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Chapter 144: The koi is actually myself

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


[Of course it’s Wen XingYao, Admiral Wen! The silver star of the Empire, indeed, will not fall so easily!] The owner showed up at the critical moment and laid out the second message he wanted to tell everyone.

In January, Admiral Wen XingYao’s Genetic Collapse Disorder entered the late stage, and the news that there was no cure for in medicine spread throughout the Starnet. Some people burst into tears, and some people raged on the spot to scold the bad media without evidence.
The entire Starnet was noisy and not peaceful.

However, most people still firmly believed that Admiral Wen XingYao would never be easily taken down. No news was the best news.

However, this wasn’t it. The person still hadn’t appeared in the public eye peacefully. He brought such a big gift to the military, not to mention that he was suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder, some people even thought that he was not sick at all.

After the initial excitement, the netizens calmed down and were no longer jealous of the warriors who easily got a spot in the game.

Some time ago on the Starnet, it was rumored that Carefree Farmstead had a great therapeutic effect on Genetic Collapse Disorder, and where were the most people suffering from this disease? Where was the most severe? Naturally it would be the Imperial Military Department. Most of the warriors inside were in the middle or even about to reach the late stage, and now that they were fortunate enough to get a large number of game slots, there was no excuse for keeping them tight.

[What?! Someone bought 190,000 game slots for only 950,000 star coins? Oh, it’s Admiral Wen who bought them for the warriors? That’s okay.]

[Woohoo! I really didn’t pick the wrong person! Admiral Wen XingYao is the model for all Therians to learn from. His generosity, his care and love for the warriors will be remembered by us forever!]

[Am I the only one who is curious as to what channels the Admiral used to purchase the game slots? As we all know, these game slots will only be in the hands of the game’s creator. The Admiral, he wouldn’t know LiLi too, right?]

[And he bought them at a super low price of 5 star coins. What’s the difference between that and giving them away for free? Brothers, I have a bold guess. Admiral Wen definitely knows LiLi, and maybe also like LiLi, he is a player in the game!]

According to normal thinking, this guess was actually very likely. When he heard the news over the forum and read the post, Tang Ying was shocked into a cold sweat. He hurriedly contacted Wen XingYao, and asked him what to do now.

In his opinion, there was a big difference between Wen XingYao’s identity and Bai Li’s. Bai Li was highly respected by netizens and players on Starnet for making the game Carefree Farmstead, and the fact that he was also in the game might come as a surprise at first, but after accepting it, he would be welcomed to join. It was possible that Bai Li would be mobbed when he was in the game, but this wouldn’t last too long, and players would be able to resume their normal lives once the novelty had worn off.

But if it was known that Wen XingYao was indeed in the game…Then day after day, they would find Wen XingYao for photos and autographs, and it was estimated that there were not a few. The crops he grows with his own hands, and even the leftover farming tools and household items, would be purchased at high prices and carefully collected.

Just to imagine such a scene, it was enough to make people’s cold hair stand up.

Really can not eat too much enthusiasm, ah.

Wen XingYao received Tang Ying’s message, but his reaction was calm, and he assured him, “Don’t worry, they won’t guess.”

Or maybe they were just like Tang Ying, and didn’t dare to imagine such a scene.

Tang Ying was unsure, and looked again at the post’s reply. When he did, his eyes widened. Damn, Admiral really guessed it right!

[How can Admiral go to play games? I heard my neighbor’s uncle’s son’s classmate who works in the military said, even for the treatment of Genetic Collapse Disorder had to enter those virtual reality games, he was on point and off point, without delaying a second. With that kind of attitude towards virtual reality games, would he really be in the game with LiLi? I prefer that they met in reality!]

[That’s right, the Admiral, he is our Empire’s battle ceiling. He can’t play games or he will be uncomfortable. Even those combat virtual reality games can’t keep his heart, let alone our ordinary farming game. Besides, the Admiral is so busy, how can he have time to play games? He must be worrying about the Empire every day. And this time, it brings great benefits to the soldiers of the military!]




[+Imperial Citizenship!]

Tang Ying was dumbfounded. Was this group of netizens’ filter on the Admiral too thick? At this time, they could even find a suitable reason to exculpate him. If they knew later that the Admiral was not only in the game, but also the second one to enter the game, wouldn’t they go crazy?

Boy, the Admiral won’t be devastated by that time, right?

However, it was useless to think about it now. The crisis of the fallen horse was solved, and Wen XingYao’s safe appearance made the big stones fall down in the hearts of the netizens who had been worried about him for two months, and no one bothered to look into the details.

As long as he was okay!

An hour passed in a flash between joking and laughing, and soon came zero hour on March 2.

According to Bai Li’s setting at the beginning, 2,000 users were selected and announced at 0:00, and the winning users received their rewards in the background.

Those who were lucky enough to win the prize were naturally the first to get the good news, as they clicked on the private message to bind the game quota to their citizenship number, before the whole person trembled and jumped up from the bed or seat, eager to have a hot dance on the spot.

For those who didn’t win the lottery, they were disappointed at the same time they coincidentally clicked on the winning list to check it out, and tried to find their friends and relatives. Maybe the other party had already grabbed a game slot that they could pick up as a leak?

So they carefully checked down one by one through the user names, and actually they found something remarkable.

[Crap! Hahaha! I’m going to laugh yue past! You guys quickly look at the fourth column of the list on the forum, line 20. There were surprises, there was a big surprise, ah!]

[Pfft!!! I saw it too. ‘Carefree Farmstead-Bai Li.’ This name is too familiar, isn’t this our LiLi’s nickname in the forum! Good man, I smoked myself?]

[Laughing dead! There is ‘Koi is actually myself.’ That smell. This lottery app is a problem, will even the author be drawn out?]

[The case is solved, but it’s not everyone present. I had to ask LiLi all kinds of strange questions in the post, he answered properly afterwards he also smoothly praised my game. It was defined by the app as a rainbow fart!]

[@Carefree Farmstead-Bai Li, LiLi quickly come out, ah! You won the lottery! Anyway, this place you can not use. I am heavily begging for it, ah. Woo, woo, woo! Pity me! I grabbed two months and did not even grab the lottery. I did not even draw this non-competitive bar!]

“Yeah! This is not a game quota vacant well, LiLi quickly come, say your arrangements for this quota chant ~ ~ ~ “

After this, more and more players joined the ranks of the agitation and touting, and temporarily changed their forum nicknames, so they were longer and more fancy to attract the attention of others, the better. Their intentions could be seen by anyone with a discerning eye.

Bai Li was about to fall asleep when he was approached by Zhuo Rui, the staff member assigned to him by the competition, who explained the situation in the forum in a few short words and asked Bai Li with an embarrassed face what he was going to do.

Bai Li also wasn’t expecting such a development, and smiled rather tearfully at the words, as he was considered to have added another heat to the scramble for a game slot. After he thought about it, he decided to make a quick decision, and Zhuo Rui said he would go handle it, and after thanking him for the notice, he entered the game forum.

Replied on the floor where the post @ him the most.

Carefree Farmstead-Bai Li: [I never thought I would have such good luck, and after consideration decided to share this luck with everyone. In five minutes, I will give out a spell hand red packet on the star blog, the netizen who grabs the most will get this game spot at the same time, the opportunity is rare, don’t miss it.]

After he posted that paragraph, Bai Li didn’t pay attention to the commotion caused by his reply, and turned to the star blog. In five minutes, he directly sent 50,000 star coins and 10,000 people grabbed a big red packet.

The netizens had long been waiting at the bottom of the starblog, so the red packet was sent out, it ushered in a fierce competition. Almost in the blink of an eye, the amount of money in the red packet was snatched up.

The luck king not only grabbed 1,111.11 star dollars in the red envelope, but also got a game slot from Bai Li, and was instantly in the limelight. After he binded the slot, he posted screenshots of both to the star blog, attracting a large number of people to watch and rant.

Mi Jiao: [Aaaahhh!] 

Wen Qing wine: [I did grab the 5 star coin red envelope, but is it useful…not at all! I can’t find LiLi to buy a game quota like Admiral Wen, but I’m also a full 1,106 less than 1,111 star dollars. Why?! It’s important to participate!]

Cloud water: [The most excessive is that this person actually deceived us, he has something that is worth being proud of. Maybe today it is good luck, maybe when he’s in the game, the whole day will be covered with bad luck, then what good item can he get! Hm…]

The cat is not bald: [I wish this Food Basket could only open the white water. The Lucky Magic Spring Water Pack is always guaranteed, but all they all rely on luck Draw items. I can only open wheat seeds QAQ!]

There were such comments, or angry curses, or “curses”, but couldn’t affect the lucky man’s good mood. He threw a flying kiss towards the crowd of users, rushed into the game, and began his ‘Carefree Farmstead’ journey.

Hey, hey. Getting the game quota was the main thing. Even if you were really unlucky, so what? He can only say to those people that he just gets to enjoy it in advance, ah!

At this point, all the game quotas that had been openly distributed were finished, and the netizens, who had been mentally tense all day, cursed, went back to bed, and hoped to experience the happy life in the game in their dreams.

The new players who were lucky enough to grab the game quota, as well as the original veteran players, went back to the game after taking time out to watch the lively scene.

Whether liver character level, or familiar with the new content of the game after the update, in short, they were still busy.


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