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Chapter 10: Guardian Angel’s Action Plan

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

(TW: Child abuse, violence.)


“Fuck, what’s all this shit? Why is it fucking broken again? Fuck, it’s fucking annoying.” Zhong Jian cursed and squatted on the ground, impatiently looking for something from the pile of tools.

It had been three weeks since he arrived at the orphanage. Before that, he had been at home, unable to find a decent job. Then, forced by his family, he changed his resume and made up some internship experience of “taking care of widows and orphans” and “caring for disabled children”, and then followed the online guidelines to create a sunny and healthy persona, and finally found this job.

It was stable and the pay was decent.

However, he still felt that it was really fucking annoying.

He came here on the third day, already bored and not wanting to do it. As soon as he heard the cries of these little kids, he was so annoyed that he wanted to hit someone.

But well…

In his own efforts, found the “hidden benefits” of this job.

At first, he just hated the ugly and silent little mute.

As soon as the mute looked at him with those inverted triangular eyes, he felt that this kid must be secretly laughing at him and rolling his eyes at him.

Then, when no one was around, he twisted the little mute’s ear and said, “Who told you to stare at me like that? Who told you to stare at me like that?”

When the little mute dripped tears and snot all over his face, and his throat began to emit a horrible hissing sound, he was relieved and let go of his hand. With some fear: this kid will not go to the dean to complain, right?

However, he soon discovered that he was overly concerned.

The little brat would not even mention this to anyone, instead just timidly, obediently hiding to the side, even more obedient than ever.

Tsk, it’s quite interesting.

From then on, he had a new pleasure.

With this fun, Zhong Jian felt that he could continue to do this job.

When he thought of that little mute being beaten up, and he didn’t even cry out of his little face, a burst of sick pleasure surfaced in his heart, and he grinned.

Aside from the circus tamer, there is probably no other job that allows you to beat other creatures like a sandbag, right?

Moreover, the harder he beat, the more interesting the reaction of that little mute. Now he just has to take one more look at him, and the little mute will tremble in fear, and then desperately try to find a place to hide—but what’s the use of hiding when he will still be found? Just like this time, didn’t he drag him out of the tree house and hang him up and beat him with a belt?


Thinking about the two people who came to the orphanage today to deliver the cake, Zhong Jian’s heart was vaguely uneasy.

The other caregivers in the orphanage were not half suspicious of him, and as soon as they heard him say that the little mute had a cold and wanted to live in a separate room, they immediately agreed. But these two people actually wanted to see the little mute alone?

However, anyway, that little mute had long been scared out of his wits, and could not speak, and he had already warned him to stay in bed, not allowing him to come down. In case someone saw his injury, they’d say that he had fallen down the stairs.

In any case, the two seemingly kind and caring people should still be able to be fooled.

Even if they can’t be fooled, what can they do? He didn’t injure and maim that little brat! No sentence!

“Zhong Jian.” A low voice interrupted his thoughts.

His hand shook a little, and the hammer he just found fell back into the toolbox with a clang.

Zhong Jian looked back in some panic and found that it was the man who delivered the cake.

This person stood in the doorway against the light, both hands were in his pockets, and the expression on his face was obscure.

Zhong Jian was inexplicably scared, but still tried his best to put on a smile. “Yo, what brings you here? You’re not lost, are you? Shall I take you out?”

Han Tian ignored the man’s nonsense and paced slowly into the gloomy tool room.

“Tong Tong’s injury, what happened?” Han Tian’s face did not have any extra expression.

Zhong Jian’s heart was in a panic, and his legs and stomach were shaking a little. He settled down and said with a smile, “Hey, little boys, so lively and active, falling down is very common.”

Han Tian took a step forward, his voice getting colder and colder. “Tell the truth.”

Zhong Jian took a look at Han Tian and, with courage, laughed. “What truth? This is the truth!”

Zhong Jian said, while picking up the hammer from the toolbox and shaking it in his hand.

Han Tian looked at Zhong Jian’s action and sneered, “What, this time you’re not going to use a belt, a syringe, a cigarette butt, but a hammer instead?”

Zhong Jian heard this, and immediately knew that the little dummy said everything.

However, so what?

Zhong Jian tapped the hammer head intentionally or unintentionally, and laughed heatedly. “Yo, it seems that you know, ah? I tell you, you do not think to read a few moves from the internet, you want to play a good guy! I am the old man of this piece, familiar with everywhere! You want to mess with me, dream on!”

Han Tian pulled both hands out of his trouser pockets and pressed his right hand lightly on his wristwatch, his tone of voice not rising and falling. “I’m not trying to be a nice guy. I just want to know, why?”

Zhong Jian knew that he shouldn’t have even bothered with the question. He should have continued to intimidate, ridicule, and then just get rid of the man.

However, hearing that calm tone, he suddenly had a strong desire to tell the truth, and could not restrain himself from telling the truth.

His expression was fierce, his face was distorted, and he screamed out, “Why? I’ll tell you why! I’m a graduate of a major university and a man, what am I doing all day long? One moment this kid cried, that kid pissed, each and every one of them with no understanding of human speech, just know cry cry cry cry cry, howl howl! I had to chase behind, wipe the asses of these little kids, blow their noses! Still have to put on a smile! I’m not even as good as a mother!”

Han Tian asked slowly, “Oh? You don’t like the job so much, you can quit.”

“Quit? Why should I quit? This place includes food and housing, and every month I can keep the money for myself, and I pay all the five insurance and one fund—why should I not do it? Besides, all I have to do is beat up that idiot dummy and I’ll be able to put up with another day’s work, I’m in a good frame of mind! Why would I quit?!” Zhong Jian laughed heatedly.

“Oh,” Han Tian lightly responded, “so, that kid, is your punching bag, your emotional regulator?”

Hearing Han Tian’s statement, Zhong Jian’s eyes glowed and his left hand slapped furiously on his thigh. “Yes! Yes! I just need to beat him up when I’m in a bad mood, and then I can feel better again. If I beat him once, I can feel good again. He is my mood regulator, isn’t he? And it’s free, it’s not bad!”

“That’s right.” Han Tian’s face slowly blossomed into a smile, one that was intimidating and chilling. “That’s a coincidence. I’m not in a good mood either. Let me see if I can feel better by beating you up.”

As soon as Han Tian’s words left his mouth, Zhong Jian felt a sharp pain in his temple, as if someone was hitting his heavenly head with a hammer, and as if someone was clenching every nerve in his brain with his hand.

“Ahhhhhhh…” He howled out in pain and squatted on the ground holding his head.

“What, does it hurt?” Han Tian asked lightly.

With Han Tian’s question, the pain level was further increased.

Zhong Jian even felt that someone was now directly sawing his head with a saw, trying to saw the skull open while he was alive.

“It’s… This… Ahhh!” His snot and tears rushed out at the same time, and he was already lying on the ground, only able to wail.

“Oh, you can still talk? It doesn’t seem to hurt enough.” Han Tian had a calm face.

Next, Zhong Jian discovered to his horror that he had uncontrollably fished out a screwdriver from his toolbox and stabbed himself in the thigh with all his might!


One by one, bloody holes emerged.

Fear and pain made him scream. He began to suspect that he would just die here.

At the same time, what was left of his sanity was vaguely thinking: his screams might be able to lure the others over?

With a glimmer of hope, he struggled to look at the door.

“Sorry, I did some soundproofing to ensure that this self-indulgence is not interrupted.” Han Tian smiled and said, “Like, didn’t you also stuff Tong Tong’s mouth with a cloth so that he couldn’t even cry out and then threatened him not to tell anyone?”

Zhong Jian, who was already blurred with pain, fell to the ground like a puddle of mud, with only one thought in his mind: He’s going to kill me… He’s going to kill me…

At that moment, Han Tian’s wristwatch emitted a fierce red light and a ticking beep.

Han Tian looked down at his wristwatch and let out a chortle.

In an instant, the sharp pain in Zhong Jian’s head disappeared. His uncontrolled self-harming movements also stopped.

Han Tian squatted down and picked up a woodworking ruler from the toolbox and lifted Zhong Jian’s chin. “Unfortunately, you can’t die yet. After we leave, you immediately go to the dean to resign. Then, you go and record a video of what you did to Tong Tong, say it word for word, and then give the video to the police. You have to understand that from now on, for you, the safest places in this world are the detention center and the prison. As for other places—heck, no matter where you hide, I can find you. Do you understand?”

Zhong Jian shivered incessantly, his body emitting an unpleasant fishy smell, not daring to look up at this man at all, only to lie on the ground, saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth. “Clear, I understand.”

Han Tian threw back the woodworking ruler, stood up, dusted the non-existent dust off his pants, turned and twisted the door, saying not a word more.


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July 19, 2023 6:28 am

I hope child abusers are treated by other inmates in detention centres and prisons, the same way they are here.
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 19, 2023 11:46 am

What kind of sicko is this?? I never understand the people who can feel good about themselves after HURTING literal children. Hope Zhong Jian rots in his cell!!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 19, 2023 11:51 am

Just retribution for anyone who harm human or animal or any living being is to make them feel the same pain as they did.

July 20, 2023 12:15 am

Love the way justice is meted out personally 👍🏻
Wish I had that kinda power 💁🏻‍♀️

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