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Chapter 30: I Will Watch Him 24 Hours a Day.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Late at night in early autumn, the weather was not too cool, and the branches of the roadside trees were still lush, swaying gently in the night breeze.

The neighborhood was quiet, with only an occasional birdsong.

The small security guards who were responsible for patrolling the area, walked unhurriedly, with smiles on their faces.

If an ordinary person walked into this neighborhood at this time, he or she would probably think: Wow, this neighborhood is so beautiful, the air is extraordinarily good, and even the pedestrians are particularly polite.

However, Miquel, who was in a hurry, knew very well that the whole neighborhood was wrapped up in Han Tian’s “Angel’s Refuge”.

In the area enveloped by the “Angel’s Refuge”, human beings would feel happy and less sick, and would never commit any violent crimes.

However, the use of such power was a great burden to the angels themselves. Therefore, for many years, very few angels activated this skill.

After walking along the lakeside path for a quarter of an hour, Miquel stood in front of Han Tian’s villa.

Miquel, who had always been very disciplined in the earthly realm, reached out to ring the doorbell, even though he knew it was unnecessary.

However, before his finger touched the button, the door opened itself.

Miquel straightened his collar and walked in.

Han Tian’s living room had no decorations, not even any furniture, just a down sofa in a hazy blue, next to a high floor reading lamp.

Han Tian leaned against the back of the sofa, his two long legs stretched out straight, the tips of his fingers facing each other, tapping rhythmically on his chin, his eyes slightly closed.

After noticing Miquel’s arrival, he opened his eyes and said succinctly, “The man who put the cat in Qiao Xi’s house, I saw him in the detention center this afternoon. He said that I gave him 100,000 to do it. This man also said that I was an angel because after I gave him the money, I spread my wings and flew away.”

This passage was completely beyond Miquel’s expectation, and his mouth opened wide in surprise, and he didn’t respond for half a day.

“In the evening, the police officer at the detention center told me that shortly after I left, this man suddenly suffered a myocardial infarction and died on the spot.” Han Tian’s voice was tired.

Miquel’s lips opened and closed for half a day before he finally found his voice. “Sir Seraph! This must be a conspiracy!”

Han Tian said calmly, “Of course.”

His body leaned back, his brow covered with weariness. “This man who hides in the shadows, his behavior is full of contradictions, I can’t see his purpose clearly.”

Miquel’s face, however, showed some indignation. “I think that there must be a demon, disguised as your appearance to tempt the human, found that the traces were revealed, and then killed that person!”

“If the other party is a demon, then why did he reveal Qiao Xi’s identity to me?” Han Tian put his fingers against his chin and frowned. “Besides, I just went to see Gu Yuanxin’s corpse and there was no sign of a demon power attack.”

Miquel opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

“If the other party sent out the black cat in order to let Qiao Xi reveal his identity in front of me, then why did he quickly erase this human’s life after I noticed this? What exactly did it do for him to let Qiao Xi reveal his identity?” Han Tian pressed his brow. “Without analyzing the purpose, we can’t anticipate our opponent’s next move.”

Miquel’s clean-cut face twitched. “But creatures like demons, they simply can’t be projected by common sense! They are consistently shameless! Underhanded! Debauched! They don’t keep their word! They’re not what they promised! Their behavior is simply unpredictable! Who knows what strange things these soulless bastards will do?”

Han Tian frowned. “…. …Miquel, I remember you didn’t have such strong hostility towards demons before?”

Miquel’s face floated a layer of imperceptible red. He unnaturally pulled the already tightly blocked collar, gritted his teeth and said, “No matter what, these despicable demons behind the scenes must be plotting mischief! For example, lurking around your Qiao Xi, do not know how big a disaster they will cause. As your supervisor, I suggest that you immediately seize him and send him to the heavenly realm for interrogation, so that he can never come near the earthly realm!”

After saying that, Miquel almost gritted his teeth and added, “Sir Seraph, please don’t be soft on demons.”

Han Tian slowly stood up from the sofa, his voice was gloomy. “Go soft on a demon? Me?”

Miquel was slightly embarrassed and explained, “These demons are too strong in disguise, and Qiao Xi has successfully fooled you and me before. I’m worried that you will still be fooled by his methods and won’t be able to lay a hand on him.”

Han Tian’s voice was cold. “It’s okay. I will monitor him 24 hours a day. As soon as he reveals any intention of harming humans, I will—immediately—dispose of him.”

Miquel gave a relieved look and praised, “Your Excellency is wise. I will tell the patriarchs that you have the situation under control.”

He thought about it again and realized something. “I see. The reason why you use ‘Angel’s Refuge’ so extensively is to keep an eye on Qiao Xi, to prevent him from harming humans or hindering him from escaping, right?”

Han Tian didn’t answer, and directly turned around and went up the stairs.

Miquel, who was doing his duty, naturally would not see that on Han Tian’s bed, there was a baby beluga whale lying quietly. The little white whale was lying on the edge of the pillow, accompanying its master through every light sleep, or sleepless night.

The next day, Qiao Xi did not go to the cafe.

He had a big plan to implement.

After a day and a night of meditation, Qiao Xi felt he finally had an idea.

Didn’t Han Tian promise to come and cook with him? Then, after cooking, if there was any reason that Han Tian could not leave, could he stay at his house?

That would definitely be a “significant increase in contact time”!

Qiao Xi clenched his fist and thought confidently.

So, he stood next to the entrance door, thinking carefully about how to make this electronic fingerprint lock suddenly break.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t use the power of demons now. Otherwise—hmmm, Qiao Xi was already imagining such a scenario in his head:

Han Tian’s finger on the doorknob, resulting in a “click”, the door locked dead. He turned the handle up and down in confusion, and finally could only turn back, with a confused face, “Qiao Xi?”

At this time, with the acting skills of 100 points, pretend to say, “Oh, this lock is easy to break. Here, I’ll call the property owner.”

Then he took out the phone and talked to the empty number for a while, and finally told Han Tian with a regretful face, “Hey, the property owner said that the lock can’t be fixed today, it will have to be fixed tomorrow. You see, it’s quite late now, how about… Stay at my house tonight? There are clean toothbrushes, soft bath towels, and brand new pajamas at home!”

How would Han Tian react to this? Will he look embarrassed and try to refuse? No, we can’t give him the chance to refuse!

Well, he likes to take care of people, so I’ll say, “Ah, after coming back from the hospital, I don’t know if I’m still allergic, I can’t sleep well every day…”

At this time, he will definitely show a worried expression and say, “Then I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.”

Eh heh heh.

Qiao Xi collapsed on the sofa, holding a cushioned bag in his hand, and giggled while thinking about it, thinking that his plan could not be more perfect.

At that moment, the vibrating sound of his cell phone interrupted his idea.

Was it Han Tian? He swiped the screen, and the message on it was from Sang Sang: [Mr. Qiao Xi, I’m not feeling well today, can I take off work?]

Thinking of Sang Sang’s performance yesterday, Qiao Xi felt a bit odd and wondered if the girl was sick.

However, no matter how Qiao Xi asked, Sang Sang said she was fine, just a little cold.

Qiao Xi, who could not ask a question, could only tell her to take a good rest.

Unexpectedly, after a while, Sang Sang sent another message: [Mr. Qiao Xi, I’ve thought about it for a long time, I’d better quit. I will go there tomorrow to do the formalities, and I will also help you find the next suitable employee.]

This time, Qiao Xi was completely shocked.

You know, he himself was still at the level of making a black tea, and even the customer had given a bad review, and Dr. Han, who can make tea, was not a serious employee; if even Sang Sang resigned, would Angel’s Feather close down?

Besides, Qiao Xi wondered what happened to Sang Sang. Rather than caring about the fate of Angel’s Feather, she had said that she liked the design and atmosphere of the cafe and planned to open a similar cafe in her hometown in the future.

Qiao Xi was full of doubts and sent several messages to Sang Sang, but there was no response after a long time.

Qiao Xi, who was worried that Sang Sang was seriously ill, dialed a voice call, but no one answered.

Now, Qiao Xi was really worried—did Sang Sang faint at home, just like he did?

Well, I have to go check it out. But where did Sang Sang live?

Qiao Xi vaguely remembered that Sang Sang said that she lived in a neighborhood not too far away, but what is the exact door number?

After a moment of hesitation, he sent a message to Han Tian about the current situation and asked him if he knew Sang Sang’s address.

Han Tian immediately dialed the phone. “Are you worried that Sang Sang is sick? Well I know where she lives, wait for me at home, I’ll drive you there.”

Qiao Xi was going to say that he could go there by himself—but Han Tian had already hung up the phone and sent a message: [Wait for me, don’t run around.]

A few simple words, but Qiao Xi’s face felt a little hot.

I’m not a hellhound.

Then he squatted on the sofa until Han Tian sent him a message telling him: [Here, come out.]

Sang Sang lived in the neighborhood for some years. The gatekeeper was an old man, sitting on a stool and dozing; the stop bar at the entrance was just an ornament, always raised, not stopping any car.

The underground parking lot of the district was also neglected, the concrete floor was dusty, and the air was filled with the heavy smell of gasoline.

After Han Tian parked his car, the two turned several corners before finding the entrance to the elevator.

Although the façade of the apartment was in some disrepair, the elevator seemed to have been refurbished, and the metal bulkhead inside the car was shiny.

After standing inside, the two figures were reflected on the bulkhead in their entirety, with no distinction.

For a while, Qiao Xi’s vision was only Han Tian’s thin lips, straight nose, and warm eyes.

He wanted to turn his head to stare at the changing floor numbers, yet his eyes did not obey him at all, it was as if they were forcibly glued to Han Tian’s face. 

Until the end of Han Tian’s eyes swept over him, the corners of his eyes curved slightly and he asked softly, “Why do you keep staring at me?”

Qiao Xi was shocked and looked to the left and right in a panic, babbling, “Ah, 26th floor, Sang Sang lives really high!”

At that moment, the elevator finally arrived with a ding.

Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief and stepped out first.

After finding the corresponding door number, the two of them rang the bell for a while, and Qiao Xi even leaned on the door and called out a few times before someone finally pulled the door open slowly.

Sang Sang poked her upper body out; her hair was a bit messy, a dark pink knit shirt was draped over her housecoat, and her voice was hoarse. “Qiao Xi?”

Qiao Xi looked at Sang Sang’s red and swollen eyes, and her right cheek that was obviously swollen, and he looked suspicious. “Sang Sang, what happened to you? Are you very sick? Your face is all swollen!”

Sang Sang covered her cheek with one hand and held the door with the other, her eyes wandering. “I… I have wisdom teeth coming in, so my face is swollen. You guys should go back, I have a toothache and I can’t do anything, so I want to stay home and sleep for a while.”

Qiao Xi was just about to ask, How serious can wisdom teeth be? And what does wisdom teeth have to do with quitting? Then Han Tian asked in a gentle tone, “Sang Sang, we heard you were sick and were worried, so we wanted to come and see you—we’ve been working together for so long, aren’t you going to let us in for a cup of tea?”

Sang Sang’s eyes flickered, pursed her lips, and finally relaxed her grip and let the two in.


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That boyfriend is no good, he’s abusing her isn’t he!? ಠ⁠益⁠ಠ

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So, Miquel has, in effect, lied to HT. That’s a slippery slope.
Oh crap, that escalated quickly for Sang Sang.
Bye, Zheng Tong 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Betcha Han Tian will use his magic and beat the shit out of that boyfriend!!😠

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Sure, Miquel, that is definitely the reason he’s using Angel’s Refuge.

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