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Chapter 17: What Else Can Two People Do Together?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Han Tian hesitated, a confused look on his face. “Want to… do something to you?”

Qiao Xi blinked, and only then did he realize that something was wrong with those words.

Ahhhhh, how could he accidentally say something so ambiguous?

Good thing Han Tian was a pure baby, he wouldn’t think too much about it!

Nevertheless, Qiao Xi’s face was still flushed. He clenched his right hand into a fist and put it against his lips, coughing calmly. “Ahem, that is, do you want to, uh, do something for me? For example, what you said before, cooking a meal or something?”

“Oh, so that’s what it is.” Han Tian chuckled. “If it’s cooking, you don’t have to wait for Saturday—today, well, if there’s no one around this afternoon, let’s ask Sang Sang if we can get off a little early?”

For some reason, Qiao Xi always felt that Han Tian’s face had some disappointment.

Qiao Xi hurriedly asked, “Well? Or do you not want to come and cook?”

Han Tian’s expression seemed a bit helpless., “Oh, I just wanted to say that if you’re available on Saturday, we can do something else together.” He paused and added, “Of course, it would be nice to cook together. I’m happy to cook for you too.”

The blush that Qiao Xi had managed to conceal was back with a bang. Moreover, he was even more flustered and confused than before. While cursing himself for being silly, he hurriedly explained, “No, no, other things are fine too. Do you have a place you want to go, or something you want to do?”

Han Tian looked at Qiao Xi steadily and shook his head again, with a little bit of trepidation. “Mn, actually, I don’t know… No one has ever asked me out like this before…”

Hearing Han Tian say “no one has ever asked me out like this before”, Qiao Xi’s sour feelings from Miquel just now were all gone. He blurted out, “Whatever you want to do, as long as you can think of it, I can accompany you! It’s a deal!”

The expression on Han Tian’s face seemed to be surprise, but he also seemed to be incredulous. “Really? You’re willing to accompany me?”

Qiao Xi nodded heavily. “Of course.”

Han Tian blushed slightly and whispered, “Thank you.”

Looking at the blush on Han Tian’s fair face, Qiao Xi felt his heart beating so hard that it was hard to breathe again. He waved his hand in a panic. “Oh, why, why are you so polite? Don’t thank me, I have nothing to do.”

Han Tian lowered his eyes, his voice with a little aggravation, and sadness. “Mn, friends are quite busy, even if I want to find them to go out, it will feel like a waste of their time.”

This tone of voice made Qiao Xi’s heart go soft. He said with a hint of anger, “You’re just too considerate of others. I guess you must have done a lot of writing essay outlines for people in school, right? These people must be taking advantage of you, and you’re still thinking of delaying them!”

Han Tian raised his eyes and said suspiciously. “Take advantage of me?”

Qiao Xi was stuck in his shell and felt that it was not easy to explain, so he could only pat his chest with a proud face. “Don’t worry, I have plenty of time. Where do you want to go and what do you want to do in the future, just look me up. I will definitely accompany you!”

Han Tian stared at Qiao Xi, a smile slowly bloomed on his face. “Okay.”

Seeing Han Tian’s smile, Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief, secretly thinking: Well, I just said the wrong thing, will he be angry? Should I explain? Wait, make him angry? Why do I care if he’s angry? No, how could I think that I made him angry by saying the wrong thing?

Qiao Xi, who couldn’t figure it out, got a little agitated again.

He stood there, unconsciously biting his finger, until Han Tian patted him with a bitter smile. “What, you haven’t eaten enough egg tarts and started to eat your hand?”

Only then did he sarcastically withdraw his hand and follow Han Tian’s example, clicking his knife and fork, polishing his cup and waiting for the arrival of manager Sang Sang.

On this day, there were still not as many customers as expected.

Qiao Xi was worried that if Han Tian took the initiative to take off work and cook for him, it would affect his salary, but to his surprise, just before 3 p.m., Sang Sang looked at the wall clock and clapped her hands. “Oh, I have an appointment this afternoon! How about this, we close the store early! Let’s close early today!”

And with that, Sang Sang ran off like the wind.

Qiao Xi untied her apron while asking Han Tian, “So, will you come and cook?”

Han Tian took the brown apron from Qiao Xi’s hand, hung it aside, and replied with a smile, “Yes.”

Although Han Tian only replied with one word, and although he knew Han Tian was just saying “cooking”, Qiao Xi’s heart could not stop all kinds of confusing thoughts from running through his mind.

He could only turn his head unnaturally, cursing himself for over-studying the charm technique before.

“But, some preparations are needed, right?” Han Tian asked.

“Prep… Preparations…?” Qiao Xi suddenly stammered a little.

Well, was it his own idea, such and such, these and those, preparations?

Han Tian probably didn’t even know that preparations were needed before that, right?

“Yes, we have to go buy some vegetables. We only have some mushrooms and eggs at home, so I can’t make you scrambled eggs with fungus again, right?” Han Tian explained.

“Oh oh oh! Right! Haha, yes, yes, buy vegetables, buy vegetables, go.” Qiao Xi laughed awkwardly and walked towards the door with the same hand and foot, almost hitting the door frame.

The closest supermarket to the neighborhood was about a quarter-hour drive.

On the way, Qiao Xi, who often talked incessantly, uncharacteristically did not say a word.

So much so that after parking the car, Han Tian did not rush to open the door, but asked carefully, “Qiao Xi, are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

“No, no,” Qiao Xi hastily denied. “Uh, nothing, I’m fine.”

Han Tian still looked at him sideways, his eyes were uncompromisingly concerned.

“Uh, that, I, I just want to say…” being so looked at by Han Tian, Qiao Xi suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to confess.

He swallowed his saliva. “I just want to say that I didn’t just want you to come and cook on Saturday… Ah no, I wanted you to cook, but I also wanted to do something else with you, definitely not, uh, to treat you like a mere cook. Ah, no, I did say I wanted you to be the cook… But not a real cook.”

The more Qiao Xi spoke, the more confused and anxious he became, even beads of sweat sprouted from his head, while the words from his mouth became even more confused.

What am I doing, why can’t I even speak anymore, why am I so stupid?! He thought with chagrin and sulked at himself, simply biting his lip and not speaking.

“I understand.” Han Tian’s gentle voice broke the air of silence.

“Uh?” Qiao Xi was a little stunned.

“I understand, you just, don’t know what else you can do with me, right?” Han Tian’s tone was softer than the Sandman who lulled the young demons to sleep.

“Mm-hmm.” Qiao Xi was busy nodding his head.

This part was not in his previously envisioned capture plan…

He had no idea what he could have done with his prey without the “monetary contract” and without unleashing the power of demons.

“There’s a lot going on,” Han Tian said. “You will slowly discover that there are many interesting things between people and… There are a lot of interesting things that people can do to really get to know each other and to feel the world together. The world, in fact, is also very interesting.”

“Getting to know each other? Feel…the…the world?” Qiao Xi felt that he didn’t understand Han Tian’s words at all.

Han Tian did not answer again, but just stared at him and smiled.

Looking at that warm smile, Qiao Xi’s heart suddenly relaxed a lot: Great, it seems he really wasn’t angry.

However, why on earth should I care whether he is angry or not?

The hunter, who did not understand why he was so concerned about the mental health of his prey, got out of the car in confusion.

There were not many people in the supermarket. With soothing background music, there were only a few sparse customers picking out goods.

Qiao Xi carried a shopping basket, standing in front of the colorful shelves, a little confused.

What to buy…

Qiao Xi didn’t know.

He glanced at Han Tian and found that the man was already putting vegetables and fruits into the cart one by one.

Cucumbers, leeks, corn, tomatoes…

Qiao Xi was happy to find that although he couldn’t think of what these vegetables could be made into, at least he knew all of them.

Then Han Tian pushed the cart and went to the chilled counter and continued to add to the cart: tenderloin, steak, chicken…

“You’re so skilled. I don’t even know what I have to do to make these things taste good,” Qiao Xi praised enviously.

“Actually, I rarely come.” Han Tian looked up and smiled. “By the way, is there anything you want to eat? I can try to make it all for you.”

Qiao Xi tilted his head and said, “…I can’t think of anything. Why don’t I go to the shelf over there and take a look?”

Han Tian picked a box of green beans, started thinking about which mushrooms to buy, and said, “Okay.”

Qiao Xi then took the red shopping basket and went off on his own.

Although he had been in the supermarket and experienced what human “shopping” was all about, this was the first time he had stayed in the supermarket for so long.

As he wandered around, he caught a glimpse of a middle-aged woman in a blue jacket in the corner, standing on her tiptoes, carrying a shopping basket in her right hand and struggling to reach something from a high shelf with her left hand.

Qiao Xi recognized the jacket immediately—it was the work clothes of a delivery person.

They have a wide range of jobs, from running errands to delivering medicine, and Qiao Xi occasionally encountered people wearing this blue jacket in the neighborhood.

So, this would be just a delivery person picking up goods on demand.

Qiao Xi was not interested in the scene of human work, and was about to walk on with his small basket when he heard a teenager’s giggle from the corner, “Haha, the lady with the severed hand is here again!”

Immediately afterwards, there was a clanging sound, and the shopping basket filled with objects fell to the ground.

Qiao Xi subconsciously looked over there and found three teenage boys, laughing and shoving around the delivery girl. She was not holding the shopping basket, as expected, it had fallen to the ground, and the small snacks inside scattered all over the place.

The delivery girl waved her left hand and shouted hoarsely, “It’s you again! Go away, go away!”

The boys continued to laugh. “Oh, the lady is angry. What’s the matter, hit us?”

One of the boys picked up, “Yeah, yeah, hit us with your severed hand!”

The other two boys started laughing, pointing at the delivery boy’s right hand and saying, “Oh, you’re like this, why are you still delivering? Hahahaha!”

The delivery lady put her right arm behind her back, as if to hide it, and her voice became even more hoarse. “Go! Go! Get out!”

At this point, Qiao Xi finally saw it clearly—below her right wrist, it was empty, there was no hand at all.


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July 26, 2023 2:52 pm

“The other boys started laughing, pointing at the delivery boy’s right hand” Seems to be a typo? I think it should be delivery girl/lady

Qiao Xi becoming flustered though! 😖 He’s just so cute!!

July 26, 2023 9:13 pm

What would you like him to do to you? 😉☺️ I’m thinking HT wouldn’t mind.
QX gets so confused and suffers multiple brain farts when conversing with HT! Even when he says the right thing and HT responds positively, QX still thinks he may have said something wrong 🤔 Had to giggle at the ‘preparation’ thoughts going through his head… how on earth did he get there.
If demons were all so cute, heaven would be in trouble 😁
Thanks for translating and editing.

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
August 1, 2023 11:13 am

I almost swear Han Tian is using his serpent’s look on Qiao Xi. 😂 My god, QX, how are you so cute! How come HT not fall for you? 😊 He even haven’t using his serpent’s look yet and QX has already become a nervous stammer adorable demon!

August 3, 2023 1:43 pm

Thanks for the chapter!

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