye Xi repeated the astronomy lesson Shen Xiulin gave him last night to the prince, and successfully obtained the prince’s ‘gaze of adoration and admiration’ x1.

“Your wealth of knowledge is truly impressive.” The prince praised passionately, “No less impressive than your angelic countenance and pure, glittering heart.”

Ye Xi cleared his throat, then replied with spurious humility, “You flatter me, Your Highness. It is only something I picked up from a book, that’s all. Normally, I spend approximately 8 hours a day reading…” Vast quantities of BL web novels for work!

The prince, who was already deeply infatuated with Ye Xi, immediately conjured up a lovely mental image of a highly intelligent and refined youth sitting under a pergola of blooming wisteria, completely focused on the large astronomy tome in his hands. His mental image even contained details such as dancing petals mischievously falling onto the pages of the youth’s book, and how the beautiful youth used his slender fingers to gently brush the petals aside one by one… The prince became uncontrollably moved by the scene and exclaimed with affection in his voice, “That must’ve been a beautiful sight.”

Although Ye Xi had no idea what the prince was seeing in his head, he smiled and nodded in silent approval, looking very shady indeed.

Meanwhile, thunder could be vaguely heard from a distance, but Ye Xi did not pay any attention to it.

“Could you please tell me more about yourself?” The affection in the prince’s eyes swelled like the tide as he took Ye Xi’s hand in his, “As my Fated One, I would like to know you better, anything at all.”

Ye Xi searched his brain, then replied, “Umm, in my spare time, I like to get together with my friends and play a kind of tabletop game…”

There’s nothing wrong with that sentence, computers are placed on top of tables, aren’t they?

The prince watched Ye Xi’s highly deceptive face with fascination, immediately conjuring a scene of a group of well-dressed, graceful noble youths playing cards together, laughing and talking and making merry in luxurious surroundings. It was an admirable sight indeed. Enchanted by his mental image, the prince exclaimed, “I can see it in my mind.”

Ye Xi recalled the way he looked when he played video games and cast a sombre glance at the foolish prince, “…”

Little Ye Xi scratching his feet while playing video games, “I challenge you to a solo queue battle, whoever loses has to call the winner ‘papa!’”

Little Ye Xi with a spicy tofu stick dangling out of his mouth while playing video games, “Protect the tower at all costs, Demacia!” 1

Little Ye Xi smashing his keyboard after losing several games, “That loser who went out of his way to get us all killed, have you finished your school work yet?!”

Dear prince, are you sure you are thinking of the right scene?!

But the prince was so absorbed in his fantasy that he was both unwilling and unable to extricate himself.

Perhaps it was due to his inability to see, the prince had a powerful imagination indeed.

Ye Xi continued to recount titbits from his life, “I also like to travel. I visited a snowy mountain on my last trip…”

The prince immediately imagined Ye Xi climbing a mountain covered with white, glistening snow, while under the crowded protection of his entourage of attendants and bodyguards. He imagined the clear, cold glare from the snow reflecting onto Ye Xi’s face and his fluffy fur coat swaying softly in the wintry gale. Like fine ebony, Ye Xi’s shoulder-length black hair stood in contrast to the pure, white snow; and like water lily petals protruding from the surface of a pond, the youth’s cute button nose and chubby cheeks turned slightly red from the cold, inviting a heartfelt delight to all who laid eyes on him…The prince watched the sprightly youth before him with doting affection as he spoke in a sentimental voice, “You must have looked splendid standing at the foot of the snow-covered mountain.”

Ye Xi shamelessly smiled, “It was alright.”

Actually, the trip to the snowy mountain was probably the least attractive Ye Xi had ever been in his life. He was on a bicycle tour with university friends. His face was so tanned from the sun that it had almost turned black, and only the patches around his eyes that were covered by his sunglasses remained white – like an inverted panda.

When he arrived at the foot of the snowy mountain, Ye Xi had neither shaved nor washed his face for several days. He had a buzz cut for ease of maintenance, add that to an idiotic toothy grin, it was probably enough to frighten the prince, whose head was full of romantic fantasies, into never wanting to open his eyes ever again.

They stood on the boulder holding hands under the glow of moonlight and starlight while Ye Xi recounted many tales from his life. But to avoid giving away his real identity, Ye Xi intentionally kept the stories ambiguous, leaving the prince to fill in the details for himself.

The prince’s fantasies were all based on his own experiences of this world. Since he was raised in a royal palace and rarely stepped outside due to his visual impairment, he had no idea how commoners lived their lives. So, the scenes from his head were naturally filled with opulence and romance, where he successfully turned an ordinary young man into the perfect lover who was graceful, noble, flawless and pure…

Thunderbolts appeared sporadically throughout the course of Ye Xi’s conversation with the prince. However, since the male extra had not yet been conquered, Ye Xi thought Shen Xiulin had no reason to be upset, so he brushed it aside as a natural weather event.

Having some thunder before a thunderstorm should be completely normal. Although the chief executive can crack some thunderbolts when he gets angry, thunder by itself doesn’t necessarily mean that the chief executive is angry!

Sensing it was getting late, and also being afraid that he would get in trouble with Shen Xiulin if he returned home too late, Ye Xi explained to the prince with a pitiable look on his face, “It’s time for me to go home. If I go back too late, I don’t know what kind of perverse things my scary fiancé will do to me.”

The prince knotted his brow with a look of righteous indignation, “Please endure this last little while. Once my Golden Guards arrive, I will save you from this purgatory.”

Ye Xi hastily agreed in his feeble high-pitched voice.

The prince’s heart immediately melted. He blushed as he looked into Ye Xi’s eyes and spoke in a soft voice, “I wish I can see such beauty every day.”

Ye Xi promised, “As long as I’m with you, you can. However, the glowing algae isn’t always in season.”

“No.” The prince smiled and shook his head, “I meant your smile.”

Is he about to profess his love for me? Ye Xi’s spirits lifted. He egged on the prince affectionately, “Then I’ll smile for you every day.”

Originally hesitant, the prince felt encouraged by Ye Xi’s words. With renewed courage coursing through him, the prince suddenly got down on one knee with a loud thud and proposed, “I know that in the eyes of a well-bred gentleman, my actions are brazen and unforgivable, but I can no longer suppress the feelings inside my heart…will you, my Fated One, accompany me back to my kingdom as my princess?”

As soon as he had spoken, the successful male extra conquest announcement sounded. Since the prince was not particularly difficult to conquer, Ye Xi was only rewarded with 20,000 experience points this time.

A point is a point, no matter how small! Ye Xi comforted himself. With predetermined ploys involving fate and destiny, there was no real challenge to this conquest at all.

However, the strange thing was, that there was no roaring thunder from Shen Xiulin after the system alert.

Ye Xi was not used to the silence and dazed for a moment, “…”

Why didn’t he release any thunderbolts when I conquered the male extra? Does it mean the Chief Executive doesn’t love me anymore?!

“Will you be my princess?” The prince anxiously asked. Seeing Ye Xi’s silence, worry filled his eyes.

Although Ye Xi had already received the prince’s experience points, he did not want him to cause any trouble upon being rejected, so he could only play along, “Yes, I was just surprised.”

“I swear by the Gods that I will love you with all my soul.” With a look close to piety, the prince placed a featherlight kiss on Ye Xi’s fingertips.

Ten minutes later, Ye Xi brought the prince back to his cottage.

The prince was a true gentleman. Despite having confirmed their relationship as a couple, he did not demand any kisses or intimate acts from Ye Xi and made only restrained confessions of his love. He was not difficult to deal with at all.

Once Ye Xi had settled the prince, he returned to Shen Xiulin’s villa feeling somewhat conflicted.

Shen Xiulin did not block him off on the way home nor wait for him by the entrance today. The intermittent thunder from earlier had stopped. With luminous light shining from the stars above, there was not a cloud in the sky to be seen.

When Ye Xi entered the villa, he did not see even the shadow of an attendant or bodyguard and became rather agitated from this unusual atmosphere.

“What’s going on…?” Ye Xi mumbled to himself as he trekked towards Shen Xiulin’s bedroom.

Fuck, the silence is so creepy. I’d rather the Chief Executive release 81 thunderclaps in a row!

When Ye Xi arrived at Shen Xiulin’s bedroom, he opened the door by a crack and popped his head in for a look.

In a far corner, Shen Xiulin sat quietly on the edge of the bed. His figure seemed minuscule in contrast to the vast bed. Ye Xi felt as if Shen Xiulin had looked up at him, but since Shen Xiulin was so far away, Ye Xi could not be sure of what he saw. So he stepped inside the bedroom and closed the door behind him, then walked up to Shen Xiulin, greeting him in an intentionally casual tone, “Hi…good evening.”

He wanted to pretend like nothing had happened, but his acting was horrible.

Shen Xiulin stared at Ye Xi with an impassive face until Ye Xi started to get goosebumps. They locked eyes in silence for a brief moment, then Ye Xi was swiftly defeated by the chilling atmosphere created by the chief executive.

“…I’m going to wash up before bed.” Ye Xi sputtered out a dry laugh. He wanted to turn around and run, but before he managed to take a single step forward, his wrist was caught in Shen Xiulin’s firm grip and yanked back as he fell backwards into Shen Xiulin’s lap. Sensing trouble, Ye Xi wanted to get up, but his waist was tightly clasped by a pair of powerful arms.

Shen Xiulin bit Ye Xi’s earlobe in a way that was neither gentle nor painful. He spoke in a low seductive voice, but the effects were as explosive as a thunderclap, “Did you bring the male extra to the place I took you on our date yesterday?”

Ye Xi flinched from the fright. He desperately tried to pry open Shen Xiulin’s arms while he explained in a feeble voice, “Uh…that, was all for experience points…”

Shen Xiulin loosened one of his arms and re-wrapped it tightly around Ye Xi and his flailing limbs, keeping Ye Xi firmly in his lap. Shen Xiulin’s deep crimson eyes grew darker, “The stars I showed you yesterday, you pointed them out to someone else today?”

“I’m sorry!” Ye Xi’s heart pounded like a drum, he quickly apologized, then retorted, “B-But male extras aren’t real, can’t you think of it as me showing stars to thin air…?”

Is it me or is the Chief Executive about to degenerate into a villain?!

Shen Xiulin did not respond, but continued his menacing interrogation, “You said you only found one male extra earlier?”

Ye Xi was forced to confess to another third of the truth, “I only found him this morning!”

Shen Xiulin sneered, “Oh? And it only took you half a day to conquer him?”

“Umm, how did you know I took him there?” Ye Xi trembled as he tried to change the subject.

Shen Xiulin replied languidly, “Because I went there too, just a little later than you. I went for a walk to let off some steam…”

But he ended up with even more steam…

“It makes me want to fuck you until you scream, you little bastard.” Shen Xiulin gently licked the outer rim of Ye Xi’s ear and whispered in a wicked voice, “I want you under me, crying and begging…”

Ye Xi’s face burned bright red. He whispered, “Can I just go straight to the begging?”

Shen Xiulin, “…”

Ye Xi batted his large eyes, “And skip the part where you fuck me?”

Shen Xiulin took a slow, deep breath, like he was trying really hard to control himself.

So Ye Xi begged without hesitation, “Oh mighty warrior, please don’t kill me! I beg you!”

Shen Xiulin, “…”

Ye Xi, “Are you still mad?”

“Yes.” Shen Xiulin tightened his arms around Ye Xi, “You told him that if you went home too late, you don’t know what kind of perverted things your scary fiancé will do to you.”

Crap! Cold sweat poured from Ye Xi’s forehead as he clumsily explained, “I was only pretending to be a damsel in distress so he would feel protective of me, then I can fleece him of his experience points. I don’t find you scary at all, really…”

“Save your excuses.” Shen Xiulin rudely interrupted, “Because I really want to do some perverted things to you right now.”


Author’s Notes:

The Chief Executive: The anger may be fake, but the debauchery is real.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Reference to Garen’s battle cry from League of Legends, which he says every time he charges into battle.
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