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Chapter 115: Fortune Code

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pup was one of the players who watched the action at the entrance of the village yesterday, and because he knew a few players who owned bicycles, he went up and rode a few laps. After a few laps, he became more and more proficient on the bike, and was confident that he would be able to master it after a few more practice sessions. However, he didn’t take advantage of a good thing, and did not pester his friends to ride the bikes to play, but instead observed the practice process of other people on the side.

Unlike the rest of the crowd who were just watching the action, Pup’s mind was jumping. As he stood watching the players ride their bikes, his mind started thinking about other things. After looking at the bicycle models, he became curious about whether this was the only style of bicycle, so he went to Starnet and looked up information about the Ancient Blue Star Era.

After that, he not only saw various different bicycle styles, but also found another amazing existence, which was the main character of his sales pitch today, the “Balance Assist Wheel.”

These were two small wheels that could be fixed on the rear tire of a bicycle to keep the bicycle balanced. It was said that after using this balance assist wheel, a person was no longer needed to help hold onto the back, and even if the cyclist deliberately wobbled on the bike, it was difficult to fall down.

Pup stared at the picture of the auxiliary wheel for half a day. There was a bold idea in his head in a crazy surge. Why not make this auxiliary wheel in the game, and sell it to those players who could not learn how to ride? He believed that with the existence of such a magic tool, learning to ride a bicycle would certainly not be a problem.

This was the code to get rich! Pup gave a big compliment to this brilliant idea.

In the game, he learned the life skill of woodworking. He also worked according to the drawings and his own whims to make some furniture or put out small handicrafts. Now, although the shape was not said to be ingenious, the function was to play out simply.

According to the picture of “balance assist wheel”, it shouldn’t be too difficult to reproduce a copycat in the game, right?

Think about it and go for it.

Pub spent a whole night working. He started from the most basic search for materials, and went through more than a dozen materials, before he finally found a hard enough wood, and then drew his own sketches. He tested the size of the small wheel, little by little to make it out. Since he wasn’t sure whether his auxiliary wheel could be used in the end, he did not dare make a large batch, only to make three finished products, then in the early morning he went to the village entrance and the squatting people.

Only a short time after squatting, he met a precise customer.

“Just these two small wheels, can they really work? Little brother you’re not fooling me, right?” Love Eating Meat, had a big hand grasping the “pocket” of the small wheel with a foxy face, even his delighted expression had faded a lot.

Love Eating Meat’s suspicion was not without reason. Restricted by the material, he was holding the auxiliary wheel up and down, inside and out, all made of wood, the smell of newly shaved wood chips had not completely dissipated.

Wood… In the eyes of many people it was a very fragile existence, and even stronger people could use force to pinch it into powder. Moreover, the two wheels connected to the same board were, how to say it, funny. A bit like a child’s toy. To even let people imagine that they should be installed at the end at what position on the bike.

After seeing the finished product, Love Eating Meat flinched at once.

“Don’t, ah, Brother, how can I blind you? I am in serious business.” Cub pulled at the man who wanted to leave, thought about taking a step back and said, “How about this? I won’t charge you for this auxiliary wheel. I’ll let you try it first, just…try it for five minutes. If after five minutes you feel good, then you can ask me to buy it, okay?”

Who could refuse something that was free?

Love Eating Meat didn’t hesitate for long and agreed to it.

“That’s okay. I’ll try it first. If I don’t want to use it and I don’t want to buy it, then you don’t cheat, ah!”

“Don’t worry, brother, if you don’t want to, I will certainly not pester you. However, I have confidence in the products I make. Let’s go and try it here!”

Pup, even as his chest beat with a thumping sound, left the stall and its products, with one of the auxiliary wheels and followed behind Love Eating Meat back to the open space that was their practice bike space yesterday.

When Love Eating Meat took his bicycle out of his backpack, Pup took the initiative to squat down and start installing the auxiliary wheel. He operated his hands, so that in three or two seconds, the two wheels were fixed at the bottom of the rear wheel, one left and one back. One big and two small made three tires, which formed a solid enough state.

“Ho, seems a bit interesting!” Love Eating Meat observed Pup’s movements and quietly loosened his grip on the handlebars, only to find that the bike did not skew to the left or right. He instantly recognized the usefulness of those two wheels.

“Hey, that’s right! Brother, you go up and try it. See if it is stable. If not, I will make an adjustment.” Pup made a “please” action.

After being told that the auxiliary wheel had been installed, he sat down on the bike like Wen XingYao did yesterday, and then, with a tense face, carefully stepped on the pedal.

The wheel rolled forward, and he heard the familiar sound of the chain sliding, but also the sound of the wheels turning rapidly. After sitting on the bike, he felt that the bike was as smooth as if someone was behind it, and he didn’t call for help today, so there was only one explanation: the auxiliary wheel really worked!

It was simply a magic tool to keep the balance of the bike, no wonder the full name was “balance assistance wheel”!

With the help of the auxiliary wheel, Loves Eating Meat felt like he had gained invisible wings. Riding a bike smoothly was incredible, so he had the illusion that he had learned to ride a bike. However, when he calmed down, his reason told him that he could ride so smoothly today thanks to the help of the auxiliary wheel. Without this item, he would still be a younger brother.

Five minutes of time passed quickly, and Loves Eating Meat rode a full two laps, back to the origin of the tool with a smile of satisfaction. This time, without the need to mention it, he took the initiative to say, “Brother, this was a great thing you have! How much do I have to pay you? I’ll buy this wheel!”

“Old Brother, for only 5 gold coins you can get this 100% can learn to ride a bike item.” Pup gave a low laugh, as he uttered tempting advertising words.

Although I think 5 gold coins is a bit expensive, when I think of the scene when I buy this item and practice it secretly and then amaze all my friends, Loves Eating Meat felt that the money spent was still worth it.

So one hand pays, one hand delivers, and the two happily reach a deal. With the first experience, the pups followed the gourd, the remaining two auxiliary wheels also sold. Again, Pup also got good feedback.

Those who have used them say they were good.

After a busy night and spending half of the morning selling the fruits of his labor, Pup went offline in a good mood with the 15 gold coins he had just received and went to bed. He planned to wake up to see the results of the three buyers learning, if the results were good, then make a few more to sell.

However, his beautiful dream was destined to happen only now. A long, long time later, when Pup remembered the day’s events, he would slap his thigh with regret. He should have known that he needed to make a few more auxiliary wheels to sell at the beginning, because when he woke up, he found out that his auxiliary wheel was originally a copycat, and was actually copycatted by others.

Players who owned bicycles, whether they learned to ride or not, had one or two auxiliary wheels. Not only on the rear tires, but also on the front wheels!


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