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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu YunShu slowly reached out with a hand, his fingertips trembling with some emotion, either happiness or something else.

This trembling seemed to link to the thumping of his heart. Chu YunShu couldn’t help but hold his breath, a childlike innocence appearing in his demonic red eyes.

Such a pure delight, desire without a hint of anything else.

Just as his fingertips were about to touch the strands of hair, the calmed demonic energy in his eyes once again grew turbulent.

Chu WuFeng’s fingers piercing his chest. The intense pain in his soul from his Golden Core being crushed. The family he had once used his life to serve and protect abandoning him…

“I’ll erase the Chu Clan from the AnYang Realm.”

“I’ll make sure each and every member of the Chu Clan die in pain and despair.”

“The Chu Clan will be a sacrifice to my Path. I won’t seek it until the Chu Clan is gone.”

Bloody tears leaked from Chu YunShu’s eyes. He and Chu WuQing were enemies, and could only be enemies!

The son of the Clan Head, a core member of the clan, a prodigy of the Chu Clan. No matter which of these identities, Chu WuQing stood on the opposite side to him.

The dirty Chu Clan blood flowed through his veins. Every act and word he spoke was a symbol of the Chu Clan. He was someone he couldn’t ever touch. If he didn’t kill Chu WuQing then he wouldn’t be able to truly ascend. If he didn’t kill Chu WuQing, he would never be able to walk his Path.

But… why? Why do I still want to reach out? Why can’t I have something that the female cultivator can even obtain?

It was like an invisible sword stabbing into Chu YunShu’s chest. This pain wasn’t like the pain of one’s flesh being torn asunder, but a pain that struck his soul, even causing the foundations of his Path to waver.

Hatred and love entwined together. On one side, fire roared and the other the sea raged, unable to co-exist.

His world had already been completely consumed by hatred, with no space left for anything else. He couldn’t allow even a sliver of emotion to stay.

Sunlight shining into hell wouldn’t save them from anything, it would guide hellfire towards these devils.

Chu YunShu struck with a powerful slash using what little will in him remained, cutting off the hand that wanted to touch Chu WuQing along with the rest of his arm.

So long as one’s vitals were damaged, cultivators could regrow and recover from any bodily wound, but the cost was great. However, Chu YunShu had struck off his own arm with uncanny resolve.

It was as if it were the only way to sever those crazy, unrealistic thoughts…

The demonic energy surrounding Chu YunShu disappeared, restoring his aloof, clean and dignified aura. His gaze was as cold as always as he looked towards Chu WuQing.

Blood stained his empty sleeve, but didn’t affect his aura in the slightest, instead only enhancing his divine and untouchable demeanour.

The broken shards of the wooden qin appeared in front of him, piecing itself together. This time, no slender white fingers plucked at the strings any longer.

Instead, the wooden qin began to play an ethereal, mysterious music on its own.

Chu YunShu’s actions sent fluctuations through the ambient spiritual energy. A hint of demonic energy leaked out and immediately caught Xuan Shan’s notice!

Xuan Shan grasped the air with his right hand and pulled Chu WuQing behind him, completely under his protection.

Xuan Shan’s gaze grew solemn. What kind of cultivation did this person have to approach Chu WuQing and get so close without him noticing?

Could it be that a powerful demonic cultivator from outside this realm had snuck into the cultivation world?

“I don’t care who you are, but don’t presume for a moment that I’ll let you do whatever you want or hurt Chu WuQing in this realm.”

Xuan Shan jabbed his finger at the air. “Mountains and valleys of the world.”

As he spoke, a formless heavenly law surfaced around him, causing even the very earth to tremble.

Countless great peaks appeared out of thin air, like a miniaturized silhouette of the Lower Realm, filling the world around them with an aura that forced all to submit to it.

Apart from Chu WuQing, protected behind Xuan Shan, everyone trembled.

Even the mountain peaks of the XiaoShan Sect seemed to come alive, having a soul of their own, and exude an aura of their submission, submission to the true great mountains of the world. 


At his command, the phantom mountain range suddenly descended towards Chu YunShu, coming down on him.


Destructive force blanketed the world as the mountains came down. No being would be able to escape.


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Jouissance (Translator)

Lives in the UK while translating.


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February 11, 2021 6:55 pm

Oh god he cut off his own arm- QAQ Chu YunShu, Chu YunShu, you are a fool!

Thanks for the chapter!

February 11, 2021 8:22 pm

Thanks for the chapter! So dramatic

February 12, 2021 12:16 pm


August 19, 2021 12:17 pm

If I could I’ll like to edit my previous comment aand cross out my bet of QinggQing not having Chu bloodline in him. I just remembered how he had obtained cargo ship smh, could have been a huge plot twist otherwise 😂

September 21, 2021 9:52 am

WuQing is actually so cool. He turned the story into his. That is awesome. He is so damn smart I am jealous. I love him. But I need to know who he gonna be with though. Who gonna take him. 😢😢😢

I love Good Plots
I love Good Plots
March 17, 2022 8:03 am


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