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Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Chu WuQing tried his best to fight back. His voice was broken, choked with whimpers of shame. “Chu WuJuan, do you want to die?” “If you stop now and I can pretend this never happened.”

“Die?” The young man’s dark eyes were tinted with blood as he swept his gaze over Chu WuQing’s face. “I can die for QingQing. It would be like going to heaven for me.”

Chu WuJuan’s slender fingers pushed past the young man’s red lips, feeling about. The madness in his eyes grew even more intense. “If you’d like it, you can take my life whenever.”

His robes, which was a powerful magic artifact in its own right, shattered under the other’s sword aura. Chu WuQing’s skin was exposed, helpless, and the suggestive red marks there roused the other man’s inner beast. He was forcibly brought into Chu WuJuan’s arms, helpless like a child. 

His possessive kisses were more like harsh bites, trying to cover the red marks with his own. 

Chu WuJuan’s voice rang in his ears over and over again echoing through his divine consciousness. “I’m holding you, QingQing.”

“No, no,” Despair filled Chu WuQing’s eyes, “You can’t do this!” He closed his eyes and finally made up his mind to activate the talisman in the divine consciousness. 

“Father, save me!”

This talisman ignored the barriers Chu WuJuan had erected, piercing through the clouds in an instant, and heading towards where Chu HuanZhi was cultivating in isolation deep in the Chu Clan territory. 

“QingQing,” Some rationality finally returned to Chu WuJuan’s eyes. His xiaodi in his arms had only coldness in his eyes. 

There wasn’t the slightest bit of emotion there, as if they were looking at a corpse. 

“How great.” The smile on Chu WuJuan’s face grew. He wasn’t at all intimidated by the threat of Chu HuanZhi’s approach, and held the young man in his arms tighter. 

He opened his mouth and a drop of blood was shot into Chu WuQing’s brow. When he lost that drop of blood, Chu WuJuan’s lifeforce suddenly faltered, and his face paled. 

But he still hugged Chu WuQing tightly and refused to relax his grip in the slightest. 

“Bastard!” A cold and sharp voice descended upon them, and everything within twenty li of Chu WuQing’s immortal’s abode turned to rubble. The clouds in the sky were surging with lightning and thunder, like the wrath of the sky! 

Under this power, Chu WuJuan finally was no longer able to maintain his grip on Chu WuQing, and collapsed to the ground feebly, his breaths growing weaker and weaker. “How great.”

“Daddy.” Chu WuQing looked at the figure descending from the sky, instinctively wanting to throw himself into his father’s arms, but thinking of his sordid and embarrassing state, he couldn’t help but shrink away. 

Chu HuanZhi’s eyes were full of undisguised anger and heartache, but was helpless to do anything, he could only look at Chu WuJuan, lying on the ground! Just now, Chu WuJuan used his life and soul in combination with all his cultivation, and forcibly enacted a dual cultivation contract with Chu WuQing. This contract was recognized by the heavens, and even he could not change it. 

Chu HuanZhi waved his hand, and a terrifying force wrapped Chu WuQing up from the ground, pulling him into the other’s arms. He stroked the young man’s tear-stained cheeks tenderly, and said, pained, “It’s all Daddy’s fault.” Blame me for not protecting you. 

For the first time, he deeply regretted that he had given the young man so much freedom. 

Chu WuQing shook his head slightly, “No, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.” He was buried in his father’s embrace, and all he could breathe in was the cold fragrance that belonged to his father. 

So cold, but it could give him the greatest warmth. 

It was him, a child who was not worthy of being his father’s child, who destroyed all the pride of the Zhenjun of the Murderous Sword. 

He was carried by Chu HuanZhi all the way into the palace. At first it was just pure attachment and dependency, but gradually waves of scorching heat rose in his body. He and Chu WuJuan had not truly been intimate. His shameful desire hadn’t truly been satiated yet. Now, the other’s powerful presence and solid chest was a huge stimulation to his body and soul, and his entire being involuntarily relaxed. 

No, that wouldn’t do. He can’t, he absolutely couldn’t! This was his father, how could his body have this most shameful reaction in front of his father. 

Chu WuQing desperately wanted to get out of Chu HuanZhi’s embrace, but his struggles only drew Chu HuanZhi’s concern. The other young man’s steady and powerful palms patted his back, gently stroking him from neck to waist, wanting to comfort him. 

There was nothing sexual to this intimate action, but it made the flame in Chu WuQing’s already scorching body burn even higher, and he couldn’t help but rub his cheek against Chu HuanZhi’s chest affectionately. 

After this endearing act, he jumped away like he was shocked. What was wrong with him? Shame and guilt filled his body, but he was like a small boat falling into the sea of desire. The shame made his body even more excited, and mist started to gather in his eyes. 

He opened his mouth with difficulty, his beautiful teeth digging into his lower lip, trying to prevent the moan from escaping. He begged, “Daddy, please…” let me down. But before he could finish his sentence, the moans slipped out and he could only close his mouth in a hurry. 

He stared at Chu HuanZhi imploringly, trying to relay his desire for Chu HuanZhi to let him down. 

But for the first time, Chu HuanZhi interrupted his telepathy, ignoring his plea and looking at him so indifferently. The other touched the corners of his lips with his fingers, and asked coldly, “QingQing, what are you begging me for?”

Such coldness and ruthlessness sent a different kind of spark through Chu WuQing’s being, exciting his body even further. He tried hard to push Chu HuanZhi away, and push himself out of the other’s grip, but his weak body couldn’t do anything. His fists fell on the man’s solid chest like he was teasing the other. 

Chu WuQing was ashamed and embarrassed, and a thin layer of alluring red burned on his cheeks. His entire body was under his father’s scrutiny. His clothes were neat and tidy, dressed impeccably, but he felt so exposed, as if the other could see everything. 

Nothing could remain hidden! 

“Don’t,” He begged, sobbing. 

“Don’t be afraid.” Chu HuanZhi’s icy voice finally softened a little, bringing with it a layer of humanity that could not be wiped away. 

It were as if a tree of red peach blossoms bloomed on top of a thousand year mountain of ice where life was extinct. “Let me see, where exactly has QingQing been bullied? Did someone use a Gu on you? Only by removing the Gu can everything return to normal.”

One by one, bit by bit, twisting and tangling around his heart, he couldn’t resist this deadly temptation. 

“Yes.” The young man nodded with blushing cheeks. If his father said so, then there must be a way, even if it were Lin Yi who had drugged him. 

Chu WuQing was carried into the palace by Chu HuanZhi in a daze and placed on the bed. 

Along the way, his loose robe was easily pulled open by the man, leaving only a close-fitting inner robe. His father’s cold fingers fell on his skin like the touch of a dragonfly on water, before the touches grew heavier and heavier, more and more shameful, and began to cross that boundary. “QingQing, relax.”

The moment his body touched the ice-cold bed, he suddenly startled, his body trembling with delight under Chu HuanZhi’s touch. “No, don’t touch it.”

Chu WuQing faintly realised that something was wrong. Checking his condition and treating it shouldn’t be like this, but Chu HuanZhi’s expression brooked no questions. His waist was firmly held down by Chu HuanZhi, unable to move. 


This feeling made him angry and terrified yet also extremely secure, like a drowning man grabbing onto thorny driftwood, knowing that it was covered with sharp spikes, but reluctant to let go. 


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