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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


In that instant, their obsessions over character design, quests and experience points were all thrown out the window. Shen Xiulin let go of his hands and Little Master Nangong fell wretchedly onto the ground. Forgetting that he was still pretending to be unconscious, Nangong began to whimper softly, but Shen Xiulin paid him no heed. As Ye Xi ran towards him, Shen Xiulin got up with his arms wide open, ready to catch Ye Xi in a tight embrace.

However, over on Ye Xi’s side, as if his confession had triggered some lunatic settings from the system, everything in this entire world began to slow down, everything except their thoughts…

Ye Xi could only watch as he slowly moved forward at the rate of one frame per second. Also in slow-motion, Shen Xiulin gradually revealed a cheerful smile, a smile that said ‘the wait was finally over.’ The small distance between them was now seemingly endless.

Ye Xi was frustrated to the extreme, “…”

So, you’ve brought out the slow-motion effects, are you going to add some background music too?!

As soon as the thought had crossed Ye Xi’s mind, romantic background music, like the ones from Korean drama, sounded all around them. It was unclear where the music was coming from, but like the tide, it had invaded every corner of this world, and in a very unscientific manner, echoed throughout its vast universe. But that was not the end of it. Once the music had played for a while, a sultry male voice began to narrate alongside the permeating music…

“One is as delicate and exquisite as moonlight; while the other is as powerful and imperious as thunder. One is treasured by everyone around him; while the other is destined to treasure him alone. One has the pure blood of the ancient Murong family coursing through his veins; while the other descends from the bloodlines from eighteen different nations. One is a little prince who is as beautiful as a dream; while the other is the loyal knight who will guard his life with his own… Their path to true love is covered in thorns and brambles, but for him, he willingly cuts them down. Beloved by the Gods, the two perfectly matched lovers have finally fallen in love with each other. Flowers will rain down from heaven as this entire world blooms in their honour! Yes, the whole world, including the Earth, the Moon and the entire Milky Way!”

Ye Xi shuddered at the passionate narration. He could not help but roll his eyes, however, under the influence of the system’s special effects, the action of rolling his eyes was also carried out in extreme slow-motion…

With his eye roll only halfway completed, the world began an incredible transformation. Starting from the place Ye Xi’s right foot touched the red carpet, large blooms of pure white lilies suddenly covered the ground like an avalanche. For millions of miles before him, the ground was enveloped in a thick blanket of lilies for as far as the eye could see…

Like plump little bells, lilies of the valley bloomed in the air and drifted on the edges of clouds, rising and falling as the clouds floated past. Meanwhile, dandelions swirled and spiralled toward the ground like puffs of wispy fog in the breeze.

Thick stalks of sunflowers grew from under the dining tables, toppling them as they climbed toward the sky, until millions of bright, smiling blooms swayed under the sun, forming a river of molten gold. Red wine that spilled from their glasses turned into bright scarlet poppies, while magnolia blossoms popped up from the gourmet food. Scoops of ice cream changed into sweet alyssum flowers, while tiny white baby’s breath blossoms exploded from the dining plates with a foom

It was not only inanimate objects that had burst into bloom, people had not been spared either. Flowers of various species and shapes blossomed from the hair and clothes of the wedding guests, and once in full bloom, fell from the guests’ bodies. Meanwhile, black-hearted lotuses1 sprouted from Nangong’s head one after another …

Far beyond the wedding venue, in faraway places that Ye Xi could not see, the all-encompassing blossoms continued their assault. Legions of flowers swept through the streets and alleyways, occupying every nook and cranny, climbing onto walls and overflowing staircases. Colourful blossoms wrapped around towering plazas in a stranglehold and long chains of blooming vines hang from the cranes at construction sites. Every car on the road became decorated floats, their engines burning fresh flowers and their wheels crushing petals into fragrant juices. Even the city’s storm drains were filled with fiery red roses, while the soaring waves of the Pacific Ocean swept up cream-coloured hyacinths high into the sky…

Meanwhile, the moon, covered in blooming violets, hung in the clear azure sky like a faint purple disk…

The Earth had become a giant ball of flowers that spun quietly in the universe, accompanied by similarly blooming satellites…

Then, after ten-minutes of forced slow-motion replay from the system, Ye Xi finally dived into Shen Xiulin’s embrace. In this instant, the slow-motion effects ended and the flow of time returned to normal. Shen Xiulin trembled with emotion as he held Ye Xi in his arms, then without hesitation, held up Ye Xi’s face and kissed him.

Without a shred of lust, their kiss was full of tenderness and longing. It was as pure as a dewdrop that clung onto the tip of the heart, which fell as the heart gently fluttered.

And falling with it, were Ye Xi and Shen Xiulin holding each other in a tight embrace.

Yet, after reaching full bloom, this charming and wonderful, vanilla-covered fairytale world began to collapse without warning. The Earth began to crumble without raising dust or smoke, not even a sound could be heard. It was as if the world was a painting that was being cut up and slashed through by a pair of invisible scissors, and just quietly dissipated. Fragments of debris flew into the air like rain, while the earth sank into an abyss. Every object plunged into the darkness as they were ripped apart. The world was like a dream that was waking up.

The system’s familiar mechanical voice sounded in their ears, “Congratulations, the criteria for ‘true love’ has been met. You and your teammate have completed the last main quest in this quest world. Through your actions, you have demonstrated that it is both logical and plausible for the two protagonists from Quest World No. 9235 to fall in love. The feasibility of the original novel has been proven and the resentment from the author has been eliminated. Please prepare to exit, 10, 9, 8, 7…”

Despite being on the verge of exiting this world, the two protagonists were still consumed in their kiss, oblivious to everything around them, as if it was the first time they had kissed in their lives.

Their gentle descent felt like a feather drifting through the air.

They floated and floated…

Hugging his body pillow as he drooled, Ye Xi suddenly opened his eyes.

In his narrow one-bedroom apartment, a double-bed stood in the middle of the room, looking somewhat extravagant. A small ray of sunlight persisted through the curtains and painted the floor in a soft glow. A pile of dirty laundry was stacked on the floor, ones where Ye Xi did not get a chance to wash yesterday. Packets of snack food were left on his computer desk, which he opened last night without finishing. Still half asleep, Ye Xi sat up bleary-eyed in his dinosaur pyjamas and glanced at his alarm clock…

A shriek erupted from the apartment. With a head of messy bed-hair in the shape of a bird nest, Ye Xi tried to put on his pants while he hopped on one leg towards the bathroom. He rushed across to the wash basin, wetting and pressing down on his messy hair with one hand while brushing his teeth with the other.

I can still make it if I catch a taxi! Ye Xi anxiously thought to himself. He vaguely sensed that he had a very long dream last night. He also felt inexplicably hungry, as if he did not have anything to eat for a very long time, that he was both starved and craving for food. Meanwhile, his head hurt like it had been jabbed with steel pins and was numb all over.

Ye Xi shook his head a few times, then rushed into the bedroom to grab the phone he fell asleep playing – a phone that he had forgotten to charge last night. Placing it in his pocket, Ye Xi planned to charge the phone when he got to work. As he ran downstairs, he hailed a taxi with his phone app, then jumped into the car just as the phone battery died and the screen went dark.

“Phew….I made it!” Ye Xi released a big pent-up breath and collapsed onto the passenger seat to rest his eyes. His headache seemed to have lessened. Since he could not play on his phone, Ye Xi closed his eyes and tried to recall his dream from the night before.

Fragments of his memory that were sealed in the depth of his consciousness slowly began to emerge to the surface like air bubbles. With increasing quantity and speed, memories of the events from his dream flooded into his brain.

There seemed to be a four-hectare bed in my dream…and I actually sprinted across it – sounds impressive.

Oh, oh! I dreamt that I was transported to a quest world based on that novel. I hear the author really hates me!

Crap! Why does this dream seem so real! I hope it’s not because my actual brainwave was transported there then came back?

And this feeling of being in love, is it my hallucination? Wait a minute…

“Ahhhhh!!!” Ye Xi shrieked as he suddenly jumped up from the passenger seat and hit his head on the car ceiling with a bang. The taxi driver shuddered from the fright, almost stepping on the accelerator and driving the car off a bridge!

The Chief Executive! The Chief Executive and I fell in love in my dream! After Ye Xi’s shriek, he bent down and buried his exploding red face between his knees. Pulling on his hair in a nervous wreck, “Holy crap! Was it real or was it just a dream?”

It would be horrible if it was just a dream, because my love for the Chief Executive seems to be real!

Like watching a lunatic, the taxi driver shot Ye Xi a trembling glance full of alarm.

“Crap! Crap! Crap!” Even Ye Xi’s bellowing had changed tune, “It’s over, I’m bent!”

As soon as he thought of Shen Xiulin, Ye Xi felt a sudden rush of heat from his body and his heart began to pound uncontrollably. Not only did his flushing cheeks not fade, they had gotten considerably worse. He seemed as wanton as if he had accidentally swallowed some aphrodisiac.

Fuck! My head is completely filled with the Chief Executive doing me face to face! Ye Xi panted with rapid breaths. He straightened his body and unfastened a couple of buttons from his shirt in an attempt to cool down.

As if afraid of being sexually assaulted, the taxi driver quietly buttoned up his previously open collar…

Despite desperately wanting to call Shen Xiulin and ask him if he had the same dream, Ye Xi’s phone happened to be dead. So, the thirty-minute trip seemed like thirty centuries. Ye Xi was so agitated that he squirmed around the passenger seat with his head buried in his hands, scaring the taxi driver to no end. Once the car arrived in front of his office building, Ye Xi rushed out like a mad dog before the car had even halted to a stop and sprinted away with quick strides.

The clock in the lobby indicated that there were still ten minutes left before he would be considered late. Meanwhile, the lift had coincidentally arrived on the ground floor, Ye Xi hopped over and firmly pressed on the ‘Up’ button. At that, the elevator door opened with a ding.

Ye Xi peered inside, his knees immediately buckled and he almost fell onto the floor.

Inside the elevator was Shen Xiulin with his frosty, stony face, wearing his usual sombre business suit, his hair not a strand out of place. Since Shen Xiulin was an extremely attractive man in real life, despite not wearing the beauty filter from his dream, there was not a great sense of disparity.

Shen Xiulin did not seem to have any intentions of stepping outside the elevator, he just stared at Ye Xi with a faint smile on his lips.

“S-Sir, yester…good morning!” Realising it was not the right place for a conversation, Ye Xi choked back the rest of his sentence and quickly dashed into the elevator with downcast eyes, then pressed the floor to his office.

The two of them were alone in the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors had shut, Ye Xi felt a gentle warmth behind him, like someone had cozied up to him from behind. He was then clutched in a tight, scorching embrace. In the silent pause where his heart had skipped a beat, Ye Xi heard Shen Xiulin’s gentle, but authoritative voice whisper into his ear, “Don’t call me ‘Sir’, call me ‘Husband.’”

So it wasn’t a dream after all! After being tormented on his entire trip to work, Ye Xi finally relaxed as if he had received a royal pardon. He turned around with difficulty in Shen Xiulin’s arms, then freeing his hands, held onto Shen Xiulin’s face. Slightly lifting his head, Ye Xi kissed Shen Xiulin with searing passion.

I wasn’t done kissing in my dream earlier, you garbage system!

Shen Xiulin was stunned by the rare sight of Ye Xi making the first move. Then his eyes darkened as he forcefully pushed Ye Xi into the corner of the elevator while protecting the back of Ye Xi’s head, and with wild passion, began to greedily help himself to Ye Xi’s mouth.

Between kisses, Ye Xi cheerfully exclaimed, “Hubby, hubby, I’m not late today!”

Shen Xiulin chuckled, then kissed him harder.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Reference to a beautiful woman who is rotten on the inside
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