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Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Chu WuQing woke up from his sleep, Chu YunShu had already left. His clothes were clean and tidy and it was as if what happened before was just like a dream.

If it was not for a place that had been overused and the soreness and mottled red marks on the skin that could not be ignored.

“Why is it like this?” Chu WuQing really could not understand. The Chu YunShu from his last life has no sign of abnormalities. Even if Chu YunShu forced himself on him and humiliated him by using him like a woman, but… Chu YunShu still gave him his half-formed golden core.

Moreover, this golden core allowed his cultivation to reach the Peak of Foundation Establishment in one go. As long as there was an opportunity, he could immediately form a true core.

It didn’t look like he was humiliating him at all…

“Could it be? In my last life, the reason why Chu YunShu went to the Demon World alone after he defected from the Chu Clan was not just to avoid the pursuit of the Chu Clan, but more importantly, because he didn’t like women?”

“How could a man who did not like women survive in the cultivation world? No matter how high his cultivation is, I’m afraid he will become a laughing stock.”

“And the reason why Lin Yi could become friends with Chu YunShu was that Chu YunShu would not fight over his women, and there were no gorgeous beauties around Chu YunShu for him to fight over? Unlike me who has a gorgeous fiancée.”

The more Chu WuQing thought about it, the more he felt it was reasonable, and he extremely regretted his actions, “I even wanted to humiliate him, but I was clearly sending myself to his mouth.“

What extraordinary shame and humiliation!

Unfortunately, he could not appeal to anyone about something like this, not even to his Daddy….

How could he say, “Daddy, I was raped like a woman by a man? You have to avenge me.” It was practically a joke…

Chu WuQing was trembling with anger… He really wanted to castrate Chu YunShu, put him in women’s clothes, and throw him into the brothel to return the suffering he experienced today a hundredfold.

But this kind of thing was impossible. It must be known that in his last life, Chu YunShu escaped from under the eyes of the Chu Clan, not to mention this Chu YunShu was stronger than the one from his last life!

Chu WuQing had a bellyful of fire but he could not do anything about it. However, when he thought of the spiritual pearl revolving in his body, his anger was slightly lessened. After all, he was a man, not a woman. Even if he was forced, strictly speaking, he did not lose anything.

If he really wanted to argue about this… It was such a filthy place, if it wasn’t for Chu YunShu, he would not have known that the place could be used to do such things.

Chu YunShu paid with his own golden core for such a place. Chu WuQing didn’t even know how long it would take for him to recover his lost cultivation.

When he thought about it this way, he seems to have made a profit.

Moreover, Chu YunShu could only do this kind of thing to him in the secret realm. Once they were out of the small realm, he had the magic items given by his father to protect himself. Chu YunShu wouldn’t be able to touch him at all.

Even for the sake of his hard-earned position in the Demon World, he would not dare to do such things that were against human relations and became the laughing stock of the public.

On the contrary, he lost one less threatening existence, Lin Yi lost his only friend, and it wouldn’t be as easy as it was for him to deal with the Chu Clan.

After realizing it, Chu WuQing mobilized the spiritual energy in his body, regulated the discomfort in his body, and continued his cultivation. His goal was the next level!

Chu WuQing kept the treasures he found along the way. Till he reached the last gateway where the treasure was hidden. The Ice Crystal sealed in the array shone brilliantly.

In his last life, Chu YunShu helped Lin Yi take this away, but now Lin Yi was still being beaten black and blue outside the cave. Chu WuQing arrived half a month earlier than everyone else.

Chu WuQing smiled slightly, he just had to break the seal according to the method from the original text to take the Ice Crystal away.

When his finger just touched the seal, suddenly a slender and fair hand appeared out of thin air and held his wrist firmly, making him unable to move!

Chu WuQing was greatly bewildered… Chu YunShu could enter ahead of time, would it be that… Lin Yi also?

The fingers holding his hand were extremely slender and strong, and each part of the skin perfectly covered the bones of his fingers, leaving only the faint callus formed by years of sword training at the webbing between the thumb and forefinger.

“Ah,” the voice that he remembered over two lifetimes suddenly rang out, and Lin Yi walked out of the darkness slowly.

The aura of the youth was entirely different from when he was taken away from the mortal world. Every step he took in this cave was like a monarch descending! Merciless Sword Qi filled the whole space, even the seal put down by the Immortal was trembling slightly.

At the realm Chu WuQing was currently in, he was completely unable to see through Lin Yi’s cultivation.

It was just how human beings were unable to look directly at gods.

How was this possible? How could he appear here?

Was it the slowness of the plot that caused the protagonist’s halo to activate again? Because Lin Yi was not the first one to enter the abode, did the abode run to welcome Lin Yi by itself?!

As Lin Yi approached step by step, Chu WuQing recalled the moment when his arms were cut off, that nightmare which haunted him for three hundred years.

But no matter how frightened he was in his heart, Chu WuQing still put on that pair of superiority, and even raised eyebrows to sneer, “What, you don’t recognize your master anymore?”

“I can certainly recognize Master.” Lin Yi’s eyelids hooded slightly, covering his piercing gaze, but the aura from his whole body made Chu WuQing feel even more fearful.

In his last life, this was how Lin Yi had cut off his flesh and broke his soul in front of everyone. Even his chance of reincarnation was severed!

Lin Yi forced Chu WuQing into the corner step by step. He touched Chu WuQing’s waist with cold fingers, slashed open his clothes, and gently stroked Chu WuQing back, “Master, you are afraid?”

It was clearly a question, but was said with such certainty.

Chu WuQing laughed grimly, “How can I be afraid? You are just my servant.”

The fingers that Lin Yi was using to stroke Chu WuQing’s back exerted more strength. The jade-white clear skin sank slightly and was marked with red traces. He suddenly laughed softly and leaned over to whisper into Chu WuQing’s ear, “Master, why did you rescue me from the depths of despair that year?”

“Ha, it’s just to get a plaything,” Chu WuQing turned his head and stared at Lin Yi. Even though he was immensely uneasy, he still didn’t forget to ridicule him. The arrogance tinged his cool eyes with a compelling beauty.

He even continued in disdain, “Could it be that you think I want you to be my guest, my adviser and my right-hand? All my kindness to you was just like kindness to a plaything. Saving you is like saving a cat or dog on the roadside.”

“A plaything?” Lin Yi repeated the two words slowly and softly.

“Why, you can’t believe it? You don’t want to face this fact? I just want to make you miserable, so that you can be in heaven one moment and fall into hell the next.” A wicked smile formed on Chu WuQing’s lips. His eyes were shining brilliantly, and pride was etched on the tips of his brows. The pureness and beauty was not something that could be touched.

“There is no ultimate beauty, only one who’s more beautiful than the last.” This line of poetry was actually true. 

“How is it? You fell in love with Su BeiCi at first sight, but she wants to kill you. She loves me so much that she can’t even tolerate the existence of male servants. Are you in pain?” Chu WuQing was becoming more and more pleased when he saw that Lin Yi was speechless.

“When did I fall in love at first sight with Su BeiCi?” Lin Yi was dumbfounded.

“Humph, you still won’t admit it? So what? Even if you don’t admit it, your heart has betrayed you,” Chu WuQing looked up at Lin Yi. Even if he was completely imprisoned by the other party, he stubbornly put on a condescending attitude, “You’re itching to kill me now. You want to give me the death of a thousand cuts, and cut off my arms with a long sword. But, Lin Yi, my father is an omniscient existence you can’t even imagine. His cultivation is far above Soul Transformation. If you dare to kill me, my father will chase you down and kill you.”

“When did I want to kill you?” Lin Yi looked down at Chu WuQing. His pitch-black eyes were like the deepest night. The fingers that were touching Chu WuQing’s arm slid down slowly and suddenly grasped Chu WuQing’s hands and pulled them above his head, “Master, I am absolutely certain…” 

“I fell in love at first sight,” his voice suddenly softened, like wisps of spring breeze and the fragrance of the willow tree in April assaulting the senses, “I fell in love at first sight with you.”


Day after day, Chu WuQing tried to escape, but he was unable to resist.

The thin and white wrists were covered with black shackles. His skin was chafed till it was slightly red, and he could not break free even after using all his means.

Lin Yi kneeled on the ground and raised Chu Wuqing’s wrist, gently touching it. With the soothing aura of spiritual energy, the red marks disappeared, leaving a pure white stretch of skin.

Delicate and tender, it made one feel exceptional tenderness, giving the urge to make his body bloom with the colour and luster of a Japanese rose.

Lin Yi lowered his head and kissed the youngster’s beautiful petal-like toes, “No matter how hard you struggle, it’s useless. The immortal abode has been closed. No one can come in and no one can save you except me who has inherited the immortal abode.” He raised his head slightly, looking up at Chu WuQing’s expression, and said forcefully, “Even your father can’t enter. I don’t want to hear the names of other people coming from your mouth, not even Chu HuanZhi’s name, unless you want to cry again. At that time, it’ll be useless to beg me to stop.”

Chu WuQing was enraged by Lin Yi’s words and wanted to curse in rage. But just as he opened his mouth, a numbness came from his legs.

The voice full of anger became inarticulate, “Lin Yi, wu, you’d better not cultivate or step out of this abode all your life, Wu wu… Otherwise, I’ll make sure you’re gang-raped before cutting you to death into, eh ah, thousands of pieces!”

The originally malicious eyes were becoming endlessly attractive as more and more tears gathered and his pupils were dilated. He looked alluring yet pitiful and gave one the urge to ravage him, so that he could no longer spit out vicious words from his mouth, leaving only sweet groans and sobs.

“If I could stay with you forever, what does cultivation matter?” Gently raising the youngster’s ankle, Lin Yi did not even let the slightest expression of shame and resentment on Chu WuQing slip by. He pressed him down by the edge of the pond and kissed a trail up his body. The skin that had just regained its brightness was marked with new and resplendent traces.


“You underestimate your charm too much. Anyone will choose you if it was a choice between you and cultivation.”


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Ahhhhhh (one of) the moment(s) I’ve been waiting for….!!! Will Chu WuQing start to understand the power he has over his harem?! Or that he even has a harem?!

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I hope Lin Yi won’t find out about the rape from before because this could make his yandere possessiveness worse and he could take it out on our QingQing

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This whole novel is just cwq being an idiot

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eu já nem sei de que lado estou

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Thank you for the chapter.
I feel a little bad for CWQ. His reality is being reordered , so fast and hard. Yes, he’s made his own mess. He just didn’t fully comprehend the consequences of what he was doing. He just thought he’d die. Not loved to death.

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Unpopular opinion but I dislike chu yunshu and prefer other MLs like lin Yi, lol. Wasn’t happy that yunshu got a lot of screentime

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