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Chapter 48: My False Identity Was Perfect! However…It Shattered

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KIramekineko


“When we go to see Xiao Guang, if you smell something strange again, be sure to tell me immediately,” Han Tian said as he unbuckled his seat belt.

“Oh,” Qiao Xi replied.

He actually wanted to ask: What does this strange smell have to do with Xiao Guang’s illness?

But he didn’t want to talk to Han Tian much.

From last night to now, he had said three sentences to Han Tian.

They were:

“I’m going to bed.”

“I don’t want milk anymore.”

“I’ve changed my clothes.”

Other than that, he didn’t dare to look up at Han Tian, and he didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

No matter what he asked, he was afraid his next question would be, Why did you kiss me?

After hiding in his bedroom last night, his remaining sanity forced him to open [Guidebook] and look at Capture Value:



The target has jumped on me and kissed me, and Capture Value is still standing still?

Qiao Xi had no doubt that this digital version of the Handbook must be broken.

What he began to wonder was whether he was going to break too.

What did he just do? What did he do just now? He let the target kiss himself—and was dazzled by the kiss and could not wait for something more to happen?

Don’t you know, first, that you shouldn’t; second, that you can’t?

Have you forgotten what will happen if you continue kissing?

You will be completely unable to hold it, and become a little demon with a tail and wings!

Luckily, a phone call came in just in time to save himself, preserving this perfect layer of false identity.

He fearfully touched the top of his head, again to confirm that there was nothing there.

In the middle of the night, he huddled anxiously under the covers, fearing both that he would suddenly lose control and that Han Tian would knock on the door.

But nothing happened.

In the morning, he planned a thousand conversation starters in his head, but Han Tian just knocked on the door, as usual, and told him breakfast was ready.

The two of them finished their breakfast in silence, then got into the car and Han Tian drove the whole way in silence.

Qiao Xi, who was as quiet as a chicken, looked at Han Tian, who also did not say a word, and felt a bit resentful: Hey, hey, you kissed me first, okay? Why don’t you say anything either? Can you take the initiative to explain what that kiss really meant?

Dr. Han, haven’t you ever kissed anyone before? So, so, wasn’t that your first kiss yesterday?

Don’t you have any emotions or notes to express about such an important matter?

For example—”I will continue to kiss you even if you grow a tail?”

Ah no, that’s not possible.

Then at least, “Like me kissing you like that…?”

Seems like, that’s not very likely either?

Qiao Xi blushed at his imagination, peeked at Han Tian every now and then, and was about to shrink into his seat.

As a result, Han Tian just calmly and incomparably let him pay attention to Xiao Guang for any strange smell?

What is all this!

Qiao Xi pouted, his hands in his sweatshirt pockets, sullenly got out of the car, and followed Han Tian towards the inpatient department.

The hospital’s inpatient department was newly built and was very grand, with 19 floors. After the surgery, Xiao Guang was initially in the monitoring room, but now that his condition had stabilized, he had been transferred to the children’s ward area of the inpatient department.

When the two of them walked into the revolving door, Han Tian gently pulled Qiao Xi’s arm. “Be careful, don’t bump into it.”

The tenderness and concern in the tone of voice was the same as before.

However, precisely because of this lack of change, Qiao Xi was more upset instead.

So that kiss yesterday had no special meaning to Han Tian at all? Was this an attempt to pretend that nothing had happened?

The corners of his mouth sank down, his nose was a little sour, and the corners of his eyes seemed to be moistened.

When he went through the revolving door, Han Tian said in a very low voice, “Wait a little longer.”

Hmm? He snapped his head around and stared into Han Tian’s eyes, asking without thinking, “Wait for what?”

“Dr. Han! Qiao Xi! I’m waiting for you here!” Before Han Tian could answer, Yan Linlin had already run over enthusiastically.

Han Tian greeted him as if nothing had happened. “Linlin. How is Xiao Guang doing?”

“He’ll be discharged soon. The attending doctors are all exclaiming that he has recovered exceptionally well because of his young age,” Yan Linlin said, while leading them into the elevator, and pressing 19.

Sure enough, Xiao Guang, who last time was lying weakly wrapped in gauze in the care room, was now able to sit on the hospital bed and turn the pages of a picture book.

“Hello, brother Qiao Xi.” Seeing Qiao Xi enter, Little Guang, who was wearing a blue and white striped hospital gown, waved at him with a smile that curved his eyes.

From this child’s face, that weird look had completely disappeared; a six-year-old child should  only have this childish and innocent look.

Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief and said with a big smile, “Hello, Little Guang. Xiao Guang is so brave, he has defeated pain!”

Xiao Guang smiled shyly, his eyes blinked, his fair face gradually flushed, and he whispered, “Brother Qiao Xi… I’m sorry. I probably remember what I did before I had the attack, but I suddenly tried to hit you, and then I slipped. But, but, that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I really didn’t mean to!”

As he said that, Little Guang’s tears crackled down.

His voice was not too loud, but every word was clear and articulate, obviously he had practiced in his mind many times before without knowing.

Thinking about this, Qiao Xi felt even more heartbroken. He took Xiao Guang into his arms, stroked his head, and said soothingly, “It’s okay, it’s okay, brother is not angry with Xiao Guang. I know that Xiao Guang was sick at that time.”

When Xiao Guang stopped sobbing, Qiao Xi said, “By the way, what did we bring you today?”

Han Tian, who had been silent nearby, came up in response and handed over a box tied with a beautiful ribbon.

“It’s a cake! It’s a cake that Han Tian made specially for Xiao Guang!” Qiao Xi said in an exaggerated tone, “Han Tian made it for you in the shape of a bear! Do you want to eat it?”

Xiao Guang was only a six-year-old child after all. He was still in tears just now, but now when he heard that he had a cake to eat, he immediately smiled with tears on his face and said loudly, “Yes, I want to eat it!”

He blinked his eyes and added, “I want to share it with my teacher and brothers!”

Qiao Xi stroked the boy’s head and said with a smile, “Then can Little Guang go wash his hands by himself? Then Brother Qiao Xi will help you cut the cake?”

“Yes!” Xiao Guang smiled and got out of bed, and ran upside down to the separate bathroom by himself.

At that moment, Xiao Guang’s attending doctor also arrived and started discussing with Han Tian about Xiao Guang’s post-operative recovery precautions and the triggers of this attack.

After the two talked for a while, the attending doctor warmly invited Han Tian to his office to compare the CT films.

Han Tian turned his head to look at Qiao Xi, and although he did not say anything, the meaning in his eyes was clearly, “I’m going over there now, will you be okay on your own? Be careful.”

Qiao Xi, who understood, nodded and thought to himself: Xiao Guang appeared to be recovering well, and there was no fishy smell this time, so nothing strange would happen again, right?

Han Tian had just left the room when a nurse came and knocked on the door, asking Yan Linlin to go to the billing room on the first floor to check the charges, Yan Linlin said hello to Qiao Xi and followed the nurse.

In a moment, only Qiao Xi and Xiao Guang in the bathroom were left in this room.

After Qiao Xi cut the cake into four portions, he looked up at the closed door of the bathroom and thought to himself, This child has washed his hands very carefully, it must have been five minutes.

He subconsciously looked up at the wall clock, found that the second hand seemed to have stopped moving, and even the tick-tock sound was gone.

In the room, except for the sound of water coming from the bathroom, there was no other sound.

That’s not right. The announcements in the corridor, the sound of wheelchairs and beds rolling across the floor, the cries from the other children’s wards, why were they all gone?

Qiao Xi hesitated and reached out to pull open the door of the ward.

Where were the doctors and nurses outside? Even the entire corridor had disappeared, leaving only darkness and desolation.

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened and he stretched out his hand into the darkness—snap!

A white light shielded his hand, preventing him from touching the ink-like darkness.

Qiao Xi winced, turned around, and shouted, “Xiao Guang!”

The bathroom door slowly opened from the inside.

“Little Guang” came out.

This time, the body of “Little Guang”, was once again entangled by the fishy smell, and a more heavy, more pungent smell.

“Little Guang” looked at Qiao Xi, the corners of his mouth curved upward until he finally grinned into an almost bizarre arc. “Little white face, long time no see.”

Qiao Xi pursed his lips and returned a sneer, “Scum, it’s you.”

Although he hadn’t figured out why, he could already guess that the sight in front of him was definitely not the normal situation in the earthly realm.

Moreover, Qiao Xi guessed that the soul in this body was not “Little Guang’s” at all, but that scum, Zheng Tong’s.

“Heh heh…” The man laughed even more sinisterly, his eyes glowing with a vicious light. “Little white boy, I couldn’t kill you last time, this time, I’ll see what you can do.”

“Zheng Tong, where did you make a deal with the demon? So that you can take over the human body?” Qiao Xi asked with a frown.

He had heard before that some demons who did not want to accept the Demon Academy’s instruction and did not abide by the [agreement] would still use this forbidden technique of “soul exchange” in the earthly realm.

This dirty soul in front of him was most likely also compelled by this demon; it was hard to attach the soul to Xiao Guang’s body.

So, before the little light will be “sick”, also because of this? Because this scum wants to revenge themselves, so in turn dragged down the little light?

Thinking of this, Qiao Xi’s heart was filled with remorse and anger.

Zheng Tong laughed strangely and said, “Demon? What demon? It was an angel who helped me.”

“Angel?” Qiao Xi’s eyebrows twisted even more, thinking that this scum could really talk nonsense. Maybe they all thought they were angels when they saw the ones with wings?

He said coldly, “Angel or demon, in any case, you get out of this body!”

Qiao Xi dipped a handful of cake cream, quickly drew a simple magic formation on the ground, and began to chant the spell enough to lift the “soul exchange”.

The spell had to get this dirty soul out before Han Tian returned!

However, after the magic formation was drawn and the spell was chanted, Zheng Tong seemed to be unaffected and laughed even more.

Why did the spell to lift the forbidden spell fail? Qiao Xi thought angrily.

Zheng Tong looked at Qiao Xi, who was at his wit’s end, laughed, picked up the cake knife Qiao Xi had put aside, and put it to his face.

“Zheng Tong, put down the knife! What are you going to do!” Qiao Xi’s heart was shocked; he jumped up and lunged towards Zheng Tong.

He originally thought that this person would lunge at himself—if that was the case, Qiao Xi believed that after all, the other person’s body was only a 6-year-old human toddler, and he could still restrain him.

But what is this person going to do now?

Zheng Tong lightly dodged backwards and nimbly jumped to a side table, dodging Qiao Xi, while his hand slashed harder at his face.

The blade of the cake knife was so blunt that it could not hurt anyone under normal circumstances. But Zheng Tong, pushing hard with this knife, cut blood marks on the white face of Xiao Guang.

Qiao Xi’s breath caught in his throat and he couldn’t care less about the “no demon power for 30 days” advice, so he immediately filled his right hand with power and threw it at Zheng Tong’s wrist.

Bam! The cake knife fell to the ground.

Zheng Tong wiggled his wrist and said proudly, “Hey, little white boy, you guessed right! Now in this body, apart from me, there is indeed the soul of that little brat. I just threw a knife down, and the little brat has cried out. If this body is broken, the little one’s soul will also be broken!” 

“What the hell do you want!” Qiao Xi’s face was pale, only to feel that the situation was becoming more and more unfavorable, yet he had absolutely no idea how to stop the other party.

“Hey hey hey, it’s really just like he said, although I can’t hurt you, but I can hurt others ah. And then, ah, a hypocritical demon like you, will definitely want to stop me!” Zheng Tong’s expression was all but distorted.

“Now, I’d like to see how you’re going to stop me!” Zheng Tong dropped these words and turned back to pull open the glass window that was supposed to be locked.

Then, he flipped outward and jumped from the 19th floor.

“Xiao Guang!” Qiao Xi shouted, chased after him, and also tumbled down.

Too late, too late…

Seeing Little Guang flying down, Qiao Xi gritted his teeth, no longer cared about it that much, and summoned his wings.

Unlike angels, demons weren’t that good at flying. Their wings, more often than not, could only support them to glide.

However, this was enough for Qiao Xi to speed up in the air and grab Little Guang’s arm.

Xiao Guang’s eyes were closed, his face was white, and he looked like he had passed out.

Qiao Xi took the boy in his arms and shouted to the crowd that had gathered in the square downstairs and was looking up, “Get out of the way!”

Then he rolled over, firmly shielding Little Guang, and landed on his back.

The wings, which could not be retracted in time, were scuffed with blood marks from the ground.

He struggled to stand up, holding Little Guang, and looked around—

“Mom! Why did that brother grow wings! And a tail and horns!”

“Waaaaaah! There are monsters!”

“The devil! The devil!”

The crowd shouted in panic, countless cell phones were aimed at him, and shutter clicks were heard.

Yet it didn’t matter.

In Qiao Xi’s eyes, all of this lost its meaning.

All he saw was Han Tian darting out of the building, then pushing through the crowd and getting in front of him.


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