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Chapter 15: I Won’t Find it Hard.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


When Han Tian said he wanted to teach him how to make black tea, Qiao Xi didn’t even know where to put the jar of black tea.

Soon, it became Qiao Xi sitting on a high stool, wiggling his feet and looking at Han Tian.

“Han Tian, you and that classmate…” Qiao Xi hesitated for half a day, but opened his mouth slowly.

“Mn, a classmate from Medical College, and I don’t know him too well.” Before Qiao Xi finished his question, Han Tian had already cut off his words.

“By the way, this morning I tried to make rice balls with a little bit of chicken in it, what do you think?” Han Tian opened the cupboard and took out the teapot and teacups from inside.

In the past two days, Qiao Xi had been able to harvest an energy-packed breakfast plus a dessert at the door every morning.

Speaking of this, a strange feeling flooded Qiao Xi’s heart again.

He tried to hide the ups and downs in his heart and smiled stiffly. “It’s delicious, very delicious. Uh, I forgot to tell you last time… You, you’re a poor student with little money, you don’t have to make food for me.”

Han Tian spooned the tea into the pot and laughed. “Actually, it was the store manager who suddenly transferred a sum of money to me the day before yesterday, saying it was an advance on my salary.”

Qiao Xi froze and blinked.

Han Tian glanced at him with a sideways glance, his hand movements did not stop, his voice was full of sincerity. “Sang Sang also said that it was you who reminded her that she had given me an advance. You see, if you hadn’t fought for me, I wouldn’t have been able to get this part of the money. It’s not like I have any other way to repay you, so… Just help you make two breakfasts to show my appreciation.”

This time, Qiao Xi couldn’t even deny it.

He could only jump down from the bench, blushing, scratching his head and whispering, “What is there to repay? It’s you who has to teach and cook, it’s too hard…”

Han Tian put down the teapot and said softly, “But when I think of you eating all the food properly, I will be happy and won’t feel hard.”

At this moment, Qiao Xi’s heart was beating faster than ever, so much so that it was difficult to breathe.

What should I say? What expression should I make? Why do I feel like I’m shaking a little? What’s wrong with me?

Looking into Han Tian’s deep eyes, Qiao Xi’s brain was dazed and his lips opened and closed as he said something he couldn’t even understand, “I… I… I… I’m very, very happy when I think of you cooking for me…”

At that moment, the kettle made a hissing sound.

Han Tian turned off the fire and started making tea.

Qiao Xi, whose ears were slightly red, sighed with relief, thankful for the kettle’s timely ringing.

He bit his lip and said the lines he had prepared early on, “It’s just that I can’t let you spend money on me anymore. How about this, I’ll give you the money for the ingredients later, and you… When you have time, you can help me buy food and cook?”

Well, no matter how much his heart ebbs and flows, Qiao Xi would never forget that his purpose was to have a “monetary relationship” with Han Tian and sign a “monetary contract”.

Han Tian turned around with a puzzled look. “Oh? You mean… In the future, if I have time, not only breakfast, but also three meals a day, I can use your kitchen and eat with you?”

Qiao Xi was dumbfounded. “Eh? I’m not… But, it’s not impossible… Uh, that sounds good too…?”

Han Tian gave a genuine smile. “Great. So, can we go grocery shopping together in the future?”

Qiao Xi stared at that smile, and his heart, which had been resting a bit, started beating wildly again. “Ah, well, yes…There’s nothing wrong with that…”

Han Tian’s eyebrows were filled with gentle smiles as he touched Qiao Xi’s forehead hair and said, “Mn, let’s just say it’s okay. We can go grocery shopping together, and then I’ll cook for you.”

Qiao Xi scratched his head and thought, Huh? Let’s go grocery shopping together? So, my attempt to stuff him with money has failed again? Also, didn’t he say before that he was too busy to come and cook, so why did he have time when he came to cook for free?

When Qiao Xi dizzily followed Han Tian back to the dining room, Miquel stood up from his seat almost instantly and took the tray from Han Tian’s hand extremely quickly.

“Th… Thank you.” Miquel’s voice was rather unnatural as he picked up his cup of tea, far less open than when Sang Sang and Han Tian were talking.

Qiao Xi’s heart was slightly relieved when he thought, You’re really a classmate you don’t know very well.

This time, instead of forcing his way in between the two, he went around to the opposite side and slowly dragged out a chair and sat down.

Miquel looked up from his laptop screen, looked across at Qiao Xi, and then looked at Han Tian.

Han Tian said, “Qiao Xi, we may be late, maybe an all-nighter… Do you want to go rest first?”

We? An all-nighter?

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth turned up. “Oh, speaking of which, I’ve always been curious about your Medical College’s thesis, what exactly is it like? I would like to have a look at it.”

Han Tian sipped his black tea and said, “It’s boring, really, you’d better rest first.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes lingered on Miquel’s face for a second and insisted, “How do you know I’ll be bored? Maybe I’ll find it interesting?”

Han Tian sighed, “Okay. The title of the paper is, “Computer-aided orthopedic diagnosis system based on medical image processing key technology and augmented reality technology”.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened. “… Huh?”

I understand every word, but what does it mean together?

Han Tian shrugged his shoulders, looking innocent and helpless. Miquel, on the other hand, hung his head gently and hid the laughter in his eyes.

Qiao Xi grunted, “Anyway, anyway, I’m not sleepy. You guys have a good time writing, I’ll stay here and play games for a while.”

After saying that, Qiao Xi simply plopped his legs on the chair and started to play elimination games.

This time, it took almost three hours.

For the whole three hours, Han Tian and Miquel seemed to be seriously tapping on the keyboard and discussing a sentence or two every now and then.

The black tea on the table had already reached the bottom.

Qiao Xi yawned and tried to stand up shakily. “Well, I’ll go and refill the pot of tea…”

Han Tian stood up first and said, “You can’t even stand up, I’ll go. I’d better get moving too.”

Qiao Xi stared at Han Tian, then at Miquel, and gave a “hmm”.

When Han Tian’s figure disappeared through the doorway, Qiao Xi pulled himself together, braced his eyes, and asked fiercely, “Miquel, do you know Han Tian well?”

Miquel’s eyes moved away from the screen and settled on Qiao Xi. “Not bad, I’ve known him for many years.”

“Many years?” Qiao Xi’s heart felt bad again.

Han Tian just said that they didn’t know each other very well.

“If you’ve known him for many years, then you… Are you middle school classmates or high school classmates?” Qiao Xi laughed dryly.

“Oh, that’s not true.” Miquel looked sincere. “It’s just that, how can I say, um… We lived together when he was a kid.”

“As a child, living together?” Qiao Xi’s voice even changed.

This- this- is this, what humans call, “childhood friend”?

“What are you talking about?” Han Tian had already returned with the tea set.

“Oh, just now Qiao Xi asked about our relationship, so I told him the truth, you lived with me when we were kids,” Miquel explained. 

“…” Han Tian was silent for a few seconds and slowly said, “Mn, Miquel and I don’t know each other too well, but we are, in a way, relatives.”

Miquel smiled faintly and did not deny it.

Qiao Xi’s heart, however, got even more screwed up.

This unpleasant feeling was like someone had poured a large pot of lemon juice on his heart, sour and cold.

He couldn’t even play the game, so he propped up his chin, deflated his mouth, and stared at Han Tian.

Only, he stared for a few seconds, and a more intense sleepiness came over.

He began to yawn uncontrollably and his eyes were tearing up.

Strange… Why am I so sleepy…

As a demon, it was true that one also needed to recover magic power through sleep. However, only when the magic power was consumed excessively, there would be extreme sleepiness and fatigue.

Was it also because of staying in the earth realm for a long time? Why would he be so tired when he obviously didn’t use demon power? Qiao Xi was a bit confused, but his head was already in a state of chaos, and he was having a hard time even thinking. He looked at Han Tian hazily as he tried to hold on to his eyelids. “You… How’s the paper?”

Han Tian snapped the screen and said, “Go upstairs and rest. Why don’t you go lie down on the sofa for a while?”

Qiao Xi yawned and shook his head insistently. “No, I’m not sleepy.”

While claiming he was not sleepy, he had already put his head on the bend of his arm and muttered, “I’ll just sit here… Hm… He can’t do anything to you…”

Qiao Xi finally fell asleep on the table with his mouth slightly open.

Although the last sentence was like a dream, the two people across the table heard it clearly.

Miquel couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “This little guy, is he worried that I will hurt you?”

Han Tian did not say anything, and his face did not show any expression, just stood up and said, “Mn, he is asleep, put away your pressure.”

Miquel immediately curbed the smile on his face and bowed his head and said, “Understood.”

Han Tian didn’t say anything else, but went around to the opposite side, and under Miquel’s watchful eye, carefully put an arm beneath Qiao Xi’s back, then bent down and slowly picked him up horizontally.

Then, he walked steadily to the living room and slowly put Qiao Xi on the sofa, then pulled a thin blanket that was lying on the side and gently covered Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi, who was puffing and panting, rolled over on the sofa, and one hand dropped.

Han Tian looked at the watch on Qiao Xi’s wrist, which had some flair, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

He took Qiao Xi’s wrist, and very gently, untied the Vacheron Constantin and put it on the coffee table, then moved Qiao Xi’s arm up and covered it with a blanket again.

After this set of actions, Han Tian straightened up and said without expression, “Okay, let’s go.”

Half a minute later, the two were standing outside.

The smile on Miquel’s face had not yet faded, and his tone was unprecedentedly relaxed. “Your Excellency, I agree with you. This little guy, he can’t be a demon.”

Han Tian just let out a “hmm”, and did not answer.

Miquel continued, “Just now you also noticed, from the time I entered that room, I have been releasing pressure, but apart from some sleepiness, he did not have any other discomfort—if he was a real demon, he could not have been able to maintain his human form under such intense pressure. And,” Miquel said briskly, “his emotional reactions, too, are interesting.”

“Oh?” Han Tian turned his head sideways slightly, seemingly taking some interest in the topic.


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July 24, 2023 9:55 am

Qiao Xi definitely a demon, so what is so different about him that they can’t find out?

July 24, 2023 10:10 am

Qiao Xi is definitely a Demon as he has a tail and such.
Maybe he’s a more humanlike Demon😈

July 24, 2023 3:42 pm

Thanks for the chapter! ❤️

July 24, 2023 5:22 pm

It’s all very odd! Maybe love is changing them both.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 27, 2023 3:08 am

Oh my god Han Tian, he is a master of flirting. 😄 Qiao Xi really is no match for Han Tian. Who is the “demon” here?

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