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Chapter 148: Where did the fortune teller go?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The conversation suddenly turned to the need to pinch a face again, and the purpose was to become the NPC’s favorite. After they flew through that content chat, the players quickly turned back.

Continued back to the five new NPCs.

“The fisherman, the flower lady, the naughty boy and the old king at the entrance of the village we have seen, but the fortune-teller…I searched the whole village without seeing his figure. LiLi, where the hell is this NPC?”

The players of Mushroom Village had a huge natural advantage over the players of other villages, which was that the game maker himself lived in the village. Once they encountered a doubt that could not be answered temporarily with the ability of ordinary players, they subconsciously chose to ask for help in the field.

This aspect of information, Bai Li really wouldn’t deliberately withhold, the players just happened to ask, so he would obediently answer, “The NPC fortune teller is an erratic existence. He will not appear at a fixed time and place. Each time the location is random, and he won’t stay in the same place for a long time. When the time comes, he will simply leave. As the person who designed him, I give you a piece of advice. If one day you are lucky enough to run into him in the game, hurry up and talk to him. Don’t hesitate. With any hesitation, he will disappear again. As for what role the fortune-teller has, and what tasks he has, you will need to explore that yourself.”

The field was full of “I remember now” expressions, while the live room was secretly concerned about the other villages of new players, but they were also in a frenzy to take notes. They might never see the opportunity that was right in front of them again so it was hard to miss. 

The day’s chat here about the five NPC’s simple information came through a thorough, complete watermelon that had also disappeared in the mouth of players who were now satisfied.

Mo Song gave a smile to the audience, said that this time the live broadcast ends here, and he would see them in the afternoon after. He was ready to close the live camera, when the pop-up screen appeared with a few lines of capital bold gold text.

[Blunt Opinion, ask LiLi if the fortune teller is an old man with snow-white hair, a long goatee, a gray and black robe, and a strange flag with the word ‘trigram’ written on it. What? I think I met a fortune teller!]

The words revealed the owner’s joyful and unusual emotions. The audience who had eaten a melon full of spirit, well what was this called? The players’ mouths were not enlightened, right?

It’s a pity that it wasn’t not the fortune teller in Mushroom Village that appeared, but one from another village.

With such a prominent font and color, how could Mo Song ignore it? He immediately read out the text and looked at Bai Li for confirmation after he finished.

Bai Li nodded, “Well, yes. The fortune-teller is almost like this image, and there won’t be much difference between villages. Congratulations to this player for meeting a fortune-teller in the game so soon.”

In the live broadcast screen, the corners of the mouth of the youth whose appearance was not much brighter hooked up a faint smile, a pair of fox eyes with natural temptation was slightly curved at the moment, but it revealed a few pure tastes. The combination of the five senses together gives a sense of spring.

The audience’s feelings were not as intuitive as textual descriptions, it was only that LiLi smiled beautifully at this time, so that people couldn’t help but have an incomparable trust and recognition of what he said, and all spoke out to bless the player who met the fortune-teller, envying that she was so lucky that day.

Tian Meng also feels that she was really a lucky girl today. Oh, she couldn’t say just for today, she was lucky to have been able to grab the game account from the beginning, continue to now, and actually met with the game creator.

It lasted until now, and she actually met the fortune teller that so many players couldn’t find anywhere.

A few minutes ago, she was sitting on the ridge along the river watching Mo Song’s live stream and looking at the melon to quench her thirst. When the group of players on the live stream talked about the fortune teller, she also imagined how she would react after encountering it.

In her vision, she should have rushed over in one breath, pulling the other party to ask him what kind of task he could issue to himself, or to try to find out what kind of play. Instead of doing what she was doing now, when it was clear that the person was across the river, she was screaming in the live stream first, trying to get the maker of the game to help her determine if she has once again gotten lucky.

How could she be so unbelievable?

What happened after that was something Tian Meng didn’t expect. She live-streamed her encounter with the fortune-teller to everyone in the game host’s studio, and then communicated with him throughout the process.

As a result, she would whisper the phrase “forbidden to set a child” when she thought about it for a long time.

Not only the audience in the live stream, but also the players in Mo Song’s own Mushroom Village, all watched with great interest and occasionally helped her with ideas on how to make her choice.

In the process, Bai Li, who was the creator of the game and knew the function of the fortune-teller NPC very well, voluntarily withdrew and watched the events without saying a word as he smiled from the side. He was also curious to see what kind of sparks would collide between the Interstellar players, who knew nothing about the power of metaphysics, and the fortune-teller in the process of communicating with him.

Tian Meng was really super nervous, but still tried to maintain her composure.

Tian Meng, “He asked me which one of fortune telling, divination, face reading, or feng shui is to be chosen. It seems that you can only choose one at a time, oh yes, he also carried a big box, saying that later I can pick the same for purchase.”

The audience found this fortune teller really interesting, making it seem like something they didn’t understand at all, so they guessed what the options meant.

“Fortune-telling? I think this should be related to your luck in the game. In the Ancient Blue Star Period there was a saying, ‘life in the end must have, life in the absence of time do not force to seek’, saying the fate of many things are predetermined in the underworld. Younger sister, listen to brother’s words. Choose this, to calculate a life is not a loss, if you calculate out and you find out that your life is good, you should hurry to buy some gift boxes to open one?”

“Yes, yes, the game of fortune telling. It is likely to calculate your luck today or not.”

“What is the meaning of divination? These two words I know, but together they do not know what it means…How about younger sister you choose this one to satisfy our curiosity?”

“Go, go, go, don’t waste the opportunity if you don’t know what it means, right? I personally am a bit interested in ‘face reading.’ Is this the meaning of having a fortune teller to see if your face is pinched well? If that’s the case, those few who are going to change their faces later suggest to wait a bit ah, first find a fortune teller to read your face before you change it?Hahaha!”

“Guys! I looked up on Starnet the meaning of ‘feng shui kanji.’ This and where you live has a great connection, ah. Simply put, good feng shui can help you prosper as a person, and no matter what you do it will be very smooth. However, if it is bad feng shui, you will always be unlucky, and it is recommended that those players who do not draw good things again and again, find a fortune teller and ask him to go to your house to see the feng shui first! You are so unlucky, don’t be the pot of feng shui…”

“When you think about it, this fortune teller says he’s a ‘fortune teller’, but he’s actually quite versatile! I don’t know how LiLi came up with such a character, it’s awesome!”


The viewers were talking about their views on the four options, but in the end no one could convince anyone, and they could only spit out sullen sentences about why they couldn’t have them all. They were all adults, why did they have to do multiple choice questions TAT!

This was also a depressing point for Tian Meng. She was interested in each one, but ultimately only had one choice, which was forcing the rhythm of the selection difficulties, ah!

Finally, Tian Meng gritted her teeth, and thought about how the future wasn’t ever again encountered. So she reported her choice in the broadcast room, and said to the fortune teller waiting patiently in front of her, “I choose fortune telling. Please help me look at it.”

The fortune teller moved two small horses, sat down himself and invited Tian Meng to also sit down. With a profound tone, he asked her a few questions, and then started to gesture. The gestures look very complicated, and as she looked at it Tian Meng was dazzled. One moment she felt like she remembered those movements, the next moment the brain twisted into a jumble of lines.

At the same time, she didn’t know how to describe the scene she saw. She bit her lip and struggled to think of the right words for the broadcast. “Uh…The old man asked me about what time I came to this village, I told him the time I first entered after creating my character… fortunately there are records in this game… I just reported the exact hours, minutes and seconds. After that he asked me how the weather was when I came in, if there were any special things happening, my mood at the moment and other questions, and I answered them all carefully. After that! After that is the point, ah, but I hate that I do not have live footage here, otherwise you would be able to see the old man with those butterfly-like gestures. They are too fast, too fast, my eyes can’t keep up with his hand speed. Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, with a residual image. I don’t want to blink my eyes! Hey, he’s done. You guys wait for me, I’ll listen to what he says first!”

The audience’s curiosity was driven up by Tian Meng, and the result was that at the critical moment she listened to someone’s speech. This made the audience who were on the edge of their seats, rise up a little then sit down, uncomfortable, many people said on the spot “my pants are off, and you let me see this? Is this still human?”

Tian Meng did not have time to pay attention to the words on the pop-up screen, her eyes were fixed on the fortune-teller. She wanted to hear what he would say.

The fortune teller still had a kind and amiable look, and after he finished, he stroked his long and silky beard, and then he spoke, “Tian Yuan, you will be lucky for three days. More action in the fields and water will bring you a good harvest. But at the same time, you should also guard against that short period of good luck affecting your whole mood, it is best to do so with a normal mind. Three days later, you will encounter a difficult choice, so when it is time to make a decision, do so with your feelings on the line.”

A few words, by the fortune-teller in a slow tone, Tian Meng, the other side of the mouth “Tian Yuan,” the face from the beginning was careless but gradually became serious.

This fortune teller, the calculation seems to be a little accurate?


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