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Chapter 110: “I should still be considered famous…”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Not only did Bai Li notice this phenomenon, but other players who passed by the entrance of the village chief’s house at 21:00 pm and saw something extra on the bulletin board also noticed it. After that, this shocking discovery was spread throughout the game.

“Have you noticed, there is a leaderboard on the bulletin board? The top 100 total points of this event are on the list. I thought players like Big Brother Li Bai and Big Brother Demon Xing, who were willing to buy a lot of magical spring water to grow corn, would be at the top of the list, but now the first one is actually Heart’s Jade, the little girl who just likes to hunt for treasure!”

“I found that out too…This is really surprising. Before, I met Heart’s Jade in the forest in the live treasure hunt and also advised her to not forget to go home to plant corn and participate in the competition. She refused with a shake of her head and said she only liked treasure hunting. Then…I could only shake my head and say that she would definitely regret it in the future, but now it’s me who regrets it instead!”

“Ah!!! Why did this list only come out in the last three hours of the event? If it had come out at the beginning, I would have followed the treasure hunt! Now I’m ranked at more than 4,000 soooob…”

“Why? Even if you knew it, what’s the use? Treasure hunting is still quite dependent on talent. Look at the list of players. Except Heart’s Jade who relied on treasure hunting, who else did so? Everyone else honestly farmed in this competition, and who would incidentally go treasure hunting to find items? I also spent most of the day yesterday in the forest, but the harvest was not as much as I planted!”

“But this 1,900 points is too much! It’s almost 300 points more than the second place. First place will be Heart’s Jade, which means the two game places will also go to her. She can also change for a tree house for pet eggs or for a bicycle! Ooooh I am really envious!”


Players gathered in front of the bulletin board, loudly expressing their envy and jealousy towards Jiang Huaibi.

There were also people who looked at the list for a few minutes in thought, and then left in a hurry, heading straight for the forest. These people were characterized by points that were all just that close to being in the top 100 and having a place on the list. Although they could no longer get first, wasn’t it also a good choice to get their name on the list?

And at this time, what was Jiang Huaibi, who was constantly being mentioned by people, doing?

When the list came out, she was still in the forest and did not go back. At first it was nothing, after that there were viewers who were watching the live stream while following the forum and brushed up the complimenting words in the pop-up screen congratulating the anchor for getting the first place in this event, which made Jiang Huaibi really confused for a while.

“No, there are still three hours before the end of the event, and you guys are predicting on it?” Jiang Huaibi didn’t think anywhere else at all, just thought it was the audience’s goodwill blessing to her.

The audience did not follow, and hurriedly talked about the causes and consequences of the incident.

When she found out that she was in first place, Jiang Huaibi was dumbfounded for 30 seconds and then asked the audience to confirm with a trembling corner of her mouth, “Really, really, you’re not lying to me? But I haven’t been planting corn or participating in the competition for the past three days…It’s impossible, it’s too much…”

The little girl opened her eyes round and round in surprise, through a great confusion, watching the audience amused and heartbroken, and hastened to calm down.

[We did not lie to you, it’s true! I heard those players analyze that it was because the number of ‘corn’ element items you found was too much, and the accumulation became too much that you beat other players to become the first place now!]

[Yes, yes! These days we have seen all of your efforts. We know what you have gone through in order to find those items: whether it is climbing trees, going into water, or digging a three-meter-deep hole, you have done it without blinking. You deserve to find so many items!]

[Heart’s Jade, don’t lose confidence! Think positively! Soon, you will get two new places in the game! Isn’t this an exciting and happy thing?!]

Jiang Huaibi instantly caught the point, two game places would actually soon belong to her! The encouragement from her parents before the event started still echoed in her ears, although they had given her a lot of sponsorship at that time, they did not have the luxury to get this place, but when the game places were close at hand, she felt as if it was all a dream…

If it’s a dream, I hope I never wake up. At the very least… At least let her mom and dad get to play the game and have a good experience!

Unknowingly, Jiang Huaibi spoke out about the arrangement of the two game slots.

The viewers in the studio were disappointed that she had no intention to sell these two spots to the public, but after knowing where they belonged, they praised her, saying that she was really a good and filial daughter.

Outside the live screen, Jiang Yu had already hugged his wife tightly, with tears in his eyes, their daughter had actually done this almost impossible task.

As the evening wore on, the end of the event drew nearer and nearer.

After harvesting another batch of corn, Bai Li finally planted another crop for the past three days, and then cleared his current point balance, which was just under 1,200 points. He didn’t need much for the tree house, and the bike was nothing new. After thinking about it, he decided to fight for the pet eggs. He hadn’t even taken a pet until now. As for the remaining points, he would wait to see what else could be exchanged: clothing, hats, farming tools and the like could be used as a collection, and more or less can be exchanged.

After deciding on the arrangement, Bai Li relaxed and sat on the wooden table on the vine shelf, waiting for the moment when the exchange opened.

There were few players who had the same idea as him. In fact, in the last hour of the event, players who thought they had a great harvest felt they could relax a little, and those who didn’t work too hard to earn points also gave up their struggle, and many of them went back to their yards and quietly waited for the moment to grab the limited items.

Finally, at midnight, a new item exchange section appeared on the player’s event page. Bai Li, quick on the uptake, hurriedly clicked in and exchanged for a pet egg without a second thought. After his pet egg rolled into his backpack, in a few breaths, the four limited items – tree house, pet egg, bicycle and taming grass group – were all exchanged.

This kind of exchange speed, so fast that people suspect that this was a sale site, obviously they needed points, and this was the players effort where one would cost two-thirds or even three-quarters of their points. The players who did not grab the items they wanted also expressed confusion.

“No, no, no! Where are my pet eggs?! All 20 are gone?? You animals grabbed all of them in three seconds? This old me couldn’t even grab it at all!!”

“Nuu, 3,000 Taming Grass Balls gone in about 10 seconds? Are you all so rich? You can’t have changed three of them directly!”

“Ahhhhh! I got a bike, although the points left for it are only a fraction of what I had before, but I’m satisfied, I’m a vehicle guy now!”

“Hm… The people who didn’t get anything looked at me with envy, so I exchanged 10 Temptation of the King of Appetite, and I’m going to eat later to make up for the good food I didn’t get in the past three days!”

“Who got a ‘tree house’ ah? I want to visit it to see what it looks like!”

“Hey! Look at my new dress! It’s beautiful with my 5 point corn hat and is a perfect match! If I wear them I am the legendary corn elf!”

“God damn corn elf, I think it’s more like a corn witch! Wait, I’m going to change into a set too, so you can see how to be called a corn genie!”


While the players in the game vented their depression and began to finagle the exchange for other unlimited items, Jiang Huaibi went offline to find her parents with the hot game quota that had just arrived and Bai Li’s house also welcomed a long-agreed guest.

“You’re here. Let’s go in and talk.” Bai Li opened the door of the small thatched house and invited Wen XingYao to walk in.

He took a quick glance at the elaborate and exquisite furnishings inside the house. Everything here in Wen XingYao’s house was incomparable to the randomly arranged furniture in his own house, but he did not have the heart to discuss the secret of house decoration with Bai Li. After sitting down with stiff hands and feet, he began to think about how to say his first words.

Bai Li poured himself and Wen XingYao a cup of hot tea, ready to listen patiently and give some small advice when the time came. Then, he saw his best friend directly across from him take a deep breath and utter these words to him.

“Li Bai, although this may sound rather far-fetched, I assure you that everything I say is true. The pet you picked up and brought home, the creature you thought was a cat, was actually…It’s my juvenile form.”

The inner villain Wen XingYao made a cheering gesture, and then carefully observed Bai Li’s reaction.

Bai Li obviously thought he was hallucinating, his eyes widened slightly and he asked incredulously, “What do you mean by that? I don’t think I heard you clearly, do you mean that you are actually Supreme? Supreme is you?”

He met Wen XingYao’s gaze with obvious caution, as if he suspected that the other party might have some intentions for Supreme.

“Yes, but also no.” Wen XingYao did not deny this statement, and explained with difficulty, “The memories of my childhood and the present me are not interchangeable. At the very beginning when we first met, I actually didn’t know about it, and only recently found out a little bit of the end. For example, we are often online at the same time, and also, I obviously have Genetic Collapse Disorder and should’ve fallen into a deep sleep, but somehow entered this game, and have been playing smoothly. A few days ago, my consciousness suddenly woke up once in my juvenile form, which completely confirmed it.” Wen XingYao handed over the killer line.

Bai Li instantly thought of the noon when Supreme suddenly turned into a ‘robot orange cat’ and asked without thinking, “Was it the day before yesterday at noon when we had lunch together?”

This was the scene of his own social death!

Wen XingYao was startled enough that his hair turned white and he began to sweat. His reaction was super fast and he shook his head and denied this point in time, “No, it should be earlier in the morning of a certain day, I woke up when you were still sleeping, so you may not know.” When Bai Li didn’t say anything, Wen XingYao continued, “Actually, I’ve been thinking about what to tell you about this, and I hesitated for a long time because I was worried you wouldn’t be able to accept it. But since I woke up once that day, I knew I had to say it…Li Bai, can you forgive me for hiding it from you?”

Bai Li then suddenly realized, “Oh! I see, so the friend you mentioned before is yourself! I thought it was Easy Victory Life!”

Wen XingYao laughed and cried. It turned out that he had unknowingly given Tang Ying a pot to carry. Since Bai Li mentioned it and he had already told half of the story, there was no point in denying it at this time, Wen XingYao nodded his head with a faint shame, “Mn, it’s actually me…”

“Ha! What’s there to be ashamed of?” Bai Li suddenly burst out laughing, “Although I think the things you said…Mn, it’s really quite surprising, but it’s not like I can’t accept it. You told me directly so would I still kick you out of the house?”

If it was just too hard to believe and kicked him out of the house temporarily, Wen XingYao wouldn’t be so worried, what he was afraid of was losing Bai Li as a friend. After all, his identity… “There’s one more thing that I need to tell you.”

Bai Li looked at Wen XingYao with a ‘how many little secrets do you still have’ expression, forcing Wen XingYao to cough.

“Here’s the thing, my real name is Wen XingYao. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this name, in the Empire, I should still be considered famous…”

After Wen XingYao finished, even he was a bit puzzled, why did he introduce himself in this way? Shouldn’t he directly say he was the Empire Admiral? Why did he prefer to use such a misleading statement, deliberately wasting time?

But what was said was spilled water and could not be retracted. He could only pretend to be calm, waiting for Bai Li’s answer.

Bai Li really did not first remember this name. He dug in his memory, recalling the day he just transmigrated over, and finally found the answer. Words of surprise came out, “Hmm? Could you be the ‘Silver Starlight’?”

Wen XingYao, “?????”

Silver Starlight? Who was this?


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