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But in the next moment, Gu Yu shattered his fantasies. The madness in his eyes gradually rose as he faced Lin Yi’s sword.

Gu Yu’s eyes were dyed a bloody red. In a flash, countless mysterious spells flowed from his fingertips and fell to the ground, turning into innumerable runes.

Lin Yi’s sword intent that travelled through runes became slower and smaller. The moment it reached Gu Yu’s body, it no longer had any power.

Finally, it turned into the size of a silver needle and was sealed away by Gu Yu with a rune token.

After a long stare at Chu WuQing, Gu Yu licked his lips and intoned, “Mirage!” As his voice fell, rays of multi-colored lights shot out from his feet. In a flash, the light transformed into magnificent buildings with the runes as its foundation.

A cold and terrifying aura spread out at the moment when the city took shape.

With a crack, Chu WuQing found that the pond around him had turned into ice, and the soft grass under his body had turned dry and black.

Where the aura passed, life was extinguished!

After not seeing him for more than a month, Gu Yu had become so terrifyingly strong. It seems that the array that trapped them at the beginning was not a danger, but an opportunity. It was like how he had been accepted as a disciple by an Immortal in the illusionary trial – Gu Yu attained a peak-level rune array inheritance!

If they were in the Outer Realm, Gu Yu would not be inferior to those transcendent Golden Core geniuses. But now he was facing Lin Yi, the one who had the protagonist halo that could suppress all opponents.

Personally sealed by the author and the heavens, Gu Yu, who was the number one amongst those in the same rank and the number one in killing enemies, was far from his match.

Sure enough, Lin Yi just sneered, “Is that all you can do? Yet you dare to compete for Master with me? Master has spent so much time on you, but what developed is a waste who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

They were both saved by Chu WuQing and had extraordinary talent. Why could Gu Yu get Chu WuQing’s attention and become Chu WuQing’s trusted aide?

Yet when it came to him, there was only disgust and contempt.

He was really so jealous.

Lin Yi leapt into the air and sliced with his sword. This sword intent was ten times stronger than the previous one. Except for the void where Chu WuQing was, everything was trembling slightly!

The magnificent buildings began to crumble under the sword intent.

“A fabricated facade.” With a cold sneer from Lin Yi, the sword light no longer stopped on the rune array, but headed towards Gu Yu.

Gu Yu’s expression did not change, but he was staring at Chu WuQing from a distance. His red eyes were astonishingly brilliant and a fierce and rebellious aura was coming off him. Yet, his appearance when looking at Chu WuQing was like a puppy that was eager to be praised by its owner.

“Lonely moon.” Gu Yu’s voice resounded and it was as if it had come from ancient times.

A black moon rose in the sky and countless rays of moonlight poured down, shining on the illusory city. The whole world became blurred and was hidden in the illusion.

“Phantom.” Gu Yu’s figure had become more and more indistinct, gradually multiplying. Gu Yu’s shadow appeared everywhere the moonlight shone!

Which was true, which was false.

Lin Yi’s vast and mighty sword intent split into millions of sword lights, stabbing every figure of Gu Yu! The sword intent was like rain as it poured down. When it penetrated into Gu Yu’s body, it was as if it were piercing into the air, leaving no scars.

“What heresy,” Lin Yi’s expression slightly changed. He slashed at the black moon in the sky, but the black moon also became illusionary and unreachable!

It seemed that the black moon and the city were in a totally different time and space from Lin Yi.

“Is this your Sword Path?” Gu Yu said with a smile, “No wonder my Lord despises you. What use do you have?”

He was provoking Lin Yi!

Provoking Lin Yi to really kill him and forcing Lin Yi to use his killing move.

Clearly Gu Yu seemed to have the upper hand, but Chu WuQing was faintly uneasy. This uneasiness reached the extreme with Gu Yu’s provocation. Chu WuQing sent his divine sense into his storage bag, and found that there seemed to be a crack on Gu Yu’s soul jade token!

This crack was even slowly growing bigger.

Gu Yu, who was at the Golden Core stage, was obviously not able to control such a powerful array. He was forcefully overdrawing on his cultivation. Did he think that he could beat Lin Yi by forcefully overdrawing his life and cultivation?

No, if he wanted to fight Lin Yi, he should let Lin Yi underestimate him instead of provoking him. He clearly wanted to take Lin Yi down with himself.

Gu Yu’s thinking was right, but he was facing a person who he could never defeat. He did not know the terror of the Spirit Sword Root.

Chu WuQing’s divine sense retreated and he wanted to stop the fight, but it was too late. Lin Yi’s figure that was holding his sword had already flown into Gu Yu’s gigantic array.

An unending stream of fog came out of the illusionary city. Chu WuQing Foundation Establishment divine sense could no longer see the battle between the two men, and gust after gust of fierce gales swept around him.

Every fluctuation caused the space of the cave to shake, but the gales turned incorporeal when it passed by him, as if he had become the eye of a storm.

Chu WuQing could only watch on helplessly as more and more cracks appeared on Gu Yu’s soul jade token in his storage bag, there was even a bloodstain leaking out!

Suddenly, a broad palm covered his wrist and he was covered by the shadow cast by a human body.

Chu WuQing raised his head in surprise, and what appeared in his eyes was Gu Yu’s face that was smeared by blood and mud.

“My Lord, Lin Yi has been temporarily trapped in the rune array,” Gu Yu lightly pointed with a finger. A spark barely visible to the naked eye cut off the shackles on Chu WuQing’s leg. He then took out a robe from his storage bag and put it on Chu WuQing in a hurry before picking him up and speaking in a deep voice, “Let’s go now, quickly!”

He had experienced the position of being hugged like a woman too much these days. Chu WuQing almost instinctively resisted, but he knew that it was not a time to fuss about these things, and could only wrap his arms around Gu Yu’s neck and order, “Go.”

After all, his body still contained the foreign matters that Lin Yu had stuffed inside. Especially these days, in order to make him cooperate, Lin Yi even gave him that kind of pills. Even if there were no iron chains, he could not bring forth any strength.

Chu WuQing buried his flushed cheek into Gu Yu’s chest, trying not to let Gu Yu discover his anomalies.

It was really… Too disgraceful!

“Follow my directions.” Chu WuQing gritted his teeth and tried to make his voice sound cool and dignified.

He was sure that Lin Yi would not catch up for a while when they came out of the fifth layer and arrived at the third layer. Chu WuQing was finally relieved and indifferently commanded, “Put me down. Do some adjustments first.”

Gu Yu looked pained. He kneeled down on one knee and begged for forgiveness, “My Lord, it’s Gu Yu who was late.”

The youngster’s gaze was so sincere and resolute that Chu Wuqing’s heart, that was full of evil tendencies, melted. He couldn’t help sighing softly, “Gu Yu, you didn’t, you did very well.”

Out of habit, he stretched out his hand to stroke the top of the youngster’s head, but was surprised to find that at some point in time, the petite boy he fished out of the soil had grown taller than him.

“My Lord, your breathing is very heavy,” Gu Yu’s expression was gloomy. Chu WuQing had no external injuries on his body, but his spine was shaking slightly when he sat down, as if he was trying to silently endure something at all costs.


“I’m fine,” Chu WuQing gently coughed, and turned his face to avoid Gu Yu’s eyes. With a wave of his hand, he took out a bottle of pills and said coldly, “Quickly take this medicine and heal. If you dare to disobey my orders next time and do anything without authorization, don’t bother being my, Chu WuQing’s, servant any longer.”


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