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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Even though he said something like this, Lin Yi was nervous. 

What he said wasn’t true. He didn’t have any method to permanently keep Chu WuQing locked up forever. He hadn’t fully inherited the immortal’s abode, only passed the test and gained temporary access to it.

It was only after he went into secluded cultivation and fully inherited the sword immortal’s legacy that he would become the real master of the immortal’s abode.

But when he went into secluded cultivation, anyone could break into the immortal’s abode and take WuQing away from him!

There were only three days left until he had to go into secluded cultivation as promised.

“I’m running out of time.” Lin Yi peppered more and more kisses onto his skin, as if he wanted to leave his mark on every inch of Chu WuQing’s body.

“If you hate me so much, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to forget me for the rest of your life. Live in the desire to get your revenge on me forever.”

Unfamiliar hatred filled those beautiful eyes. His lips were tightly pressed together as the young man tried his best to not let any humiliating sounds slip. His slender, beautiful body trembled ever so slightly under his wide robes.

The hatred grew deeper and deeper, those loathing eyes stabbing into his heart like needles, but what they left behind wasn’t pain. It was a soul wrenching temptation that rotted through his very bones.

He didn’t know that no matter what ugly emotions crossed his face, it only made his beauty all the more stunning to an onlooker. It would make them want nothing more than to hide him away from the world, possess him entirely, pull him into their very being, their flesh and bones, and refuse to let anyone else see him.

Because it would, for sure, lure in endless madness.

Lin Yi’s fingers pressed against Chu WuQing’s cheek, his dark eyes filled with gentleness. His movements were ever so careful, as if Chu WuQing was a newborn infant, a fragile treasure.

“Master, I want to…” He chuckled lowly. I want to destroy this alluring face of yours! Maybe then there will be no one trying to take you away from me anymore, no one coveting you?

Lin Yi’s fingers slowly slid down, across each inch of skin he had kissed. If he broke his master’s limbs, then his master could only depend on him for both cultivation and his daily needs. Being fed, moving around, cultivating… he’d only be able to do that in his arms.

It was too bad that after a cultivator established foundations, they no longer needed mortal sustenance. If he could hold his master while… while taking care of his master’s bodily needs. How wonderful would that be…?

…He could imagine the slender young man, his legs limp and broken, trembling and struggling feebly in embarrassment, locked in his arms, weak and powerless. He would try and endure it, but be forced to open up and expose the tender, coy side of him.

Chu WuQing seemed to sense danger. Lin Yi’s calloused fingers rubbed over his ankles again and again. There was no desire nor greed in those eyes, just clean, pure gentleness, but this uncharacteristic gaze was precisely what chilled Chu WuQing to the bone.

“No, no you don’t!” Chu WuQing cried out, shaking his head. Just as he struggled, trying to back away, Lin Yi’s grip suddenly tightened. Chu WuQing instantly felt a cold sweat bead on his forehead.

Lin Yi’s gaze was still filled with that soft, mild gentleness, the darkness of his eyes showing nothing but his reflection. “Don’t be afraid. It’ll be quick. Then you’ll be mine…” That ever so tender gaze sent a chill through Chu WuQing’s body as it landed on him, like a blade against his skin.

He wants to kill me- no, he wants to ruin me! I can’t let this happen!

The other’s soft lips pressed against his ankle, his tongue flicking out against his skin. The other’s voice was so sweet as he spoke, “Let’s start from here, okay?”

Chu WuQing forced down his panic, his hatred and agitation. He curled his lips up slightly, smiling for the first time since they reunited. It was such a stunning smile, one no one could resist. “Please don’t, I’m afraid it’ll hurt.” He reached up, hooking his arms around the other’s neck and let out a breath, cold, but alluring. For the first time, he put down his pride and pleaded, “XiaoYi, please.”

Lin Yi’s breath stuttered.

It was like his heart had stopped beating. He knew what Chu WuQing was like, his malice and arrogance, and he had never expected to have anything reciprocated.

Even though this was clearly fake, he couldn’t help but drown in this emotion.

“Master…” Lin Yi’s voice trembled, the adoration in his eyes like the calm before a tempest, suppressing the storm that was raging within. “Then I’ll hide you away. You can’t run, okay?”

An artifact that looked like fetters appeared in his hands and he gently grabbed Chu WuQing’s wrists to secure the fetters. “Once I come out of secluded cultivation, I’ll release you.”

“Don’t you dare!” That’s when they heard a cold, vicious voice.

The walls of the room suddenly began trembling violently, crumbling to reveal an opening like it was hit with an immense force.

From that opening came a blurred figure. As he took each step forward, the very air around him began to distort.

Lin Yi’s expression changed, wanting to stop them, but it was too late!

The newcomer seemed to be walking slowly, step by step, but in reality, his approach was swift and in the next moment, he had already broken through the many barriers of the room, arriving before the two.

It was Gu Yu! Gu Yu who had been trapped on the third level of the immortal’s abode and lost contact with Chu WuQing!

A chill seemed to seep from the young man’s usually calm and handsome visage, his eyes bloodied, and a blanket of killing intent raging from him like demons crawling out from hell.

“An array cultivator?” Lin Yi’s brows furrowed. He held up Chu WuQing’s hand and kissed the back of it. “Master, I’ll chase this rabid dog out. Don’t worry, no one can steal you away from me.”

Though he didn’t know how this cultivator, barely Golden Core stage, had managed to get through those arrays and barriers to come here, in this immortal’s abode… he reigned supreme.

In any case, a sword cultivator could break through any spell or craft with power. The fragile and sly tactics of array cultivators were no match.

He had a sword spiritual root and had obtained the cultivation memories of the sword immortal. Never mind Golden Core cultivators who were on the same stage of cultivation as he, anything under Soul Transformation was nothing to him.

Then he’ll use this person as a guinea pig for his sword!

Lin Yi grabbed the hilt of his sword. The sword was so plain, it wasn’t even an artifact.

But the moment it was unsheathed, sword intent spiked, rising high into the sky!

The void-like and terrifying aura swelled with Lin Yi as its center. In that moment, everything grew bright like the sun, but all that could be felt was a deadly aura that seemed to penetrate one’s very soul!

Chu WuQing was shocked. The current Lin Yi was far more powerful than the one who had ascended to Golden Core and passed the trials in his past life. Even if Gu Yu had found an opportunity in the immortal’s abode, he definitely couldn’t compare to Lin Yi.

“You’re nothing but a servant. Go back to the Chu Clan and stop disturbing me and XiaoYi,” Chu WuQing rebuked him harshly. This Lin Yi wasn’t normal. If he showed any kind of desire to protect Gu Yu, Lin Yi probably wouldn’t even let Gu Yu’s soul go.


He hoped to the heavens Gu Yu could understand his unspoken message. Run, run and go and tell his father!


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May 31, 2021 8:57 pm

This is a downward spiral… Gu Yu is going to snap too, isn’t he?

May 31, 2021 9:16 pm

Aiya, I don’t think Gu Yu got the message. I hope he does though!

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

May 31, 2021 11:52 pm

Aahhhhh so exciting….! I thought it was the original fiancé that was going to appear. But happy to see Gu Yu too. Wonder how he was able to escape and track his master down.

DanTai ZiYan, where are you…! Can’t wait for the final showdown of suitors wahahaha

June 1, 2021 6:01 pm

If Gu Yu doesn’t understand the message and manages to one up Lin Yi I’m afraid of what he’ll do to WuQing…. Although to be fair it’s not like QingQing would be safe with LinYi either so *shrugs*

June 2, 2021 7:24 pm

perfection. chef’s kiss. more drama pls

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