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Chapter 132: “Does your military department need game quotas?”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Don’t even discuss how Yu Xiaoyue would deal with the company’s president’s reaction after she reported on the matter.


At the same time, the Imperial Research Institute had several hale and hearty old men together as they stared at a public virtual screen, and watched with great interest.

“Is it true what these people say? Is this game really so powerful that it can compare to those large virtual reality games?”

“Not necessarily. After all, the number of players is only 5,000 people. That there would occasionally be a few good effects is understandable, so we should wait for next month to test it.”

“Ho, it’s really far beyond the effect of other games? This game could really be a fire, ah! Hey? Isn’t that Xiao Zheng? I heard from the staff that you recently went on vacation to play games. What kind of games did you play?”

At that moment, Zheng Yi was passing by, and when the old men saw him they directly beckoned him over.

Zheng Yi was ‘Give Me a Bowl of Rice’ in the game. Compared with his game name, he was a mature and calm young man in reality. When he heard the seniors call out to him, he came over, glanced at the virtual screen and replied, “It was the game you’re following now, Carefree Farmstead, and I’ve been playing it for a while.”

This was a big deal. A few of the old men immediately raised their eyebrows and said unhappily, “You kid. You have been playing such a fun game. Don’t just tell us about the special places in the game, look at what other players said on Starnet. They are all saying Carefree Farmstead can cure their Genetic Collapse Disorder! Our research institute has been conducting research in this area, now it’s obvious that some of our people were playing in the game, but in the end, we got the news from Starnet!”

HIs tone became sour, as if the point of anger was not that Zheng Yi knew but didn’t report, but that he had secretly played such a fun game without their knowledge.

After a pause, Zheng Yi said, “I…I forgot to say anything.”

Because the game was so fun, and he got addicted to it, and because he was so engrossed in the game, he forgot that he should have told the others in the Institute about it. One by one, the old men were as furious as puffer fish. The young men here  had no martial virtue, and it was too much for them to show it off in plain sight. They unceremoniously drove Zheng Yi out of the room.

Zheng Yi felt quite aggrieved, since they had obviously told him to say it.


Bai Li came out of the game and went to brush the Starnet again for a while, just in time to see that someone on his follow list had made an update a few minutes ago.

Farming is fun V: [These are all the farming tips from the two months since I entered Carefree Farmstead. I hope to give a little help to other players in the game, and those who have not yet entered the network. [Pictures] X20]

The first nineteen pictures were dense text, which not only wrote about the correct action of farming, but also included the saving version of the use of magical spring water and fertilizer, the rational planning of the yard, fishing techniques guidance, new dishes and cooking inspiration, etc. It was very detailed and specific. The last picture was a recent photo of a newborn lion curled up and sleeping, with an incomparably cute and adorable attitude.

There were already many comments from players or netizens at the bottom.

Nine drunken Yan: [Pfft! Hahaha! Kryptonian Big Brother is teaching us how to save a little use of spring water and fertilizer. This is the best joke I’ve heard this year!”

Sui Ye: [I have to say, this newbie strategy is still very attentive, and I saved it. I hope next month I can successfully grab a place in the game to experience it! (LiLi look at me, LiLi look at me!)]

Soul sauce: [Kitty cat so cute! Oh no, it is the little lion Kiri so cute! So want to pet it!]

After he had brushed up on the comments for a while, Bai Li looked up and saw the owner of the starblog had come out of his room and took the initiative to say to him, [I saw the hot search on the star blog. You don’t have to take this to heart, someone must be behind it, most netizens are still on your side.] The person didn’t mention that he had secretly posted a star blog “in solidarity” with Bai Li.

Bai Li laughed and didn’t mention that he saw what he posted on StarNet, just reassured the other party that he didn’t take it to heart, and that he just needed to design the game properly.

Seeing that Bai Li really didn’t look unhappy, Wen XingYao was relieved.

However, he didn’t have long to feel relieved as he saw Bai Li open the door across from his room, walk straight in and pick up the black fox. His mood was like a roller coaster, from the top of the highest all the way down to the bottom.

The fox cub also wailed and rubbed against Bai Li, as it tried to find the source of the good smell from Bai Li’s body a few days ago, but found nothing, and became more anxious.

Bai Li didn’t understand why he was suddenly so active, so he patiently calmed him down for a while, and then put him down on the ground to play on his own.

The fox cub had no heart and no lungs, and was upset when he couldn’t find that nice smell for half a day, so he played a game of spin with his big fluffy tail.


Another day passed and the end of the month arrived.

Bai Li received an official notification from the Holographic Game Design Competition on that day, which told him that he could withdraw his earnings that day and that he would be paid in the morning.

At the same time, the notice also came with a personal terminal number, and the explanation that after this promotion, each contestant would have an official staff member who was easy to contact and could be contacted for any questions or concerns. However, because of the large number of contestants, these staff members couldn’t be dedicated to just serving one person, so they hoped the contestants would understand.

Bai Li thought about it, and didn’t rush to see how much revenue he could withdraw from the game’s backend, and went to add the staff member as a friend first. However, after he waited for a while, he didn’t see an additional friend in his address book, and thought that the other party would be busy at that time, so he didn’t continue to wait to try.

What he didn’t know was that the staff member he thought was busy, was actually suffering from a “beating” by his colleagues. Although he was beaten while he was wearing a silly smile on his face, and his colleagues got heavier and heavier! Hum! This was the kid. Silly people have silly blessings, and he actually drew a lot to serve that game.

Who didn’t know that the game made by that person was a dark horse this year. Not to mention the high revenue of the game, and even the amount of discussion on the Starblog and the forum were all great! Since they were responsible for contacting the game producer’s staff, each month’s bonus was linked to the game producer’s earnings.

What a bargain for this kid!

Bai Li turned his head and looked at his game’s backend. The earnings were a long string of numbers. The earnings for that month had reached a terrifying 572,809,917 star coins. Even after deducting 30% of it, he was still able to get 400,966,941.9 star coins. Despite the fact that  he was prepared, his heart missed a few beats at this time, and then it just poofed up.

God! So much money! The game he made was so profitable!

Last month, he earned a total of 3,426,791 star coins. This month the number of players was ten times the original, but he earned a lot more than ten times. When he thought about it, February had the a collective task, and activities, and then after that also came an impromptu “full decoration contest,” which utilized such items as magical spring water and a variety of furniture, and accounted for a large part of the players’ spending.

Consider the inexpensive item, Food Basket. How could Interstellar People give up ten courses of food every day? The first thing people did when they got into the game was to spend 100 star coins to buy 10 Food Baskets.

There was another hot item that couldn’t be forgotten, the Dress Surprise Box, which had brought a lot of surprises to players that month. Those who didn’t have a few rare appearance sets in the closet, were embarrassed to go out and talk to people.

With that calculation, to earn more than 50 million in a month seemed to be a very reasonable thing.

Bai Li looked at the numbers above and was happy for a while. He hurriedly chose to withdraw all the money, and then arranged for the money to be transferred.

The first thing he had to do was to return the 30 million he had borrowed from Wen XingYao. The rest of the money would be enough to upgrade the virtual reality game builder. 

“By the way, I’ve moved. I’ll fill in the form with my current address later, so pay attention to it and don’t send it to the wrong place,” Bai Li reminded Xiong Pili.

Xiong Pili was stunned and hurriedly congratulated Bai Li, assuring him that he wouldn’t deliver to the wrong place. After that, it was time to fill out the form, upload it and pay the deposit. Because of his previous experience, Bai Li quickly took care of it, spoke to Xiong Pili and went back to his own business.

When he thought of the nearly one million new game slots that would be added, Bai Li’s eyes suddenly lit up and he ran out and knocked on Wen XingYao’s door.

“Bai Li, what can I do for you?”

“Wen XingYao, does your military department need game quotas?”

Both of them spoke almost at the same time. After he heard Bai Li’s words, Wen XingYao was obviously stunned, then a few flashes of interest crossed his face. He asked uncertainly, “Game quotas? Is it the new ones after the upgrade?”

“Yes, the next upgrade will be able to accommodate one million players at the same time. Excluding the earliest five thousand, there are still 995,000 new places. Didn’t you say that my game is very effective in treating Genetic Collapse Disorder? The warriors should be more seriously ill than ordinary Therians, right? The number of people who can get the game is not guaranteed if they all grab it together, so why don’t I share some of it with the military to ensure the number of their people who enter the game?”

Bai Li’s proposal moved Wen XingYao. Immediately he thought about how every year, a lot of soldiers went completely back to their infancy and were sent to the Hope Star, then his heart felt bad. Now that there was such a big temptation in front of him, it would be strange if he could refuse it.

However, when he looked at Bai Li, it seemed that he intended to give it away for free, which Wen XingYao couldn’t accept. After he thought about it, he said, “Bai Li, thank you. The demand for game slots in the military is really high. Can you quote a unit price and the number of places that can be absorbed, so that the Ministry can buy them from you? That way my conscience can be more or less satisfied.”

Wen XingYao had already decided that this money would be paid by him as a subsidy for the warriors of the military department. Anyway, he had several agricultural planets under his name, and the war with the Zerg had also let him accumulate a lot of booty, all of which he used to invest, so his annual income over the years was an astronomical figure. He didn’t particularly like to spend money, so it would take several lifetimes for him to use his savings.

Bai Li observed Wen XingYao’s facial expression, saw that he had a straight face and wasn’t speaking casually, so he thought it over for a moment and said, “I’ll keep 5,000 slots for myself and give you 190,000. Each slot is priced at 5 star coins, just for you.”

At that, Wen XingYao’s heart came out in his thoughts, “Five star coins are too cheap. How about you add some more zeros?”

Bai Li looked black. “There’s no need to add. If I put them up on the official website for people to grab, there is no such money at all. Besides, even if you enter the game one by one, you still have to spend money to buy items, so I earn it back anyway. Just use this!”

Wen XingYao, “…”

This was really the truth!


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