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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Though he didn’t know why QingQing would consider him a good brother, it was better than being treated as an enemy from the ShangYuan Sect!

Thus, Xiao Yan returned to being a rabbit, still in a daze. Since the Chu Clan members all hated the ShangYuan Sect, if he dared appear, the elders would be told, and Chu HuanZhi would hear of it.

Meow~ He thought to himself, stepping on a carrot stump absentmindedly. Even this rabbit form was something he had struggled to fight for.

QingQing wanted him to return to the ShangYuan Sect and said they would reconvene after the promised battle. Luckily, he was smart enough to turn into a rabbit! 

He said that the three years of being a pet in the lower realm were particularly conducive to his understanding of the sword path. 

He was now ranked third on the Golden Core WenXian Ranks, which was much better than practicing in isolation in the sect. 

Although QingQing was full of disbelief and disapproval, the facts were hard to distinguish, so he let him be. 

The only bad thing was that he really seemed to be treated as a pet, and a pet that couldn’t get his owner’s love. A month had passed, and QingQing was always either cultivating or on the way to cultivating. 

He never came to pet his fur or feed him, let alone hold him in his arms and play with him! The treatment he received after becoming the other’s good brother wasn’t even as good as being a real animal in the lower realm. Xiao Yan felt sad. 

“The young master’s little rabbit is so cute, like a snowball. My heart melts every time I see it.” The voice of the female cultivators taking care of him came from outside. 

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe such a cute rabbit exists, more beautiful than even the TaXue beast worth ten thousand spirit stones. The only issue is that it’s too fierce. It wouldn’t let anyone touch it except the young master. It looks so soft… If I can touch the bunny, I’d be willing to forgo my family allowance for half a year!”

“This little thing is really intelligent. The young master remained in the practice room for five days and now he refuses to eat his favorite carrot. He’s gotten so thin from hunger.” The other cultivator sighed. 

While talking, the three of them walked into Chu WuQing’s room with today’s food. 

It was the three women again. Xiao Yan’s hair was about to bristle. They were just three insignificant little cultivators in the Qi Condensation stage, but they wanted to touch his fur and put on pet clothes for him! 

Xiao Yan felt that if this continued, not only would he not see QingQing, but he would also lose all his dignity. 

How dare they! He was the ShangYuan Sect’s young master! Xiao Yan thought up a plan. A pair of snow-white claws pulled on the edge of the basket, and then he started to whimper, tears filling his ruby eyes. 

Even his two long ears drooped. 

The three female cultivators were so worried that they picked him up quickly, “What’s wrong, little rabbit?” They held the little snowball in their arms for the first time without struggling away and escaping. Not only that, it rubbed against them, crying even more sadly. 

The rabbit’s paw pointed at the papers Chu WuQing had used for his daily writing practise in a most human-like way. 

There was nothing on the case table at this time, and it was clear what the rabbit was trying to convey. After pointing, the little rabbit started strangling itself. 

In an instant, the maids felt the little rabbit’s pulse become weak. 

“What do we do?” The maids paled. The young master told them that even if they die, they have to make sure this pet stays alive. Especially since this little thing was snuggling against her softly now, its usual arrogance gone. Tears dyed his eyes redder; it would make anyone’s heart soften. 

The maid gently stroked the rabbit’s head, “What about… should we take it to the practice room? As long as we leave it quietly outside the door, we can leave quickly without disturbing the young master. We can say that it sneaked out by itself.”

In the practice room, Chu WuQing was not cultivating. 

Because of the drugs and the repeated assaults he had been subjected to in the lower realm, his body had been irrevocably changed. He wanted to meditate, but an unbearable flash of heat came from his lower body. 

For the past five days, he has been fighting vigorously, but his body refused to obey his will, only wanting to engage in those shameful acts. 

He couldn’t even maintain his meditation pose. The feeling of emptiness between his legs was unbearable. His eyes were veiled in a mist of tears from trying to endure it. “No, I can’t go on like this.” If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to help but go to the auction to buy a man and solve it. 

With a light wave of his hand, a slender jade pillar appeared between his fingers. He stared at it, hesitation and conflict raging in his eyes, but the desire from his body made him feel hot in his chest just from seeing this shameless object, and his whole being was soft like a pool of spring water. 

Chu WuQing resignedly used the jade pillar to push up his belt. 


A cry was suddenly heard. 

Chu WuQing jumped and the jade pillar fell from his hands to the ground in his panic. Then he saw a snow-white rabbit rush in. 

It was his friend from both this life and his past life, Xiao Yan. His only friend had seen him in such an embarrassing state, and Chu WuQing’s heart was filled with despair. 

He felt both shame and shock. He wanted to explain, but he couldn’t say a word. He gathered sword energy in his hand; he wanted to blast Xiao Yan out.

He knew that he was about to lose his only friend of two lifetimes. Even he himself thought he was disgusting, let alone other people. Never mind Xiao Yan who doesn’t like men like him. 

Finally, the tears that had gathered in his eyes began to spill out, but his sword intent couldn’t hit Xiao Yan at all. 

Xiao Yan easily jumped up to him, and Chu WuQing closed his eyes in despair, almost begging: “Xiao Yan, please leave.” 

Before he finished speaking, Chu WuQing felt a moist, slight brush on his cheeks. He opened his eyes slightly to see the rabbit licking away his tears. 

“You-” You don’t find me disgusting? 

“QingQing don’t cry, don’t be sad.” The little rabbit’s eyes were full of pure adoration, without a hint of disgust or impatience. 

In a daze, Chu WuQing seemed to have grasped something, “Xiao Yan, do you…?” But he couldn’t finish it, get out those words: like me. This was his only friend who didn’t have those impure thoughts towards him. Once it was made clear, their relationship would no longer be the same. 

Xiao Yan kisses became domineering and aggressive. He didn’t know when he had changed back into a human form, pressing Chu WuQing against the wall, and tasting his delicate skin without allowing any resistance. 

“Yeah, I like QingQing, I have always liked you,” he paused, staring into the other’s panicked eyes. The assault stopped abruptly, and he slowly dropped a pious kiss against his forehead, like a brand, burning to the bottom of his heart. 

“You-” Panicking, Chu WuQing tried to get away, but all he could feel was Xiao Yan’s presence. He was completely trapped in a corner, his every move shamelessly exposed to the other. 

“I, I don’t expect QingQing to like me or forgive me,” Xiao Yan raised the other’s arms and used his knees to press open the young man’s legs. “I just don’t want to only be your friend. You can hate me.” He bit the young man’s trembling Adam’s apple, licking at and pressing against the beating life, “You can also pierce my heart with your sword, but please allow me to help you. You cannot bear this alone, and you will need a real man to satisfy you in a few days. Compared to other people who might not be safe for you, you might as well choose me. After all-” he suddenly stopped speaking. Xiao Yan stared at Chu WuQing’s red cheeks. The coldness in the other’s eyes gradually faded, replaced by pooling desire, and the corners of his eyebrows and eyes were dyed with an alluring glow. 

Even his pale, exposed neck held a pinkening tint, indescribably stunning, no color in this world could compare. 

He grasped the other’s feet hidden under the young man’s robes, taking off his shoes and lifting them over his shoulders. Then he said in a low voice, “You can abandon me, but I will always be your pet, only yours.” He tilted his head and licked at the pale arch of his foot. “My little master.”

“I’ll never betray you.”


Never betray me? That was indeed better than buying someone from an auction. 


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A friend in need a friend indeed. Well at least he doesn’t hate xiao yan and xiao yan seems to get a permission to….

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I suppose this is better than the other few….?

Thanks for the chapter btww!!! ^^

July 6, 2021 6:22 pm

I can’t believe it. We got consent???? Qingqing is going to actually enjoy it??? Xiao Yan you fucking hero-

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Xiao yan is probably the luckiest of them all

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