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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Even grass tasted good when it was fed to him by QingQing.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes, slowly devouring the grass. His mouth was filled with the bitter taste of mud, yet he felt it was so sweet. He even pulled the tips of those soft white fingers between his teeth.

He licked and bit at them, like a suckling baby rabbit.

Jealousy burned in Su BeiCi’s heart, but when he scanned the other with his divine sense, he couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary about this rabbit.

He never thought that he, having set his entire heart on the pursuit of the Path of Carefreeness, would feel such uncontrollable jealousy towards a brainless beast after reaching Golden Core.

And it was an emotion he was forced to suppress as well.

Clearly, Chu WuQing adored this rabbit.

When Su BeiCi just approached, the rabbit, docilely munching on its grass, suddenly raised its head, baring its teeth and hissing like a bristling cat.

Yet at the same time, it acted like its legs were shaking, as if Su BeiCi was some scary monster.

It stopped going ‘baa’? Chu WuQing thought this was hilarious. The rabbit had disappeared these few days to go and learn how to behave from actual rabbits?

As if to confirm Chu WuQing’s guess, a feminine voice, clear as bells, was heard.

“High rank Beast Tamer, Bai Zhuo of the Beast Pavilion, here to see the XianLing Sect’s young Sect Leader.”

Chu WuQing and Su BeiCi turned their heads simultaneously to see a female cultivator kneeling a way away.

The moment the female cultivator appeared, the trembling rabbit seemed to gather its courage. Pulling on Chu WuQing’s robes, the rabbit jumped up onto Chu WuQing’s shoulder and nodded its head at the female cultivator to show that they knew each other.

First a rabbit, and now a female cultivator?

Su BeiCi knew that Chu WuQing didn’t like men. He was attracted to women.

Though Chu WuQing wasn’t someone who liked every girl he saw, he wasn’t even really interested in love. However, none of this prevented Su BeiCi’s hatred and jealousy towards the suddenly appearing female cultivator.

The aura of a Golden Core Stage cultivator descended upon the female cultivator’s body.

“How did you get into the XianLing Sect without being reported?”

With the power of a Golden Core cultivator’s aura, Bai Zhuo was unable to maintain her kneeling position, collapsing onto the ground. Pain from being compressed overwhelmed her body. She raised her head, panicked, and then saw a beauty she could never have even dreamt of existing.

Xiao Yan’s rabbit form was snowy-white and adorable, a creature any female cultivator would want nothing more than to take into their arms and play with.

Xiao Yan’s original form could be called unmatchable in his elegance and beauty.

Bai Zhuo had been wondering all this time why such a talented cultivator would have such a strange hobby, all until she saw the person Xiao Yan was perched on.

So long as this person was present, no matter how cute the creature, no one would pay it any attention, no matter what elegant beauty, they wouldn’t be able to match up at all.

No wonder. No wonder this clearly influential and powerful senior, rich beyond imagining would assume the form of a rabbit.

This wasn’t some strange obsession from qi deviation.

Bai Zhuo’s mind began to drift. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of the rabbit that had her life in his hands.

What would it feel like to have those fingers stroking you softly… Bai Zhuo had never imagined that someone could look so flawless, as if every detail of his skin was personally crafted by the king of gods. Even his hands could be described as perfect. 

His slender fingers were as pretty and smooth as jade. Would it leave a hint of his scent behind if they were to brush over? 

How delightful it would be to be the centre of that gaze? 

When Chu WuQing’s gaze suddenly left the rabbit and swept over Bai Zhuo’s face, Bai Zhuo felt her heart, hardened from countless years of commerce and business, shake.

The tremors in her heart had her feeling warm like the coming of spring.

Even her control over her emotions fled her. Her face went red like a teenage girl who was just discovering attraction, an indescribably delight thrumming through her veins with every beat of her heart.

She was under the powerful oppression of a Golden Core’s aura, and could feel death around her neck so keenly, yet she couldn’t stop her thoughts from spinning out of control.

Su BeiCi’s eyes darkened, narrowing. His thick lashes hiding the killing intent that brewed in his eyes.

He had wanted to teach the woman a lesson, but it had the opposite effect!

Chu WuQing stepped forward with the rabbit in his arms, entangling the fingers of his left hand with Su BeiCi’s own fingers.

The friction between their skin felt strange. Fingers entwined, Su BeiCi’s killing intent was calmed. He retracted a portion of his aura, allowing that shameless woman to return to kneeling.

“What’s your relationship with the little rabbit?” Chu WuQing asked.

There was no suspicion in Chu WuQing’s eyes, but Bai Zhuo felt as if the other had seen right through her.

As if all their ploys and lies were no more than dust in the wind in front of this harmless and gentle-looking young man.

Bai Zhuo even had the urge to tell the other the truth. Maybe if she did, she might… be remembered.

However, this idea had barely surfaced when a sharp pain shot through her soul. That rabbit that acted ever so weak and pitiful in front of Chu WuQing looked at her with a cold, emotionless gaze, as if looking at a corpse.

Cold sweat drenched Bai Zhuo’s back, and she spoke up, terrified. “The spiritual beast you have there is the only grade five spiritual beast the Beast Pavilion owns, the Biyou Beast, born to a Flying Snow Beast with Denglong 1 blood. However, the beast had a difficult pregnancy, causing him to be born premature, that’s why he seems to only be grade one. In reality, he’s already a level four spiritual beast, and the bloodline he bears is even stronger than that of his parents. If all goes well, he will be able to reach level six, maybe even level seven. We don’t know why, but this little beast escaped and came all the way here to the XianLing Sect, and decided you were his master. It’s clear that this spiritual beast’s divine bloodline was intended for you, Young Master.”


Chu WuQing seemed to show some interest, a hint of amusement in his eyes. It hit her like the fragrance and longing brought by a gust of April wind, yet it had her entire body feeling cold.

All her lies were laid bare in front of Chu WuQing. The other didn’t expose them, merely treating it as an amusing game.

Their ruse was never impeccable as they had thought. From the very beginning, all their plans and calculations were in the palm of his hand.

Yet the other had not told her to stop, so she had to continue the act, until the other main character of this show was satisfied.

Bai Zhuo could feel her heart pounding rapidly. The anxiety of being caught in a lie, and the feeling of dancing on someone else’s palm not only didn’t have her wavering, but instead created a strange excitement amidst her terror.

The excitement of being able to entertain the other with her act.

This complex emotion was simply too strange that Bai Zhuo had to take a deep breath before being able to continue. “The Beast Pavilion is willing to offer this beast to you, and I, Bai Zhuo, am willing to offer my soul to you and become your servant, taming beasts for you. All I ask in return is for the XianLing Sect to protect the Beast Pavilion.”

Once Bai Zhuo finished speaking, she kowtowed solemnly.

All this seemed perfectly logical, and it also explained why a weak Snow Spirit Rabbit had such power that even a Golden Core Stage cultivator couldn’t detect its approach.

However, Su BeiCi didn’t believe for a second that this was the truth. He didn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve this time, nor did he strike down Bai Zhuo despite his growing hatred.

She was nothing more than a Beast Tamer, a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. How dare she look at QingQing in that way. Yet he merely nodded, “Since you’re the tamer of this beast, you should keep a tighter leash on it instead of letting it run around as it wills in such an ill-mannered way. As A’Qing’s spiritual beast, it can’t be so ill-mannered like some ownerless wild animal. It brings nought but shame to the XianLing Sect and to QingQing.”

Su BeiCi said, reaching for the rabbit in Chu WuQing’s grasp.

The rage in Xiao Yan’s heart built to a peak. Bring shame to the XianLing Sect? Without Chu WuQing, the XianLing Sect was worth nothing. Even with his QingQing’s help, it was no more than a strong sect in the Lower Realm.

He dared say he, the ShangYuan Sect’s Candidate Successor, brought shame to their XianLing Sect and forcefully said that he brought shame to QingQing.

His words were pretty but in reality he was just jealous he could get so close to QingQing at his will. Thankfully, he wasn’t a real rabbit. If he was, he would probably have been assassinated by now.

Xiao Yan hissed, flipping into Chu WuQing’s robes to hide. After getting inside, he didn’t forget to pull the robes tight together with his paws, making sure everything was hidden and no one could take advantage of this view at all, while hissing shrilly.

Bai Zhuo stood up and followed the instructions sent to her by Xiao Yan telepathically, saying, “This little beast has a bloodline inheritance from its paternal line, and received an atavism inheritance at birth and gained spiritual awareness, so he can understand human speech. It’s still small now, as well, so it’s probably still affected by imprinting. He probably took Young Master, you, as its parent. He can’t bear to leave you. When rabbit spiritual beasts make this kind of sound, it’s a symbol of their anger. He’s still young. If he’s separated from his owner forcibly, his inner demon might overtake him and he’ll die from depression.”

A spiritual beast? Dying from depression? A level four spiritual beast, equivalent to an Early Golden Core stage human cultivator, were you trying to make everyone laugh?

However, the female cultivator’s words were all exactly what any cultivator who desired a battle pet wanted to hear. What was more loyal than being imprinted on, a pet that would do whatever it could to stay by its owner’s side and that would die of depression if it left.

That meant that this battle pet couldn’t be taken by anyone else.

Chu WuQing couldn’t help but laugh. This little guy in his arms had fabricated such a story. How amusing.

Chu WuQing grabbed the rabbit’s neck lightly, pulling it out from his embrace and acting like he was going to toss the rabbit away.

The little rabbit immediately curled into a ball, hugging his finger with its front and back paws, even wrapping its ears around his finger. A most human kind of panic had appeared in his eyes.

It even began to cry out in sorrow, as if proving the female cultivator was right.

Chu WuQing tossed the rabbit into Su BeiCi’s arms and the little ball of white fluff immediately began to struggle, as if trying to kick Su BeiCi away.

This soft, weak body and legs barely thicker than a person’s thumb kicked out with the power to tear a Golden Core stage cultivator’s enchanted robes. Though these robes were still only the Grade Seven magic item he used as a Foundation Establishment cultivator, it was still shocking.

The little rabbit closed its eyes in despair, but as Chu WuQing let go, the rabbit barked and growled at Su BeiCi like a dog, kicking off with its legs and striking straight towards Su BeiCi’s throat like a razor-sharp blade.

This was no child’s play, this was the fatal, killing strike of a level four spiritual beast!

Su BeiCi jabbed his finger forth, sending clear gales out from his hand. It seemed like a gentle breeze, but it held the power of destruction.

The grass beneath his feet, the trees around them all turned into dust from the power of this clear gale. The female cultivator standing a way away was thrown back by the force, coughing up blood.

This was a strike from the spiritual resolve of the Path of Carefreeness.

The killing intent there was clear!

A new-born spiritual beast naturally wasn’t an opponent that could beat an attack from Su BeiCi’s spiritual resolve. That power, like a drawn blade, shattered under the gale of destruction. The rabbit’s fur and flesh were torn by the attack, coughing up blood, but accurately landing back in Chu WuQing’s arms.

Even so gravely injured, the rabbit did its best to make sure its blood didn’t stain Chu WuQing’s white robes, shaking its fur. Its eyes were pleading, its red irises growing misty with tears that refused to fall.

It had lost. It had lost in front of its owner. But… it really, really didn’t want to be sent away. I’ll behave, I definitely won’t bring Master any trouble.

This had Su BeiCi stunned. How could there be such a shameless animal in this world? Su BeiCi even began to suspect that this rabbit hadn’t actually lost because it was weaker than him, but had lost on purpose to try and garner sympathy.

Shameless wasn’t nearly enough to describe this rabbit. Su BeiCi could feel his rage building. He even thought maybe he shouldn’t have fought back. He should’ve let that rabbit tear open his throat.

Then, this rabbit could be sent to death. Attempting to kill one’s master was the worst crime for a pet. No matter what, he was still WuQing’s wife.

If his neck was injured by the rabbit, maybe WuQing would personally help him put on healing salve. Maybe he would lean down to kiss him.

But if he had done this, he would become a burden, unable to take care of his responsibilities. He couldn’t be like that rabbit and not have to care about anything.

Su BeiCi’s rage grew.

“There, there. I won’t send you off.” Chu WuQing wore an exasperated look. He summoned the female cultivator back and bestowed her a healing pill, asking, “A’Ci is my fiancée, and thus its owner as well. Is there no way to change this behaviour?”

Bai Zhuo shook her head and sighed. “It may sound disrespectful, but I have to say it. According to its current behaviour, it clearly doesn’t see Su-Qianbei as a human like you, Young Master. He might even see him as a spiritual beast like itself, and one of a lower rank, too. So in order to secure his owner’s affection and its position and status, he’ll go to extremes. Never mind, Su-Qianbei, even your father might be, in his eyes, a being that vies for your affection and could threaten its place in your heart. He will only ever see you as his master, and only you. Not even your future cultivation partner whom you are sworn to by the heavens.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Denglong is a kind of divine beast, known to guard and protect people and drive away evil.

Jouissance (Translator)

Lives in the UK while translating.


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