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Chapter 114: “I really learned!”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Demon…Big Brother Demon Xing, are you okay? Did you get hit anywhere?” Bok Choy looked at Wen XingYao, who was hit by her bike. He was frowning slightly and holding a tree next to her, and she gulped nervously. She felt that her luck was really bad today. Not only could she not learn how to ride a bike, but she also accidentally bumped into someone who was a famous Kryptonian in the game.

At that moment, she almost had the illusion of hitting the rich big man in the universe’s luxury custom-made limited-edition flying car with her own small broken flying car. He was a golden man, and the money she earned for most of her life might not be enough to pay for a small bit of broken skin on her body. Fortunately, this was only in the game, and if she really wanted to compensate for it, it would not cost too much. Bok Choy was secretly thankful.

“It’s okay.” Wen XingYao glanced at his torn hem, and then looked at the little girl standing in front of him with a face full of guilt and tears, and didn’t look for trouble. “You bumped over when I dodged, so I did not suffer injury. You don’t need to be nervous.”

“But…But, I seem to have damaged your clothes! I’ll compensate you for one, big brother!” Bok Choy rejoiced that Big Brother didn’t see eye to eye with her, but also noticed the action of Big Brother just looking at the hem of his shirt and positively proposed a solution.

Unfortunately, Wen XingYao still refused, “No, you don’t have to compensate me. It’s also because I wasn’t paying attention, myself, and walked into your practice place. Otherwise you wouldn’t even need to suffer this shock.”

Bok Choy unconsciously nodded in line with Wen XingYao’s intention, her thoughts dizzy, and when she came back to her senses, she saw Wen XingYao gesture towards her, and was ready to leave.

Bok Choy’s brain was twitching, and she didn’t know what she thought at that time, but she pulled Wen XingYao’s arm and proposed compensation. “Big, Big Brother. I’m embarrassed that you’re leaving like this. Why don’t I lend you my bike to play with it? It’s quite good quality. It hasn’t been deformed after falling several times!”

After the words were said, whether it was she and Wen XingYao, or the little sister Red Maple who rushed over to check the situation, or even the other players around who were practicing their bikes, they all froze.

A cold breeze blew, and Bok Choy’s brain finally returned to a sober state, as she remembered what she had said to Wen XingYao, and instantly put on a mask of pain.

What did she just say? How could she make such a proposal? This was a delusion to hand over the source of sin, right? She spent half a day and still couldn’t learn. In case Big Brother also couldn’t learn, would Big Brother’s omnipotent great image be destroyed as a whole? This was also too much to bear!

The players were also talking to each other, speaking in what they thought was a whisper.

“Wow, why didn’t I think of this method? How can we be the only ones to experience such a crime? I’m going to call my buddies and let them follow to feel the fear of being dominated by bicycles!”

“The thing I was most afraid of really happened! When I was practicing, I was worried that someone would suddenly jump out in front of me and I would hit them, and it really came. But what I didn’t expect was that this person was actually Big Brother Demon Xing, which is too unfortunate, right?”

“Blunt Opinion! Is Blunt Opinion here? I think such a classic scene should be recorded with the camera!”

“Pfft, that girl really makes me laugh to death. She couldn’t learn, and also wanted to drag in Big Brother. In the end, how did she come up with this? Ah, miserable! The big guy is really miserable!”

“Am I the only one who is curious if Big Brother can learn to ride a bike or not? If he really learns, I must go up to worship him as a teacher, oooooh!”

Wen XingYao heard more or less a bit of all the conversations of the onlookers, but there was not much fluctuation inside him. The reason he was wearing an ordinary face in the game was that no one could recognize who he was, and his intention for going out was for the bike, so after Bok Choy took the initiative to mention it, his heart inevitably got excited.

“Is that okay?” he asked. 

“Yes! Of course!” Bok Choy, who felt as if she was in the middle of a social death scene, suddenly it seemed that she had found the rope that could save her dog’s life. She firmly seized the opportunity, picked up the bike that had fallen to the ground and stuffed it into Wen XingYao’s hand. She ran to the side with Red Maple, who was still in a daze, and gave Wen XingYao an encouraging smile.

“Big Brother Demon Xing, this bike is yours for now. You can play with it for as long as you want!”

Listen. The word “play” was used, it seemed that it was no longer considered as normal transportation.

“Thank you.” Wen XingYao smiled lightly. Recalling Bok Choy’s movements that he’d seen before the accident, he thoughtfully lifted his foot and stepped on it.

Bok Choy had actually tilted the bike slightly to make it shorter in order to get on it. However, such a bike wasn’t enough for the tall and long-legged Wen XingYao.

With his straight leg lifted and curved around the back of the bike, he steadily crossed to the other side, stepped on the pedal on that side, and sat on the triangular cushion, so that he had room for his other foot to rest on the flat ground to fix his posture.

Bok Choy, “…”

Other bike owners, “…”

Well…Could this action of getting on the bike actually be so handsome? Why did it look extra lame and awkward when they tried it?

As they were pondering this question, from Wen XingYao’s position suddenly came a “jingle jingle jingle.” The onlookers fixed their eyes and found that his hand was plucking a small piece of metal that extended from a round metal product on the handlebar. As he plucked each time, the crisp sound came out, causing more people to crane their necks and look over.

Bike owners, “!!!”

Good guys, they have been practicing here for so long, but did not find that thing actually makes a sound? How blind was that?! Ah! Oooh! TAT.

They suddenly had a vague feeling in their hearts that it was fate that guided Big Brother Demon Xing to appear at the entrance of the village this afternoon. Although the meeting point wasn’t wonderful, the result might be good?

After he played with the bell for a while, Wen XingYao finally planned to try it out himself. Grasping the handlebars with both hands, he first pushed the pedal down under his left foot, and the two thin tires were driven up by the chain, rolling forward a short distance. As the bike started up, he put his right foot on the right pedal, and when the pedal reached the highest point, he slowly stepped forward and the bike continued to move.

At first, his movements were as unskilled as those of most novices, and he rode crookedly, as if he would fall over in the next moment. The spectators around him were all sweating for Wen XingYao and didn’t dare to make a sound, for fear that their sudden noise would cause the big man to follow in their footsteps. There were also many people who were actually secretly hoping that the big man would suddenly stop and announce that he had failed in his studies. This would somewhat give them some psychological comfort.

But what they didn’t expect was that Wen XingYao was not riding fast, but at least he was riding smoothly and gradually. The unstable feeling was gone, the speed of the bike slowly became faster, and he even learned to freely adjust the direction of advance, one moment to the left, the next to the right, and the next to an “S” shape, so silky smooth. Finally, he made a 180-degree turn and rode back in their direction.

When he was about to ride to the starting point, he even released one of his hands from the handlebars and showed everyone a one-handed ride. The players’ pupils were seismic, and they let out an astonished sound that they hadn’t seen before.

“This…this is how you learn? Riding a bicycle is actually so simple? I suddenly feel like I can do it again…”

“Wake up in front! Quickly recall your previous misery! It’s only so easy because it’s the great god! This is not easy for us at all!”

“How dare the big man, ah! He can actually ride a bike with one hand! When he is skilled and skilled again, he should become a no hand riding a bike…”

“The brain says I learned, the hands and feet say put your mother’s ass!”

“I’ve lost it, I’ve lost it, I’ve really lost it!”

“…Another crazy one, let’s carry it away.”

While the players were madly doubting their lives, Wen XingYao had gotten off the bike and returned it to Bok Choy. “Thank you for the bike, I’m done with it, you can take it.”

“Big Brother! Big Brother, how did you learn so fast?!” Bok Choy almost wanted to hug someone’s thighs. She walked up and asked slightly flatteringly, “Big Brother Demon Xing, how did you learn, ah? Is there any trick to riding a bike, ah? Could you tell me if possible? I’ve been practicing for a long time but I haven’t mastered it…”

Wen XingYao was about to say, ‘It’s something you do with your hands,’ but after he saw the other’s inquisitive eyes, he swallowed the words and thought for a while before coming up with a trick that didn’t seem to be a trick to him. “Maybe you need to keep your balance first? If you can, try having your friend help you hold on the back, slowly ride up, and when you become skilled at riding a bike, you should be able to almost learn.”

His body was that of a feline, so maintaining balance was quite easy to do. It did not take long to master this skill.

Bok Choy listened to Wen XingYao’s words and fell into deep thought. She didn’t even notice when Wen XingYao left. By the time she figured out what to do after that, the other players who overheard the conversation between the two of them had already begun practicing what Wen XingYao suggested.

“Quick, quick! Small A, you first help me hold the back, and when I ride back after a lap, we’ll swap and I’ll help you!”

“Okay, Old Brother B. You wait for me first, while I put this bike of mine away first…”

“Sister C, Sister C! Let’s act quickly! If we are late, the good seats will be taken away!”

Bok Choy and Red Maple looked at each other.

“Sister, do you want to learn how to ride a bike?”

“Understand, understand! Let’s go over here!”

The group of formerly miserable players got into full swing of bike riding practice, and as each minute passed, more and more players came to the entrance of the village. Some of them were invited by the owners of the bikes, but most of them knew that someone was practicing here and came in groups to watch the fun after they finished their work.

Maybe they could even find one or two people they knew, so they could shamelessly go up and ride a few times!

Throughout the afternoon, the village gate was very busy.

When it was dark, a shout came from the crowd, “Haha! I got it!”

After this person, there were a few more people who said they had mastered the art of cycling and rode a few laps steadily in front of the crowd, then put the bike away and went back to rest. Among them were Bok Choy and her little sister Red Maple.

These people were considered to have a good sense of balance, and it was a matter of time before they learned, but there were a small number of people who were born with a bad sense of balance. No matter how hard they practiced and how hard they learned, after they lost the help of others, the bike would fall on the ground. They couldn’t learn.

In the end, the people helping them couldn’t stand it anymore, and carefully suggested to them that they should stop there for today and continue practicing tomorrow?

By this time, it was already very late, and the players who had spent an afternoon and half of the evening learning how to ride a bicycle had indeed taken quite a long time to learn, so they agreed to this arrangement with tears on their faces.

They were already desperate to “keep practicing” and felt that they would never learn. However, there were no absolutes. The next morning, the matter actually turned around.

A player came to the village entrance early in the morning and looked around from time to time. After seeing a familiar, sighing face, his eyes lit up and he excitedly ran up and asked, “This big brother, you are here to practice cycling, right? You can learn to ride a bike in no time!”

The player who was pulled was a bit impatient, but when he heard this, he instantly raised his hope, as if he saw a savior, he held the other player’s hand and eagerly said, “Good brother, you are really my good brother, what is that auxiliary wheel? Show me quickly!”

It didn’t matter if he knew the player now or not, as long as he could help him learn how to ride a bike, they would be half-brothers from now on!


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July 23, 2023 1:56 pm

I wonder if Bai Li has put training wheels in the game! It could help with balancing!

July 23, 2023 9:45 pm

My bestie never learned to ride as a kid. So as young adults, I taught her.
The trick is to turn the handlebars slightly towards the direction you feel you’re falling, not away, and push forwards when you’re first getting started. You might slightly steer off where you want to go, but you won’t fall. And as you move faster, you’ll be more stable.

July 24, 2023 1:49 am

Thanks for the chapter! Training wheels could help some of them.

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