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Chapter 32: Let’s Live Together!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


As soon as Qiao Xi stepped out of the car, he heard Sang Sang’s cries, “Let go of me! Let me go! Help! Help!”

Along with this, there was the sound of the surrounding neighbors opening and quickly closing the doors.

Qiao Xi didn’t have time to think about why these people would look at them and pretend not to see them, and ran quickly over to them.

Sure enough, Zheng Tong was standing in the hallway, pulling Sang Sang’s arm out, and Sang Sang was half squatting, half kneeling on the ground, with one hand clutching the door frame, her previously neat hair all loose, while crying and struggling.

But her strength was no match for the man who was so tall and strong.

She was about to be dragged out of the house.

Qiao Xi shouted, “Stop!” At the same time, he rushed up and threw a straight punch to the jaw of his opponent.

As he threw the punch, he kept silently thinking: No demon power, no demon power…

He did have it under control. So, when he threw the punch, the force was really limited, and it only caused Zheng Tong to stumble a little and freeze.

But that was enough time for him to grab Sang Sang behind him and yell at Zheng Tong, “You son of a bitch! What are you doing?”

Zheng Tong looked into his eyes, saw the person in front of him, raised his hands to his chest, cracked his knuckles, and said to Sang Sang, who was still trembling, “You shameless, and you still say you didn’t hook up with him! The wild man has come to the door!”

Qiao Xi, who was already furious, did not intend to argue with this man, and directly hit him with his knee in the belly, but the man dodged with a side-step.

“You little white boy!” Zheng Tong sneered as he threw a swift punch directly at Qiao Xi’s face.

Knowing that Sang Sang was hiding behind him, Qiao Xi was unable to dodge the punch and was ready to block it.


However, it was Zheng Tong who let out a miserable scream.

Qiao Xi was stunned.

Only to see Zheng Tong’s left hand clutching his right fist, a burst of ghostly cries and wails. What’s even more bizarre was that his right hand, wrist, and arm were rapidly surfacing with ugly, charred black lines, which kept climbing upward, and even faintly smelled like burnt flesh.

It was as if someone was burning his arm with fire!

What happened? Did he not control it, or did he accidentally use the demon power?

Qiao Xi reached for the top of his head in panic—luckily, the horns did not emerge.

“Qiao Xi?”

At this moment, Qiao Xi heard Han Tian’s voice.

He turned around and saw the man stepping out of the stairwell, looking at the mess in disbelief.

“Han Tian, what are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to wait in the car?” Qiao Xi said anxiously, while secretly thankful that the horns and tails had not popped out.

“I saw you didn’t look so good, so I wanted to follow you up, but the elevator was too slow, so I took the stairs—what’s going on here? Who is this big, stupid guy?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi pointed to Zheng Tong, who was rolling on the floor in pain, with a spiteful face. “This is the bastard who bullied Sang Sang. I just saw him dragging Sang Sang outside when I caught up with him—by the way, Sang Sang, how are you doing?”

With two reliable people with him, Sang Sang gradually stopped trembling, but there was still fear in his voice. “A little while after you left, I heard a knock on the door and thought you had left something behind, but then—it was him! I told him we broke up, don’t come to me anymore, I won’t see him again, but he insisted on dragging me and telling me to talk to him, and that I should be locked up…” Sang Sang said this while stretching out her arms to hug herself.

Qiao Xi noticed that she had several bruises on her wrists and arms, and some broken skin, which must have been caused when she was dragged by Zheng Tong.

Han Tian also saw it. He looked at Qiao Xi’s face and asked with concern, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

Qiao Xi’s head shook like a rattle. “No, no, I’m fine.”

Han Tian nodded, grabbed Qiao Xi’s hand and put the car keys inside. “Now you take Sang Sang, drive to my hospital, treat these small wounds for her, and wait for me there.”

Qiao Xi frowned. “Hmm? What about you?”

Han Tian glanced at the big garbage on the ground and said, “This man is suspected of illegal detention, someone has to stay and call the police, right? I’ll wait here for the police, and when he’s taken away, I’ll come to you.”

This sounded reasonable. Moreover, looking at the creature on the ground who was already twitching in pain, Qiao Xi wasn’t worried that he would get up and hurt Han Tian again.


“That, uh, Han Tian… I just, I don’t know, did I, like, hit him a little too hard?” Qiao Xi asked cautiously.

Han Tian said as if nothing had happened, “Hmm? I think this guy probably had a sudden cramp, plus a stress reaction, and his skin suddenly became allergic.”

“Oh…” Qiao Xi was relieved.

Anyway, Han Tian was a doctor, and he was highly skilled in medicine, so if he left Zheng Tong here, even if there was something, Han Tian should be able to deal with it.

With this in mind, Qiao Xi helped Sang Sang and went into the elevator.

After hearing the elevator door close, Han Tian turned his head and looked coldly at the man on the ground.

Suddenly, all the lights, which were already dim, went out.

Even the little light from the sky outside could no longer penetrate.

The whole space was dark and silent.

Zheng Tong, who was still crying, instinctively knew that something was wrong and forgot to cry out in pain.

Han Tian took a step forward, the cold light in his eyes. “Did you just try to hurt him?”

A deep-rooted fear gripped Zheng Tong, and he cowered, like Sang Sang, who had just struggled under him, backing away—but where else could he retreat?

An hour later.

The nurse carefully treated all of Sang Sang’s wounds, brought her blankets, milk tea and cookies, and chatted with her, keeping the girl warm and alive.

After confirming that Sang Sang was okay, Qiao Xi looked at his phone for the nth time: Where is Han Tian? Why hasn’t he returned my messages?

As he was getting more and more anxious, he got up and was about to rush out when he heard the nurses’ greeting, “Dr. Han!”

At the same time, a reassuring sweet fragrance came from the hospital.

Qiao Xi exhaled lightly, and his heart quieted down.

Sure enough, Han Tian came out from around the corner.

Qiao Xi almost ran past.

Facing the little guy running towards him, Han Tian subconsciously raised his arm to catch him and said with a smile, “Running is forbidden in the hospital, did you forget again?”

“Are you all right?” Qiao Xi asked, and stood still. “Where is Zheng Tong?”

Han Tian replied, “I’m fine. As for Zheng Tong, the police have already taken him away, let’s see if he will be detained.”

After saying that, he released a hand, as if he wanted to touch Qiao Xi’s face—but in the end, he did not touch it.

“Are you really all right? He didn’t hurt you?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi poked himself in the face. “I said I’m fine! By the way, I was just thinking—”

At this point, Qiao Xi’s heart began to beat.

While he was waiting for Han Tian, he suddenly had a better idea than “breaking the lock so Han Tian can’t leave the house”.

He thought about it several times and felt that it was a perfect idea, more than perfect.

“Hmm?” Han Tian asked in a nasal voice.

Qiao Xi turned his head and said in what he thought was a natural tone, “Come on, let’s talk to Sang Sang again.”

Han Tian’s eyes flickered and he didn’t ask any more questions, but followed Qiao Xi into the lounge.

Sang Sang, who was wrapped in a blanket drinking milk tea and swiping her phone, saw them come in and stood up quickly.

Han Tian gestured for her to sit down, and told her that Zheng Tong had been taken away and might be detained, so she should not worry.

At this time, Qiao Xi interjected, “By the way, Sang Sang, the neighborhood you live in, I see no security, monitoring is…not sure if it works, will it be enough security ah?”

Sang Sang smiled bitterly. “Yes, there is this problem. That guy is so twisted now, and he knows where I live; if he’s released after a few days in jail, I’m still worried that he’ll come back for me. So, I think it’s good to hurry up and find a place to move out.”

Qiao Xi blinked. “Well… Isn’t it a lot of trouble to find a place to move temporarily? Besides, you’re injured now…”

Sang Sang shook her head. “That can’t be helped. If I go home now, I’ll be worried about him coming back and I won’t be able to sleep at night—so I’ll have to move quickly.”

Qiao Xi settled down and said warmly and sincerely, “In fact, the property where I am living now is particularly warm and welcoming, and the security measures are also very well in place. For someone like Zheng Tong, if you give your photo and basic information to the security guard and tell them not to let him in, they won’t let him in!”

Sang Sang looked at Qiao Xi with some confusion, and Han Tian also seemed confused, like he didn’t know why Qiao Xi was saying that.

“So,” Qiao Xi raised his chin, “do you want to stay at my house for a while?”

“Eh?” Sang Sang’s round eyes grew even rounder.

Han Tian frowned lightly with some disapproval. “Qiao Xi, Sang Sang is a girl after all. We can help find a house for Sang Sang, it’s not appropriate for you to suddenly let someone live in your house like this.”

Qiao Xi opened his mouth wide in a pretentious manner. “! Right! I didn’t think of that! But, I really think that the safest and most suitable place in the neighborhood is our neighborhood… But the houses in this neighborhood don’t seem to be rented out…”

He locked his eyebrows in distress, his eyes darted all over Han Tian’s face, and finally asked tentatively, “How about I move out of the house and find another place to live?”

Sang Sang shook her head vigorously and said, “How is that appropriate? No, it’s too much trouble for you…”

Qiao Xi squeezed her shoulder affectionately. “Sang Sang, it’s okay, it just occurred to me that I actually have a suitable place to live, right, Han Tian?”

Han Tian looked like a good boy and asked curiously, “Oh? The right place? Where?”

Qiao Xi clenched his hand into a fist, knocked it on his palm and said, “Look, I’ll move in with you and leave my current house for Sang Sang, so this problem will be solved perfectly.”

Sang Sang just felt her mind was spinning, and couldn’t figure out how this troublesome solution could be the “perfect solution”.

Han Tian did not answer immediately, but looked at Qiao Xi with a smile.

Qiao Xi’s heart was tense, and lest this person would open his mouth to refuse, hurriedly said, “I am very clean, and quiet at night, not noisy at all. I will bring my own pajamas, toothbrush and towel, you don’t have to prepare anything…”

Qiao Xi, whose mind was focused on Han Tian, didn’t notice that Sang Sang’s expression when she looked at him had changed from “what kind of confusing operation is this” to “an aunt’s smile”.

Finally, Han Tian clenched his hand into a fist and coughed lightly against his lips. “Well… If Sang Sang is willing to live there, and you don’t mind that my apartment is too small, you can move in.”


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