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Chapter 29: Demon’s Deal With the Angel

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


That afternoon.

After Han Tian hung up the phone, he walked down the corridor of the detention center wearing flat glasses, a white lab coat, and a suitcase, with a polite smile on his face.

“Dr. Han, Dr. He used to be in charge of assessing the suspect’s mental state, are you taking over for Dr. He?” The young policeman who was escorting Han Tian looked at the too-handsome doctor curiously.

Han Tian smiled. “Dr. He has a temporary emergency assignment, so I’ll take his place for a while. What’s so special about this suspect today?”

The police officer scratched his head. “Why, I guess he’s just too high, full of nonsense, one moment said he saw an angel, another moment said the angel flew away, and said he was chosen by the angel.”

“Oh…” Han Tian answered thoughtfully.

Leading Han Tian to the door of the interrogation room, the young policeman pushed the door in and knocked on the table. “Hey, don’t sleep, the doctor is here.”

Lying on the table, Gu Yuanxin, who had become a skeleton, wiped his nose with a shaking hand, then struggled to straighten up and glanced at Han Tian at the door.

“Oh oh oh! It’s you! You’re here!” Gu Yuanxin, who was already as soft as a slug, suddenly came to life and even tried to stand up, poking his upper body towards Han Tian.

“Sit still!” The young policeman barked, and his hand struck a heavy blow on the table.

Gu Yuanxin shivered a little, still craning his neck to look at Han Tian, smiling heatedly. “You came to see me? How much money did you bring me this time?”

“Sorry Dr. Han, this man was already like this when we got him back. You’ve never been to our area before, don’t be scared,”the young policeman explained with an apologetic face.

“It’s okay,” Han Tian said politely. He slowly sat down on the chair opposite, took out the pen and book from the suitcase, and turned on the recorder at the same time.

“You just asked me how much money I brought you—what does that mean?” Han Tian pushed down his glasses, and the eyes under the lenses were extremely sharp.

“Eh, last time when I ran out of money to buy goods, weren’t you the one who gave me 100,000? I helped you get the job done and you gave me the money, isn’t that what you said?” Gu Yuanxin rubbed his eyes with one hand and wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth with the other.

“What did I get you to do?” Han Tian asked.

“Hey, hey, didn’t you ask me, ask me to send the cat in?” Gu Yuanxin rubbed his hands excitedly, his eyes shining with a sickly light. “I was telling you that the security guards already remembered me, and I could get into that neighborhood. You said it was okay, I just had to carry the cat inside and the security guard couldn’t see me at all—hey, really, I carried the cat and waltzed in, and the security guard didn’t stop me at all!”

“And then what? Where did you put the cat?” Han Tian asked as he took notes in his notebook.

“Hey, didn’t you tell me to just leave the cat on the porch and it would find its own way in? Then, you also said that the little white guy was so annoying, so I used a cat to scare him, and it was also for me to take offense.” Gu Yuanxin wiped his nose with his finger again.

Han Tian stopped recording and looked up at the other side.

“How about it, angel lord, did that little white boy scare you?” Gu Yuanxin lowered his voice and poked his head forward, causing the little cop to bellow, “Sit back and sit still!”

Han Tian, who had not been moving, raised his eyebrows slightly. “Lord Angel?”

“Yes! After you gave me the money, didn’t you open your wings and fly away? So of course you are an angel!” Gu Yuanxin spread his arms, shaking them up and down, and made a “flying” pose.

The little policeman on the side was full of disbelief and was about to say, You’ve knocked hard enough, when Dr. Han calmly asked, “Opened your wings and flew? Do you remember what color those wings were? White, or black?”

The young policeman hurriedly swallowed his words and said in his heart, Hey, it’s true that doctors have different ways.

Gu Yuanxin’s cloudy eyes rolled around, and finally stared at a certain point in the air, and his voice drifted a bit. “Speaking of which… It seems to be white? And black? That’s probably gray?”

The police officer did not hold back, and snorted with laughter, and hurriedly covered his mouth.

“Okay, I get it.” Han Tian wrote a few words quickly in his notebook and looked up again, without any expression, and asked, “Have you seen this person since then?”

Gu Yuanxin sucked his nose and smiled. “Isn’t that today? Lord Angel, you are here to rescue me, right?”

Han Tian didn’t answer again, but looked down and signed a form and handed it to the little cop while saying, “Okay, the evaluation is over, let’s go out.”

The policeman jumped up and opened the door for Han Tian.

“Dr. Han, is this person really mentally ill, or is he just stoned too much?” The young policeman carefully put the form away in a folder.

“Mentally normal, his babbling is just a reaction to his brain being eaten by drugs,” Han Tian said.

“Oh oh, that’s good. Hey, you say we have caught it easily, when the time comes, if it is really a mental illness, then we still have to send him to the mental hospital. We can’t do anything to him at all, tsk.” The small police officer sighed.

Han Tian looked at the small police officers and said in a steady tone of voice, “You have worked hard.”

His voice was like an autumn spring, which made the little policeman’s heart feel ironic, and he said, “No, no, it’s not hard, it’s all our duty. I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve taken today.”

After a few more words of courtesy, Han Tian said that although Gu Yuanxin was not mentally deranged, he still needed to be closely monitored and if there were any abnormalities, he should tell the police officer immediately.

Naturally, the police officer said with a pat on his chest that he would do what Dr. Han had asked him to do.

After he came out of the detention center, Han Tian immediately pressed his communicator and asked to talk to Miquel.

However, unlike usual, Miquel did not respond.

This was a situation that had never happened before.

Looking at the silent communicator, Han Tian frowned, started the car, and drove to his villa.

In fact, Miquel was indeed “not very convenient” to talk right now.


The Four Seasons Hotel downtown, penthouse suite.

Miquel stood on the carpet, his white shirt buttoned up to the top button, his hair meticulously combed at the back of his head.

His arms were clasped together and he stared indignantly at the man—no, demon—on the sofa with his shirt half open and tie hanging loosely around his neck. “I have honored the deal as you said before, why are you still here on Earth?”

Evans yawned, lifted a slender champagne glass from the coffee table and held it up to himself, staring with interest at the slowly bursting bubbles inside—or, through them, at the youth on the carpet. “You’re mistaken, angel, our deal isn’t over.”

Evans stood up and looked at Miquel, who was red with anger, and waved a smile. “Why, Angel, isn’t our deal ‘I provide you with information about Qiao Xi, and you accompany me to dinner’? For us demons, this wine is an essential part of the dinner!”

Then, he extended his hand to Miquel and shook the champagne glass, the meaning was self-evident.

Miquel gritted his teeth, took a big step to Evans, took the slim champagne glass, tilted his neck, and poured down the expensive light golden liquid.

“There! I’m done drinking! You can get lost!” Miquel smashed the glass on the coffee table with a snap.

The next second, Evans had already stepped forward, quick to reach around his shoulders, and then smoothly moved in his own direction, so that the two fell together on the light gray sofa.

“What are you doing?!” Miquel, whose upper body was confined, turned red and no longer had any scruples, and burst out with the “angelic pressure”.

However, in front of a demon of Evans’ level, such pressure was no different from a kitten scratching him with its tail.

“Ah, angel, sir, calm your anger.” Evans dropped his eyes, his voice intimate, his eyes eagerly looking at the angel who was encircled in his arms.

“I just wanted to have a nice chat with you again before I left.” Evans let go of his arm just enough to give Miquel room to break free, only to immediately roll over and send his knee forward, jamming it in just right, leaving Miquel pinned to the couch once again, unable to move.

“Our deal is over! I have nothing to talk about with a demon like you!” Miquel practically shouted.

“Oh? So, why Qiao Xi can be unaffected by your might and not even burned by that Seraph’s flames, you don’t want to know that either?” Evans came up to Miquel’s ear and whispered.

Miquel subconsciously reached out to cover his red ears, but his whole body was already frozen.

He looked at the smiling demon in front of him, and was about to open his mouth several times to scold him and tell him to get lost, but his final words turned out to be: “So, why is that?”

Evans laughed and did not answer, but withdrew his legs, stood up in a serious manner, and began to organize his clothes.

He fastened his shirt buttons one by one, tugged his tie at the same time, and looked at Miquel with a smile. “Angel, of course I have to get dressed for such an important message. Why don’t you help me tie my tie first?”

Miquel bit his lips, his eyebrows twisted tightly, full of displeasure, walked forward and began to tie the demon’s tie.

A flip of white and slender fingers, soon, a full and tight bow tie took shape.

“There you go.” Like afraid that something might bite, Miquel, who had completed this request, quickly withdrew his hand.

Evans hooked his lips and pressed his bony fingers to the bow tie, rubbing it back and forth.

From top to bottom, bottom to top, and then the entirety of his palm over the bow tie, pressing it not too lightly but not too heavily.

“Okay, what the hell is it for, tell me.” Miquel forced herself not to look at the demon’s hand, or the upturned lips, or the overly eager eyes, but only at the decorative painting on the wall, impatiently prodding.

“Hmm? Say what?” Evans asked rhetorically.

“The reason why Qiao Xi is not affected by us, huh? Didn’t you just say you’d tell me when you got dressed?!” Miquel withdrew his eyes and stared at Evans, asking incredulously.

“Lord Angel, you may not remember very well. I said—help me tie my tie, not ‘get dressed and then I’ll tell you’.” Evans smiled pleasantly.

“You!” Miquel, who understood that he had been tricked again, was so angry that his fists were clenched.

Not quite knowing how to curse, he angrily accused, “You—demon! Shameless!” 

“Wow, thank you for the compliment.” Evans slightly bowed, eyes full of smiles. “If you really want to know so much, we can negotiate a new deal, ah, Lord Angel? I can guarantee that this deal will satisfy you…”


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August 7, 2023 9:06 am

A new side couple!!! 🤩 What deal could the two have made?

August 7, 2023 10:04 pm

Another deal. What is Evans upto and was it Miquel who put the kitten at XQ’s door? What has he learned about QX already, exactly?
HT will not be impressed if/when he works out that Miquel made not one, but likely 2 deals, with a powerful Demon.
Thanks for translating and editing.

August 8, 2023 4:56 pm

So Evans knows that Qiao Xi’s target is an angel and is letting him continue. The more I learn about this internship, the more skeptical I become.

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