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Chapter 129: Iron Man’s Tenderness

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Early in the morning of the twenty-eighth, Wen XingYao opened the door of his small hut and found a number of players standing outside his courtyard. Actually, a large, dense, head to head crowd surrounded his courtyard.

With such a scene Wen XingYao couldn’t help but recall that day more than a month ago, when another large group of players gathered outside his courtyard with the purpose of observing the large mushrooms growing in his courtyard.

When he thought of this, he quickly glanced at the mushroom stump placed in the corner. Luckily, today, there were only a lot of people, and everyone’s face was filled with anticipation; as if they were waiting for something to happen.

He spotted Mo Song in the crowd, and asked him, “What’s going on? Why are you all gathered in front of my house again.”

The word “again” was very spiritual. The players who were lucky enough to attend the first crowd let out a good-natured laugh, and then they explained to Wen XingYao in a variety of ways.

“Big Brother Demon Xing, how can you forget such an important day today? Today is the 28th, ah! You think about what happened 15 days ago!”

“Or what else is there to think about, ah, just say it? The pet eggs you got should hatch today, right? That…Hey, can you let us watch the hatching process?”

“Yes, yes! Big Brother, I’m so eager to know what kind of pets can be opened from the pet eggs!”

“Hey, I was lucky enough to grab a pet egg during the event, so I came here to learn some experience, and to rub the big guy’s luck.”

Mo Song hadn’t even thought about what to say when the players made their intentions clear, and finally he could only shrug helplessly towards Wen XingYao, indicating that it was what the players said.

After he heard the players, Wen XingYao understood. So it was for this. He actually also had secretly calculated the time of the pet egg breaking, and now that was today. Originally, he wasn’t very nervous, but once the thought of pet egg breaking was in the presence of so many people, he was suddenly nervous.

This feeling was like when parents always hope that their own pups could be loved and welcomed by all, and it all depended on whether the pups looked cute or not, whether their personality was pleasing or not. If there was no natural attractiveness, or powerful talent, if the onlookers don’t feel for the newly emerged cubs, not only will the existence of the cubs become awkward, he as a parent will not feel good in his heart.

Wen XingYao’s heart rose abruptly with the sense of responsibility belonging to an old father. Even so, he agreed to the players’ request to let the pet eggs hatch in the courtyard, and that way players who wanted to watch could gather around outside the courtyard. Even so, while there were now those who could watch from close range, there were too many people who couldn’t even squeeze in.

“Li Bai, here!” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bai Li walking towards his house. Wen XingYao waved at Bai Li, and opened the courtyard door to invite him in.

The other players, “…” The double standard was too obvious. Now who still believes that you are just ordinary friends!

According to the game’s design, pet eggs would hatch on the fifteenth day after they were acquired. However, if the pet egg was kept in the backpack, the hatchling wouldn’t come out by itself. The owner needed to take the egg out of the backpack and place it outside in order for it to hatch properly.

With Wen XingYao’s permission, Mo Song set up a live camera and temporarily changed the name of his live stream from “A Day in Carefree Farmstead” to “Carefree Farmstead: Twin Hatchings.” The netizens who saw the title rushed in without thinking.

The pop-ups were full of speculation about the breed of the hatchlings that were about to break their shell, and some people started to frantically throw gifts, as they said that it was a gift for the hatchlings to break their shells, and reminded Mo Song to give their thoughts to the hatchlings’ real father, Big Brother Demon Xing, after the live broadcast.

This strange behavior made Mo Song laugh and cry, but he finally agreed to do so.

With everything ready, Wen XingYao and Bai Li together went to sit under the vine shelf he had built himself, while the players outside the courtyard moved along with the two.

The pet egg with a circle of gold depicted on its shell was taken out of the backpack, along with a white soft cushion. After Wen XingYao placed the pet egg tip-up on the pad and secured it, everyone saw the quiet pet egg shake a few times from side to side.

“It’s moving! It’s moving!” Someone grabbed his companion’s arm hard, as he exclaimed in excitement.

“Enn, I see. Why are you so excited? Can’t you see that the two dads are calm?” The companion who was eating pain, calmly said as he pulled off the no good hand.

However, he didn’t know that what he thought were very quiet words, was heard clearly by the two parties.

Wen XingYao’s heart jumped, as if he had been told a little secret. His ears, hidden in his hair, turned red. He quickly glanced at Bai Li, but found that the other had laughed out loud in interest.

Wen XingYao, “?” Did he miss something, why was Bai Li laughing?

His frozen look was so obvious that it soon caught Bai Li’s attention, and he stifled his laughter and explained in a quiet voice the reason why he was laughing. “I thought about it, and what they said seems to be correct, ah. This game was designed by me, the pet eggs were sort of created by me, then taken by you from the gift pack. One is the creator, and one is the breeder afterwards, so aren’t there two fathers? Haha! In that case, I’m the father of all the pets in the whole game!” Bai Li still had to add fuel to the fire, but he didn’t know that his best friend’s heart, which was not far away from him, had already started beating out of order.

“Ahem.” Finally, Wen XingYao could only resolve his embarrassment with a dry cough. “Let’s start waiting for it to break its own shell now.”

It wasn’t just the two of them. It was the players present, and the viewers in the live stream, who all spontaneously held their breath and waited for the crucial moment when the hatchling broke its shell.

After about five minutes, Wen XingYao heard the sound of the tiny egg hatching, and following the sound, managed to find a very thin crack at the top of the egg shell.

As time passed, the crack grew larger and larger, as something tapped and fiddled from the inside, until it tapped out the eggshell that had broken into a mesh pattern. Then, the eggshell, which was held together by a film inside, completely shattered, and a small, fluffy claw poked out.

The light orange fur, still with traces of wetness, and pink paw pads were extraordinarily tender, and made people want to bite on them. On top of the paw pads were indented claws, and the whole paw pads were closing at that time, as if they were familiarizing themselves with the very different environment outside the eggshell.

The hatchling in the eggshell hadn’t yet revealed its full appearance, but Wen XingYao’s heart had a bad feeling. No way…He hoped that the hatchling would look completely different from what he was imagining.

Soon, his foreboding came true as a furry kitten crawled out of the eggshell, pulled at the cracked shell and gnawed on it with a click and a whimper, all the while it was emitting a milky purr.

“Oh no,” Bai Li sighed in a small voice, and then looked at Wen XingYao with a smirk.

“Oh no!” The players who were watching outside the courtyard made the same exclamation, but their thoughts were completely different from Bai Li’s, as they looked at Wen XingYao with sympathy.

There were even viewers in the live stream who felt pity for this first pet egg.

[I thought this first pet egg would open a super rare pet, such as the kind of existence from the Ancient Blue Star mythology, or even some fierce beast, but in the end it was actually a small kitten. It is too disappointing…]

[Sure enough, the big man will not always be lucky. Even if he was lucky to get a pet egg, so what? He still only opened a weak pet. Cat… I really can’t think what role it can play in the game, ah.]

[What did the cat do wrong? The cat is also very cute, ok?! Why do you guys have to have so much malice towards a weak, poor, helpless kitty? Isn’t it good to let it grow happily by the side of the big guy?]

[The sisters in front are right! I really do not believe that the kitty is not useful at all. Big Brother, punch duck and raise it well, so that it can stun everyone in the future!]

[Hey, in the end, it’s still a bit disappointing. Just bless Big Brother’s next pet egg!]


The pop-ups said everything, many viewers expressed their disappointment. The pop-ups that comforted Wen XingYao and were mainly encouraging were still in the minority.

However, Wen XingYao had no intention of caring about the thoughts of the people around him. He looked at the little kitten who had finished eating the eggshell and slowly moved to his side, and then recalled the look Bai Li gave him just now. He felt a surge of heat, and wondered why his juvenile form from reality would appear in the game.

…He couldn’t say it was exactly the same as “Supreme,” at least the tip of the tail wasn’t flaming, but it was really very similar. So similar, that he had a wonderful illusion that he really had a cub that was connected to his own blood. This was the same gene that only a father and son would have!

Wen XingYao looked at Bai Li, who smiled and shook his head at him. This was to tell him that this matter had nothing to do with him at all. The kind of pet that appeared in the pet egg wasn’t the result of some secret operation.

This was life.

Wen XingYao frankly accepted his “fate,” and in an awkward gesture, he grabbed the small kitten. When the little kitten shrugged his nose to express the feeling of closeness, he only hesitated for a few seconds, then his head slowly reached over, and with the tip of his nose gave the little kitten a light touch.

Bai Li, who watched the whole process from the closest distance, thought Wen XingYao would definitely be a good “father” in the future.

The camera on the scene recorded this real event, then the sound of pity in the pop-ups died down and was replaced by another kind of emotion.

[Well…How to say it? Why feel the nose so sore? A kind of inexplicable moving feeling!]

[Why, this may be the legendary ‘iron man tender love’ it! May also be fierce man with a small kitten will collide with a different spark!”

[Suddenly, I think there’s nothing wrong with a cute kitty. Big Brother Demon Xing is so rich, he needs a little wife to accompany him.]

[The Big Brother Demon Xing is already introducing the identity of his pet, which is a male… Holy crap! This turns out to be a lion?!!!]

[Who’s lion looked like this as a child!]

The viewers in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but tense up.


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xiao ying
xiao ying
August 7, 2023 5:52 pm

two dads, a cub and a family.. so cute, so heart-warming, so… thrilling~nyaaa~ 🤣

thanks for the hard work~

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August 7, 2023 6:39 pm

I’m imagining such a cute kitten in my head but it’s a shame that I can’t see it in real life 😭

August 8, 2023 12:00 am

ah, so cute:)

August 8, 2023 2:46 pm

Thanks for the chapter! This is just perfect, lol

August 8, 2023 4:52 pm

A beautiful kitten, who in the future will be a big Lion, is perfect for Demon Xing. Thanks for the chapter!

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