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Chapter 117: Live Streaming Plan

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li felt that the players were surprising him more and more, and he had the urge to recruit players to help him come up with ideas when he ran out of inspiration for making games! However, the Holographic Game Design Competition he signed up for had a rule that participants had to independently design a game for players’ entertainment, and while they could take other people’s suggestions on some small and insignificant details, they had to rely on their own design in the general planning and game process. 

Even if he wanted to recruit players, he would have to wait until the end of this year’s tournament.

Bai Li laughed at himself for having such a thought, and soon put it behind him. He shouldn’t be lazy and rely on himself. After all, he had already spent a lot of effort on it. Bai Li began to consider whether to agree to Mo Song’s proposal, and show his carefully decorated house to everyone.

In the early morning of the day, when he took the initiative to take off his vest, Wen XingYao had also remembered the exquisite decorations he saw in Bai Li’s living room. Those furniture and decorations, in retrospect, could be found in the game store, but what he didn’t expect was that these furnishings could be blended together to create such a harmonious atmosphere and aura, as if they should have been in the same room, and the absence of any one item would deduct points from the whole arrangement.

Then he thought of his own furniture, which was inexpensive to buy. The color was similar to the shelves in the room, and except for the aisle for people to walk, the other space should be full of decoration ideas. He had the urge to cover his face.

If his and Bai Li’s rooms were compared, the results would certainly be very tragic.

However, Wen XingYao wasn’t worried at all. Although his own decorated room wasn’t as good as Bai Li’s, it also wouldn’t fall short in front of other players. Others would be worse. This was, perhaps, the confidence of a kryptonite player.

When he saw that the two most important players were hesitant to give an answer, Mo Song got a little anxious and asked, “What do you think?”

This time, both of them responded.

“Well, it’s okay. I’ll join this event,” Bai Li said with a smile.

“Then I’m with Li Bai.” Wen XingYao followed Bai Li’s lead and agreed.

Mo Song darted a glance at Wen XingYao. Why did he feel that if Bai Li had not agreed, this one might not have participated? However, he had nothing to worry about. As long as he could successfully invite these two, nothing else mattered!

“Haha! That’s good, that’s good!” Mo Song made a gesture of thanks to the two with a pose he learned from the old village chief. “Don’t worry. Once I get all the people, I’ll make a perfect plan to make our live event a hit on Starnet!”

“You’re welcome. Contributing to Carefree Farmstead is what I should do.” Bai Li’s eyes curled up in laughter. He thought about how since Mo Song was a bit worried about the game, as the producer of the game, how could he give up such a promotional opportunity?

Only then did Mo Song realize that it wasn’t his own personality that made Bai Li agree to do it, but that the other party already had a need for it. As long as it was good for the game, he was the right person to call! When he thought of this, Mo Song not only didn’t feel unhappy, but also had more thoughts in his heart. Hey, in the future, if he had any needs, he’d just come to Big Brother Li Bai to explain it!

The game maker’s wool, who would dare to believe this?

“I’d like to thank you for agreeing to this so quickly. With you two in the room, the probability of others agreeing will also increase. I’m going to go and talk to them, so make yourself comfortable.” After he said goodbye to the two, Mo Song left in a hurry.

It was not until late that night that Mo Song found all the people he wanted to find. These included, but were not limited to, Li Bai, Demon Xing, Peaches are So Delicious, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, What Are You Playing?, Scales, other players who had been famous for something in the game, and the ten players who were lucky enough to redeem tree houses in that month’s event. Even the players Mo Song personally thought had talking points on them were also among his invitees.

There were actually as many as fifty people in the end.

After he determined the list of visitors, Mo Song rushed out a live broadcast schedule overnight. According to the broadcast plan, he planned to first lead the audience to visit the players’ treehouses and interview the owners of the treehouses that had successfully redeemed them. He had observed beforehand that although they were all called treehouses, the appearance of each one was different, and even the species of trees were different, so the tour should keep on increasing in explosiveness.

After the tour, only then would he go into the players’ homes to appreciate their house decorations, which was expected to trigger a lively discussion among the audience at that time. In making the order of the tour, Mo Song also used an eye, and was starting from the living area where more players gathered, then walking around the village, and finally going to Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s houses, as these two were also considered the finale of the show.

The group sent this schedule to the participants, and everyone said it was fine, so let’s do it.

The start of the live broadcast was at 9:00 the next day, and before that the players who had agreed to participate in the broadcast took action.


“Ahhhhhhhhh! Tomorrow my room is going to be seen by everyone, but I have so little furniture in my room! It feels like it’s going to be no match for anyone else! Mom and Dad, I remember you picked all the furniture in our house by hand, right? Do you have any tips for picking furniture? I’m going to rearrange it!”

Today, Song Xinran’s parents and siblings had come over to see him, and when Song Xinran went into the gaming pod to play games, they cast secretly envious glances at him while they visited the pots of vegetables he had planted.

After a discussion, all six of them felt that the vegetables weren’t growing as well as Bai Li’s.

“This kid, is he so focused on playing games that he neglected to take care of these vegetables? No, I have to talk to him when he gets off the game so he doesn’t let such good vegetables go bad,” Father Song said with a worried face.

“Yes. Brother last planted a handful of small green vegetables, and I still remember the taste. It was really better than what can be bought from the outside. It’s at least a vegetable with taste!” Brother Song voted for it.

The others were also of the same opinion and planned to talk to Song Xinran when he came offline, or at least let him teach them to grow vegetables for the whole family! However, when Song Xinran came out of the gaming pod, before they could say anything, Song Xinran first gave them the big news.

The host “Song’s Blunt Opinion” was planning to hold a live broadcast of “Player House Decoration Awards” and their son/brother was among those invited. The problem was that after he agreed to do so, he remembered that although his house had many rooms, it was very minimal in terms of decoration, which made it look like a rough house. If it still looked like that during the live broadcast, it would lower the average living level of the Carefree Farmstead players.

This could not be the case, so he came down the line to find offline assistance.

The fact was that the real size and orientation of the room was a lot more than the seeming size and orientation of the room. Song Xinran was responsible for recalling the specific size and orientation of the rooms and other details.

After the discussion, Song Xinran went online with the shopping list that his family had given him. After he made the purchases, he took the furniture arrangement sketch and arranged the new furniture one by one. It was a foolproof operation. Luckily the result was good. The hastily arranged room had a new look and finally had a strong sense of life.

After it was all done, Song Xinran went to sleep.

There were many people who went through the same operation as him, and mending or so forth was the tone before the official start of the live broadcast. There were some people who usually paid attention to the matching of furniture in their room, so when they were free, they liked to browse the game store to check the new furniture on the shelves one by one, and usually compared for half a day before they bought the one they liked. This time it was much easier, they just needed to check the gaps. In addition, cleaning the house inside and out was also an indispensable thing, since they had to entertain the “guests”, of course, the house should be the best looking!

Bai Li thought that there was nothing left to do and as soon as the time was up, he and Wen XingYao went offline to rest.

It was worth mentioning that this time Wen XingYao did not wake up as a juvenile. However, Bai Li now considered that Supreme was different after all, had a strong opinion and rejected that Supreme wanted to continue sleeping on his pillow, and instead let him sleep on a new bed he brought back in the afternoon.

Supreme didn’t know anything, and felt that his human did not like him anymore. “Mimi, mimi, mimi!” he screamed for a while. He sounded miserable, the words aggrieved, and anyone with a softer heart would have given up his firm idea and put the kitten back into his arms.

But Bai Li continued to act like he had no feelings, and after he gently said “good night,” he fell asleep.

Supreme, “…” Crying!


The show was at 9:00, and thanks to Mo Song’s advance notice on the blog, many viewers were in the live room early, and the show had already reached 5 million viewers before it officially started. Mo Song had anticipated the situation, and greeted everyone with a smile. “I’m sure you already know what we’re going to broadcast today, but I’ve gone to bed early to be in the best shape for today’s broadcast. Well, without further ado, let’s get started!”

Mo Song’s speech made the audience react fiercely.

[Good man! I heard that I could go in and visit many big guys’ homes today, I was so excited that I didn’t sleep all night. But it turned out that Blunt Opinion slept well, so I’m a little angry when I think about it, so I’ll vote for some stinky tofu first!]

[Ahhhhhh! gkdgkd! I’m ready to take screenshots! Into the home of the big guys, I’m the big guys!!! Blush.jpg]

[The front of the less disgusting, hold away Big Brother Li Bai, we are about to enter~]

[Thanks to the kind people who posted screenshots of all the furniture in the game store to the forum, I finished making up the look of these furniture overnight, dreamed of arranging their own rooms all night and woke up to find that they not only did not have a small hut, even the game quota, almost ‘wow’ cry out QAQ! ]

The audience was very excited about the upcoming visit.

Between jokes, Mo Song walked up to the door of the first treehouse owner’s house. The owner of the treehouse was already waiting for them outside the yard.


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