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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yang Xiu was a disciple of the Immortals Fraction in the ShangYuan Sect. He was also a well-known figure among this generation of disciples. However, compared with his Master, Xiao Yan, Yang Xiu was far behind. He couldn’t even touch his heel.

It could be said that because of the existence of Xiao Yan, the radiance of the entire generation of Foundation Establishment cultivators in the QingBo Realm had been eclipsed. No matter how talented or accomplished they were, they could only be blocked by the halo of Xiao Yan’s name.

Even when many of the omniscient seniors mentioned Xiao Yan, they did not compare him with the low-level cultivators who were also at Foundation Establishment, but regarded Xiao Yan as a true Daoist practitioner who could stand at the same height with them in the future.

Only Xiao Yan-shizu was a match with DanTai-shizu. Regardless of their family background, appearance or talent, they were a perfect couple.

Yang Xiu’s expression darkened. Following the elder’s instructions, he drew an array to contact Xiao Yan.

Soon, the array began to react. The darkness on Yang Xiu’s face was cleanly wiped away, and he said excitedly, “Where are you, Xiao-shizu? Have you killed Chu WuQing?”

Yang Xiu knew that his question was full of rubbish. With Xiao Yan’s accomplishments, how could he not deal with a Qi Condensation cultivator? He just wanted to make Xiao Yan happy.

“Has DanTai ZiYan arrived?” Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan’s voice became extremely cold, and he didn’t even mention whether Chu WuQing was dead or not.

So much so that he didn’t even address DanTai ZiYan as his shixiong.

Yang Xiu was slightly stunned, but he quickly reacted. Xiao-shizu must have been angered and confused by the entanglement between DanTai-shizu and Chu WuQing. He clearly knew that DanTai-shizu would definitely come to the small realm to look for Chu WuQing, but he still refused to believe the truth.

“It’s true that DanTai-shizu has arrived, but no matter what kind of intentions he has, he will eventually have to help the sect to seize the inheritance,” Yang Xiu said ferociously, “Xiao-shizu, don’t worry. How could a lowly person like Chu WuQing become a stain on you? I will let DanTai-shizu think that I did everything.”

Each and every one of those who had died at Xiao-shizu’s hand were brilliant and powerful cultivators from the higher realm. It was such a great honor for Chu WuQing to be killed by Xiao-shizu.

“Ha ha, is that so?” Xiao Yan’s voice had become colder and colder, “Since you all want the inheritance of the ShangYuan Sect, then I’ll take you on all together.”

Yang Xiu was overjoyed. Sure enough, sure enough, Xiao-shizu, who entered the small realm three years ahead of schedule, held the clue to the inheritance!

The Immortal Abode was destined to belong to the ShangYuan Sect.

Yang Xiu forcefully reined in his emotions and stared at the array plate. Soon a line appeared on the array plate, pointing to Xiao Yan.

After receiving Yang Xiu’s excited report, DanTai ZiYan’s expression did not even change. He only focused on painting a picture of mountains and rivers. It seemed that the bloody battle of the heavenly geniuses had nothing to do with him, and could not stir up any waves in his heart.

As he thought of something, DanTai ZiYan smiled and his speed of painting increased suddenly. Light and shadow suddenly appeared in his brushstrokes, and even caused the spiritual energy in his surroundings to rush towards him, turning into little golden light rays as they flowed into the picture.

——A’Qing loved outstanding and gorgeous things the most. After refining this treasure, would it please him?

Until Yang Xiu said, “The news of the secret realm is from Xiao-shizu. Please…”

“What did you say?!” DaiTai ZiYan’s expression suddenly changed.

The distance to the XianLing Sect was shortening, and Yang Xiu was growing more and more apprehensive.

He could not understand why DanTai-shizu, who had never shown any emotions, and seemed to worry about nothing except Chu WuQing, had burst out with astonishing anger the moment he heard Xiao-shizu.

Even the magic artifact he had painstakingly refined was almost destroyed.

One day later, Yang Xiu was still immersed in the fear of that moment and couldn’t pull out of it. DanTai-shizu was clearly smiling, but that smile made him tremble from head to toe.

As if he had fallen into the eighteenth layer of the ghostly prison , he did not dare to move a muscle, even the basic instinct of trembling in fear could not be done.

It wasn’t until DanTai-shizu finally stopped smiling, and he bit the tip of his tongue and forced a mouthful of heart blood into the torn scroll, and the scroll began to repair that they recovered from their extreme fear.

Their souls could return to its place.

Yang Xiu looked forward in sorrow, and saw DanTai ZiYan at the ship’s bow, gently touching the repaired scroll, so tender as if he was touching the skin of his lover, “A’Qing, I have destroyed a gift for you once before, how could I destroy it again? I cherish you so much, we……”

The blush that rose in DanTai ZiYan’s cheeks quickly rose and disappeared. His hand that was caressing the painting trembled slightly as he softly spoke, “We clearly love each other so much. It must be those unscrupulous and shameless people who bewitched you. That’s how it came to this. I’ll kill them all and bring you back… back home, all right?”

Yang Xiu’s face was pale, and he tried his best to resist the impulse of abandoning the boat. He couldn’t… couldn’t just quit because he was afraid. Wasn’t that just heading to his death?

Xiao-shizu definitely would not look on unfeelingly if DanTai-shizu wanted to kill him. For the honor of the sect and the feelings between the two shizu, he must not escape.

Chu WuQing could only die by his hand, Chu WuQing must die by his hand!

After encouraging himself, Yang Xiu finally stopped shaking, and even began to send orders to land. The XianLing Sect was right in front of him… But what he didn’t know was that his face was already frighteningly pale.

It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything will be alright as long as he sees Xiao-shizu. Not to mention Chu WuQing, whom Xiao-shizu hates the most, was surrounded. For the sake of the righteousness of the sect and the inheritance, Xiao-shizu would never allow DanTai-shizu to attack him.

Yang Xiu’s worries were finally released, and he impatiently transmitted his voice towards the main gate of the XianLing Sect, “Xiao-shizu, Yang Xiu and the disciples have arrived at the main gate. Please show yourself.”

Yang Xiu shouted three times, but no one in the XianLing Sect responded. Just as he was about to shout for the fourth time, DanTai ZiYan’s gaze indifferently swept towards him.

Yang Xiu trembled and shut up quickly.

“Go to the Ancestral Peak,” DanTai ZiYan turned into a streak of light, “I feel an aura indicating A’Qing had been staying here.”

Immediately, Yang Xiu also got instructions from the Directional Array, “To the Ancestral Peak.” Then he quickly followed DanTai ZiYan.

But when they got to Ancestral Peak of the XianLing Sect, there were only two random Qi Condensation disciples patrolling and a rabbit type spiritual beast running all over the mountain. The figure of Xiao-shizu was nowhere to be seen.

DanTai ZiYan was intoxicated, he let his eyelids drop slightly, feeling the ubiquitous aura of Chu WuQing in the air and started calculating.

Yang Xiu was afraid to contact Xiao Yan and muttered anxiously, “Where are you, Xiao-shizu? Please come back soon. We are already at the top of the Ancestral Peak.”

If they were a step late, and DanTai ZiYan was the one who dug out Chu WuQing’s corpse, what should they do?

Yang Xiu became more anxious the more he spoke, yet Xiao Yan didn’t show up at all. On the contrary, the rabbit running all over the mountain suddenly ran towards them as if it was attracted by something.

Where did Yang Xiu have the mood to care about this spiritual beast? What’s more, it was just a tiny spiritual beast from a sect in a small realm. Thus, he sent a kick in its direction irritably.

However, just this foot kicked out, it was suddenly enveloped by a formidable aura that caused his blood to flow in the opposite direction. His knee softened and he kneeled on the ground.

The eyes of that weak little rabbit narrowed slightly and it spoke in a human language, “Yang Xiu, you’ve become really courageous.” It was actually Xiao-shizu’s voice!?


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April 20, 2021 12:39 am

It’s getting crowded in the realm… CWQ, you have a big storm coming XD

Thanks for the hard work!

April 20, 2021 1:22 am

I am so excited for the battle royale of chu wuqing’s lovers ha ha ha

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Things are getting exciting. Can’t wait for them to finally meet! Thanks for the chapter!

April 20, 2021 7:36 pm

Aiyaa….will that Yang xiu be another member of CWQ’s harem?


March 25, 2022 9:07 am

Ugh xiao yan makes me laugh once again. Imagining a cute rabbit speaking in a human male’s voice is so funny

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