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Chapter 147: The game of “face”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Huh? You guys…You came here just to buy watermelons?” Song Xinran came out from behind Wen XingYao, and asked in amazement. He was sitting on the other side of Bai Li, as he ate watermelon and kept an eye on the others’ movements, when he saw his master pull the hem of Demon Xing’s shirt and tell him to look out.

He followed the gaze of the two men, and also saw the circle of people gathered outside. Although he wondered why his master’s first thought was Demon Xing instead of his disciple, Song Xinran got up and followed him out, with the thought that it would be good to maintain the order of the scene at that time. He also thought that these people came for Bai Li. The forum had dropped the horse that he followed the whole thing, and accidentally broke Bai Li’s identity. Netizens and players were excited at the time.

So, Song Xinran took the initiative to act as a security guard, and thought that his master was in need of his protection. However the purpose of this group of people around here was actually to buy a watermelon? The game maker was standing here, and all you saw was watermelon? Who would believe it? Still, the truth was happening.

Someone in the crowd replied, “Yes, yes! We are here to buy a watermelon! We are too embarrassed to bother LiLi, but LiLi is the only one who has watermelon in his hand, and he has even asked Blunt Opinion to broadcast it live, so he wants to kill us!” After that, he asked Bai Li loudly, “LiLi, are you selling this watermelon? I’m willing to pay a high price for it!”

“LiLi, I am also willing! Look at me, I am your fan! I’m your fan!”

“LiLi, look, I have money ready. Is 100 gold coins for a watermelon is enough? Not enough I will add a little more…”

Without waiting for Bai Li to give a response, the group of players who came began to compete on their own. By that point, there were dozens of players gathered outside the courtyard, and more people were coming from afar, and worried that the whole watermelon could be reduced to only a small piece in their hands, the people roared more and more vigorously.

Such a competitive force, even if Bai Li didn’t have such an idea at the beginning, this time his attitude was also a bit loose. He thought about it, made a “quiet” gesture towards the crowd, and then said, “I can sell watermelons, but not for 100 gold coins a piece. Anyway, you can grow your own later. Just…10 gold coins a watermelon. If you accept this price, you can line up first come first serve, and I will ask my friends to help bring the watermelons here.”

The players outside the courtyard froze for a few seconds before they revealed ecstatic smiles and grabbed the fence with both hands. They didn’t care if it stung or not, and shouted, “Accept! It’s too cheap for a fool not to accept it! I’ll sign up, I’ll line up, I’m the first!”

The reaction of the others afterwards proved that his first action was necessary. No matter what kind of fight the people behind him had for a more forward position, he held onto the fence firmly and stayed put.

The people behind the player were also worried about the crowd pulling too hard in case the fence of LiLi’s house was broken and he wouldn’t be happy to sell them watermelon, so they didn’t dare to pull the first player in line and just aggressively fought for the positions behind him.

Within two minutes, Bai Li’s yard had a long line. The length was…The length of the line was… If those people held hands, they could probably go a full circle around the village chief’s house.

Bai Li, Wen XingYao, and Song Xinran stood at the entrance of the courtyard. One responsible for collecting money, one responsible for handing out the watermelon, and one responsible for maintaining order, with a pair of eyes watching the queue, and reminded people loudly when he found someone trying to jump the queue.

After the reminder they didn’t need him to do anything. Those who were staring at the watermelon were able to angrily drive the queue jumpers away, and were about to buy watermelon after the first cheeky fight.

It was too easy for them to eat a mouthful of melon, but they also didn’t dare to cut the long line.  Too much, it was too much!

In addition to the already cut open ready to eat melons, There were only seventy remaining watermelons. In other words, if a player buys one because of the limited quantity, at most seventy players could eat the sweet and delicious watermelon.

After he handed over the last watermelon to the player who came to buy it, Bai Li apologized and told the next player that the watermelon was sold out, and the watermelon sale was over.

The player who didn’t manage to buy one had a very complicated expression on his face in stark contrast to the one in front of him. The latter was holding a large watermelon in his arms and wanted to go straight to heaven, while the former looked as if he had lost his mother, as if life had lost its meaning. It was simply sad to see, or to hear the tears.

Bai Li couldn’t bear to see such a scene, and he immediately turned his head away, and wouldn’t look over there. The rest of the people followed suit, before they turned their heads to the buyers who did not grab a watermelon. A look of love couldn’t help.

Such a silent and sad atmosphere didn’t last long. Those players who bought watermelons didn’t leave, greeted the rest of the people, urged them not to rush to leave them and ate a few mouthfuls of their bought watermelon first.

“Oh, not to buy watermelon, you cry what? Come quickly, brother will share a small piece with you, so at least you have a sweet mouth. It’s not a wasted trip!”

“Yes! Such a big watermelon, I feel a little forced to eat alone. Count me as one to share my watermelon, you people also don’t cry. Hurry over to eat more or less, and after you eat, go back to work hard to plant, and try to eat your own watermelon sooner!”

Don’t look at the players selling watermelon who almost squeezed their heads, but look at the others who came together with those who couldn’t eat watermelon, who were also tolerant, so they showed kindness, and invited these people to come together to taste their hard to buy watermelon.

Even those players who tried to jump the queue but were driven away, again they showed their shy faces. However they were met by at most a few blank stares, while a person willing to share their watermelon to eat didn’t exist for them.

In time, outside Bai Li’s courtyard formed a larger place to eat melon, with those players sitting or standing. Even the way they split the watermelons was also more violent and crisp. The way they held the shape of the watermelon was also characteristic of each, the only common thing was the happy smiles on their faces and heroic postures.

Eating melons seems to be a special behavior engraved in their genes. The players ate the watermelons with gusto and chatted casually while savoring the taste in their mouths.

Mo Song looked interested, and after he obtained their consent, simply moved the live camera over and set it opposite them, while he turned the radio function to the maximum, in his words, so that the live viewers at least have a sense of participation in the gossip.

In response, the live viewers said: [Letting us help ourselves to eat melon was not enough? How do we now also help ourselves to listen to the gossip?]

Dislike turns to dislike, and you should listen to it with one ear.

The audience smacked on the non-existent taste of watermelon in their mouths and listened to the players’ chat with great interest.

The players outside the courtyard not only chatted on their own, but also strongly invited Bai Li to join them. Bai Li and his friends didn’t think there was anything wrong with that, so he happily joined in with the remaining watermelons.

“LiLi, I was just watching Blunt Opinion live, and you guys were chatting about the new NPCs. I also received the task from the fisherman. My reward wasn’t the same as Big Brother Demon Xing’s advanced fishing net, ah, just a sun-dried fish replica bags, said to be steamed and eaten.”

“For me also, ah. The task wasn’t the same. The flower lady told me to get her 50 flower seeds. I have only collected a third of it so far, it’s too much!”

“I’m the same as all of you! I played a handful of fives with the naughty boy, and then he gave me a hand-painted treasure map, which I can’t even use until now…”

After those words, the other players cast envious glances at the person who spoke.

A treasure map. The word “treasure” was very tempting, and any treasure hunting action would include the exploration of the game world, fantasy adventure, and unknown surprises. How can the hearts of the people not aspire to that?

Jiang Huaibi’s eyes “swished” as they brightened up. Her eyes burned, and she couldn’t wait to leap to the player’s side, as she asked him if he was willing to sell the treasure map.

However when she thought about it, it was impossible to sell. So she asked if he would agree to her joining in the treasure hunt, so he would be surrounded by people all the time?

There were so many players who spoke out to describe what they encountered in the process of picking up the quest, and after that there was no need for Bai Li to explain anything more, everyone got it.

The new NPCs, the tasks in their hands were clearly random, and what they received depended on the players’ luck, not to mention that even the rewards they got were also very much a matter of luck.

“Well, I get it, not only is my level not high enough, but my luck is bad! Looks like next time I go to them to take a quest, I’ll have to wash my hands first or eat some food that will help with my luck…”

“This…These NPCs are so capricious! It’s all about the mood, I should have known it would be like this. I should have made myself look better when I was pinching my face. Maybe they look at faces too?”

“Brother, if you want to change your face now, it is not too late, ah! You forget, the game store has a ‘change the face’ item. A player can only buy one and is used to do re-face pinching. If you really have ideas, go try again…”

When he heard that, Bai Li looked meaningfully at Wen XingYao, and thought that those players also have to thank him for this. If not for him, he would not have thought to shelve that item.

Who would have thought that a little used item, in such a situation, would get new life to it. After a reminder, there were really a few players with thoughtful faces, and then seriously said that after eating their watermelon, that they would go back to study the research. They said that when they come online again, they would have to get reacquainted with their friends all over again.

After those players with  new faces went to their friends to chatter, they might almost be misunderstood as wanting to steal chickens and be driven out of the yard sort of thing. It really fueled game forum rumors for a good period of time.

The players who had personally experienced it tearfully said, “Plastic surgery has risks, face replacement needs to be careful, ah!”

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