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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Sweat began to drip on the Star Warrior’s forehead, trickling down his chin and onto the floor. His body began to tilt and his weight shifted to his right foot. But the upper half of his body froze motionless because of the injection lodged in his neck.

“Leg hurts? Still want to live?” Lu RanKong asked.

The Star Warrior didn’t make a sound, but he didn’t deny it either.

“If you answer me a few questions, I’ll let you live. The military has a special prison that can be used to hold you, and when the right opportunity arises later, I will let you go back to Lontan Planet.” Lu RanKong lowered his voice and asked, “Who did you give the jialing crystals you smuggled out before to? There must be another Lontan person, tell me his name and identity.”

The Star Warship soldier still didn’t say anything.

“Did you kill Xu?” Lan Yu suddenly asked from the side.

The Star Warship soldier rolled his eyes to look at Lan Yu, two voices rang out from his mouth at the same time, “Who is Xu?”

“A prisoner…”

“I don’t know…”

Lan Yu stared closely at the Star Warship soldier, but the blankness on his face didn’t seem to be fake, so he added, “An employee of the Black Crow Bar.”

When Lan Yu said this, he saw his eyes narrow when he heard the words ‘employee of the Black Crow Bar’.

“Remember? You killed the man? You didn’t know that he was a prisoner before, so when he found something in the Black Crow Bar, you silenced him?” Lan Yu asked in a series of stern voices.

“I don’t know anything about the Black Crow Bar.” The Star Warship soldier closed his eyes, meaning he refused to say more.

Lu RanKong whispered in his ear, “Your identity at that time was Officer Wang, it was easy to find out if you went to Sasu Planet on leave in those days, do you think you can just not say anything?”

“Black Crow Bar… Black Crow Bar…” Lan Yu slowly recited the name of the bar and said, “An employee of the Black Crow Bar said before he died that QuYa Prison had a Lontan person, so he must have found you, but only after he was released from prison. And how did he find you in the bar?”

“Speak up, and you have a chance, if you don’t, you die. Do you want to start talking?” Lu RanKong’s thumb twitched as he pressed the syringe.

“I killed him…” The Star Warship soldier suddenly spoke and opened his eyes, as he spoke in a flat tone, “I was drinking in a bar and the jialing crystal I was carrying with me was discovered by him, he also recognized my identity so I had no choice but to kill him.”

Lan Yu continued, “Why did you carry the jialing crystal with you? Xu was just an ordinary person, and he didn’t recognize it when he found it, and even if he did, he wouldn’t think of you as a Lontan person. You’re lying… Tell me, what exactly did Xu find out that made you follow him to his house and kill him?” Lan Yu’s eyes were deep, and his voice carried an endless sense of oppression that made people just feel flustered.

The Star Warship soldier swallowed, his throat making a slight rumble. He spoke with difficulty, “He heard my conversation with Noe.” 

“Who is Noe?”

“Noe was also a Lontan person by name, and is dead.”


“Yes, dead.” The Star Warship soldier looked at Lan Yu and said slowly and clearly, “He planted a bomb in a mall in Zata Planet and you killed him.”

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong looked at each other quickly, both remembering the incident in the Cactus Mall.

Lu RanKong then asked, “Did you and Noe meet up at the Black Crow Bar and then get caught by Xu?”

“Yes. When Noe and I finished talking and were about to leave, I realized that the barman was behind us. Pretending not to spot him, I waited in the alley outside the Black Crow Bar and followed him all the way home from work as he did.” The Star Warship soldier continued to speak in two voices.

Lan Yu asked a question in the back of his mind, “Why did Noe go to the mall to set off a bomb later? Just to blow up a bunch of ordinary people?”

This question had come to his mind several times, but there has been no answer. A Lontan person must have hidden his identity and whereabouts, just like the one in front of him and Mrs. Wang before him. But that bomber was the opposite, so recklessly appearing in the mall, planting bombs and kidnapping hostages, completely unafraid of their identity being exposed.

It was impossible that he came to Sasu Planet by any means just to blow up the mall.

The Star Warship soldier didn’t answer, but looked at Lan Yu with a meaningful smile, and closed his eyes again.

Lu RanKong saw that he didn’t want to talk, so he asked another question, “What did you do in the mine on April 13? Why did you leave a bloodstain?”

“April 13…” The Star Warship soldier didn’t evade the question, and opened his mouth again slowly, saying, “I don’t remember April 13, but I do remember one thing when you talk about the blood in the mine, it should be April 13.” He sighed, like two people sighing at the same time, sounding a bit weird, “I stayed in the prison guard’s spiritual domain for quite a long time, so his spiritual body was almost devoured by me. Somehow, that day, a little bit of unformed spiritual body suddenly woke up, desperately trying to take over the body. I was just crawling out of the small hole when he surfaced, then he began to hurt himself, picking up the ground iron pick and stabbed us in the abdomen.”

Lan Yu held his breath when he heard this. He knew Officer Wang had disappeared, but couldn’t help but ask hopefully, “What happened?”

The Star Warship soldier suddenly laughed, his laughter was full of smugness, “Then I devoured all of his mental body and made him disappear from this world forever, hahaha…”

With a click, his laughter abruptly stopped and another miserable scream was issued. His face became even more ugly and hideous, and his body was shivering with pain.

Lu RanKong kicked him hard in the gunshot wound and said through gritted teeth, “You should have been shot more, you bastard.”

The Star Warship soldier huffed in pain while laughing nervously, shaking all over. As he laughed, his voice slowly dropped and his head began to droop.

Lan Yu looked at him coldly, but looked more and more puzzled, and couldn’t help but ask Lu RanKong, “Something doesn’t seem right, look at what’s wrong with him?”

Lu RanKong looked at his face and got nervous, “Hey, hey, what’s wrong with you?”

The Star Warship soldier’s face began to flush green, beads of sweat continued to emerge from his forehead, and his eyes were looking straight ahead in a very abnormal state. Then, a green shadow emerged from the surface of his body, slowly condensing into a humanoid entity in the air, becoming clearer and clearer, before falling heavily to the ground.

The Star Warship soldier also fell backwards at the same time, Lu RanKong rushed to pull out the needle still stuck in his neck, to hold him against the wall. The dark green Lontan person lay on the ground, shrinking at a rate visible to the naked eye, the flesh and blood beneath the skin quickly draining away.

“What’s wrong with him?! What’s wrong with him? Is he dying?” Lan Yu leaned down to look at him and asked Lu RanKong sharply.

He had seen this scene twice before, as the Lontan person continued to shrivel, and in less than a minute, only a small handful of dryness remained, wrapped in loose green skin on the outside.

Lu RanKong didn’t reply, crouched down to look him in the eyes, then looked up to Lan Yu and said, “He’s dead…”

“How did you stab him to death before you even finished asking the question?”

Lu RanKong shook his head, “I didn’t stab him…”

“He was shivering and your thumb was pressing on the push, so when your hand shook, the drug went in?” Lan Yu asked rhetorically.

“I really didn’t stab him to death.”

“You’re the one who did it.”

Lu RanKong wiped his face and said, “Actually, I didn’t even think to ask him any questions at first, so I just stabbed his neck to avoid giving him the chance to get out again. It turned out that the needle was a bad one, and it wouldn’t eject even after a few presses.”

Lan Yu opened his mouth slightly in shock, “You’re saying that the syringe was faulty?”

Lu RanKong nodded.

After a few seconds of silence, Lan Yu narrowed his eyes and said, “What did you say when I asked you what if this injection was faulty when you pushed it in and nothing would come out?”

Lu RanKong looked intently at the Lontan person in front of him, frowning slightly, as if he was not paying attention to Lan Yu’s words, only immersed in his own thoughts.

“How did you come up with this assumption? This is made of the most advanced technology up there, and the material isn’t ordinary material, and it has gathered the efforts of many researchers, and it’s all an insult to them for you to have such an idea.” Lan Yu recited Lu RanKong’s reply word for word, and his expression was perfect.

Lu RanKong couldn’t pretend any longer, but sighed helplessly as he said, “How come you have such a good memory? But there’s always a possibility that any item can be broken…”

Lan Yu again imitated his tone at that time, and reached out to pat his shoulder, “Don’t worry, even if the Sasu Planet system explodes, that won’t break.”

Lu RanKong shook his head with a smile and stood up.

“I don’t know if the one I have is faulty or not.” Lan Yu lifted his own needle to his eyes for a closer look. The outside of the needle was made of a special material, metal-like in texture but barely felt in weight with a small red dot at the end that was attached to the push rod when pressed.

“The one you have is definitely good, the one I have was unexpectedly—”


A small stream of clear liquid traced a thin, narrow arc through the air before falling to the floor.

Lan Yu held the empty syringe, expressionlessly staring at Lu RanKong who was also expressionless.

“Now you won’t be obsessed with whether the injection is working or not.” Lu RanKong said.

“I just pressed it a little and kind of lost control of my thumb.”

Lu RanKong shook his head and said, “Forget it, the Lontan person is dead anyway and no longer needs the injection.”

After the injection was used, the tube was automatically destroyed, disappearing into the palm of the hand like an ice cube dissolving.

Lan Yu looked at his empty hand, balling it up then releasing it, remembering that there was a green man at his feet, he took half a step back and asked, “Since the injection wasn’t used, how did he die?”

“Suicide, I guess…”

“Suicide? Did he swallow some kind of poison?” Lan Yu asked.

“It was some kind of chip activation.”

Lan Yu said, “But I think he wanted to live at first.”

It was clear that the Lontan person was already speaking in reply.

Lu RanKong lowered his eyes and said, “It was because he didn’t want to answer the questions we asked later that he killed himself. And he knew that if he was put in a special prison with the means of the military, even if he didn’t talk, we could get the information we wanted from his head, including many untold secrets. Not to mention that he wouldn’t be sent back at all, only captured for life.”

“Untold secrets?” Lan Yu muttered a question.

Lu RanKong turned his head and saw the Star Warship soldier leaning against the wall, still unconscious, and said, “Yeah, like why would the Lontan person go through all that trouble to seize the Sasu Planet system? Why don’t they stay in the original planet system? The population is already small, so isn’t the whole Lontan Planet enough for them?”

Lan Yu then remembered that he had never thought about this question. To be honest, why would the Lontan people try to come to the Sasu Planet system to make trouble?

“But some things will always be figured out slowly, so there’s no need to guess more.” Lu RanKong saw that Lan Yu was still dazed, so he reminded him, “There’s still something lying under your feet.”

Everyone on the ship was still waiting outside, and when they saw that the Star Warship soldier had been inside for a while and hadn’t come out yet, they all started talking to each other.

The captain couldn’t help but pace up to the vice captain and whisper, “Do you think there’s a real problem?”

The two vice captains looked at each other and hesitantly said, “Maybe there is a real problem.”

As they were talking, they heard the cabin room door open and Lan Yu and Lu RanKong came out.

“There’s a Lontan’s body inside, go get it.” Lu RanKong said lightly, “Don’t break the body, the military will send someone soon, so give it to them then. By the way, there is a prison guard’s body in the open space outside the Star Warship on the left. The prison can’t take care of it, you guys help embalm the body first, and then return it to them when prison comes tomorrow.”

“It’s true? There really was a Lontan person?” The crowd suddenly exploded, and a few Star Warship soldiers ran in.

“There is another Star Warship soldier who is unconscious. He was invaded by the Lontan person, but not for long, so it’s no big deal, he’s just asleep.” After Lu RanKong finished, he turned his head and saw the captain standing by, wiping the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief, so he went forward and said, “Senior…”

“Just call me Captain,” The captain’s attitude changed for the better.

Lu RanKong continued, “Captain, this Lontan person is dead, but he still has something on board, so we have to search for it and hand it over to the Ministry together with his body.”

“There are still things?” The captain immediately alerted, “Search. The whole crew must search! If you find anything suspicious, hand it over.”

“Yes, sir…”

The spiral ladder at the entrance of the ship had been lowered, and several people were pulling a big black bag tightly in the open space on the left side, which should be Officer Wang.

Lan Yu walked and looked at that place.

Although from the time he came to prison, the contact was a Lontan person disguised as Officer Wang, but he imitated the speech and mannerisms of the person, so probably Officer Wang was also the same in life. A little grumpy, but very upright, harsh attitude to prisoners, but also wouldn’t use any tactics on them.

Ai… Lan Yu sighed in his heart.

An arm landed on his shoulder, as Lu RanKong patted him on the shoulder and said, “That Lontan person is dead, it can also be considered that revenge has been taken. Let’s go.”

Lan Yu hung his head and said, “There are still a lot of unanswered questions, and he committed suicide, so it’s not revenge.” 

“Forcing him to commit suicide, which means you killed him, this is definitely considered revenge.”

Lan Yu glanced up at him and said, “You forced him to kill himself, not me, and you kept that injection in his neck.”

Lu RanKong said, “I sleep in your bed, he was standing at the head of our bed.”

“He can’t stand for long, and we will not always stay in the prison,” Lan Yu reacted for a moment and asked, “By the way, the Lontan person is dead, we can go back, right?”

“Ah, it seems that we can go back.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu’s eyes lit up, “When will we leave?”

Lu RanKong said, “The military will definitely come to pick us up tonight, and we’ll be there first thing in the morning, so we’ll say goodbye to the people in the prison.”

The two of them walked forward in silence, when Lu RanKong suddenly asked, “You wielded the whip loudly, but actually didn’t use force. Did you really break the Star Warship soldier’s leg bone?”

Lan Yu heard this and suddenly stopped in his tracks and Lu RanKong followed suit.

“What do you think?” Lan Yu asked rhetorically. Under the moonlight, his skin was snow-white, his eyebrows were dark, the corners of his mouth were slightly curved, and his eyes shone with light.

“I think…” Lu RanKong looked at him like this, his mind suddenly went haywire and he said, “Maybe it didn’t break, he was only hurting from a gunshot wound, right?”

Lan Yu winked at him with a little wryness, “Take your time to guess…”

After saying that, he turned around and continued to walk forward.

Lu RanKong stood in the same place stunned for a long time, before chasing after him.


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Sue R
Sue R
July 8, 2021 12:13 pm

Finally they can go back and K is very happy ☺️. Let’s see how they keep on their relationship. Please no more assignment for a while. Thank you ☺️.

July 8, 2021 9:55 pm

Hahaha…what a pair😂😂😂

July 9, 2021 7:10 am

An almost satisfactory conclusion… but will they find what they believe the Lontan person had on board and will their departure go smoothly?
Thank you for the chapter and looking forward to the next instalment!

July 24, 2021 11:42 pm

Those syringes… they really did jinx themselves! 😂
This chapter was informative! There were questions that I did not consider.

I think Lan Yu used force with the whip, but did not break bone. I’m not sure Lan Yu would have knowledge about the material of whips.

July 31, 2021 12:08 pm

bueno espero que no haya un blot twist tremendo y me deje sin pelos

August 10, 2021 6:04 pm

Maybe the original planet made it impossible to live so the Lontans had no choice but to invade other planets to survive. Or they have an important mission? Coz they seem to work together for the same goal.

Also, when Officer Liu saw K at Black Crow Bar, the bombing at Cactus Mall and when Lan transmigrated to K’s body, the timeline coincides…

March 31, 2022 7:44 pm

lan yu youre making me blush with that wink hehehe lmfao

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