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Chapter 146: The village chief’s daughter, son-in-law and grandson

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li’s voice woke up the crowd, who were engrossed in the scent of watermelon. They blinked hard, and quickly came back to their senses.

“Oh, yes! It’s time to eat watermelon!” Xiong Pili also took out a kitchen knife from his backpack. “This much shouldn’t be enough. I’ll cut a few more!”

When he saw Mr. Bai’s actions in full, the dazzling gesture of the knife, then how the watermelon should be split into two “miserable” pieces.  It was like relieving an invisible pressure. It gave people a sense of pleasure, so he was thinking he would try. Now, while others hadn’t yet reacted, of course. He had to move early to grab that job.

Xiong Pili picked up another large and round watermelon, then followed Bai Li’s example. He fixed it under his hand, and aimed the tip of the kitchen knife at the midpoint of the watermelon, and stabbed it in with force.

And then…The long, thin blade was stuck in the watermelon, unable to go further in, unable to be pulled out. It was more or less embarrassing to watch.

“Pfft!” Xiao Die and Jiang Huaibi, the only two girls present, could not hold back their laughter at the sight.

Xiong Pili was also amused by the situation, which caused the two more girls to cover their mouths and laugh. His wheat-colored face quickly turned red, and his eyes flashed as he didn’t know where to look. Finally, he turned his gaze to Bai Li for help.

Bai Li, who was holding back his laughter, came forward and explained the points to note when cutting a watermelon, encouraged Xiong Pili to try again, and not let his first failure get him down. Xiong Pili nodded and pulled out his kitchen knife, fumbled with the skin of the watermelon for a while, found the right spot and then slashed it.

“Click.” The watermelon opened, and revealed the thin skin and the interior filling.

A cheer rang out in the live broadcast room at this success.

[I thought I could just use a knife to knock on the top.]

[Watching them cut the watermelon, why do I feel my head hurts?]

[At this time, are you still concerned about how to cut the watermelon? Do you not smell the smell of the watermelon? That it can be too fragrant, too sweet, I’m not afraid to tell you. I have quietly licked a few mouthfuls on those watermelons. The taste is really superb, just a little inconvenient to eat…]

[What an inconvenience, ah? Watermelon skin thin like this, even with the flesh to eat together, okay? The skin is crisp, the flesh is fragrant. I have eaten a small half! Crossed waist.jpg]

[Cow or buddy? You cow, ah, give us the right way to eat melon…not to say, I also want to try!]

Mo Song, who inadvertently glanced at the pop-ups, “…” Suddenly the two cut watermelons were not enough?

After Xiong Pili’s success, others also scrambled to give it a try. They brought out all kinds of knives, long and short, wide and thin, but because they had all mastered the key points of cutting melons, there were no more failures.

After that, they weren’t satisfied with just using a kitchen knife, and simply directly took them on unarmed, as they pretended that their hands were a kitchen knife, and chopped them accurately. One person looked at the live viewers, they were too excited to scream, and could not wait to get their hands on it, and also split a melon.

Bai Li joined them. Anyway, they were at the beginning of the agreement, since the cut open watermelon still hadn’t been eaten.

He took out several oversized fruit pots from his backpack, plus large fruit spoons for digging out the flesh of the melon on the table, and asked the others to serve themselves. Then he picked up the kitchen knife again, and quickly cut up the watermelon. His hands hung in the air above the watermelon, and almost had a residual shadow. In a few breaths, half a watermelon turned into a watermelon block in the fruit bowl.

Looking carefully, the watermelon blocks were almost equal in size, and the flesh of the melon with the more densely distributed black watermelon seeds had all been picked out in the process of cutting. The watermelon on the fruit plate, they could eat a bite, all without spitting melon seeds, la.

[0.0 what just happened? LiLi took the kitchen knife, waved it a few times, and the whole watermelon has become this way now?]

[This…Is it the legendary realm of the unity of the human knife? Kneel to beg LiLi again, I have not seen enough QAQ!]

[LiLi really deserves the name of Big Brother. Even his watermelon cutting techniques are far beyond others by several levels. This shows ordinary people still know how to live, ah!]

[Hey, I have eaten LiLi’s hand-cut watermelon! It is really super……….sweet! Heart.jpg]

[Really, then I also have to hurry to eat, or sooner or later that group of animals will eat it all!]

After they’d watched the live broadcast for nearly a month, the audience had long developed the habit of independence, “self-help”, without being rushed, as they enjoyed the watermelon meal.

Whether it was cut into square pieces of watermelon, or just scooped out with a spoon into a ball of watermelon flesh, they didn’t let go. Even the in-game people didn’t notice that from time to time they would do the “tiger mouth snatching” behavior, as they strove not to let go of a single mouthful of watermelon that hadn’t been eaten.

Anyway, they were only eating a section of tasty data, so they weren’t afraid of a stomach ache. Of course, they would take advantage of this rare opportunity to eat more.

In the game, Bai Li and others split almost twenty watermelons. First, they each shared half, then the rest were cut into small pieces and put on a plate for the live viewers to eat. After doing all the things they should do, they sat down to enjoy the deliciousness of the watermelon while they chatted about the new changes in the game.

Now that the entire network knew Bai Li’s true identity, the few people present didn’t have too many worries when it came to chatting.

Mo Song swallowed the reddest and sweetest watermelon in the middle and asked, “By the way, LiLi, there are some new NPCs after the game upgrade: the fisherman, the flower lady and the naughty boy, are they family?”

He even saw the three NPCs walk directly toward the village chief’s house after darkness fell at night, and the village chief and the village chief’s wife treated the three of them with great warmth and intimacy.

There was no need to hide this from the players, Bai Li answered on the spot, “Yes. In my setup they are family. They are the village chief’s daughter, son-in-law and grandson. They just came to the village and the players are not familiar with them. After a while, once everyone is acquainted, they will take the initiative to tell the players their identity.”

“Wow, so that’s how they are related.” Xiao Die was surprised. “I didn’t purposely go to these NPCs yesterday, I just met the flower lady on the way to the forest and received the task of submitting 10 flower seeds to her. I did the task that night and she gave me a ‘flower cake’ recipe. When there is time, I will try to make it.”

Xiao Die’s life skills were gathering and cooking, so the existence of the flower lady for her was a great benefit. It was no wonder that she had a vague praise on her face.

Tang Ying couldn’t wait to knock on the head of his subordinates. They chatted so nicely, how deceptive was it? What would this make others think? He was about to open his mouth to help Xiao Die attract some firepower afterwards, when the others rushed to speak ahead of him.

Wen XingYao, “I received a mission from the fisherman. I managed to catch ten fish in twenty minutes, and he gave me a high class fishing net and read the introduction of how to catch large fish in the sea.”

Jiang Huaibi, “I played hide-and-seek and eagle-and-chicken with Naughty Boy for a long time yesterday, and at the end he gave me a rattle that can attract small animal cubs in the forest.”

Xiong Pili, “I didn’t get any quests from the three of them, but I helped the old king at the entrance of the village collect materials a few times, and each time I was given an iron piece with a horse design on it, and the system prompted me that it increases my affinity with the NPC by five points.”

Song Xinran, “Ah, I got ten rose seeds from the Flower Lady.”

Mo Zhu, “I also…”

Ji Yingqi, “And me…”

Mo Song, “So you all got a mission. I thought I was the only one who got it, haha!”

Bai Li listened to the speeches of all the people and smiled an old-fashioned smile, which showed that he had also gained something.

As the only player present who received no quests and no rewards, Tang Ying covered his mouth, thankful that he hadn’t said what was in his thoughts, and at the same time shed heartbreaking tears in his heart. It’s so hard, he’s just giving too much for his job!

As he thought of this, he looked at Wen XingYao, but just saw the other fill Bai Li’s plate with a few pieces of watermelon, with a seemingly “spoiled” smile on his face, and his heart became more and more unbalanced. I work hard in the military department to help you deal with various matters, but you were doing fine. From morning to night you only know to play games, you’re not even home (in the military department)! I thought you were out of infancy and could even maintain your human form for a while, but you still haven’t come back.

Tang Ying looked at Wen XingYao with a negative gaze, but got a puzzled glance from the other person. He really had no psychological burden at all. Tang Ying decided that when the melon eating was over, he would have to stay and talk to the Admiral and Bai Li, and better yet, set a time for him to come and pick him up.

For now…as he looked at the watermelon left on the table, Tang Ying decided to turn his grief into appetite, and eat the hell out of it!

The others themselves were eating leisurely, and suddenly someone else accelerated the speed of eating melon, so how can there be any reason to hold back? Of course, the speed was accelerated together.

Even the viewers in the live room were driven by them, as they stuffed their cheeks to increase the horsepower, and ate the table of watermelon with pleasure.

The scene was still very happy. Suddenly, Bai Li felt someone staring from outside the courtyard. When he looked over there, he was almost shocked. A large group of players were outside the courtyard. They looked at the crowd in the courtyard, eyes gleaming with a fierce light, some with mouths half open, and there seemed to be saliva in the sunlight that reflected crystal clear in the light.

Bai Li quietly pulled the hem of Wen XingYao’s coat beside him, and signaled for him to look over, even as he speculated in his heart, was this the aftermath of his own exposure of his true identity? These people were all here to watch him, right?

The reason Wen XingYao guessed was also similar to Bai Li’s. When he saw the situation, he immediately stood up and went towards the courtyard door, as he asked aloud, “You do not play games just to come here for what?”

The people outside the courtyard were waiting for someone to notice their presence and ask about their intentions, and seized the opportunity to cry out to Wen XingYao, “Big Brother Demon Xing, you’re just in time! Can you help us ask LiLi for his watermelon, right? The sale can be open to the public, it’s just that watching the live broadcast is no longer enough to satisfy our cravings, we want to eat a real bite now!”

Wen XingYao, “?”

What? You’re just here to buy watermelon?


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