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Chapter 149: A watermelon to calculate a life

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The fortune teller completed his mission and soon disappeared from Tian Meng’s sight.

Tian Meng was in a trance. Her mind was filled with “so accurate, ah,” “so damn accurate,” “how the hell did he figure out, ah?” ” I’m not going to do what he said afterwards,” and similar things and the content screen slowed down for a few minutes before she remembered that she was still in a live room.

The pop-ups in the studio had gone crazy.

[The 188th newbie village of the younger sister, hear me and please answer. Hear me and please answer. How to calculate the life of the kung fu people who disappeared? The NPC is also moonlighting as a kidnapper or something like that, right?]

[I’m going. This girl has had almost five minutes of no sound, right? In the end whatever happened, at least ‘squeak’ a sound, ah. The actual newbie village players in the live broadcast room, help find the next–]

[I’m looking for it. I’m looking for it. I don’t need you to say it. We also want to go to the fortune-teller to calculate, but I don’t know where this girl was before. How can a fortune-teller also not be found everywhere? Why, I should have known and asked her to report her approximate location from the beginning.]

Seeing everyone’s sincere concern, Tian Meng was a little embarrassed and hurriedly “squeaked” in capitalized and bolded gold font, which successfully made the pop-up screen blank for a few seconds.

After she showed everyone that she was safe, Tian Meng hurriedly typed what the fortune teller and she said on the public screen, and then analyzed it word by word.

“He said I would be lucky for three days. Everyone here has seen it. I managed to grab a spot in the game, entered the game, and met the fortune teller on the second day of the game. Maybe I’m still the only player to do so. It shouldn’t be too much to call that lucky, right? Moreover, I also happened to be sitting on the ridge by the river and saw the fortune teller on the other side of the river, so his second statement was confirmed. These two things were accurately called by him! As for the latter…it is something that will happen in the future. I can’t guarantee anything here, but after his reminder, I already know what to do, and should be safe and sound. All in all, I think he is really accurate! When I meet him next time, I’ll try the other three. They must be great too!”

Curiosity was satisfied in one breath, and the audience once again envied Tian Meng’s good fortune. The players watching the live broadcast who were also located at 188 Newbie Village, also acted one by one under Tian Meng’s prompting, since they wanted to be the second lucky one to encounter the fortune teller. At that time, they intended to try other options.

After this, Tian Meng became a fan of the fortune teller, and couldn’t wait to advertise for him. “Everyone has seen his ability. His professionalism is absolutely excellent, and my 10 gold coins were worth it. For the price of a watermelon, I got advice on my life for the next 10 days, it’s great!”

The audience who heard the keyword “10 gold coins” didn’t react for a while. [Wait! You’re a new player, and at best you’ve only been playing for a dozen or twenty hours, but you’ve saved up 10 gold coins?]

The cheapest bag of wheat had a purchase price of only 10 copper coins, and the price of wheat seeds was equal to breaking even.

You had to wait until your character level rose to level 2 to really save money, save the number was not too much. After only a dozen hours, for a new player how can she save 10 gold coins, right?

Bai Li has long since removed the restriction that only one gold coin can be exchanged for a diamond coin every 10 days, and players could now exchange 10 gold coins for a diamond coin every day, which was just enough to pay the fortune teller for a fortune telling!

After she reminded them of that, the audience also remembered. Bai Li made this restriction, in order to prevent simple players from relying on white steamed buns to hold themselves up. Now the choice of food was extensive. Even the village chief’s store had new shelves with sesame cake, sorghum syrup, tanghulu and other small snacks. Players were also “See the world” people, and naturally would do such  silly things, so the limit to modify was also justified.

However, in one day to exchange 10 gold coins, and to then use all this breath on the fortune telling, it seemed to be a kryptonite player’s reserve, ah.

The audience sourly said “really lucky and rich after,” and then remembered the fortune-teller’s big box in his hands, which they had almost forgotten.

[Younger sister, you bought something good from the fortune teller. If you do not mind telling us, we also count on the new things in the game to live a dry addiction.]

The person who said this, at a glance, was a cloud player who hadn’t grabbed a place in the game in two months, so Tian Meng couldn’t help but remember the long time she waited to grab the quota. She had quite a lot of empathy, and very generously met the wishes of this viewer.

She told the live viewers that since the money she had saved on hand wasn’t much, she could only buy a small scented bag within the amount allowed. In fact there were quite a few goods in the fortune teller’s box. The highest price had a whole 10,000 gold coins, it was a toad made of gold, which was said to be used to attract wealth. 1

[So what’s the use of your scented bag? Is it just to add some fragrance to your body?] An audience member asked.

Tian Meng hurriedly rejected this statement, “No, no, although this fragrance bag is indeed very fragrant, but look at the introduction. It says that it can increase my luck by 3 points within 24 hours which sounds good. Later I will go test it, I don’t know, but with the fragrance bag maybe I can catch a few more koi…”

She chose fishing and gathering as her life skills after doing the newbie task yesterday, and she was ready to make a contribution to the Village Chief’s House.

Having gotten the desired answer, Mushroom Village players shed tears that belonged to all the sour chickens together. Compared to the new players, they can better understand the impact of luck value on players’ game experience.

Broken Cocoon met Ore Fairy, Gray Scales caught a huge boar, Big Brother Demon Xing caught golden koi, Long-winded, Scrupulous Son got his Peeps, Easy Victory Life had a string of chicks…The rare pets caught by these people alone were said to have luck involved.

And when they all demolished the blind box together, some people used items that increased their luck before opening theirs, which also impressed them. It could be said that the players of Mushroom Village have now made a lifelong pursuit of the mysterious existence of “luck.”

Mo Song thanked Tian Meng on behalf of the audience for her generosity, and in turn was thanked for the audience’s kindness and enthusiasm. After a commercial blowout, the live broadcast finally came to an end. After he turned off the live camera, Mo Song’s entire body felt like it had lost its bones, and he sat down on a chair.

“I’m so tired,” he said.

The others squinted at him, and didn’t know what to say. In their opinion, this live broadcast should be the easiest one, since they didn’t hadn’t heard very many words from him during the whole time. It was more for the audience to listen to them, and other players chatting on their own.

The players outside the courtyard also smiled and extended their hands to Mo Song, as they said that they had just spent a lot of effort in chatting and joking, so it could be considered a “group performance.” Blunt Opinion, you at least give some box lunch money…

“Got to go. So much watermelon hasn’t blocked your mouth, ah. Hurry back to plant, and you will also reach level 19 where watermelon seeds are unlocked. Level 20 cantaloupe seeds are unlocked. Enjoy the taste of watermelon, and don’t be afraid the cantaloupe is not good. Brothers rush, ah!”

“Charge duck!”

The players were really encouraged. Their heads were hot, and they didn’t even want to pay for a box lunch, as they scrambled to leave first.

After the players left, the rest of them helped Bai Li clean up the yard, during which they talked about the fact that tomorrow was the 3rd and all the pet eggs exchanged during the previous Corn Master mission would be hatching.

Mo Song felt that he had the motivation to broadcast again. “Hey, this is a big event, why don’t I go contact those players who got the pet eggs, and get them to simply hatch them together?” After he said that, he also patted his chest very hard, showed a proud expression, and laughed, “Hey, I’m not talented. I was just lucky to grab a pet egg at that time too.”

What he didn’t say was that the pet egg cost him almost all of the points he had saved up, and the rest of the points were only exchanged for a corn hat. The others didn’t make fun of him at this point. In fact, to be able to grab one of only 20 pet eggs from the hands of 5,000 players, his speed of hand was indeed very touching.

Finally, once counted, there were actually several people who could have pet eggs in their hands.

Bai Li, Wen XingYao, Jiang Huaibi, Song Xinran, plus one Mo Song, actually reached exactly half of the number of people present.

“Haha! I didn’t think we’d all be lucky. I know that ‘What Are You Playing?’ big guy has also grabbed one. As for the rest, I’ll ask around, it should be easy to find. Guys, what do you say? Do you want to join us then?”

Jiang Huaibi and Song Xinran were still kids at heart and took the first position, “Yes, yes! I want to participate! Let’s see who opens a more powerful pet!”

They had seen so many cute and rare pets over the last month that they had great expectations for their own cubs to be born, and they always thought they would be the ones to shock Starnet at birth.

The rest of them looked at each other for a few moments and nodded their heads in agreement, as it would not take long. Mo Song was overjoyed and said on the spot that everyone should wait without worrying, and he would take care of all the rest of the chores. “Then I’ll trouble you.”


At this time, inside the 66th novice village.

Zhu MoLing somehow entered the cycle of planting-harvesting-planting-harvesting-planting,  and during this time he also opened all 100 plots of land. There was magical spring water, various fertilizers bottle by bottle, bag by bag, it was all just a morning’s work, as he harvested several rounds of crops.

When he looked at the wheat, pasture, corn, lettuce, cucumber and cabbage in his backpack, he wiped the sweat that stained the corners of his forehead and smiled the smile of successful philately.

At that moment, a few players walked by the door of his yard. They were talking about the recent news that the game host “Song’s Blunt Opinion” had just announced on the forum, which aroused Zhu MoLing’s interest. He searched all the way to the game forum and saw the top message. Tomorrow at 9:00, 20 pet eggs from Mushroom Village would be gathered together to hatch. Netizens and other village players were welcome to come and watch in the live room.

Zhu MoLing thought he could not miss such a lively event. Then, he was once again “forced” to go offline.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Jin Chan the “Golden toad” is a feng shui charm for prosperity.


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