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Chapter 102: New uses for pets

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Listen to me, if there is little confidence in treasure hunting, simply focus on planting. Plant the seeds, pour on the magical spring water, wait another half an hour to harvest the first piece of ground corn, then step by step you will get a little faster. And you do not have to use magical spring water every time if you are not going to participate in the corn harvesting contest. There are three opportunities a day for this competition. During this period, there is certainly no time to go back, unless you are to participate then go back to plant. In this case, the last batch of corn can go without watering. I estimate that two hours is enough for you to come and go.”

“Oooh, a corn plant can use up to 4 bottles of magical spring water, but a spring water gift pack costs 30 star coins, and there are always a few of them opened. Usually I feel okay, but nowadays, it feels that this spring water is really expensive. I am about to pour, but I can’t afford it. TAT.”

“Agree to agree, I only dare to water two bottles per plot, the time is only reduced by half an hour, and so on tomorrow and the day after, maybe no longer use the magic spring water. Laughing dead. Carefree Farmstead has actually become a game that only kryptonite players can afford to play.”

“Why, if you can’t afford it, you don’t have to use it. It’s not about the game, and you’re not forced to use it. We’ll be steady two hours a wave planted, the lack of points on the treasure hunt to get. I don’t believe it, those star warriors can still put their luck in kryptonite!”

“Brother, think about Big Brother Demon Xing’s ‘lucky’ title. There is a world of difference, ah.”

Wen XingYao, who was suddenly cued. “…”

He innocently looked back at Bai Li and Song Xinran to show his clear conscience. He hadn’t gone treasure hunting with his title, so they couldn’t be serious!

The players didn’t notice that the main character of the discussion in their topic was standing not far from them. At that moment, another player who had just arrived joined the conversation.

“Hahaha! You guys are still digging and watering the seeds yourselves, huh? Let me tell you, I just home-trained my rabbit to kick the dirt in the middle of the ground to the side with his hind legs along a row of ground and guess what? He actually did! Then I focused on sowing seeds in the back. That’s not all. My other pet is a deer. It followed me and with hooves it kicked the soil back into the original place, so a piece of land was planted. I was only responsible for keeping my head down to sow seeds. I’m relaxed beyond belief! The pets in the game are really smart!”

Bai Li, who heard this, “…”

Bai Li, Sure enough, the creativity of players is endless.

Wen XingYao, My koi can help with watering, so it’s no worse than others.

Song Xinran, Geez ahhhhhh! It’s really possible! Okay, I’ll train up when I get back!

When he saw the players were talking more and more, and their voices were getting louder and louder, the old village chief was forced to cough heavily to bring back the attention of the players who had drifted away. Looking at the serious face of the village chief, the players suddenly remembered not long ago as he stormed the boar with a machete and instantly became quail-like, silenced. They were afraid they could not fight.

“Ahem. Since people are already here, then I will repeat the rules of the game.” The old village chief’s voice was low and strong. “The villagers who have been registered will be added to a random team, and every 20 people will be transported to a special corn field. Each person is given a linen bag so you can put the picked corn into it. It should be noted that the corn put into the bag is not completely safe. Other villagers can steal the corn in the bag from another person. If the bag is touched, corn can fall out by means of physical contact, although only a maximum of one corn cob will fall out every 5 seconds. The time limit for the competition is 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, all villagers will be teleported back, and the amount of corn in everyone’s bag at that time will determine how many points you can finally get. First place gets 20 points, second place gets 15 points, third place gets 10 points. The rest of the villagers will only get a guaranteed 5 points.”

“Village chief, what if less than 20 people sign up for the competition?” Some players asked this question.

There were only a total of 4,998 official players in the game. Say everyone used up their race times every day. There would still be 18 people left behind, and it can’t be that the last 18 people wouldn’t participate.

“Don’t worry,” the village chief said, “If there are no more villagers signed up to participate in five minutes, the villagers who have already signed up will be directly transported over. If the number of people is not enough, it doesn’t matter.”

“Village chief, you refer to this ‘physical contact’, there is no limit to the scope? And the corn that falls out, if several people touch the same person at the same time, whose is it counted towards?” Another player leapt forward to ask his own question. Looking at his expression, it seemed that he had already started some kind of ghost idea.

The old village chief didn’t care about the players’ small thoughts, and continued to explain responsibly, “Including but not limited to accidentally touching or intentionally coming forward to pull. If it’s a many-to-one situation, the dropped corn will go to whoever picks it up again. But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t recommend a ‘group attack’ situation; there’s no guarantee that the corn in your own bag won’t follow suit and fall out even more when you do so.”

The players who had already started to secretly hint with their eyes that they intended to find a cooperative partner, after hearing Village Chief’s words, could not help but feel a stirring and instantly calmed down. The game had rules. If someone touched their bag, the corn would fall out. If they fought in a group, each person would receive a few punches. When the group fight was over, wouldn’t the corn go to the last person who could still stand up?

It was too much of a loss. They’d better get their own corn honestly.

…Or not.

Although the idea of cooperating with the others was discouraged, it was not impossible to fight alone.

At this moment, the players seemed to forget that they were in a game, and that they were trying to break and grab corn just to get more points. Their desire to win burned in their hearts. This time, they were in a happy mood and wanted to win from the bottom of their hearts, unlike the usual way. The reason for this mentality was Genetic Collapse Disorder.

“Ah…It’s hard for me to be in a group with you guys, then.” Song Xinran remembered the look on Bai Li’s face when they talked about this topic two days ago, and it turned out that there was no guarantee that they would be in the same group for the competition. He seemed to have figured out the meaning of ‘regret’ in his master’s words. 

If they were really unfortunate enough to be in the same group, then it was bound to become a competitive relationship. He definitely would not win the competition against his master. His master was also the same, in this case, in the course of the competition, it was inevitable to be a bit tied up.

“It’s okay.” Bai Li raised his hand, and stroked Song Xinran’s fluffy head encouragingly. “You go in. Cheer yourself up and try to break off some more corn, okay? If you see other people around, keep an eye out for them, and avoid them if you can.”

“Yes, I’ll remember!” Song Xinran nodded heavily, and then said with an embarrassed face, “For today’s competition, I actually practiced secretly in private, and planted several rounds of corn two days ago, and also went up a level for planting actively.”

When they heard this, not only Bai Li, originally because the master and apprentice had been talking and chatting, but Wen XingYao also couldn’t help but raise up the corners of his mouth.

Young people were just not confident enough.

After the village chief introduced the specific process of the competition, he opened the registration mode on the bulletin board at the side. Players who wanted to participate in the tournament just needed to approach the bulletin board and get a system prompt asking if they wanted to register.

Bai Li took the two over and quickly completed the registration process. While waiting for the teleportation, it was also agreed that if someone came out first, they would continue to sign up until they had used up all three chances and then wait around for the other two to come out.

Soon, in Bai Li’s eyes, there appeared a countdown to the upcoming teleportation. The countdown ended and a white fog appeared in front of him. When the white fog cleared, he was standing in the middle of a corn field.

The area of the cornfield was not large, a 20m X 20m square, so if he turned his head, he could see a few players standing nearby who were still a bit confused. Bai Li squeezed the burlap sack that appeared in his hand, quickly withdrew his gaze, and grabbed the corn around him.

His movements were fast, accurate and ruthless. From above and below, it took just a dozen seconds to get five corn. Such results were obviously not enough, and when one corn plant was cleared to the bottom, he targeted another plant.

In this way, almost without stopping, Bai Li emptied all the corn plants that he could reach from where he stood. After that it was a matter of moving forward and picking up where he left off.

“Crap!” Bai Li’s side of the movement finally caught the attention of the players who were still in a daze, and they couldn’t care less about this magical sense of time and space shift, and rushed into action after realizing that they actually had Bai Li among their competitors.

But their action of breaking the corn was far less beautiful and simple than Bai Li’s.

The players’ attention was not completely focused, as they had to watch vigilantly to see if someone would come out to attack, while grabbing a piece of corn and pulling it off with brute force, which caused a lot of “cracking” and “popping” noises around them.

Bai Li looked away from the group of players who had not yet entered the state. Unknowingly, he walked to the corner of the cornfield, still moving without stopping as he broke the corn.

It was because of his distance that he didn’t hear the whispered discussions of the other players in the corn field.

“Hey hey. You guys saw it! Big Brother Li Bai is actually in our group, hey!”

“See, see, see! This is the first time I’ve been so close to Big Brother! How about it brothers? Rush in a wave, no? Let’s go ‘rob’ Big Brother?”

“Tsk, you guys, really had the same idea. The big guy looks like he can break the corn, maybe we can ‘rob’ the big guy to grab second and third place?”

“I don’t think so. Big Brother Li Bai looks very skinny, certainly can not beat us so many people. But the village chief recommended that we not mug more than one, saying it’s too unfair and too unsafe.”

“Jeez, you say ‘mug’ like you are taking it seriously. We just go up and Big Brother Li Bai and play. We will not really do anything to him. It’s a competition. How come you don’t even have this competitive spirit? Even if we don’t succeed in the end, it’s good to make a face in front of the big brother. I heard that Big Brother Li Bai is very good at farming. When the first players came in, they learned farming techniques from him.”

“Yes, yes. I also heard that the netizens’ ‘Interstellar Agricultural Demonstration Unit’ has been rated for him?”

“So, just one question for you guys. Yes or no?”

“Yes…Shall we?”

The players who had decided to go on were discussing head to head and soon decided to set off in search of Bai Li’s figure. However, they searched and searched and searched, but they could not find where Bai Li was. The other man seemed to have a sudden invisibility, and  completely disappeared in front of their eyes.

Bai Li, who was standing not far from them and whose aura had merged with the cornfield because he was too focused, was confused.

Was there something wrong with this group of players?


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