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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: addis


This takes place one day after Little Jin comes back from his three-day trip to the United States.

Wen JingHan said excitedly to everyone, “Guys, I have good news to announce!”

Everyone immediately looked interested and thrilled. Ah, they were only forcing themselves to put on an act.

“Everyone has been working hard recently, working overtime all the time. We’ve closed all of our recent cases, so let’s go out for a meal and relax. It’s on me.”

“What are we eating?” This time, Lin Bai’s interest was genuine.


“Where are we eating?” Zheng Fei expressed his resolute support.

“Sunlight Forest.”

“Wow!!!” Everyone cheered.

Sunlight Forest was a plantation area. The operators were very ingenious and had opened a restaurant in it, and when there was suitable weather, they would put out dining tables in the lush forest, next to the lake, or in the flower fields. When the weather wasn’t suitable, their customers would eat inside the gorgeous and warm restaurant with curtain walls fully made of glass. The restaurant’s main “dishes” were the fresh air and romantic nature. As for the price, naturally, it wasn’t cheap. Everyone looked forward to the meal, though for Wen JingHan, it would be a considerable fee.


The weather was perfect, with thin white clouds and a light breeze, and the sun was very warm.

The waiters set up the buffet table, set up the barbecue grill, and left.

“I can grill! I’ll show you all my craft!” Zheng Fei put on an apron, grabbed the grill brush, and began adding oil to the grill. His movements were somewhat like that of a chef’s.

“We have to fish and grill it ourselves? What if we can’t catch anything?” Guan Jin felt that preparing the food themselves was very troublesome.

“Then we’ll go to the store and buy some. There’s no hurry, everyone’s just here to relax, so calm down and enjoy it,” Lu YunYang said slowly, holding a fishing rod.

“Say, this is team building, so why are you here?”

“Aren’t I one of you guys? It seems like you won’t be happy unless you poke me in the heart a few times. This type of abuse tends to be dangerous.”

“You like to be abused anyway.”

“That’s not bad. We’re a good match, aren’t we?”

“Your fishing float is sinking.”

Only then did Lu YunYang notice, and he quickly pulled it back. A very fat silver carp was doomed to become dinner.

“How can you be this stupid, move that box of meat over here,” ordered Le Fan, and Jin MaiLong obediently went to move the box.

“Why is that fuerdai here?” Guan Jin was surprised.

“The boss said that we can bring family,” Ding Ding, who was looking at the fish in the bucket, said lightly.

“Family?!” That idiot had gotten Le Fan so quickly, and had already been upgraded to family? When did this happen?

“As the saying goes, patience is the key to a woman’s heart. It’s the same with men.” Ding Ding’s eyes were bright. “Although this Jin MaiLong is a little stupid, he really is very loyal to Le Fan.”

Guan Jin looked at Jin MaiLong, who was hovering around Le Fan and being disliked and ordered around by him but still looked overjoyed, and a strange feeling arose in his heart.

“Are you feeling happy for him?” Lu YunYang said as he gazed at the surface of the water.

“I told you already, stop trying to pry into my thoughts.”

“I’m not prying into your thoughts, I’m prying into you.”

“…If you were dumber like that Jin idiot, then maybe I’ll consider it.”

“People in love are all fools, it’s just that I’m very inward about it.” Lu YunYang blinked sincerely at him.

“It’s sinking again.”

Lu YunYang turned back and began to pull his fishing rod up; it was another large carp.

“Woww, Professor, your luck is so good today, you catch everything you bait!” Lin Bai looked at the big fish, and his mouth began watering.

“I’m afraid not. That big fish that I want the most is refusing to take the bait no matter what.” Lu YunYang shook his head helplessly, and his gaze drifted to the nearby meadow. Guan Jin was struggling to save his dumb dog from Wen JingHan’s cat, who was just as evil as its owner. Lu YunYang couldn’t help but smile in spite of himself.

Wen JingHan was sitting in an oak chair, holding a glass of juice, calmly observing everyone.

“Hey, it’s not ready yet, don’t be so greedy!” Zheng Fei swatted away Lin Bai’s hand.

“How do we grill this fish? Do we have to kill it first? Ahh, it jumped out!” The two women exclaimed as they caught the fish.

Gu Xiang and Le Fan were sprinkling the seasoning onto the kebabs, and Jin MaiLong was standing next to them, helping Le Fan wipe off his sweat.

“I’m not sweating!”

Lu YunYang stole a few finished kebabs to bring to Guan Jin, who was struggling with his fishing road. Lu YunYang didn’t care about the others, his first priority was to feed his own.

A-Gua was laying in the meadow, sticking his tongue out, and A-Dai was chasing a small moth, leaping around it.

What a warm, harmonious, and cozy scene; Wen JingHan sipped his juice in satisfaction.

“Boss, don’t just sit there, lend us a hand!” Chen QiaoYu was holding a knife, unsure of how to deal with the poor fish in her hand.

“Yeah!” The others started complaining, one after another.

“I’m helping by paying the bill,” drawled Wen JingHan.

The complaints quickly disappeared, and everyone continued to work hard, silently cursing their boss who was abusing his power.

“Give this a taste?” Lu YunYang raised a kebab of tomato and bacon.

Guan Jin reached out to take it.

“Just try one. In case it’s bad, I’ll bring them back so they can grill it some more.” Lu YunYang didn’t seem to intend on letting go.

Guan Jin glared at him, but he didn’t want to make a big fuss over this, so he leaned over and took a bite.

“How is it?”

“I ate something else just now, so my mouth is full of other flavors.” Guan Jin smacked his lips, but he couldn’t taste anything.

“Taste it again.” Lu YunYang also leaned in a little.

Guan Jin frowned and leaned over again. The instant he opened his mouth to take another bite, the kebab in front of him was moved away, and Lu YunYang’s mouth firmly made contact with his. Lu YunYang used his tongue to take the piece of bacon and put it into his own mouth. He quickly retreated and ate it, his eyes dancing with amusement. He turned around and called, “Zheng Fei, the bacon is a little burnt!”

Several emotions appeared on Guan Jin’s face. Dammit! That bastard dares to use the oldest trick in the book to take advantage of me! It’s not like I can beat him up in front of this many people, or else everyone would ask why. That bastard would definitely pretend to be the victim and explain what happened, and my good reputation will be ruined.

Guan Jin was impassive again, and he said quietly so only Lu YunYang could hear him, “Come with me.”

Lu YunYang nodded and followed him into the forest.

When they stopped under a pine tree, Lu YunYang was just about to speak when Guan Jin’s fist came right at him. Lu YunYang quickly dodged, and reached out to block his second punch.

“Your strength has improved, but you still have a long way to go.” Lu YunYang smiled as he parried.

Guan Jin didn’t speak. His punches became quicker and quicker, and he also began to use his legs. The two of them fought like this for a while, and they seemed to be in a completely different world than the group of people feasting in full swing.

“What are you doing? Hey, go away, I’m not interested in doing it here!” exclaimed Guan Jin, who had been pressed down onto the grass, facedown.

Lu YunYang lips lingered on his neck for a while before he licked his earlobe lightly. He laughed and said, “Although I don’t want to hold back any longer, I feel like it would be unfair to you if we had our first time in such an unceremonious place.”

“Don’t push your luck, I may not have been able to beat you this time, but just wait until the next time.”

“I look forward to your frequent challenges.” This way, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to get handsy.

“Guan Jin, YunYang, do you two still want to——eat…” Ding Ding jogged over and saw the two of them lying on the grass, one on top of the other.

…The three of them stared at one another.

“Ah, the weather is so nice today, I should go bask in the sun!” Ding Ding clapped and turned around, running away as if she hadn’t seen them. There was only a strange laughter in the wind, and a fading voice that seemed to say, “Hahaha, it really was the right decision for me to join this group, there are so many couples, hahaha…”

Guan Jin buried his head in the grass. How sinful had he had to have been in his previous life to end up in this group of people… 

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