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The rabbit ball landed on the ground with a ‘thump’, and with a flash of white light, it had turned into a beautiful youngster in green.

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In the Zhen Jun of the Murderous Sword’s celestial ship, Chu WuQing’s taut nerves finally eased a little.

No matter if it was in his past or present life, he was always at his most relaxed when facing Chu HuanZhi. But this time, Chu HuanZhi’s cool eyes swept over him, he felt nervous for the first time.

He was afraid – afraid that his father would ask him what happened to him in the small realm in the manner of a father worrying about his daughter, and he was afraid that he would be troubled by the violations he had suffered.

He was a grown man. Other than psychological trauma, and mental humiliation, what other injuries could he have?

“Daddy,” Chu WuQing gritted his teeth and was almost pleading, “Don’t, don’t ask.”

Chu HuanZhi’s cold eyes slightly shuttered, and he buried all the pain in his eyes. His QingQing, who he had held in the palm of his hand and had been pampered and spoiled to the utmost, lost his pride for the first time and showed such a timid look.

At that moment when he made his move, he had already sentenced the whole ShangYuan Sect to death in his heart. But compared with giving vent to his anger, he did not want to see QingQing suffer the slightest harm, and he did not want QingQing to develop internal demons because of this.

Well, it would not be too late to get rid of this group of people when he overcame his internal demons. When did he, Chu HuanZhi, ever care about the secular rules and bother if he was detested by thousands?

The Zhen Jun of the Murderous Sword entered his Path through slaughter. He had never been a good man.

“QingQing.” The youthful, thick and broad palm fell on Chu WuQing’s head, and there was an indescribable tenderness in the extremely cold voice, “You are worthy of being my, Chu HuanZhi, son. You actually toyed with the proud sons of heaven from the three thousand realms in the small realm, and you have acquired the inheritance from the Immortal. Even in those days, Daddy couldn’t compare with you. Would you like to tell Daddy about the inheritance you got?”

Chu WuQing’s eyes brightened.

Though Chu WuQing was immensely reluctant to part when the celestial ship landed, when he thought of the battle of life and death with DanTai ZiYan three years later, he said goodbye to Chu HuanZhi and went back to his residence, intending to go into secluded cultivation.

Although he could receive a lot of advice if he was with his Daddy, and he could gain a qualitative rise in the Sword Path of Slaughter, his body had been transformed into that kind of appearance by those people. With this body that was in need of comfort, it was nothing if they were interacting for a short time, but his father would definitely find out if they stayed together for long.

In front of his father, he could not accept revealing that kind of embarrassing appearance.

It was a secret, a secret he had to keep on his own.

After Chu WuQing returned to his room, a furry ball suddenly fell into his arms. It was obviously the fake rabbit in the small realm that ran over to be his pet.

“Why are you here?” Chu WuQing’s expression was icy-cold. He pinched the rabbit’s neck and lifted him up. The little thing was so scared that its four limbs were fluttering in the air, and it’s white and soft ears were shaking helplessly in the air.

If he didn’t know that this was not a rabbit, and that it had a Golden Core cultivation, he might have been deceived by this facade of weakness.

It must be known that he lived in the interior section of the Chu Clan. There were dozens of Nascent Soul experts keeping watch and what’s more, there were also Void Comprehension ancestors in secluded cultivation. How could the rabbit sneak in quietly?

What did it want to do?

“Aowu,” The little thing struggled for a while. Seeing that Chu WuQing’s expression was still frosty, it held the back of Chu WuQing’s hand with a pair of trembling forelegs, and stretched out its tongue like a dog, licking it in a fawning manner: “I have no evil intentions.”

This was the first time that Chu WuQing heard the rabbit’s voice. The clear and high voice of a youngster was clean and beautiful, just like music from the forest. Anyone could not help their hearts soften when they heard it.

This made Chu WuQing even more wary. He felt that he seemed to have heard this voice somewhere and there was a familiar sound to it, but he couldn’t remember it. With a flick of his hand, he threw the rabbit out.

The rabbit ball landed on the ground with a ‘thump’, and with a flash of white light, it had turned into a beautiful youngster in green.

His long eyebrows were slanted upwards, and his eyes were as clear as spring water. He looked incomparably distinguished and accomplished.

“Xiao Yan!” Chu WuQing was slightly surprised. No wonder he felt a sense of familiarity, but he could not remember it at all.

Wasn’t this his love rival in his last life? Later, they became friends because of a common hatred towards Lin Yi.

To be more precise, Xiao Yan was a villain of a higher rank than him in the original text. He was someone with a better family background and was more talented than him. He had been carrying a torch for DanTai ZaiYan all his life, but his love remained unfulfilled. He had tried to plot against Lin Yi’s life many times, but was slapped in the face instead. Later, he became a stepping stone that made Lin Yi’s fame to resound in the entire QingBo realm. His father, the sect leader of the ShangYuan Sect, was severely disappointed with him and even personally abolished his cultivation and drove him out of the sect to make amends to Lin Yi.

The sect leader of the ShangYuan Sect forced him to kneel down and beg Lin Yi to take over the position of the Successor. With the status of a servant, he had to witness the new Successor Lin Yi marrying DanTai ZiYan before being expelled from the sect.

When he was in dire straits and died tragically, Chu WuQing had asked his Daddy to collect his body and set up a grave.

Yet, Xiao Yan’s father did not even come to see him.

Chu WuQing could not help looking at Xiao Yan with sympathy in his eyes. No matter how miserable and dire his situation was in his last life, his father always stood in front of him and held up the sky, not letting him suffer any injustice. However, Xiao Yan had truly been forsaken by his friends and allies, even his blood relatives became the culprits in his persecution and humiliation.

Did QingQing know him? Xiao Yan was slightly surprised, but did not find this strange. It must be that DanTai ZiYan had mentioned his xiaoshidi 1 to QingQing in his letters.

It was just that he didn’t know how DanTai ZiYan, this vile character, described him in his letter. According to that person’s despicable character, he would certainly disparage everyone except himself to set off his good character.

After all, besides his infatuation being his only advantage, DanTai ZiYan had no other advantage from his appearance to talent to family background.

He did not believe how anyone who had the blessing of three lifetimes to get QingQing as their Dao companion would not fall in love. His only advantage could not even be considered an advantage now.

“I’m not like what DanTai ZiYan said. Listen to my explanation, I have nothing to do with this vile character. Our Battle Cultivators Line is like fire and water with the Artificer Line. I will never allow anyone from the Battle Cultivator Line to fight against you in the arranged bloody battle. Humph, as for the Artificer Line, if anyone dares to side with DanTai ZiYan and fight against you, I will beat him till he can’t leave his abode for three years.”

Xiao Yan became angrier the more he talked. Those from the Artificer Line were generally simpler and purer, and were wholeheartedly focused on artificing. Unfortunately, this scum DanTai ZiYan came from there, and he harbored all sorts of schemes against others.

That day, they had agreed that DanTai ZiYan would enter the legendary abode and he would guard outside. Who knew that this despicable man even sent a fake edict saying that his father had failed to breakthrough and passed away while in secluded cultivation? He had no choice but to leave the small realm first. Only when he came back to the sect did he know that all this was a plan to lure the tiger from the mountain.

The most despicable one was the patriarch of the Artificer Line, DanTai ZiYan’s master, who actually got together to deceive him.

And then those kinds of things happened!

After he knew the news, he itched to kill DanTai ZiYan, but DanTai ZiYan was protected by his patriarch and the immortals. He only managed to beat the man till he was paralyzed on one side of his body, before being forced to stop.

“Young Master Chu, I really mean no harm.” Xiao Yan wanted to explain his purpose of sneaking into the Chu Clan, but he did not have a natural disposition towards words. He had thought of a lot to say in his mind, but he could not spit out half a word from his mouth, and was only able to worry helplessly.

Whether in the past or present, Xiao Yan’s character had not changed at all. Seeing Xiao Yan’s angry and panting appearance, Chu WuQing had a strange feeling of intimacy.

In his last life, Xiao Yan carried a torch for DanTai ZiYan. In this life, his sweetheart became a man, thus he changed from his beloved to a competitor. Xiao Yan’s character was simple and direct. The enemy of his enemy was his friend. It must be that Chu WuQing’s action of breaking off the engagement was in line with his intention, so he ran to the small realm to protect Chu WuQing. However, he was afraid that his identity as the Successor of the ShangYuan Sect would make Chu WuQing unable to trust him, so he could only wrong himself and turn into a rabbit to secretly stay by his side.

Chu WuQing’s heart warmed up. He went up and hugged the youngster whose eyes had turned red with anxiety and loudly declared, “There’s no need to speak. We’ll be good brothers all our lives.”


Xiao Yan, “Ah????!!!!!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. xiaoshidi: Younger Martial Brother
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June 24, 2021 12:54 pm

It’s better than nothing Xiao Yan, take it or leave it! XD
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

June 25, 2021 6:03 am

Whoaa Xiao Yan you can brag to a good portion of the harem now about how you got hugged by QingQing out of his own initiative and affection! And that he actually doesn’t hate you! Please don’t f*ck it up by going crazy all over him next chapter… And QingQing needs at least one friend right now 🙁
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June 25, 2021 4:45 pm

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June 26, 2021 7:35 am

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June 26, 2021 8:49 pm

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