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Chapter 130: Medical examination report

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The breaking of the shell of the first pet egg in the game could be described as a series of twists and turns. First, it was thought by everyone to be a milk cat, and expectations were greatly reduced. Only afterwards did they learn that it was a misunderstanding, and that the cub, thought to be a milk cat, would actually turn into a big, powerful lion in the future.

Not only that, this newly born cub came with three skills, catching fish, promoting plant growth and animal deterrence. When they knew exactly what those skills did, both players and viewers straight up exclaimed it was a good pet.

“Oooooooh, still saying it’s not a cat? It can catch fish!”

“The ones born in pet eggs are different, damn. A little jealous of those who grabbed the pet eggs!”

“There are actually animal deterrents. Why I brainstormed out of the scene of the kitten with an evil dragon roar. Laughing dead.”

“Hahahahahaha! I now have confidence again! I’m waiting for my pet eggs to break through the shell next month! Looking forward to rubbing my hands together…”

“Hmm? Speaking of next month, isn’t it time for new game slots to be released again?”

The cloud players in the live broadcast room were immediately moved all their attention, not even the newly born “little kitten” could bother to hold their attention as they loudly discussed the possibility of this matter.

In the end, they were too tired to talk about the atmosphere in the live room, and turned to the game forum, only to find that in the forum, the new topic of Carefree Farmstead had already opened several different posts.

Only the content of these posts seemed to have a big deviation from what they were concerned about. Was there something they missed while watching the live stream?

[Guys who play Carefree Farmstead, did you go for a medical checkup this month? I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this situation.]

[Since I’ve been playing Carefree Farmstead, my back is not sore, my legs don’t hurt anymore, and I can fight five people in one breath. Hey, no more effort!]

[Brothers, I went to the hospital today for a review, and the doctor said my condition is holding up well. Not only is it not continuing to get worse, but it’s showing signs of improvement. Do you think that’s comforting?]

[All those who have read the previous three posts come here to gather. Let’s team up to go to the Carefree Farmstead opinion book to urge them!]

Some curious netizens opened these posts, and there was a great way to look at them. They were the real players of Carefree Farmstead who published their own body’s current condition.

These players were Therians, deeply troubled by Genetic Collapse Disorder, who entered not knowing Carefree Farmstead was a popular virtual reality game in recent years with regular visitors. However even if virtual reality games were effective, playing them for a long time would produce numbness both physically and mentally, and the effective of treatment for Genetic Collapse Disorder was getting weaker and weaker.

At that time, they learned from other people from Carefree Farmstead, about the existence of this new game, had been in the spirit of seizing the game quota, and then their play was completely unstoppable.

Obviously the content of the game every day was similar; planting, harvesting, fishing, collecting, mining, eating, eating, eating, eating…But they just couldn’t get enough of it and played it endlessly. When they played the game, they didn’t even think about the existence of Genetic Collapse Disorder, they just felt that the game was really addictive to play, and the more they play, the more they get hooked.

However, when they went to the hospital for a checkup at the end of the month, they found that their bodies were not only not getting worse, but were showing signs of improvement. Compared to the new changes that had occurred in the last two months, there was just one Carefree Farmstead.

With such a result, how could people not be ecstatic? How could they not be proud they actually grabbed the precious game quota? How could they not have people running to the forum to show off properly?

The netizens who saw these posts were so angry, but what could be done about it? The game quotas were all about their ability to grab them. If they couldn’t grab them, they could only watch from the side.

There were even more in the post by someone who posted their own medical examination report. It clearly stated that the player’s Genetic Collapse Disorder has regressed from the late to the early stages. His explosive temper was under control, and he wasn’t moved to reveal his beastly features.

He said under the medical report, [I don’t know how much of this result is related to Carefree Farmstead, but I can assure you that this is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a game. It is so different from the others, yet I didn’t struggle to get hooked at all. Sincerely suggest that water lovers who have not yet grabbed a spot in the game must go grab one when the next game slots come out.]

There were some envious netizens who saw this paragraph, and even more who were determined to go grab a game slot. They actively left comments under the post, and it didn’t take long for the matter to make it to the top of the Starblog.

Compared to gaming forums, Starblog was a much larger group of users, and non-Therians, who were not usually bothered by Genetic Collapse Disorder, were more active on it. When the search came out, many people expressed their distrust. They thought it was fake. How could there be such a powerful game? If there was, wouldn’t it have been out on the Starblog long ago?

Some people remembered where they heard the name Carefree Farmstead and said that the game was a marketing and water army fire. Every time there was a fart in the game, it would come to the Starblog for people to blow up, and they, the unaffected onlookers, were so embarrassed that they had to help them do everything without a word. Research Institute, please think hard with your brain. Was that what’s going on?

The real players and cloud netizens of Carefree Farmstead didn’t follow each other’s view. The former said that if you had the ability to wait for the game quota to come out, you shouldn’t grab one of them and leave some opportunities for those who really need them. The latter was also very tough, and said not to rob. They don’t care, for this kind of intellectual hard core farming game, who plays is who’s stupid!

The players were so angry that they couldn’t say anything and wanted to rush through the net to beat these people up. However then they thought about how their Genetic Collapse Disorder was easily controlled, and couldn’t become serious again because of such things, so they kept taking deep breaths and admonished themselves to be civilized villagers of Mushroom Village.

What could they do? They could only play the game well, post their daily experiences in the game to the forum for the record, and do their best to portray a beautiful world so that those who once looked down on the game would end up crying in pain and begging on their knees to get them a spot in the game.

What the players and cloud netizens didn’t know was that some people were just saying good things, waiting for the quota to come out and definitely would go to grab it. In their hearts they secretly paid attention to the dynamics of the Carefree Farmstead official blog, ready to grab a quota to experience the game at any time. It was a beautiful play. Only when someone knew how boring this game was, could you scold those fans of true love more righteously.

Soon, Bai Li and Wen XingYao also knew about the scolding on Starnet, and many of the friends who knew Bai Li’s identity came to speak to him about it. They told him not to be stressed by the rumors on Starnet, and that there might be another game producer’s handwriting in this.

Jiang Huaibi specially brought her father to Bai Li’s house, and told him the news that the Imperial Research Institute would start testing the game starting next month, so by then there would be complete data on how effective Carefree Farmstead was in treating the disorder. Then those who said Carefree Farmstead only knew marketing words, would certainly all disappear.

This news couldn’t be said unless in secret. While some knew the game producer had a good reputation for a long time, Bai Li didn’t have a backer. Bai Li had no support and no acquaintances in the circle, so he didn’t know anything and was kept in the dark until now. After he learned about it, Bai Li smiled and thanked the father and daughter who came to tell him. Then he said that there were players in the game who were really hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Jiang Yu was embarrassed and apologized to Bai Li, “Mr. Bai, you are too kind. I am just an ordinary person who happens to know this news. I also have to apologize to you. I came here without your consent and brought my child to the door. About your identity, it was my own guess, not Heart’s Jade’s. This wasn’t the child’s business, so don’t blame her, ah. Mr. Bai should be rest assured, you are the game maker and even her mother doesn’t know it. You are still very safe.”

Jiang Huaibi also nodded nervously, standing straight at his side.

That her dad suddenly guessed Bai Li’s identity was something she hadn’t expected. Usually she was hidden so deep, and had only said that Bai Li was in the game and was known as a very powerful big brother. The result was that not even a few days later, her dad “sneakily” ran over to ask her if the player Li Bai was game producer Bai Li. She was too shocked, and she hadn’t controlled the expression on her face. Without her saying anything else, her dad got the answer he wanted.

“I guessed it right.” Jiang Yu patted Jiang Huaibi’s shoulder, and showed an expression of “young people are still too young.” Fortunately, Jiang Yu didn’t do anything strange after knowing Bai Li’s identity, and only indulged in growing wheat in his yard every day. This put Jiang Huaibi’s mind at ease a little.

However, the good times hadn’t lasted long. There was a scolding on the Starnet about whether Carefree Farmstead was marketing or not. Therefore they went and told the information that they had Bai Li, so that Bai Li didn’t have to worry.

“Thank you, Uncle Jiang, and Heart’s Jade. I’m fine, you don’t have to worry,” Bai Li said towards the nervous father and daughter. “About my identity, just let it be. Maybe, at some point, this matter will be known by all players.”

Bai Li didn’t want to hide his identity as the game creator forever, and if everyone found out about it, he wouldn’t deny it.

Jiang Huaibi and Jiang Yu saw that Bai Li really was calm, so they put their minds at ease and left.

Yu Xiaoyue, the trainee at the company building of Tasty Food, was busy with her own work. Yu Xiaoyue, as an intern, took the time to log on to Starnet to see if the company’s Starnet account had received any important private messages.

When she thought about how she had completely forgotten to check the details of Carefree Farmstead on the Starnet because of her busy schedule, she felt a little bit guilty, so she went to the official forum of the Holographic Game Design Competition, entered the name of the game, and clicked on the first and most popular post.

Coincidentally, this post was about the various kinds of food in the game.

Looking at the high resolution photos in the post, Yu Xiaoyue quickly became engrossed.


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