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Chapter 131: “Gulp”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


There were dozens of people in the large office, almost all of them were working seriously at this time, the whole office was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard, but also the slightest noise would attract the attention of others.

First, the person closest to Yu Xiaoyue, Qiao FengYing heard a strange “gulping” sound. It was the sound of someone swallowing saliva. And this sound did not stop after just once, but one after another, and the interval was getting shorter and shorter.

It affected her normal work state.

In desperation, Qiao FengYing looked up from her work to find the originator of this sound. As a result, when she followed the sound, she found that her best friend was staring straight at the virtual screen in front of her. She wasn’t even blinking, just her lips wiggled a few times now and then. Her gaze moving down to her slender neck, the swallowing action wasn’t too obvious. Even as she watched, there was a heavy “gulp” sound.

Other people in the office, intentionally or unintentionally, looked in the direction of Yu Xiaoyue, both curious and helpless, but the originator of the matter didn’t notice at all, and was still very involved in watching. In order to prevent her best friend from causing public anger, Qiao FengYing had to rush to reach out and poke her in the arm to call Yu Xiaoyue’s attention back.

After being poked unexpectedly, Yu Xiaoyue really let her gaze peel away from the virtual screen, and looked at Qiao FengYing with a confused face. She wondered aloud, “YingYing, what are you poking me for? Is there something wrong?”

Qiao FengYing didn’t rush to tell her girlfriend about their other colleagues’ grievances. After all, Yu Xiaoyue had now stopped gulping. She probed her head to look at Yu Xiaoyue’s virtual screen, but only saw black, and belatedly remembered that it was a personal optical computer screen that came with anti-voyeur protection. Unless the owner of the optical computer set it to common viewing mode, other people couldn’t see the contents of the virtual screen.

Qiao FengYing could only ask, “YueYue, what were you looking at just now? We heard you gulping. It was too exaggerated. Are you watching some kind of live food show?”

Although she asked, she didn’t think that Yu Xiaoyue would watch any live food shows. Nowadays, the Empire’s food wasn’t that great, and delicious food had long since left them, let alone to the extent of gulping.

It was too exaggerated.

When she heard Qiao FengYing’s words, Yu Xiaoyue instantly came to, excitedly changed her optical computer operation, and then told Qiao FengYing to look at her own optical computer. Qiao FengYing didn’t understand, but obediently opened her optical computer, and in the two’s chat pages saw that Yu Xiaoyue had sent over an URL.

When she clicked on it, she didn’t even notice the title at the top, but was seized by a picture of food. The thick oil and sauce of Dongpo pork, the brightly colored braised lion’s head, the oily and smooth chicken, the white and soybean milk…Even the simplest small onion mixed with tofu was filmed with a different kind of beauty, inspiring a strong appetite in the viewers.

“Gulp!” This time, it was Qiao FengYing’s turn to gulp frantically.

Although not seen in reality, Qiao FengYing also knew that if these were eaten, a very good taste would go with it. Just looking at the photos could make her float. She really didn’t dare to imagine if it was really in front of her, then she would be able to enjoy them.

Maybe while she ate, she would shed tears of emotion.

Yu Xiaoyue quietly came over and whispered in a showy tone, “Isn’t that right? I also think they are super tasty. The owner has covered hundreds of floors, all with pictures of food, but I suggest you don’t click ‘only see the owner’ when you look. Other people’s follow-up posts are also super interesting. They all describe the taste of these foods. Oooh, with the food really being better, but some of the mouth watering…”

Following Yu Xiaoyue’s words, Qiao FengYing began to scroll down the post, and soon saw the first edible feeling, watched the owner of the layer for a food called “corn cake” wildly blow 800 words of rainbow fart and she gulped hard.

I want to eat…was corn cake really as good as they say it is?

Qiao FengYing just read the post, and didn’t answer her words, but Yu Xiaoyue was not angry as she continued to speak in her ear as she rambled, “YingYing, I now super regret it. Why is it only in Carefree Farmstead? I ignored that it was special, and finally even forgot about it. I wouldn’t have remembered it if I hadn’t seen it hot on the Starblog today,”

“Mn…” Qiao FengYing unconsciously answered a sentence, then snapped back to her senses and spat out the name that she also found familiar, “Carefree Farmstead? The post has something to do with that game?”

After she said that, she raised her eyes to look at the title of the post, which indeed carried the words Carefree Farmstea’. Once she discovered that, Qiao FengYing was obviously a bit stunned. Those very delicious looking foods actually only appeared in a virtual reality game? This was also too sad! She just wanted to eat, but also could not eat, ah…

When she thought of the opportunity for her and Yu Xiaoyue to know about this game, her face also inevitably showed some embarrassment. She had been too rash, and hadn’t asked for proof in their own definition, and it resulted in her missing such a treasure of a virtual reality game.

Yu Xiaoyue and Qiao FengYing looked at each other. Both showed strong regret.

After that, Yu Xiaoyue suggested in a whisper that since they had already discovered the specialness of this game, shouldn’t they look at the other parts of the game again? This suggestion got Qiao FengYing’s approval, so after reading the food post, the two of them read “My bland life in Carefree Farmstead”, “Which is the strongest fishing technique,” “Carefree Farmstead to find Ah Xiang”, “Carefree Farmstead pet cuteness PK, Ore Fairy, small white horse, Peeps request to fight” and so on posts. Out of her mouth came “wow, ” “oh,” “yelp,” and other awe. She successfully wouldn’t let the rest of the office leave it alone and they sent a few representatives over to ask what the two women were actually looking at.

This behavior made Yu Xiaoyue and Qiao FengYing find their next object of amusement, and praised the amazing farming game in front of everyone.

People were curious, as they listened to what the two young girls said, it was so exaggerated. It was inevitable that some were stupid and followed her to enter the forum to search for related posts. They then went according to their own preferences and clicked into the posts to see. That look, it was uncontrollable…

“Actually, only farming robots really do the work that is designed into the game. The game maker was too daring to imagine, but the players still find it so popular, so it really makes people think.”

“Yes, it is indeed a bit strange. Does farming actually have so much charm? You see in this post, the owner said that with every harvest, he has a sense of accomplishment. He even once even planted ten rounds of wheat in a breath, then with the harvested wheat grain spread on a sheet, they went up and made several rolls. I can not imagine such a scene…”

“…Why are you guys still obsessing about farming? The point is the food in the game! Come see what I found. A video recording of the Carefree Farmstead game host doing a food tasting, check it out!”

As soon as they heard about the video with food, all the employees of Tasty Food came to their senses and rushed over.

The result was…The office stopped talking for a long time. Instead, the sound of saliva “gulping” resounded through the whole office, one after another, as they played a special symphony. After they watched three tapings in a row, a group of people struggled to stop the urge to continue watching, and intended to wait until they got home from work to make up the rest of the content.

Yu Xiaoyue couldn’t hold back her “oooh,” which completely broke the peace, and everyone woke up from the dream with their faces flushed red with excitement. They couldn’t wait to share their afterthoughts.

“Oh my god! I just hate that I’m not lying in the gaming pod watching these videos, otherwise I could still try to see what the food tastes like. Just listening to the anchor commentary is still a bit exciting, ah!”

“I know this anchor. He’s called Wen Chen, and before he was in the food area doing live cooking. I didn’t expect him to taste the food there, it should be a long time to experience it! Hey, just thinking about what he said, my mouth is watering again!”

“Ah, ah, ah! Why are there so many different kinds of food in this game, ah? I heard that if you spend 100 star coins every day, you can buy 10 Food Basket items, which are full of delicious food. So far there have been more than two thousand different kinds of food…”

“Damn it, why am I only now aware of such a game?! I’ve heard that the game has been online for almost two months now, and I’m only now learning about it…”

“It’s normal. We haven’t activated a Therian gene, are not Therian, and we don’t suffer from Genetic Collapse Disorder. Virtual reality games of nature aren’t common, and we usually don’t pay attention to this aspect of the news, so to miss it is also normal.”

“Hey, you’re right, but once I think about how I missed so much, I feel regret. A lot of regret!”

When she heard this, Yu Xiaoyue could no longer control her own expression. Her lips moved, she wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to speak.

Qiao FengYing saw her friend like this, and knew what she was tangled up about. She had to think about it, so her tone was still calm about that incident not long ago.

“In fact, YueYue and I knew about the existence of this game long ago. It was the netizens on the Starblog who urged us to go over and take a look. At that time we didn’t take it to heart, and later forgot about it because of the busy work schedule. Now that we’ve seen the game again, it was also a coincidence…”

Colleagues expressed their understanding, comforted them, “We were working before as well. How busy, ah, the food and accommodation of the company not to mention, but in order to ensure the efficiency of nutrition and energy potions enough to fill a bottle, it was not easy to make the president satisfied with the new nutrition solution. We were all busy like that, so some things being accidentally forgotten is also normal.”

“So here’s the problem,” another colleague said. “Now we all know about the game Carefree Farmstead, and we also know that the taste of food in the game is far beyond reality, how do we report it?”

The reason why they want to report it was, of course, they wanted their company and the game’s producer to reach a cooperation and join hands to create a new flavor of nutrition liquid that everyone would like.

Yu Xiaoyue clenched her fist and stepped forward. “I’ll do it!”


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