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Chapter 109: Versailles Players

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Even if the bulletin board in front of the village chief’s house was long, it couldn’t manage to get 5,000 players around it at the same time. Bai Li also posted a screenshot of the list of redeemable items on the game’s official website and on its Starblog. The screenshot was forwarded to the game’s forum by ‘enthusiasts’ and drew numerous people’s attention.

After all, it was the first event of Carefree Farmstead, and the reward items could be described as rich. Not to mention the ‘game quota x2’ that was shown in gray at the top, the next few items were also attractive enough.

[Ten Treehouse, one is 1,000 points. A player is allowed to exchange only one at most.]

[Twenty Pet eggs, one is 800 points. A player is only allowed to redeem a maximum of one.]

[Fifty Bicycles, one is 600 points. A player is allowed to redeem only one.]

After that there were 3,000 taming grass balls that could be redeemed for 100 points, but this item was not limited to one per person. One person could redeem up to three.

In addition, the list also had a clothing set that had never appeared in the game store. Looking at the small picture, it was a lovely style, and whether it was male or female clothing, it had exquisite different corn prints. Just looking at the clothes, players could smell the corn fragrance. Players called these the fierce man / fierce woman clothes. The price tag of these clothes varied, but it was not expensive and worth every player to have a set.

At the end of the list, there was a yellow corn hat for 5 points that anyone could get so every player received something.

In front of these new items, like flowers and seeds gift packs, ‘corn master’ branded farming tools, the players’ temptation to have all of it and use a bunch of super-efficient fertilizer increased. The lovely appearance of the small pets and so on, became a less compelling existence.

Looking at the screenshots of redeemable items, players were moved to tears that flowed to the corners of their mouths.

[I thought the game quota was the biggest gimmick of the event, but I didn’t expect there to be tree houses and pet eggs! What’s that bike? It sounds like some kind of transportation?]

[The tree house is a house that sits on a tree? It feels superb, and there are only 10 of them in the whole game, which is even rarer than the previous stone house.]

[I was super excited about every item on the list, but when I took out my event points balance, I cried, why?! Why in the world!? I only have 500 points, I can’t even get a bike!]

[Mn…I think the designer has high expectations of us, right? The phrase ‘a player is only allowed to redeem a maximum of one’ at the end, clearly shouldn’t be added. Are there people who have enough points to redeem two?]

[Right? I calculated that out of the three items, a person can exchange a total of one each. If they want to exchange again, they won’t be able to get anything else!]

[No more! I need to hurry to plant, harvest the corn and go treasure hunting! Time is money, brothers!!!]

These words woke up the dreamers. They originally were going to stay in the forum and be happy talking to the water gangs. They carefully thought about it and became afraid that had been long gone too long and sprinted to log back into the game. They gave a regretful shout and followed the other players back to the game.

Planting, harvesting, and treasure hunting! In short, they needed to do their best to get more points on the last day of the event! And when the group of players disappeared, the netizens who had been quietly watching on the side emerged one by one.

[Damn it, this group of Versailles! 1 Obviously every day you can play such a fun game, and still come to the forum to say how tired the activity is, how difficult it is to get points. If it’s too hard, why not let me take your spot?!]

[Yes, yes, I think they are just fooling around! Now who doesn’t know that this event is exclusive to February, and next month, other events will come out. In other words, the item redeemed from this event will probably become out of print, and even if we enter the game later, it will no longer be available…When you think about it, it’s instantly heartbreaking.]

[Hey, forget it. What more can we say, and what is the use? Is it to prevent them from playing the game? We only have to look at the part…]

[Once again, I call on the designer of the game to hurry up and upgrade the builder! There are only 5,000 players in the game, and even if they keep spending money every day, how much can be earned in total? But the next level of the builder is different, it can accommodate a million people in one breath, and it would only take a day to earn more than the previous month combined…]

Such a rational analysis. Bai Li also nodded in agreement. However, not getting the upgrade wasn’t his decision, it was because he didn’t have enough money…Wait until next month, and he should be able to upgrade once again. Bai Li laughed helplessly and turned his head back to the game.

Not to mention the players in the game, even he, the game creator, the points he had weren’t actually much. The corn that matured in half the time, plus the planting and watering time, only one round every one and a half hours. The whole day was down to 15, or 6 times, so planting corn to get points was around 150-160.

After that was the corn harvesting competition, these two days he went in a total of four times and got a total of 110 points.

In addition to these two fixed incomes, treasure hunting and gold and silver corn also brought him a good income, adding up to almost 300 points in total. But even so, the points he had now could, at best, be exchanged for a bicycle, not even enough to qualify for pet eggs…

But if he counted the points he could harvest on the third day, he might be able to get the best tree house as a reward.

Bai Li calculated that according to his point balance, he should be able to rank among the top 100 players, and there were still a large number of players who could only look at the house, eggs and bicycle.

With this in mind, he decided to wait until 21:00 to put out the total ranking of the event points, with the top 100 players displayed on the bulletin board for all to see, and the players after that showing their current ranking only to themselves. He didn’t intend to take a quiet look at it himself. He felt that there were some things that needed to be kept a bit mysterious, so that life could be full of little surprises.

Once all the arrangements were made, Bai Li headed out to start a new day of work. The corn in the field had just been half harvested when he felt a hot glance, and when he looked over, he found Demon Xing standing next to them in the yard, just watching him quietly and silently.

“Hmm? Demon Xing, what’s the matter with you?” Bai Li asked curiously.

At this time, this ‘Kryptonian’ who was obviously also interested in the activity, why not go to focus on gathering points, instead of watching him harvest corn?

Wen XingYao quickly returned to his senses, took a few deep surreptitious breaths, finally made up his mind and asked Bai Li, “Li Bai, are you free later? I have something I want to talk to you about…”

Yes, that’s right, after nearly two days of internal anxiety, Wen XingYao finally decided to tell Bai Li the truth as soon as possible. If not, he was likely to keep experiencing that social death scene in the near future. Being in his juvenile body was fine, but in case something happened again, such as his sudden change back to human form and so on, he needed to say something.

So, he decided to tell the other man quickly, even if the other man knew the truth for a moment and could not accept it, he could also explain properly, and strive to obtain his understanding. And then…Bai Li and his family’s ‘kitty’ would be able to create a little distance between them.

Wen XingYao thought it through very well and could not wait to tell Bai Li what happened the next second. However, Bai Li’s eyes were full of questions after he froze, and he asked with some confusion, “Is there anything particularly important that you need me to know? There should be some free time to squeeze in, but today is the third day of the event…”

Wen XingYao felt he read the other party’s subtext, Whatever it is, it’s not as important as participating in the game. 🙂 2

Although the other man did not explicitly say it, the confusion in his eyes said it all!

His original psychological preparation was like a bulging balloon suddenly released by the fingers and took just a few seconds of effort to slacken. Wen XingYao wanted to go along with as much as possible, so after a few seconds of being stuck, he said tentatively, “Then when today’s activities are completely over, after 24:00, I will come back to you to talk?”

Bai Li hesitated for a few seconds, first nodded, and then suddenly remembered something and shook his head.

This change of movement made Wen XingYao’s heart lift up and fall down, fall down and lift up again.

Bai Li said, “After 24:00 is fine, but can it be another half hour or an hour later? The items will be put out directly after midnight and some items have limited quantities so we should exchange our items first, and then slowly talk about your business?”

In Bai Li’s opinion, after redeeming the items, the month’s activities would be successfully concluded, after which he could go to do other things or rest without worry. When making this suggestion, he also carefully observed Demon Xing’s expression and found that although his face was a bit depressed, there was no anxious look, and his overall mood seemed to be very stable, so it should be about his friend again, right? This time Wen XingYao didn’t hesitate, he also thought of this point, and could understand Bai Li’s arrangement. He directly nodded with agreement. The two agreed to meet in front of Bai Li’s house at 1:00 before they separated to go about their business.

After Wen XingYao went back, Bai Li thought that he hadn’t seen his little apprentice yesterday, so he took a look into his yard and found that the corn in the yard had just reached the halfway point. The growth rate seemed to be the normal two hours a crop kind, and thought of his sudden burst of enthusiasm for treasure hunting, and guessed that he might have gone to the forest to play again.

It was true that children were still children. Playfulness was really big.

Bai Li shook his head with a smile and continued to plant his own land.

However, at 21:00 pm, when the total ranking of activity points was posted on the bulletin board, Bai Li looked at his 69th place, and then looked up at Jiang Huaibi’s 1st place and Song Xinran’s 57th place, and only to find out that the clown was himself?

It turned out that the treasure hunting expedition was the one that gave the most points!


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Translator Notes:

  1. very rich and very lucky
  2. Trans: I really feel this.


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