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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuJuan looked at the tribulation clouds in the sky with excitement. 

He was finally about to form his golden core, and it was a perfect golden core that even the very heavens were jealous of. 

Since becoming the inheriting disciple of the patriarch, the patriarch was always pressuring him to cultivate. In order to let him gain experience, he even threw him into the demon realm alone to fight demon beasts who had already formed a core! 

He was just a foundation establishment cultivator. No matter how much of a genius he was, how could he defeat so many golden core stage demons? Just dealing with one was enough to exhaust him. 

However, the patriarch refused to give a helping hand and simply looked down indifferently from high in the sky, watching as he was gnawed away by the demons to the point where his bones almost cracked and his Dantian was destroyed. 

Every time he was at his limits, he thought of his xiaodi to pull himself through. He couldn’t die. There are so many shameless people after his xiaodi! If he died, the position beside his xiaodi would belong to someone else. 

It wouldn’t take five years for his xiaodi to completely forget his existence. 

“Isn’t it just Golden Core stage demons?”

A cloud of sword aura rose, piercing through the air, and the surging demon beasts retreated like the ebbing tide, defeated. 


More and more divine lightning gathered. The Chu Clan disciples all gathered under the platform, under the protection of the Chu family’s Nascent Soul Elder. There was no need to fear that the lightning would hurt them. 

Voices of undisguised admiration filled Chu WuJuan’s ears. His fellow clan members looked at him with eyes full of admiration and even the elders didn’t hide their fanatical appreciation. 

Chu WuJuan’s gaze didn’t stay on their faces for a single moment, only looking for Chu WuQing’s figure in the vast sea of people. But he wasn’t there, from beginning to end. 

From the first tribulation lightning to the end of all twelve strikes… his golden core condensed, one day and night passed, and all the well-known and reputable cultivators of the Middle Realm came. Even the Higher Realms sent people to congratulate him, but he never once saw his xiaodi. 

“Congratulations, Young Clan Head on forming a perfect Greater Path Golden Core, and on your limitless future.” Congratulating him, one after the other, powerful cultivators the Chu Clan couldn’t even imagine extended olive branch after olive branch towards Chu WuJuan. 

But Chu WuJuan’s face was devoid of joy, “Sorry, I have something I must attend to.” He grabbed his sword and left though the sky, uncaring of everyone’s reaction. 

“Xiaodi.” A sense of anxiety rose in his heart, and Chu WuJuan hurriedly landed outside Chu WuQing’s immortal’s abode. 

As the son of the clan head, even if Chu WuQing wasn’t the successor, there were maids outside his immortal’s abode, ready to serve at any time, and a little further away, there were elite guards standing guard. 

These elites were considered death sworn raised by the clan, but in reality they were only the death sworn of Chu WuQing. They were all carefully selected and raised by Chu HuanZhi himself. The resources given to them for their cultivation even surpassed many elites who were actually a part of the clan. 

But now, the maids and the guards were nowhere to be seen. 

What happened that even Chu HuanZhi had to keep it hidden from prying eyes, not even trusting the death sworn? 

Did something happen to xiaodi? 

Chu WuJuan slashed his sword at the doors of the immortal’s abode. He had only just absorbed the tribulation lightning, and his spiritual energy seemed to hold the power of the heavens, electricity crackling. 

The doors of the immortal’s abode, with its layers of barriers and defences, shattered. 

“Who’s there!?” A familiar voice of anger came from inside the immortal’s abode. 

But Chu WuJuan couldn’t hear it anymore. What did he just see? What did he see! 

That was his arrogant and unique xiaodi, who never shows any care for others. He was an existence that everyone admired but dared not voice their admiration for. 

Because voicing it was blasphemy. Depriving them of the right to stand beside him and speak to him. 

But now, he was half-undressed, revealing large areas of skin, and softly held in the arms of a stranger. His frightened and enraged face was still red with the aftermath of being loved, so enticing. 

“Xiaodi!” Chu WuJuan cried out, feeling as if he were breaking down. The light in his eyes disappeared little by little, leaving only endless coldness. 

Chu WuQing bit his lower lip, holding on to Xiao Yan who wanted to act and said telepathically “Go, go now, do you want to be killed by my father?”

To Chu HuanZhi, the entire ShangYuan Sect was his enemy, and Xiao Yan was the young master of the ShangYuan Sect. 

Xiao Yan’s arms tightened around Chu WuQing’s waist, and not even bothering to glance at that crazy Chu Clan member. He wasn’t affected at all by this heavenly presence, kissing Chu WuQing’s ear. “I’ll kill him for you.”

“No, absolutely not.” Chu WuQing said coldly, “You said you would listen to me. Since you refuse to listen, I’ll put you back into the Linglong Tower.”

After their dual cultivation, Xiao Yan split his soul blood into two and gave half to Chu WuQing to show his absolute loyalty. 

In the next moment, Xiao Yan disappeared from Chu WuQing’s immortal’s abode, unable to fight back at all. 

Chu WuQing straightened his clothes and tried to maintain his dignity. Faced with his former enemy, his biggest rival, he said sternly, “Chu WuJuan, my business has nothing to do with you. I advise you to leave now, otherwise even if you’re at the Golden Core stage, I’ll have my father destroy your cultivation.”

He smiled slightly, like a blooming spring flower, and his crystal clear eyes were filled with lofty arrogance, “Even if the patriarch wants to do anything about it, do you think he can get through my father to kill me? You will only die in vain.”

Chu WuQing thought that he would be able to force Chu WuJuan to retreat with his words, even if he wasn’t put together at the moment. Chu WuJuan always liked to pretend to be a good person and a generous brother in front of him. 

The more rude he was, the more obedient Chu WuJuan would be, making everyone praise the young successor, and then despise Chu WuQing for his uselessness and behaviour. Even with Chu HuanZhi backing him, he was still a useless child. 

But Chu WuJuan stood motionless at the door of the immortal’s abode, and his presence grew more and more terrifying. 

After Chu WuQing finished the last sentence, Chu WuJuan stared at him like a hungry wolf. With that primitive gaze of a beast and an aura of bloodlust, Chu WuQing felt his blood go cold. 

For the first time, he was scared when facing Chu WuJuan. He took a step back in panic, and stiffly ordered, “Go away.”

“My dear brother,” Chu WuJuan smiled lightly, and walked towards Chu WuQing step by step, reaching out to touch the corners of Chu WuQing’s lips gently and softly. 

A chill shot up Chu WuQing’s spine. He wanted to retreat, but was caught by Chu WuJuan first, “Is this the fluid left from kissing?”

Chu WuJuan rubbed the corner of his lips gently, his fingertips stained with transparent liquid. Then he stretched his fingers out in front of Chu WuQing, and asked such an embarrassing question. 

“What do you want?” This was the first time Chu WuJuan had acted like this in front of Chu WuQing. He didn’t show any deference to him. His movements were very gentle, but it made his instincts scream. It made him think of Lin Yi, Gu Yu, and DanTai ZiYan. 

Impossible, it was impossible. 

They were cousins, and rivals who hated each other! 

Since childhood, Chu WuJuan had never given up his schemes of beating him down, making him an inferior foil to the other’s greatness. 

So how could Chu WuJuan possess that kind of emotion for him? 

Chu WuJuan retracted his finger and licked it. “My dear brother’s saliva is really fragrant. Can I have a proper taste of it?”

“No, no, you can’t!” Chu WuQing shook his head frantically, trying to push Chu WuJuan away, but he couldn’t budge the now Golden Core stage cultivator. The broken door of the immortal’s abode was repaired in an instant. 

Chu WuQing could sense that this immortal’s abode now had a new layer of seals and barrier around it that was placed by Chu WuJuan! 

“Disgusting,” he tried to awaken Chu WuJuan’s rationality, “We’re brothers, stop this madness.”

“Disgusting?” Chu WuJuan’s smile grew even more gentle, and deep pain was hidden in his eyes. 

“Others can do it, but I can’t?”

“But, I don’t want to be QingQing’s brother.”


“I’ve never wanted to.”


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July 8, 2021 9:27 pm

The cousin finally shows up- Jeez how many chapters has it been? 70?

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

July 13, 2021 9:15 am

Thank u for the translation ❤ qingqing s life is hella messed up lol 😂

August 12, 2021 4:05 am

😂😂😂 reallyy messed up

November 30, 2021 1:28 am

Anyways imma side with Xiao Yan (if he doesn’t force himself on qingqing later)
1. Out of all the gongs, he’s the funniest, shameless
2. He gave up ascending to Golden Core to protect Qingqing’s ascension while also fighting Yunshu so he couldn’t interfere with Qingqing’s ascension
3. Was willing to become a bunny just to get close to Qingqing and didn’t attacked him
4.despite being Shenyuans young master he showed his bunny form to his juniors without the slightest bit of shame..was even proud

April 25, 2022 10:16 pm

alguém salve qing qing

April 25, 2022 10:16 pm

Xiao yan é a melhor opção

December 16, 2022 9:51 pm

He remembered fhe first member of his harem who confess and he forgot to mention Chu YunShu.

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