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Chapter 116: Bike Rental Business

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The original bicycle with only two big tires turned into a super-powerful car with six tires that could be learned with eyes closed in just one morning, a development Bai Li hadn’t expected.

Bai Li, like Wen XingYao, had always been well liked among players, and there were very few players who didn’t say hello to him when he walked down the road. As a result, he had no less than ten people ask him if he wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle all the way from his home to the village entrance.

Bai Li shook his head and refused them, one by one.

The number of players with bicycles in the game was only fifty. Bai Li didn’t know what was going on, but before he reached the entrance of the village, he felt that the players were very enthusiastic today, as if something big was happening.

When he arrived at the open space at the entrance of the village, he saw that the wide and flat ground had been artificially separated into three lanes on both the left and right. Each lane was more than three meters wide, and the lanes were full of players practicing with their bikes, as they rode over and over, and it was very lively. As he looked at the bikes underneath the players, even after he’d seen many strange ideas, Bai Li couldn’t help but rub his eyes and suspected that he was mistaken.

It’s okay to have extra wheels in the back for balance, but how come there were two under the front tire? These players weren’t satisfied with only two wheels anymore?

Suddenly it was a little funny. What was going on?

Bai Li had come with Wen XingYao, who nodded in agreement. “This should be used to stabilize the bike. I didn’t expect people to be so very inventive. Now there’s no need for others to help support the back.”

Bai Li, “…” Brother, are you serious when you say that?

Seeing Wen XingYao’s serious look, Bai Li knew that the other party was in agreement with this idea from the bottom of his heart. By the way, the fact that the Balance Assist Wheel was used by younger people was also being concealed. Ahem, we have to save some face. 

The two of them didn’t stay at the entrance of the village, since they received an invitation from Mo Song to discuss something.

Before he left, Bai Li accidentally bumped into a player and apologized, but the other party didn’t look at him just kept saying, “How could this happen? Damn, it’s so unfair…”

Bai Li and Wen XingYao looked at each other to make sure that the other was not hit anywhere, before they helped the person to a less crowded place and left him there.

On their way to Mo Song, they also speculated about what the man meant by his words. However, even if they had a rich imagination, they wouldn’t have thought that the player who looked so mysterious would be the first one to make the Balance Assist Wheel, right?

The two people came in a hurry and left quickly, and didn’t attract the attention of the people. This was a time when players were most enthusiastic about learning, not only borrowing bikes to learn themselves, but also promoting them to their friends in the game, with the hint that if you didn’t learn how to ride a bike, you were “out.”

Bok Choy and her little sister Red Maple learned how yesterday evening. Today they came over and lent the bike to another little sister, and taught her how to ride it by hand. When the Balance Assist Wheel came out, Bok Choy followed the trend, bought two of them, and put them on both the front and rear wheels. Thus she freed up her and Red Maple’s hands and allowed the other little sister to practice on her own.

Anyway, if the balance was poor, they couldn’t fall on the ground. Red Maple saw Bok Choy looking at the crowd thoughtfully, and curiously asked what she was thinking about.

“I was wondering if I had a chance to make a fortune with everyone learning how to ride a bike,” Bok Choy said with a deep look on her face. “As you can see, Maple, even players who don’t have a bike made a fortune by inventing the Balance Assist Wheel. And I obviously own a bicycle, so how come I can’t make money from it? I was just wondering what are the ways to make money with bikes…”

Red Maple didn’t understand the desire in Bok Choy’s heart and wondered, “But even if you can make money, it’s just in-game gold. You can’t take it out and use it, so it’s a waste of time. If we have this time, why don’t we plant our yards and raise flowers?”

“You don’t understand!” Bok Choy more emphatically. “Making money in the game, and making money in reality, there is actually no difference! It’s to survive! The feeling of earning money through one’s own efforts is very wonderful. I have tried setting up a stall in the evening market, although the food bought is ordinary food made by the players, and after half a night down, I finally earned several gold coins and at that time I could be satisfied.”

Bok Choy didn’t know that in many online games in the Ancient Blue Star period, there was such a group of players. They were called “life players.” They weren’t keen on the various activities of the game, and they were not interested in fighting monsters or anything. Their biggest hobby was to see the scenery, practice life skills, gathering, mining, fishing, planting, refining medicine, forging…medicine, forging…As long as it involved material collection and item making, they were very interested. And the collection and crafting for an item stall to sell was also their big hobby.

With Bok Choy’s game mentality now, it was not a problem at all to say that she was a “life player.”

“Well…” Red Maple didn’t know how to answer. After she thought for half a day, she offered Bok Choy an idea, “So…How about we go find someone who is selling the auxiliary wheels, buy a batch from them, and then take them to sell ourselves?”

“No, no.” Bok Choy shook her head and refused. “I’ve observed things. This wheel can be made as long as you have woodworking skills, and it’s not difficult to make. Haven’t you even noticed that in just a few hours, the price of the auxiliary wheels have dropped from a few gold coins to a few silver? So if you join in at this time, you might lose your money. Moreover, most of the players with bikes have already bought auxiliary wheels now, so it is obvious that some of them are not selling, so that business is definitely not going to work.”

“Ah, then there’s nothing I can do.” Red Maple scratched her head, and said she couldn’t come up with a better suggestion.

Bok Choy thought hard and then suddenly had a flash of insight, and said excitedly, “Ah! I can rent out my bike! We only know a few friends, and even if they all learn, there must be a lot of people in the game who haven’t had a chance to learn! I’ll set a price based on how much it costs per hour, and maybe someone will be willing to learn for a fee!”

“One bike isn’t enough.” Bok Choy continued happily, “I can also find other people who have bicycles, and cooperate with them to rent out bicycles together to form a set, so that when more people learn to ride bicycles, those who haven’t learned will be anxious and will come to us to rent bicycles! And this isn’t a 5,000 person business. Later on, the game will have more and more players, but if the game is not updated with new transportation, there will always be people willing to spend some money to try something fresh, hehe!”

When there were more players in the game, what kind of people could be met? It was true that most men and women of the Interstellar era were cheerful and extroverted hangers-on. Not long into the game, they would have friends all over the world, but it wasn’t possible to know all the 4,999 people in just under a month, right? Not to mention the fact that there was no such thing as a person with an independent nature who likes to play games alone and was not interested in other people’s lives.

Bok Choy was aimed at people who wanted to learn how to ride a bike but didn’t know anyone who owned a bike, so if you gave them a chance to get a bike for a short time for a small fee, few people would miss it.

Red Maple, “…” Way to go, my sister!

With the idea of a bike rental business in mind, Bok Choy grabbed Red Maple and rushed off to find someone to talk to.

Bai Li, who had already met up with Mo Song, didn’t know that a bike rental company would soon be established in the game he was making. However, even if he knew, he would only maintain the attitude of being happy to see what happens, and let the players know how to let themselves go. At most, after the players get tired of playing with bicycles, then he would add other more interesting means of transportation.

Now it was time to get down to business.

“Mr. Bai, Demon Xing, I asked you to come here because I have an unpleasant request.” Mo Song looked at the two, and explained the matter briefly, “Yesterday when the event ended, very few people exchanged items, including the ten tree houses. Today I asked around in the village, and those tree houses have all been taken out, and replaced the original houses of the players. You know, my live viewers are curious. They want to see what the tree house, and other players’ house furnishings are like. I let them say who they wanted to see…As a result, you two got a high number of votes. I’m a little embarrassed to bother you, but I’ll ask shamelessly, could you work with me to record a ‘Player House Decoration Award’? Of course, in addition to you two, there are some other players who are invited. I will invite them one by one afterwards, and when the list of participants is confirmed, I will go to the Starblog to promote it.” Mo Song explained his arrangements one by one.

The game had been online for more than a month so far, and most of the beginning group of old players, even if they were salted fish, had expanded their houses by two or three rooms. The salted fish players were still there, so the number of players who had added a few extra sets of rooms onto their houses was definitely limited.

Also in this period of time, every few days Bai Li updated the game store shelves with indoor furniture. Simple and modern, fresh rustic, and antique furniture. Players could choose their favorite style, and there were a variety of colors they could choose from. Strictly counted, while the sum of all the furniture wasn’t five thousand kinds, there were indeed three or four thousand.

With so many furniture arrangements available, players would definitely have different interior decorations, and may also be able to find “surprises” in them!

After Mo Song finished, he looked at Bai Li and Wen XingYao, who were deep in thought, and waited for their answers.


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